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Pre-game read: A conversation with Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall donned one of his AFC Pro Bowl jerseys during the week of preparation for the Redskins and wore it to practice.

It is just the kind of move that makes this very talented guy very interesting to me. He is nothing if not unpredictable. And that is why I sat down with him one on one for quite some time to do an interview with him.

This is the long and wide ranging interview.

Actually, it wasn't really an interview. It was a conversation because he asked a lot of questions also.

We both approached this sit-down with respect. He didn't say, "I can't hear you," when I asked him about the Vontae Davis incident last week. I tried to keep the dumb questions to a minimum --  which some days is hard for me. But it was serious business also. At one point when he didn't give me a straight answer, I asked him again straight and direct, no joking around. And then he got it. And I got the answer.

I came away from the interveiw both impressed with this young man and feeling different about him than when I went in. I would say he probably feels the same. When it was over he said, "I enjoyed it."

Please check out the conversation and tell me what you think in the comments below.

Yes, we'll have a live blog today of Washington versus Miami. Marshall played for Washington coach Mike Shanahan. Respects him from what I gathered.

I think you'll respect Marshall more after you read this conversation than you did before.


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I'm back.

Not a bad article, have to say one of your best to date. also a little impressed with Marshall's responce.

I was very impressed with his answers.. He's a man about things that's for sure.. He's really trying.. I am rooting for Brandon Marshall


I liked and respected Brandon before the conversation. Some of your questions were just dumb but that is to be expected. What was obvious before and after your conversation was that anyone suggesting Brandon sucks and/or we should trade him doesn't have a clue about football or football players.

I learned nothing from this article Armando....but that doesn't mean the article isn't among your most important to date.....

This will help the masses realize that Marshall is a MAN....a human being if you will....

He is neither a god or the devil.....

He is not a caricature nor a stereotype....

Like most of us he can not be put in a box and labeled...no matter how bad you may want to do that.....

Marshall has a thought process.....he is not an animal who works strictly on instinct....he is...a man......and there are multiple facets to him...just like there are to the many stories that come out about him....

Marshall is who I thought he was....a human.....

have not read interview yet.I am sure it is a lot of b.s to make bm not the thug that he is..........go dolphins.............9-7...............playoff bound

will the game be on fox or not today

The Team that I saw play KC last week was not the same one I had seen previously in the Season. They played together, with intensity and looked better coached, if that is possible. If, and it's a big IF, they repeat that effort today, Washington has 0 chance of beating us.

have not read interview yet.I am sure it is a lot of b.s to make bm not the thug that he is..........go dolphins.............9-7...............playoff bound

Posted by: dreamer | November 13, 2011 at 10:20 AM

Right on que....thanks for making my post even more relevant....because it is meant for the HYPOCRITES like yourself who PROUDLY announce the are IGNORANT of the article and will stick their BIGOTED way of thinking regardless of whats presented to them.....

Thanks dreamer...it wouldn't take long for you...or someone like you to prove my point.....

LV has us by 4, seems about right considering KC was coming with a short week of preparation plus the big uncertainty that exists about the Dolphins.

o.k I just read interview....He is still a thug....please dont get your pantys in a wad again...

Quantify your statement dreamer....tell the blog why you believe that....

What is about what HE SAID that makes you think that.....anyone can make foolish blanket statements....your post are evidence of that.....

Can you make an intelligent one that back up your thoughts with some quantifiable proof....surprise us.....

patiently waiting

we better find a way to lose this game, colts could actually win today

Oh Yes. BM is a MAN. A MAN'S MAN for MANLY MEN who like MEN.

Just saw that Grossman is starting for the Skins - No Beck today

Let me turn the tables...tell me why he is not a thug...nothing in the interview proved he was not one...the only thing the article shed light on was that he does not know the definition of volatile....dont get me wrong I enjoy the read....I just dont like the guy.I am not forcing you to not like him..you like him great..I dont.GO DOLPHINS......9-7......

ALoco go make some mint tea.

far as I know the game is not blacked out. should be televised.

kris, I'd look at it differently. You're saying Marshall is regular guy (with a gift), and I'd agree.

dreamer, forget the thug thing, he can think what he wants, then says, "go fins. 9-7." That statement means he supports Marshall on the field, since the Dolphins can't go 9-7 without Marshall being a huge part of that.

