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Quarterback John Beck then and today

Remember John Beck?

My memory of him? First time I saw him throw, I was very, very impressed with his arm. First time I heard him speak, he was not quite so impressive. He talked the talk about wanting to get better and studying really, really, really hard, but it didn't seem genuine to me. It seemed like he was saying something he believed the media wanted to hear.

First time I saw him scrimmage? Not impressed. Too many check downs. Didn't have an attacking mentality.

First time I saw him in a game as a starter? It was against Philadelphia. The Eagles' attacking, blitzing, disguising defense ate him up. He completed only 9 of 22 passes for 109 yards. I let it go. It was, after all, his first start.

The last game I saw him start for the Dolphins? Convinced me he didn't have it. That was against Buffalo at Orchard Park. Beck looked scared to me. He took eight snaps, fumbled twice, including a blooper-reel moment when his flub was picked up in mid air as he was bobbling it and returned for a TD. He was also sacked three times. He was benched after those eight snaps and didn't play the next two games.

Beck has revived his career (sort of) in that he's now Washington's starting QB. He's come a long way since that meltdown day in the Buffalo winter. But he is still a project. Still unproven. Still seeking to find a niche.

He'll start against the Dolphins on Sunday. Today he spoke with the South Florida media. This is how it went:

On his progress: “It’s hard to say because, obviously, the goals that I had coming into the season that you work so hard for – it’s been kind of hard to accomplish those with the situation that we find ourselves in now. But I’m just continuing to work as hard as I can at that, so it’s hard to say exactly where I’m at, but I just know that I’m still working at it.”

On how far he’s come since his rookie year in terms of recognizing defense and comfort in the pocket: “As a rookie, you’re wide-eyed, especially when you’re going through the tough situation that we were in back in 2007 where we hadn’t won a game and you become a starter. There are a lot of things that a young quarterback has to deal with — just the transition to the NFL and that situation can be a tricky one. Since then, obviously, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in film rooms, on practice fields, being around coaches [and] gaining experience in preseason games. All of those aspects I feel like I’ve definitely improved, just getting what experience I can. There’s not the wide-eyed look any more.”

On how tough it has been being on teams that have to overcome injuries: “It is a tricky situation, but it’s adversity and you do your best to fight against adversity to overcome it. We don’t have the guys that we started the season with. That’s football – it happens to a lot of teams every single
year and you want to continue to work and continue to get better and improve as a team and continue to believe. Despite whatever adversity you’re facing, you have to still believe and go out there and play on Sunday and give it your best.”

On comparing playing for a winless team in Miami to not having a win as a starter in Washington: “It’s hard to say because that was my first year in the NFL and you don’t really know what to expect as a rookie in the NFL — what your situation is like, what the team is like. You don’t know what it’s like around the rest of the league. You just know that situation. I don’t know what it would have been like. It probably wouldn’t have been as tricky, just that situation that we found ourselves in [with] all of those injuries. You always want to have a plan when the season starts. Coach [Cam] Cameron sat me down and told me the plan and it felt like that was going to be a good one. As the season shook down, it was anything but that plan with Trent [Green] going down and all of those things. The more I’ve been in this league, the more I’ve learned that that happens. That kind of stuff happens all over the league to a lot of teams and it’s just about dealing with it. It’s about just trying to overcome it and continue to work.”

On playing for Head Coach Mike Shanahan and Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan: “It’s been really good. I really like Coach [Mike] Shanahan. When he traded for me and brought me in here, we
got to sit down and talk and I’d be very happy to be here. I’m grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had to play this season. I’ve just tried to get better each week and do the best that I can with the situation. With Kyle, he’s ayoung coach that is very good at his craft and I’ve been able to learn a lot from him. I just continue to learn and grow a lot from the things that he’s teaching me so that I can become a better quarterback.”

On having to wait for his opportunity to start after his time with Miami: “You never know if you’re going to get another opportunity or when it can happen or if it’s going to happen. I just continue to try to work hard throughout the years and put myself in a position that, if an opportunity was there, I would go out and do well. There was an opportunity in the Philadelphia game to go out and play. Things went pretty good in that game and I try to continue to get better each week. It has been a struggle because things haven’t gone well the past couple of weeks, but, regardless, I am having an opportunity to play and try to go out and do my best each week and improve my game during the week of practice so that I can go out there and play a better game the next week.”

