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Peter King: Miami's got a 'good base of talent'

The day-after ritual that is reading Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback is complete for me. And as a poster pointed in the comments section earlier today, King mentioned coach Tony Sparano, quarterback Matt Moore and the Dolphins talent base in his column.

King says that whichever team hires coach Tony Sparano when he gets fired after the season "is going to get one heck of a football coach." Then King says that whomever gets the Miami job will inherit "a good base of talent."

I love Peter King. Really do. He's everything a sportswriter should be -- which is to say he's on TV.

But he's missed it on this one.

I agree with King that whatever team hires Sparano will get a good coach. But the facts don't jibe when he says on one hand Sparano is a heck of a coach and on the other hand he says the talent base on the Dolphins is good ...

... And then we look at the standings.

You cannot have a good coach and good talent and be a last-place team. Good coaches with good talent do not post a 3-8 record. Either Sparano, a good coach, doesn't have enough talent to win with, or Sparano is not very good and unable to properly develop the good talent he has to its maximum potential.

One or the other. Period. 

Beyond that, it must be said that King picked the Dolphins to finish last in the AFC East before the season began. While I was picking them second, he knew better than me and picked them last. That's why he dwarfs me.

But ....

The Dolphins King thought would be the worst team in the AFC East have confirmed his suspicions and are currently last in the AFC East -- and out of that scenario King sees a team with a good coach and a good talent base?

What does he think the Patriots, Jets and Bills have?

Just sayin'.

My take?

Sparano is a good coach. But the Dolphins don't have enough playmakers. They lack a starting-caliber quarterback that is ready to take Miami to .500, much less the playoffs. They don't have a consistent playmaker in the secondary. The right side of the offensive line is a mess. They have only one consistent pass-rusher. The running back corps is mediocre at best and has produced that way.

Good talent base? Don't think so.


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Hmm, nobody here yet.

Great coaches have their players ready to play right off the bat...Not 2 months into the season...Just sayin'...

A new coach for 2012 is a foregone conclusion.

Everybody has a favorite choice to replace the O-line guru.

Problem is the Dolphins might not be the only team looking for a new driver for race day.

Other coaches feeling warmth in the sitting position include:

Norv Turner - Dead Batteries
Jack Del Rio - Slackuars
Leslie Frazier - Yuckings
Jim Caldwell - Peyton Mannings - I mean Dolts
Ken Wisenhunt - Tards
Steve Spagnuolo - Shams
Andy Reid (maybe) - Beagles

It will come down to "What does Miami have to offer that these other venues do not?"

Good luck Mr. Ross.

For me comparing Moore and Henne is not as easy as I read in this blog, for instance, Moore does not play any game under Henning as OC, with Daboll I can see the real potential of Henne and he improved as well.
But in the deep ball to Clay and other deep ball to Marshall, Moore have also another open WR option closer, and he took the right pick going deep, what Henne will do in that situation? For the way Henne played in the last seasons he will take the short options, But again I don't know, with this OC Henne throw more deep balls and with more accuracy than before, for me, is better to offer a contract extension for Henne and let him compete, if Henne is more or less the same as Moore, then trade Moore. Of curse this in case we get a good rookie QB

Very disappointed with the way things have gone with Daniel Thomas.
After some early success, he seems to have dropped off of the radar.
There may be something more to the situation than I am privy to but I am nonetheless disappointed.

Well, I don't Sparano as a good head coach. A line coach on somewhere else. One of the announcers on Thursday night stated that Sparano had changed his whole coaching philosphy after going 0-7. Really 2.5 seasons of losing records and he finally figures out it is time to change? He was Parcells man. And he should have left with him. Ireland seems like a weirdo and results are mixed.

Then there's Marc Colombo.
Three words - WTF!!

And then there's Marc Colombo.
Was this supposed to be a joke?

Three words - W T F!!!

Oops - sorry for the double post.

And don't get me started on #24 - Shauna Smith.

