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This victory shows the importance of great QB play

If there was ever a game that told you why the Dolphins have been so terrible this year and yet can be good enough if they make even one significant adjustment, this was it.

This was a game in which Miami got bigtime quarterback play. And so the Dolphins won.

This was a game in which the opposing QB didn't simply give the game away as happened last Monday night (against Phillip Rivers). And so the Chiefs lost.

Simple ain't it?

Great quarterback play ... Dolphins win.

This first victory of the season will be sliced and diced all sorts of different ways as the Miami coaching staff spreads praise and plaudits far and wide so everyone gets credit for this victory. But if you look at Matt Moore's game, you see why the Dolphins won.

Moore threw three TD passes. He didn't turn the ball over. Win.

If he does that every week, the Dolphins win 90 percent of the time. Simple as that. Obviously Moore hasn't been delivering that kind of performance thus far.

In his first start against the Jets, Moore missed wide open receivers. If they were open, On Sunday, Moore saw them and connected with them. He also didn't throw an interception in the end zone that was returned for a TD.

In the loss to Denver, Moore got the Dolphins in the end zone just once. He got them in the end zone twice in the first half and twice more in the third quarter. It was a veritable blizzard of TDs for the team that averaged only one TD per game the previous six games.

Against the NYG, Moore played well early but disappeared in the second half. This game, Moore played well early and later and so the lead the team forged in the first half was extended rather than erased in the second half.

Great quarterback play, people. It erases a multitude of problems.

There really is no other position in the game that can overcome deficiencies as well as the quarterback. You have a quarterback that doesn't take sacks in the red zone, doesn't throw interceptions, sees open receivers and hits them with accurate throws, you're going to win a ton of games.

Witness the 2008 Dolphins with Chad Pennington.

But you get a quarterback who is inconsistent half to half, much less game to game, and you have a roller coaster ride of a season and a mediocre team at best.

That is why getting a good quarterback is so important for the 2012 Dolphins. Moore isn't that guy just as Chad Henne wasn't. They are inconsistent. Simple as that.

The Dolphins get a fine QB and suddenly the receivers seem a whole lot better. Suddenly the defense doesn't have to hold on to a sliver-thin lead in the fourth quarter. Suddenly the margin of error becomes wider.

If you are one of the Suck for Luck people and felt pain when the Dolphins won Sunday, you probably are keenly aware of this need for a QB. If you're with the win-now folks, I assume you also know the need to find good quarterback play for the future despite your desire to succeed now.

And if you are the small, small minority thinking Moore could satisfy both camps by being that guy ... well, just stop it. Can you at least wait for a couple of more great games from him before you make the case he's the great QB Miami needs?



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I'm back!

The key is getting rid of the ball FAST. Moore did not hold on to it long except for a few plays. Pass the ball before the pass rush comes and before the DB can adjust to the receiver. I'm over simplifying it but that is nonetheless key.



Well, we weren't gonna beat the Colts out for the #1 spot. They're on another level awful. I agree with this article 100%, which is why I will continue to hope Miami loses games. Hopefully we can get the #2 pick and Peyton can force the Colts into not taking Luck. Or maybe we can trade up. I don't know.....man we need a franchise QB.

If the Dolphins continue to win.....The Mallett trade I talked about earlier gets more realistic.....

To me it always seemed the most realistic way to get a top QB on this team....

in any case....a we can revisit this closer to draft time....or if the Dolphins win more than 4 games....which ever comes 1st.....

Dear Mr. Salguero

I like the article

Matt Moore is Chad Henne 2.0 with a better touch and feel but still a backup QB at best...sports talk.

Was there alot of ass grabbin goin on in the locker room after the victory.......not Penn state coach Sandusky ass grabbin where Sparano and Ireland do a cover up job......just happy we won ass grabbin.

Soiled :)



You talk about this Mallett trade as though we simply need to make the offer. It seems pretty far fetched to me that Belichek would let Mallett go to the AFC East, and if he did, I'd be more likely to think it would be only if he discovered Mallett is not a pro QB.


The trade (if made) would be very complicated and costly for the FINS...no doubt about it....

Thats the price you have to pay for a top QB......

We could have had him cheap....now if we get him at all....Belicheat will make us pay at least double.....