On not getting the chance to start for the Dolphins in the 2008 season: “Well, I got to learn a lot from Chad Pennington. When he came in, he was brought in to be the guy and he did a fantastic job that season. When I looked at that situation, I said that I’m obviously not one of the guys that was chosen by this group. They brought in Chad Pennington. They brought in Chad Henne. Those are the guys, but what can I do to make myself a better quarterback for a situation that could come up in years following? I spent a lot of time with Chad Pennington late at the facility talking to him, just kind of trying to pick his brain and work on my mental aspect of the game — preparation during the week leading up to the game, all of those things. I look at that year as learning a lot from Chad Pennington, watching him take a team that only won one game the year before and helping him lead them to a championship of the AFC East. I was able to learn a lot from that.”

On his relationship with quarterback Rex Grossman: “We’re both two people that have been playing quarterback our entire lives, battling for the same position. We’re professionals so we know how to interact with each other. We know how to work together, but we are, at the same time, both trying to be the quarterback for this football team. With that comes competition between each other and that’s just part of it. When you’ve been competing your entire life and you reach this level, you know how to handle it. It’s not like two little kids. You’re adults. You’re professionals. You handle it correctly.”

On what it would mean to get the first win of his career against Miami: “It would be good. I’ve been wanting to get a win in any stadium. These past few weeks, every week I’ve gone into the game, I’ve wanted it to be that game, that stadium, that situation. For me, really there is no difference in
this game than any other game I’ve gone into. I’m just trying to do my best to help my team win.”


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I'm back.

I didnt even care to read what John Beck had to say, He came here I think as a rookie at age 27 and he's 30 or 31 now and still the same John Beck. Maybe he should retire and contnue with his Morman missionaries.

Another second round bust at QB for the Dolphins. The question is who should they have drafted that year as a QB?

Not Brady Quinn...


I'll never forget all you fans wanted Brady Quinn.


Wow, We have a heck of a chance to win 2 in a row here. Beck did grade out well as a QB for that draft, but his confidence has been questioned even in college. This guy loves to play football I think, but I think his fear of football is much greater.

NOT MW!! but there was a bus load full of those fans.


I didn't want Brady Quinn(hate Notre Dame), or Ginn(hate Ohio St.).

I'm trying to remember back to the 07 draft & who my flavor of the week was.

Patrick Willis????? Did he come out that year?I think he was the guy I liked most.

I still think Brady Quinn was the right pick. How much would it have Miami back if they drafted him instead of Ginn? The potential upside of getting a franchise qb would've been worth the risk. Not a lot would've been lost and a whole lot more would've been gained if Quinn was who he was supposed to be.


Yes I did want the Dolphins to draft Brady Quinn. Along with 90% of South Florida. Ofcourse you did not. Oh Master.

Joe, it was either Willis or marshawn lynch. Overall though I don't remember there being that much available. Not the strongest draft.

I'll admit it I wanted Quinn, boy was I wrong.

Picking Quinn would of been right move. Who knows how he
would of been here, but the fans would of been positive instead of hating Muerler/Cameron right out of the gates. Hey, maybe we would of been 2-15 instead!

2-14, oops

Mr. Be Bo Ba,

Penn State is looking for you. You would do well up there.

I thought we were going to draft Quinn, then they said Ginn. So in proper trubute a guzzles a bittle of Gin, to drunckenly hear about a family the dolphin community would love.

I must say, I do think we were stupid to get rid of the guy like we did.

Is it true that Mormons wear magic underpants? Do the underpants make any difference when you get sacked?

I don't look like Debbie or Deborah but man I was convinced that I was going to marry Debbie Gibson when I was 13. She made my pants tight.

He'll lose his job to Grossman again, and Grossman will lose his job to a draft pick next year. Beck was a bad pick, and Ginn was a bad pick.
Quinn may have been the right pick (sans hindsight) but perhaps the braintrust really did see the same thing that everyone else saw in his quarterbacking. Remember the whole league passed on him - he was an invitee which meant top of the first round expectations. Personally i think he's had a raw deal, and may even be average for some team - Henne/Orton-esque. Probably closer to Moore though. Whatevers. Bring on 2012. Luck, Barkely, Jones. Maybe I'll FINALLY upgrade to a new Fins jersey (Marino is still the name on mine).