Dansby gave some insight into some of the problems with the Dolphins this season. They did not come to camp in shape. I suspect that Thomas has suffered for that and many other players. Who knows how much the preseason stuff with Sparano effected the players dedication, but they were not ready to play ball while other teams were.

I'll take the talent base in Miami over what they have with the Jets. I think we have a better base than they do. to me it comes down to coaching and the line is fine. Rex wins them games and Tony costs us games. Yeah, I know.....Jets have been in the AFC Championship game the last two years, we haven't even been in the playoffs. But we're in just about every game.We can't finish. It was the same last year. I don't need to ryhme of all the games, it's right there in black and white. Good enough to compete....not good enough to win. New QB and a new coach and we're not having this conversation. We're better than a 3-8 team....

How is that the post of the year???????????????????????????????????

People have been saying draft a GDDAM QB already for years and easily 9 billion times on this blog.

Posted by: Sheesh | November 28, 2011 at 02:29 PM


First off, I know I shouldn't even respond to someone with no reading comprehension skills and the attention span of a knat.

I said **Post of the Month**. Not post of the **YEAR**. Slight difference there Hot shot - Dooh!

Having said that and assuming your not just trolling, allow me to explain.

DC posted:

And if we must, then might as well make the best of it, have the best chance of getting a franchise QB (which means drafting a QB in the 1st round).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 28, 2011 at 10:32 AM

Making "the BEST of it" is what I was pointing out. EVEN if it means having to trade up in the first round.

With Henne we were middle of the pack, two years in a row. Perceptions ASIDE, were slightly worse with Moore.

Enough with the mediocre already. We have to do WHATEVER necessary to get our first rounder. We have to make the BEST of our chances this year. EVEN IIF IT MEANS TRADING UP IN THE FIRST ROUND.

Sheesh, maybe if you hire a third grader to explain the posts to you, your responses would at least be coherent. Who knows, but it's worth a shot!

Completely agree with you here Armando.. Talent has to improve, but that goes for every team in the NFL every year. Dolphins do have some good pieces, but they're missing another pass rusher, a safety that can think (sorry Reshad Jones), and a stud at Right Tackle. Love Sparano, but he was never meant to be an NFL coach, only an offensive line coach... Daboll and Nolan are great, but getting a winner like Fisher or Cowher would be great.


I have to agree with Peter on this, there is a good base of talent on this team. The problem is getting that talent to perform up to their talent level. These guys have underperformed all year. I'm sure that has a lot to do with coaching but also the players have to step up and admit their mistakes too. We have seen some good things out of the Dolphins the last few weeks and I don't care who they were playing. Anyone that says this team has not improved (still not good enough) over the last several weeks is full of it.

That wasn't even post of the Month, post of the Week, post of the Day, post of the Hour, post of the Minute, post of the second or post of the microsecond.

So there it broken down to the 3rd grade level for you.

Didn't King also predict us winning the division last year (or the SB or something crazy like that)?

Mando, point of fact, I don't trust national reporters talking about any particular team (unless it's one they know a lot about). They don't know the in's and out's of what's going on like the local reporters do, and tend to over generalize and make bad assessments (IMHO). So I'll take YOUR view on the Dolphins over King's ANYDAY!

FOR EXAMPLE, he talks about how well we played last 3 weeks, but DOESN'T mention who we played (3 teams who were sliding to the back, and all but Buffalo are in last place in their division).

As far as coaching/talent, that's a pretty lame general statement he made (like when Congresspeople congratulate themselves for doing their job). Saying Sparano is a pretty good Coach and Miami has a base of talent isn't saying much. Sure we have a base of talent, even INDY has a base of talent. This is the NFL. And the proof will be in the pudding how good a Coach Sparano is (we'll see if he ever gets a HC gig again).

This is basically an underhanded slap. I don't want pity from Peter King. I want this team to be known as a consistent Playoff team (at least in the discussion until the last game). I want us to be spoken in the same breath as all the other elite teams in the league. I want our RECORD and our EXECUTION on the field to be commended, not a pity compliment from Peter King.

