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Some thoughts to last you seven days

This is the last post on this blog for seven days. I am on hiatus until November 28. So this blog is on hiatus this week, including Thursday's game at Dallas. Not my choice. Not any sort of suspension or personal issue. Just business that I've been told not to discuss here with readers.

Anyway, I'm not going away. You can still listen to me on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, through Wednesday. And while there will not be a live blog here during the Dallas game, I will be live on twitter. My twitter account belongs to me and not The Herald.

Meantime, let me leave you with a couple of thoughts to masticate on throughout the week:

1. As I wrote for Monday's edition of the newspaper, I believe Matt Moore deserves respect and praise for what he's done so far this season. Wonderful. But no amount of work he does this year should convince the Dolphins to believe him to be their long range answer at quarterback. Simply, I wrote, the Dolphins should not repeat the mistake the Buffalo Bills obviously have made with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

That means, the Dolphins must draft a QB next April with eyes on developing that kid into a franchise guy. That should be the focus.

They should keep Moore, as his contract calls for. But they should also draft a QB very high. And as to signing Moore to a contract extension ... no thanks. He's signed through 2012. So not right now.

By the way, if you think what Moore is doing these last three games is new, you're incorrect. Starting in December 2009 he had a four-game span in which he threw 8 TD passes without an interception against New England, Minnesota, the New York Giants and New Orleans.

The Panthers bought in. They made him the starter for 2010. He finished that season with 5 touchdowns passes and 10 interceptions in six games.

2. I do not believe the Dolphins can win out. Yes, the current three-game streak is commendable. It's good for the team and fans. But it is as much a product of the Dolphins facing bad competition as it is them playing better. Let's face it, the Bills actually improved against Miami by losing 35-8. The week before, they lost to Dallas 44-7.

The Bills are so injured, they seem done for the season. They've lost their best pass-rush threat, their best defensive lineman, their No. 2 cornerback, their No. 2 wide receiver, their No. 3 wide receiver, their starting center, their kicker, and on Sunday didn't have the services of their starting left tackle and starting strong safety.

So if you think Miami's convincing victory had nothing to do with that, go ahead and live the dream.


I guess I want to see Miami beat Dallas. And the Patriots and Jets, to whom they already lost. Oakland is also no pushover. And Philadelphia is still more talented than Miami even without Michael Vick. So victories in those games will move me.

Victories against Washington, Buffalo and Kansas City? Nice. But I was born at night, just not last night. (Actually, I was born at 11:45 in the morning).

3. Is there anything that can save Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland?

I do not know for certain one way or another -- mainly because I have not asked the proper authorities. It's too early for that and one only gets a certain number of opportunities to ask that kind of question.

My opinion?

I believe the answer is absolutely, resoundingly, YES. The Dolphins have to win out. They have to go 9-7. Anything short of that guarantees both men of absolutely, positively NOTHING. Bottom line here is the current win streak is good. But it does not erase the seven-game disaster to start the season.

4. How do I feel about the current three-game win streak? Look, winning is awesome. Winning is the only thing that really matters at the professional level. That's the reason they keep score and the standings are updated every week. So winning is it.

But winning late after losing twice as many times early in the season makes those victories less meaningful. It speaks to you not being ready on time. It speaks to not being prepared. I don't want a horse that runs a great final furlong after falling down and throwing his jockey coming out of the gate. That horse has zero value. I want a horse that's in the race start to finish.

So to answer something I was asked on twitter Sunday, winning these games is great -- to a measured and diminished point.

Also, these wins are indeed hurting the team longterm. Think about this: Every victory the Dolphins add increases the chances they will draft lower in the April draft. That is not an intangible fantasy. That is fact. Many fans are worried about that, and I understand why. It is legitimate.

I don't want to hear how winning meaningless games now is more valuable than draft position later. It is not. I would never condone losing. I encourage winning. But I do so with my eyes open. Wins now are not as valuable because the chances of turning those wins into a playoff berth -- the whole reason for winning in the regular season -- are practically zero.

The Dolphins did that to themselves.