Stop talking about Ryan Mallet! This blog is pissed about taking QB's in the 2nd round (Henne, Beck, White) yet this blog is also pissed we didn't draft Mallet (who went in the 3rd, because we're getting closer to the Brady round he must be better cause he went later in the draft). If people think Luck is overrated/overhyped then what does that make Mallet? Ireland may suck but he's the GM, realistically, cause he's smart. He saw Mallet about a dozen times and concluded he wasn't better than Henne. Stop fantasizing how we'll be if we had a different backup quarterback, chances are we would have been horrible anyway and still would have drafted a franchise QB first round. GET OVER RYAN "too drugged up to talk" MALLET

Great, now where are we gonna get a QB for next year? The Raiders just screwed the trade market for QB value! Palmer wasn't worth more than a second rounder. You want Mallett, Belicheck will want a first round pick. What have you seen from Mallet that says he's worth a first round pick-nothing! Just hope and desperation make him worth a #1. He maybe good, but we really don't know. No proof to give up a #1.

MiamiD20.....nice rant...."stop this...stop that".....you got any thing of value to add....or is your only thoughts to attempt to break down others ideas.....whats your thoughts.....

in one breath you say "Ireland may suck"....in the very next you agree him Irelands judgment.....

I got news for you MiamiD20.....Ireland is responsible for this horrible team.....and his judgment doesn't hold water IMO....

By this time next year...Ireland will be a fan...just like you and I....

That is why suck-4-luck was so important..we need a very good QB and we need a good coach and general manager..as simple as that..

We may not get luck, but take a good look at Matt Barkley. I hate USC, but have to say he is doing a great job there. If Luck goes to Colts, then Matt should be the guy.
Please don't tell me about Landry Jones either, OU QBs stink in the pros.

I'm still kinda drunk from celebrating the Miami win so my thoughts are kinda slow this morning.....

However I will say this to MiamD20 and anyone else who believes That Mallett has no place on this board....




You can chose to not read it....you can chose to comment on it....you can chose to ridicule me or insult me about it....but you can not control what comes off of my key board....so telling me to stop posting about is a waste of both of our times......

I hope that was clear enough.....I don't have the energy to to type that much again....

This team can't do anything right. They lose when they have to win and they win when they should be losing. Enjoy you're short term victory Dolphins, and thank you for assuring the mediocrity continues next year and years beyond.


If Beli was willing to let Mallett go, I'd be more inclined to think its because he doesn't see him as a potential top 10 QB. Brady is not getting any younger, so I wouldn't see him letting go of a young QB with high potential at this point. Now of course, if the price was right, anyone is available.

Armando, did you notice that Moore had time in the pocket and was rarely pressured? Sure he threw the ball well, but the real key to success on offense is the play of the offensive line. Most NFL qbs will look good when they have time, and most will struggle when they are pressured like Cassel was all day. The O line finally lived up to their potential. There's your key.

Kris. Relax we had a victory yesterday,; that should be our focus. We won, my brothers, yeah! I'll take it for what it is and the win demonstrates that team we ought to be. Hopefully, their jelling. Suck for Luck is for losers. It's about winning.

Another key is an Oline that gives you a chance. The best QB in the world gets waxed behind a sucky Oline

Armando: your opinions are inconsistent. And in this case, you seem to advocating the highly stupid suck for luck businesss...Overall, its clear the Dolphins are better than their record. They should play to win every game and you should be writing a column praising the team for maintaining a winning attitude despite a season of unluck. As for Moore, give the guy a break -- three games is hardly enough time in a Dolphins uniform to pass judgement on his capabilities.
The Dolphins will grab a QB in some way next year, whether its Luck or not, this everyone knows. But complaining because Miami is out of the race for worst and a shot at Luck is absolutely crap.

Here here, Jed.

We are screwed for Luck now, Indy looks like they are trying to lose. I mean they are so bad they must be making an effort to lose that bad. Now we are basically 2 games behind them in the Luck sweepstakes, due to their weaker schedule. So now our only hope is the second pick and Landry Jones. You know to endure all this pain and then lose out on Luck by a game is going to be worse then anything else this season.

OH HOORAY...I'm 24th!!! Pathetic.....