I wanted Quinn too. But look at the statistics of 2007 QBs.:


You know 2007 sucked for rookie QBs when Trent Edwards is the best quarterback statistically.

Prediction: Rex Grossman will replace John Beck some time in the game if he is healthy enough to play.


Two stinky teams, only one will win.

I know I didn't want Quinn OR Ginn. I didn't care who it was, just neither of those 2. What a horrible 1st-round draft that was (for us).

By the way Mark, very informative post on gaming the financial system. That's why I count on you on those matters, you tell it like it is. Thanks for that.

DC looking at our past drafts does nothing but depress you and every other phin fan. Focus on the future LOL

I love when fans always say they wanted a player in the draft whos a pro bowler now. Joe

Boulder, I agree, move on.....figure out a way to get one of the top QB picks....

I wanted Quinn at the time because he was the highest rated QB left when we picked in the first round. Almost five years have passed and nothing has changed for the 2012 draft.

Chris... exactly.

DC, no problem. Working has made me a very jaded individual. I don't believe in job security or in any particular company. I just look at what benefits Mark most. Because that is exactly what everyone else does. Survival of the fittest.

DC, don't read this next post.

Of all the qbs that this franchise has spent draft picks to acquire this decade, the only one to win a game this year is AJ Feeley.

Revis island was drafted that year

Mark, how true! LOL! Feely looked good in that win....

Sure seems to me that 75% of the time there are far more interesting and relevant topics Armando could write about. By the way, my last name is Sandusky.


Taylor should have retired when Zack did. He has been useless since. Another dumb idea by this FO to bring him back on his last legs at 37.


The stock market is completely broken. Nothing trades on fundamentals anymore. Its all Greece, Euro, Bailouts. Headlines of the day move the market back and forth even when they are nonsense or rumors.

A 100 pt move in the Dow used to be headline news. Now its very rare there is a day without a 200 pt move from low to high. Market volatility has gotten crazy.

I'll never forget all you fans wanted Brady Quinn.


Posted by: Spiderman | November 09, 2011 at 03:25 PM

Yeah right....Not you Spiderman.....ONLY YOU....and a few others who are to trifling that they can't admit when they are wrong about a football pick on an ANONYMOUS BLOG.....where there are really NO repercussions other than the I TOLD YOU so......

I can handle an I TOLD YOU SO.....

So...yes....I was wrong...I wanted QUINN then...and I want MALLETT now.....

Save that for future use if Mallett turns out to be a bust.....

I'm hoping someone can answer this for me because it's cracking me up as is. And tell me if I'm wrong but wasn't there someone calling himself "senior'crow" making fun of Craig or someone else because he (Craig?) said in the beginning of the season that the Haynesworth and Ocho stinko signings were a bad move? Then this "eat some crow" guy stalked him for the first 6 weeks of the season telling him how wrong he was and that he should admit it?

Has this been mentioned? Am I right about the players involved?

Because if so,,,,,,,,,,,oh boy. Someone please help me out and let me know if this is right and if anything has been said about it in the past couple of days. Dying to find out!

I started this Article wanting to like Beck...I really did.....being here in the DMV....I listen to redskins Radio...and he is getting kicked pretty hard.....like I posted before....the Redskins fans are finding out what Dolphin's fans and the rest of the NFL already knew....BECK SUCKS......

Anyway....as I was reading the article...I found Beck very boring.....and it stated sounding like another former Dolphin QB.....CHAD HENNE....I guess regardless of FO....the Dolphins have a mold for getting a QB...and on of those prerequisites must be...that he be a YES MAN...

YES men may be the teachers pet...but they don't win many games in the NFL.....

Phins78......Good point...

As much as I disagree with Craig M about many of his post....This is one time he should TAKE A BOW....really give the blog hell (myself included)...for being DEAD WRONG about Haynesworth......call it fore-sight....or dumb luck...he called it.....and he deserves the credit for being right.....

Unlike your pst Spiderman.....Craig M's is verifiable.......

Care to show us yours stating NOT to take QUINN.....


Buffet of knowledge!

Most will agree, the QB class of 07 wasn't stacked in talent. Alot of NFL fans wanted Quinn, as the pickings were slim.

I wanted the Fins to sign free agent Matt Schaub - which the Falcons let go to the Texans.

Jeff Garcia was another free agent, but not as productive, and hasn't put up the stats Schaub has produced since 07.