If Sparano is such a great coach, what fu****g tape did he watch about Colombo?? He should of watched the one where he nearly got Romo killed...This is Sparano's 4th year and our o-line is still average (the right side sucks)...So what's so great about him Peter King?? What a joke...

IMO, the players don't fit the system. For example for the good part of the season they had Smith and Davis playing zone and when they were manning up it was in soft coverage. The last few games they have been playing more press coverage and now look at the difference. AS for our RBS, Bush would do much better in a offense that spread things out much like how the Rams used Marshal Faulk.

Judging from the last few weeks I think Sparano has figured that out. If your key players don't fit the system you are running then adjust the system to fit those players. We have seen Belichick do it numerous times with the Pats and the Broncos did it with Tebow.

Didn't see you post that before odin, but I agree.



OOPS! Didn't realize there was a new blog topic up and was merrily typing away on the previous one.

Anyway, resposting this for JS:

JS--lol---and I certainly didn't mean to imply YOU were "asinine."

It's just that I think Moore has better value for Miami sticking on the roster than any trade scenario---where he probably wouldn't command much at all.

Just for hypotheticals, though, IF Miami was able to completely solve their starter situation via the draft (and by that I mean a no question, franchise guy for the next decade plus) AND Moore continued his own development to the point other teams would see him as a viable starting option/upgrade, then maybe you might see an offer too good to say no to. But that would come a year from now at the earliest, and is borderline wildly optimistic.

**The Odinsider Sports Writer Critique**

You blew this one Big Time Armando, SORRY!

You can have a good talent BASE and a Good Coach and still be in the basement.

Not saying Miami does, but it can happen. Say you have solid lines, off. and Def. Solid running back and solid Linebackers.

Your Quarterback and secondary ALONE can cause you to lose and OFTEN does.

What's more, King said SpOrano would be a good coach somewhere. He didn't say a good HEAD coach. He could have meant, SpOrano will make a fine Cheer Leader Coach for some team. He could teach an awesome fist pump routine!

Yeah, I get what you're trying to say Armando, but like I said you blew it big time on this one. Ooooooooo, coming on the heels of such smoking article last night too. Oouch!

Odinsider Grade: Two Stars **. Mainly for effort Armando and that's it, SORRY!

I'll tell you guys one thing I do NOT want Miami doing in the offseason, and that would be going crazy in free-agency.

Yes, it's something that excites the fans. Yes, people clamor for all the big names year after year and swear this guy or that will be the one that makes the team vastly better.

But you know what else? It doesn't work.

How many times do we need to see proof of that? Remember that 1995 Dolphins squad that was star-laden? Total flop that sent the winningest coach in NFL history to the exit. How about all those Redskins teams that Dan Snyder spent a mint on? Anything to show for it aside from mediocrity (or worse)? How about the current Philadelphia Eagles? Some "Dream Team."

No, the template that I like is also the most boring. Are there two teams traditionally LESS active in free-agency than the Patriots and Steelers? If there is, I'd like to know who. Neither one ever looks for the quick fix...neither ever blows their salary cap on damaged goods or one-hit wonders. At worst, they occassionally try a reclamation project (like Wilkinson) on the cheap and quickly jettison them when it doesn't work.

Boring and stable may not excite people but ultimately it IS what works best in the NFL. I hate to say "don;t listen to the fans" but in this regard I'd say it's sound advice.

That wasn't even post of the Month, post of the Week, post of the Day, post of the Hour, post of the Minute, post of the second or post of the microsecond.

So there it broken down to the 3rd grade level for you.

Posted by: Sheesh | November 28, 2011 at 03:22 PM

Ah........alrighty then..........um...........way to break it down there Skippy?

(I knew I shouldn't have even responded)

Though this guys intelligence level does bring back fond memories of 2nd grade.

"So there, it Broken down........duh......."