So both of you support Marshall in different ways. That's good enough for GAME DAY!!!

fins will def not win more than 2 more games , if that. we still have shot at luck if we can lose today and colts actually try and beat jacksonville. if grossman is starting that helps, hes much better than garbage beck

I was interested in Marshall's on-the-field diagnosis. I think he's right to say that in totality they shouldn't be the determining factor between the team being 1-7. I want to know where Bess has been in the game plan? Even when Henne was QB. It doesn't look like he's spotlighted enough. Marshall doesn't think it's because he can't run routes or catch, so what gives?

Also, Bush just got going last couple of games, Thomas has been iffy due to injury, Hartline, Fasano, Clay haven't really been involved (until last game). I mean, the ENTIRE offense through the air was virtually Brandon Marshall. Most winning teams spread the ball around and have multiple weapons, not one.

Interesting to read Marshall's comments. We would all agree that he's a candid guy, who speaks openly about things. Interesting to hear him disagree with Armando that there's not enough talent on this team. If he honestly felt there wasn't he would say it. It goes back to what some of us have been saying for a long time...that this ISN'T a 1-7 team and they are VASTLY underachieving! I don't really care what anyone else has to say about it...about the guys who would only bring back 10-12 guys from this team next year. Put a coach in there who will hold these guys accountable and get everyone on the same page and you're going to see much better results. How about we have this conversation next year and let's see where we're at. Fair?....

dc miami just doesnt have much of any talent to throw to. fasano is horrible. gates was an awful draft pick. no talent there

dusty, Grossman DEFINITELY makes the Redskins more formidable. He can score points, and if their defense gets back to early Season form, then our chances to lose will increase dramatically.

Still, if we were going to win 2 games, I'd LOVE it to be this game. Then I could feel good listening to the radio all next week up here. Guys saying, "Fire the Coach. We lost to the lowly DOLPHINS!!" LOL. That would be great.

Washington wins today.

Meaningless game for a meaningless team. We'll be starting over again in 2012 just like we do every few years. Put your hope in the piggy bank for another few years.

I should have mentioned, put a QB in there that the team truly believes in and rallys around and things will be different also. This team is 1-7, fair enough. But they've blown games they should have won, as they did last year too. To me that's on coaching and preparation and mental toughness. Yes there are glaring holes on this team but show me a team that doesn't. The Packers, a team that has won 14 in a row, have a defence that is playing like Swiss cheese right now. The holes can be addressed and the team can be brought together. They're doing it in Detroit, in SF, in Buffalo and in Cinci, teams that have been doormats for years. Make the right moves and this thing could be turned around in a hurry.

Mark, I'll take that bet. I think the game will be close but I think the 'Phins squeak one out. There's nothing about the 'Skins that scares me.

Gotta go...enjoy the game guys!

agree mark, id be shocked if miami wins any game at home. they are so bad. yes craig u see how fast cincy turned it around just by drafting dalton and green


I've always liked Marshall, still do.

He is right on about Bess. I've been saying it all season, Bess cannot be stopped, but for some reason is not being used by our QB\coach

The record this year is all about the coaches not using the players correctly. It seems they finally MIGHT be getting it right

dusty, agreed.

Craig, I don't think keeping 10-12 players is even logistically feasible. Those people are just exxagerating because the team isn't very good right now.

But they definitely can upgrade in multiple positions, including some of the most important on the team.

I wasn't surprised by what Marshall said. He's on a team. He's not going to throw those guys under the bus to a reporter. He's not that dumb. And that would definitely dash any hopes he has to be a leader on the team.

Craig M, don't pay any attention to most on this Blog cause they go where the wind Blow$.

It is really hard to buy into 'we are not as bad as our record'. We are not just 1-7, we are something like 1-14 with the worst home record in the league to boot. Not to mention at the bottom in 3rd down conversions and 4th quarter scoring.

There is just no way to put any kind of positive spin on that. Bad is bad.

Actually, Craig, I'm making up a list of some of us that really care about the fortunes of the Team that we have followed for so long. I will publish it in its moment.


Add me to your list please.

Sorry Mando, I think you do a great job, but on a 1-7 team, the last thing BM should be talking about is himself. I couldn't care less about that interview.

Then we will know who are the jack offs here and we will take aim on them.

The greatest part about winning last week is now we can finally get rid of those fake fin fan "suck for luck" dum dums... And this blog will be enjoyable again..

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