In that draft, ginn at 9 wasn't all that bad. Quinn did not have an arm if I can remember correctly. I had never seen Beck play until a rainy Monday night and he looked like he was going to crap his pants.

He talks like Sparano. I really wish that we wouldn't quote these guys. Just sum up. Most of the stuff that comes out of these guys mouths is crap. They are football players and what they do is not work. It is fun. They get chicks, fame and fortune. Whatever they are paying Beck and Sparano they are way over paying.

You got it backwards.
The market is completely fixed and the stories about the PIIGS are the cover-up.

I wonder what kind of QB Coach, Offensive Coach Pennington would be? He has passion, he seems to be a good teacher...
It would be an interesting thing to see...
But I don't "shop for the groceries..." so we may never know...

Haynseworth claimed by the bucs. I knew I wasn't the only one who thought he still had something. He is a headcase though and that's a young dressing room. Risky move, Tampa, good luck.

So it was Craig!? Nice. If I were him I would be calling that guy out from whatever rock he crawled under after finding out Haynesworth was cut and Ocho Stinko just plain sucks.

I mean it was every day with the eat some crow shtick.And the funniest thing about it is the guy didn't let the season play out before he rammed his foot so far down his throat we could see laces sticking out of his a**! That's why you always let the season play out before calling someone else out on something. Craig was just stating an opinion. He didn't really say much about it other than he thought it was a bad decision and it would come back to haunt them. Just an opinion and for some reason the other guy got all bent about it. Too funny.


And what about long before the PIIGS? Do you think things suddenly changed?

The markets are not fair, but not in the way you think. Their are plenty of unfair advantages (such as High Frequency Trading), but they are not rigged or fixed.

Phins, there are many people who ridicule Craig on a regular basis because it is well deserved. I am proud to say, I am 1 of them. But I do it under my own name.

He always accuses me & others with opposing view points of being crow, or whatever other name when they call him out & ask him to admit he's wrong.

Regarding this issue, I got on him as well. Not about whether he was right or wrong, or would eventually turn out to be, but because of his arrogance.

It's a blog about opinions. Craig requested a show of hands to admit his holiness was right, based on an article he read in preseason. Not week 9 when it actually happened, but PREASEASON. Before any of it had came true, Craig wanted everyone to admit he was right.

Where is he when he's wrong? Like when he said Sparano earned his extension & Ross realized what a good job he's done? Or how no team would thrive in year 1 with a new coach after a lockout shortened preseason? See 49'ers. See, Craig is usually wrong, but never admits to it. Yet, is the 1st one to demand praise for his superior knowledge when he turns out to be right.

So you see, it isn't about right & wrong. It's about arrogance. I'm sure Crow, #1 Dolphan & many others who feel the same way would attest to that.

As for this moron, "You're Not Interesting", I guess you didn't look in the mirror before creating your fake name?

I love when fans always say they wanted a player in the draft whos a pro bowler now. Joe

Posted by: Spiderman | November 09, 2011 at 04:52 PM

Your point? I don't recall if it was Willis. I do remember loving that guy & still do. I don't even know if that was the year he even came out. Can't remember.

What I can tell you is it did not break my heart to see Miami not draft Quinn. Nor was I elated they drafted the Ginn family.

As a loyal Michigan fan, DC would probably understand & relate. At least I'd hope he would!

Most will agree, the QB class of 07 wasn't stacked in talent. Alot of NFL fans wanted Quinn, as the pickings were slim.

I wanted the Fins to sign free agent Matt Schaub - which the Falcons let go to the Texans.

Jeff Garcia was another free agent, but not as productive, and hasn't put up the stats Schaub has produced since 07.

Posted by: GulfDolphin | November 09, 2011 at 06:05 PM

GULFDOLPHIM, The texans gave up several Draft picks for schaub, he was never a free agent... and he was a rick trade just like Kobb, and his numbers are significantly worse without Johnson, and he's injured allot... Granted, he is better then any QB's the Fins have had in a long while...

My prediction is Beck will lead the Redskins to victory with a record 3 touchdown passes and no interceptions or fumbles! Afterward we can all celebrate with a St. Pauli N.A.

Beck is a stud. this weekend he's definitely going to make you 'Phins fans PAY for not giving him a chance. He'll score 5 TDs EASY this Sunday! He'll have all of you wishing he was your QB.

...uh, did I say "John Beck?" Sorry. Never mind...

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