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Pre-game read: A conversation with Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall donned one of his AFC Pro Bowl jerseys during the week of preparation for the Redskins and wore it to practice.

It is just the kind of move that makes this very talented guy very interesting to me. He is nothing if not unpredictable. And that is why I sat down with him one on one for quite some time to do an interview with him.

This is the long and wide ranging interview.

Actually, it wasn't really an interview. It was a conversation because he asked a lot of questions also.

We both approached this sit-down with respect. He didn't say, "I can't hear you," when I asked him about the Vontae Davis incident last week. I tried to keep the dumb questions to a minimum --  which some days is hard for me. But it was serious business also. At one point when he didn't give me a straight answer, I asked him again straight and direct, no joking around. And then he got it. And I got the answer.

I came away from the interveiw both impressed with this young man and feeling different about him than when I went in. I would say he probably feels the same. When it was over he said, "I enjoyed it."

Please check out the conversation and tell me what you think in the comments below.

Yes, we'll have a live blog today of Washington versus Miami. Marshall played for Washington coach Mike Shanahan. Respects him from what I gathered.

I think you'll respect Marshall more after you read this conversation than you did before.