It amazes me how short sighed people are. People are saying that Moore is good because he played one good game yesterday against a KC defense that seemed tired and confused. He had no pass rush against him and he still threw wobbley passes. Luckily KC chose not to cover any of his receivers. Moore is not the answer just like Henne (who is so mentally weak that he packed it in with a bad no throwing shoulder) was not the answer. We still need to lost to get a shot at a top QB. Obviously Luck is now out of reach so it is one of the next tier of guys. Lets hope these bunch of loser do not win 4 or 5 games (what does that accomplish) and we are drafting at #10 and miss out on all the top QB's. If that happens then 3/4 of the fan base will be gone.

I agree strongly with Fishface and Ericatl. Also, the receivers didn't drop passes and the play calling wasn't moronic. The simple fact is that Chad Henne had a couple of great games at quarterback before his injury--and the Dolphins still lost, because the rest of the offense, not to mention the defense, let him down.

This season is in fact proof of the exact opposite of Armando's claim: once the rest of the Dolphins' offensive and defensive problems were solved, their QB "problem" suddenly seemed to magically take care of itself.

This victory also showed the importance of pressuring the opposing QB. Who is complaining about our DBs today?

This incessant chatter for Luck is pathetic if you ask me. One player won't win you a championship. Marino proved that. Yes we need finally a franchise QB, but wishing to suck for a prize in itself is a loser's mentality, and nothing I would ever promote.

The way some of you go on about Luck it's like you think he is going to have 10 SB rings. I got news for you, the odds are he will have zero or one in the next 10 years. There are currently a handful of great QB's in the league that aren't going to disappear anytime soon.

Moore is at least a good backup. Henne "robot man" can be let go. He's had his chance already and he's proven he is not good. I'm not concerned about who we draft right now. If our talent scouts can actually do their jobs, we will get a very good player. If they miss like usual, we will be in the same boat next season. Go phins.

one more thing....Vontae Davis is a chump. He's too dumb to be a top corner in the league. Have you ever heard him speak? haha. Now he's out boozin' because we dont win games. Cut his ass and sign a good corner in free agency.

Where are all the Suck for Luck guys now? Show yourselves. All the guys who said this team has no talent. Won't win a game. Can't beat KC. Matt Moore not good enough. Nolan forgot how to Coach. Secondary horrible.


Oh, ok, I'm right here. SO I WAS WRONG!!!!

Only thing this changes in my mind is the amount I'm willing to give up to get Luck (or any other highly touted QB in the Draft). Looks like (as Mando correctly mentioned) we have ENOUGH talent on this team to be somewhat good if we had consistent QB play (like Top 10). Therefore, getting the franchise QB next year is ALL-IMPORTANT. THEN, we can work on fixing the rest of the team (oline, secondary, etc.).

It's hard to predict rest of Season, this may trigger a rally for this team, though we're better off only winning maybe another game (Redskins). 5-11 might push us out of the Top 5 in the Draft.

I've been saying it for ages on these boards, Great QB's make great coaches! Belichek was nothing when he had Bledose. Was horrible as head coach of Cleveland. All of a sudden a gift falls in his lap in the form of one of the best QB's to play in recent history and now he is a genius and great coach. He was sooo good he had Brady as a back up!

DC....I'm still in the suck for luck camp and always will be.
Problem is, Luck does not see Miami as a team worthy of his talents, just like Eli and his father did not want the city of San Diego to be his fate.

I read a Sports Illustrated interview with Luck from early Aug. where he was asked who his hero is, answer: PETYON MANNING!

That tells me he would love nothing better than to learn from Manning for a year or two (maybe less if his neck injury never heals)and spend 10+ years in a new stadium, (dome) where his stats will be through the roof.

I've come to the realization this weekend that we will NEVER get Luck as our QB and have set my sights towards the likes of Landry or Griffin.

Either of whom would provide a much needed spark and get this team back on a winning track....just look at what Andy Dalton is doing in Cincinnati.

DA, let me ask you a question (for you and others I continue to hear talk about the Marino days the way you do). Were the Dolphins better with Marino (coming close to winning Championships) or without (never even sniffing the Playoffs)?

So to keep going on about 1 player yadda, yadda, yadda is a serious misjudgment IMO. No, 1 player WON'T bring you a championship, but 1 FRANCHISE, ELITE QB will bring you closer to that goal than any other 1 player you can bring to a team. A RB won't do it, an LB won't do, ONLY a QB will keep you relevant long enough to maybe build a team around him (see Indy).