China is future! Hire China coach and all good happen for Dolphin! Stupid Americans not even can add or subtract! China coach outsmart all other!

MANDO you know what he means...
T.Sparano (if fired) will be an excellent Assistant Coach & The Dolphins (10-20 years ago) might have been a very good team.

2 Ways to win in the NFL
Good Gameplan & Good Execution (Dolphin Way)
If you're going the rigid route - this one - then you better take advantages of every opportunity that coming your way or you lose. From penalties to miscommunication every mistake matters.

Great Players that Create Opportunities
Nothing against coaching and game planning but if Marino, Farve, Brees or Rothiberger lived by the coaches plans they would be no different than a Matt Moore (well maybe not, but still). Great players can find opportunities throughout a game. Great players will play outside of the lines because they are confident in their willingness to win. There are great players on the roster, but not enough. Those that are here may not get the opportunities to create those other opportunities.

There is a good base of talent on this team.

Draft Luck with two first. And this team will be a top 5 team.

TRADE UP FOR LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

..If you look at succesful teams they have playmakers on multiple units of the team that make it tough to scheme around. Lets take the Ravens defense for instance.. At every level of the defense from saftey to d-line they have a dominant player.. Lets take the Packer offense..Again a dominant player at the positions where they can develop a dominating game plan.

Now these are obvious examples of 2 units that are outstanding.If you go down our roster. We have 2 players, maybe 3 that fit into the category of game changer.(I will include Marshall, but this is a reach and goes to my point) Long on offense, and Wake on defense.
We have no margin for error at any of the other positions because we have no dominant playmaker anywhere else on the field. Sure we can win a few games like this. But talent wise. We are so far behind the real contenders that twe get duped into thinking keeping it close is proof our team isn't far from being a good one.

We need layers of talent. I don't know what the priorities will be after qb. The new regime will figure this out. I know it is is a no brainer to say fill the roster with gamechangers, and playmakers(every team wants to do this)..But for us, the canvas is basically blank. I hope the new regime has a system in mind that allows them to recognize talented players at the skill positions that are vital in todays game...Not the 1990's

Bad Coaching more than lack of talent is the Fins problem. It took 1/2 the season before the team started to come togather. Good coaches and good front offices develop thier draft picks. All we do is pick up used up Cowboys.

Miami is one good gm from being a playoff contender next year.

no writer,coach or analyst is going to say sporano is a bad coach; its a fraternity where they all pat eachother on the back in public. even the players dont talk;if they do they get traded/released(ricky,channing).

Why do some of you guys get so defensive and angry when someone like Peter King (who knows more than you do, by the way) offers his opinion?

For the record, I don't think Sparano is a particularly good NFL head coach but I've also seen far worse. In any regard, he won't be unemployed for long, either returning to the assistant ranks or taking over somewhere at the collegiate level.

You guys that know so much more? I'm sure the football-coaching offers will just be flooding your mailboxes.

i doubt sparano will be hired anywhere as a head coach.

You probably doubted that with Wannstedt as well, but even after his Miami flameout Pitt was paying him a cool million-plus for years.

Never said Sparano would return as an NFL head guy, only that he will have NO problem getting another pro assistant gig or smaller college HC position.

I get the feeling some of you want him "punished" in some way but the person hiring him won't be considering your opinion, rest assured.

Peter King ? If he's that good then maybe he should his own show a la Jim Romo, Dan Patrick, Mike & Mike, etc .. Sparano practically spend 20 hrs each day at the facility and the record speaks for itself, bottom feeders..

I disagree. I think the dolphins have talent and bad coaching. how do you suggest a defense that was 6th last year become laughing stock the first 7 weeks of season with essentially the same players? that's all coaching.
Sparano is not a winner. He's a good coach but not a winning coach. He's too conservative for his own good and will never win anything.