The 'Suck for Luck' crowd (which yours truly is a member) understands that elite QBs instantly raise the caliber of the REST of your team. They lead to wins, and Playoff appearances, etc. And they also are going off the EXPERT opinions, which mostly all range from "will be spectacular in the NFL" to "surest thing since Elway, Peyton."

If you haven't had a true franchise QB since 1983, the LAST time you picked one in the 1st-round, why WOULDN'T you be excited with the possibility of getting another one? Especially since you haven't been in the conversation SINCE Marino retired?

I guess I just don't get it. It's just that some people want to be contrarians is all I can think. Otherwise, why NOT hope (as a fan) that you get the best QB (predicted) to come out of the Draft.

What, would you rather fans get excited to get the 3rd best player (predicted)? It's pretty much black-and-white to me.

Good morning everyone...Quick question...Who were these guys yesterday?? LOL!!

NH, agreed. Colts will OUT SUCK us for LUCK. Now my worry is the 1 and 2 win teams. Will they out suck us for the other 1st-rd rated guys you mentioned (Barkley, Jones, maybe Griffin).

Once we get too far back, where a guy might be a stretch, that's when GMs start to think they are too smart by half and look at other filling other needs, and getting their guy in the 2nd round. That's where disasters begin (see Chad Henne, Pat White, John Beck, etc.).

Colts play the Jags twice, the Panthers once and the Titans once.

We could still be in the Luck sweepstakes if Indy wins one or two of those games.

But again...in my earlier post, the tea leaves tell me Luck does not want to play in Miami, so we could trade him to say, the Redskins for a boat load of other picks and grab Landry...set us up for years just like the Chargers did with the Manning/Rivers trade.

IF the Dolphins get the chance to pick Luck in '12, does he immediatlely become the starter? I think Yes.

IF they don't get Luck, and pick one of the other top QBs in '12, do they become the immediate starter? If No, who is their starter in 2012? Do they keep what they already have or try and find another veteran to pencil into the starting role?

Screw Andrew Luck...As much as my head wants him, my heart wants the Dolphins to win every sunday...And yesterday felt DAMN GOOD!!!


We should change our motto to "Suck for Franchise QB" or something like it.

Worst case scenario is we go on a 5 game win streak and fall out of the top 10 picks and your picture of a dumb GM grabbing a "Stud DL" in round one only to go "value shopping" in round 2 for a QB.

if we pick in the top 10 we can get a descent QB this year. Cinci got dalton in the second round and after newton he seems to be the best of the bunch


I don't want to get metaphysical here. Its simply the wrong idea to not do the best you can do at all times. If the team naturally sucks so bad that we finish last, then so be it, but to promote a losing mentality in any endeavor I will never believe is the right way to go. Rarely is the reward you intend to get as good as expected.

Intentionally sucking or not doing your best is no different than cheating in my book, cheating yourself and the system.

FrankieDee, do you know who's in 1st place in the AFC North? That would be the Bengals with a rookie QB (Andy Dalton). Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder. All these rookies are starting for their teams and ALL have wins and are outplaying the QBs they were supposed to be backing up.

So, if your question is who's better than no one, the answer is ANYONE!

The QB we take in the 1st-rd next year is the guy who will be starting here for hopefully a decade plus, beginning Sept. 2012. That should be the plan. The days of sitting rookie QBs for years while they watch but never develop are gone. This is the NEW NFL. QBs come to the Pro's to start on Day 1.

Listen up everyone! Landry Jones is better than Luck!! Watch his stock rise going into the draft and watch Indy take him! He will be a better NFL QB than Luck! Mark my words!

I like Mike Pouncey, but I would of preferred Andy Dalton or Christian Ponder. Same thing with Jake Long. Like the guy but I would of preferred Matt Ryan. Good QB's are more important than linemen. And harder to find. Anytime you have an opportunity to get one, you should pull the trigger. Hopefully the Dolphins have finally learned something.

Who cares about Luck indeed? From what I see Jones, Barkley and RG3 all had great games this pass weekend, we should be celebrating the fact that this qb class doesnt seem to be weak.

Obeservation from the game.