IMO..You can put Sparano in the category of good coach. But as a head coach..Not so much. He is a coordinator. He has proven to be limited as far as making the right choices when the game is hinging on making the right calls to give his team the best shot to win. This has nothing to do with our talent, or lack of. Compaire him to Norv Turner..or a Wade Phillips(Cowboy re-treads)

The thing is. Will Sparano even be considered a candidate for any vaccant head coaching position? I would be suprised. Will he find his way onto a team as a coordinator, or position coach? Yes. He was given an opportunity here under Parcells who believed he was prepared to handle the duties. The first year I believe was more to do with the influence of Parcells then the brilliance of Sparano. I give him credit for allowing the wildcat to be born. But that scheme lived a short life, as defenses adapted. Besides that. What have we seen from TS. that would warrant anymore support for him as leader of this franchise? Maybe it is because I do not pay close attention to other teams. But it seems like players come here, they get worse. Is it his system? Is it the culture here? I don't know.

Was anybody here ever in the SEX PISTOLS mucical group?

I want to meet a member of the SEX PISTOLS group and ask them questions and maybe shower with them as well.

Thank you.

There are no absolutes Armando....based on your supposition then is Andy Reid a bad coach or are the Eagles devoid of talent?

I have seen no one take into consideration that on the defensive side of the ball the elimination of Crowder and Clemons from the line up affected the "stability" of the defense as far as getting lined up etc.

On offense who had a new OC, rookie center with no off season, expected major contributors in Thomas, Clay and to a lesser extent Gates while Carey moved to a new position...again with no offseason.

We are now seeing the better play on both sides of the ball as a result of more, practce, playing time and getting injured players back.

Of course that still doesn't explain Colombo.

I've seen nothing from Daniel Thomas. He's tall and slooow.

Armando: don't cut yourself so short. Just because King made the prediction that Miami will be at the bottom of the AFC East this year does not make him a genius. You did a great job this preseason predicting the Colts would be serious contender for Luck after words got out that Manning was out. Give yourself some credits. We're on this blog because we value your opinions more so than King's.

BTW: does anyone know if Merril Hoge ever recanted his criticism of Tebow now that his record is 4-1? National talking heads are not geniuses, folks.

Maybe Belicheat will hire him to do fist pumps for him.

I'm sure his arm is tired by now.

I'm just stunned that Mando thinks Sparano is a "good coach". He has good qualitites to be sure. But I haven't seen anything that leads me to believe that he has any better coaching qualities than any other coach that is failing in the NFL. They're all "good" coaches enough to get an NFL spot, but not good enough to beat other better coaches. Gotta be great, or you get beat in the NFL. Sparano needs to go back to assistant coaching, and I don't think O-Line is his best spot either.
No he doesn't suck - but he's just plain not good enough for the NFL. Sorry.

And then the talent level has to improve too, although there really is specific spots.

He thru it out. When Welker scored the most embarrassing TD ever.

Nice c by Brady tho.

I bet it's nice having a QB that can do that.

Hey Mr. Ross?

Many here and abroad have chastised you for seeking Harbaugh to replace Sparano in the off season. Many bleated, and shouted our franchise owner was inflicted with lack of loyalty.

I didn't blink an eye, sir.

I understand the game of business, and the nature of monetary ruthlessness. It is a cut-throat world we live in...

Please, do whatever it takes to put this team in a wnning season and a rapid (rabid) superbowl appearence as quickly as possible.

You are a business man of billionaire status.

You should figure this one out, Mr. Ross.

phinsfan78, you are in the musical combo SEX PISTOLS, yes?

I would like to visit you to ask quastions and also shower with you.

BTW, thanks for the repost Dr. Roberts.
I probably responded in the other forum.

My shower is on the beaches.

You are sounding more and more like an idiot every day Mando.

Funny how Ross was crucified for going after Harbaugh.

He went about it the wrong way for sure, but man was he spot on in wanting the right guy. Still, I can't help wonder what role Ireland played in this? We'll probably never know.

I wonder if it came down to Harbaugh not wanting to work with Ireland?