The key to disrupting a great QB is without a doubt getting pressure on him and even if you dont get a sack hit him. I seen the NYG men made Tom Brady look pedestrian for 3 and a half quarters.

And what do you know Tom Brady went back to Tom Brady form in the 4th Q. The guy has 36 4th quarter comeback!

So I think we need to look for a QB, and a bunch of new explosive LB and DE in the dfarft. I wish we can go back to the 4-3.

Any chance we go on a 8 game winning streak to go 9 and 7 and make the playoffs?

The QB also needs time to throw and yesterday the OL gave Moore time and he seemed more relaxed. The Colts are clearly the front runner for the #1 pick they are awful and look like they are not even competing. The Dolphins can still get a good QB in the upcoming draft.

Armando, was that the 'Matt Moore that lead the Panthers to the first overall pick last year' Matt Moore (despite only starting 3 games) or the 'fine QB play from the QB' Matt Moore. I'm confused which one we're talking about. I thought you wrote him off.

DC, good for you my friend. You came clean in the errors of your judgement on Matt Moore. Hell of a road came he played yesterday in a hostile environment. Let's be clear, this guy will never be a Pro Bowl QB but you've got to admire his competiteness and his fight. The Dolphins may not win another game this season but Moore's going down swinging. He has a place on this team as an adequate backup, to Landry Jones or Matt Barkley.

This was the first game all year that was coached not to lose.

This allowed for Moore to be agressive both halves.

This allowed for the defense to attack for both halves late into the 4th quarter.

If all the games had been coached like this the Dolphins would be 4-3 or better.

Jeff, excellent post at 9:27AM. My exact feelings.

The Players are not intentionally sucking for the hopes they will have Luck as their QB next year. That's just ignorant thinking.

Most of these guys will either be on another team or driving a UPS truck this time next year.

I does feel good to have your team win...but year after year of missing the playoffs because we cannot field a quality player at the most important position on the team hurts even more.

"Suck for Luck" is akin to the 'Occupy Wall Street" crowd...frustrated at years of mis-management and feelings of depression.

So for those of you who want to win out the season and finish 9-7, good for you.

For those of us on the Suck for Luck train...we know that the path to the promised land starts with a franchise QB...historically found in the first half of the draft.

ditto craig.


Per your: "Winning Lifts Fog Of defeat Over Miami Article"

Having faith

Obviously, no one rooting for the Dolphins saw that talent manifest with any consistency the previous seven losses. But after this victory, one could see a palpable rise in confidence among Miami’s players.

They looked differently. They talked differently. And Dansby might have sounded the clarion call for this 1-7 team the rest of the season:

“We can finish 9-7,” he said.

He was not kidding.

“That’s the goal,” he said. “We took the first step today. It’s about faith. You got to have faith. I did it at 9-7. I went to the Super Bowl [with Arizona] at 9-7. It’s possible. It’s definitely possible.”

I have faith if the Dolphins miraculously finish 9-7. Moore indeed will be our qb of the future. Kellen Moore, that is.

Nice to see Arizona and Denver winning yesterday too. I honestly thought with Tebow at the controls that the Broncos wouldn't win another game this year. They are still a threat for us to draft a QB because I think it will be clear to them by the end of this season that Tebow is not the answer. Same with Seattle. Let's hope that Seattle, St Louis and Arizona can find a way to split some games. Colts are looking like a sinch for the first pick. Hopefully the second is still ours.

There were a lot of people on here pissed off with the loses to the Broncos and Giants. Putting up a few more wins this year isn't going to do anything for the team other than take them out of the QB sweepstakes. They'd end up being in the middle of the back where they were last year. We don't need that. We need a new QB we can build around and the only way is to get one top 3.

Dont know what anyone else saw yesterday. But I saw a talented team finally geling and coming together yesterday. That spells big time trouble for you Andrew Luck, Landry Jones, Carl Barkley, and RGIII people.

Seeing what I saw yesterday, it may end up being "more" like "more" Moore on the dolphins 2012 roster. Kellen Moore.

Remember you heard it here first!

I don't care if we draft Daffy Duck next year so long as his QB rating is around 100 and his TD to INT ratio is 10:1

Reggie Bush is proving that:

a) He can be a weapon when you know how to use him.

b) You can be a heck of a player when Kim goes down on you before each game.

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