I wonder if Ireland was trying to secretly torpedo it out of jealousy and control "issues"?

Who did Harbaugh get as a GM in San Fran? Did he bring in his own or inherit one?

Anyways, I guess at this point, who cares?

I just hope the next guy Ross targets has the same kind of sucess.

Fist Pump!

Careful what you wish for...the Panthers sucked last season (with Moore) and were awarded the 1st pick in the draft.

They get Cam Newton and a new, young head coach to turn things around...

...they are 2-9

When the draft comes around - 1st get a qb, then draft the best player available - regardless of position.

Can you bring some insight or inside info on the team? You are offering little.

Welcome back Armando but you need more time off.


My take? Sparano is a good coach. But the Dolphins don't have enough playmakers. End of Armando's take <.

Here is MY take;

You need another 7 days OFF to help you get more clearity.

Sparano is a GOOD Coach???? Is it April 1st???

Good coaches prepare the team.

Good coaches dont have a playbook that is highlighted saying that going for fist pumps all the time will win.

Good coaches bestow disiplin onto the team.

Good coaches dont let the players PLAY if they are unprepared to play... aka as our first Home opener against the Pats.

Good coaches find a way to think out of the box when under pressure.

Good coaches dont put thier Son's on the payroll (Sparano Jr)unless they are a good for something. If they are good and can contribute to WINNING, then hire him.

Good coaches dont do pre and post interviews talking and looking like a complete jackass unless your first name is Rex.

I couldent give a rats ass if Sparano is a "nice guy" or he "trys hard" or any other talking points. Sparano S-U-C-K-S.

As far as his one winning year in 08 goes... ANY and I mean ANY head coach with 1/3 of a brain could have won some games. We had the weekest schedule which by design from Fat Ass parcells, made Parcells look like a guenious which we all knew he wasent. Phat ass ran away once his project fell apart with Sparano and ireland.

Next season we will have the weekest schedule and we will WIN with Mickey Mouse as HC.

So for all you Sparano and ireland lovers out there... If Ross decides to keep this bunch of diaper coaches and GM dont sit here next season when we win 10 games or so saying that Sparano is a great coach. He sucks just remember THAT and the years which was wasted on this project.

Have a nice day!

We have some damn good talent on our team, it's just not being tapped at 100% capacity.

I believe if we insert a "real" franchise QB into our offense, Miami will be a very good football team.

The team just needs a "spark" to jumpstart their dormant talent that is not gelling behind a leader.

I live in NH and Brady is GOD, just like Marino was and still is in South Florida.

Find a true franchise QB, one with clear leadership qualities and you'll see huge shift in the talent pool from average to super overnight!

Armando....STOP writing PERIOD in all your blogs....

That's what they say, but I'm not so sure. I was pretty drunk at the time, I think he just got "BUZZED"!

Then again, I have been called a Rabid Phins Fan!

Who knows-Fist PUMP!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | September 08, 2011 at 01:57 PM

More Drugged out banter from the Hippie.

I think the dolphins are a good base for the next regime to take over.

Remember 2007, Sparano dumped basically the whole team. 4 years I think the base is dam good.

This team with a back-up QB are always falling one play short of wins.

A starting caliber QB, can turn this 3point loses into wins.

Exactly, how can Miami truely evaluate this team on either side of the ball without a QB as good as Mannings of the league? Luck is what this team needs.

Mando, you and every trash talking so called Dolphins fan would be singing a different tune if
1- Ross didn't stab Sparano in the back. That started this witch hunt for Sparano's head when 3 years ago he was up for coach of the year. Did you bums forget that?
2- The LOCKOUT, you all must have forgotten about that too. Had Sparano and team had a full off season to prepare with the new players and coaching staff put in place the results would surely be different. The scores alone speak for themselves.
Furthermore, if any of you think that picking up the overrated Luck will magically turn the L's to W's are off your rockers. For real. Mando, you should think about writing on a different subject matter. GO PHINS!!! Win Win Win!!!

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