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Fins gettin' better but why'd it take this long?

This NFL season is a sprint to prepare for and a marathon to run.

All the teams, without exception, had to hurry and prepare for this season once the lockout was settled and training camps opened. They had to get their players in, get their players in shape, get their players back into a routine, and get their players ready to succeed.

Some did it. Some didn't.

The teams that had a proven system and veterans for those systems were at an advantage. And the teams that were installing a new culture or new players or new schemes or all three, were woefully behind.

That is a truth.

The Dolphins were among the teams that were not fully established going into the season. You're hearing that a lot around South Florida now. Miami was installing a new offense with a new offensive coordinator. The Dolphins had a new starting running back and a new starting center and the starting quarterback was establishing himself in the new scheme.

All that is true. And all that was made more difficult for Miami when starting quarterback Chad Henne, who had learned OC Brian Daboll's offense in February, went down the first week of October and inexperienced backup Matt Moore was thrust into the job.

This is a guy who didn’t have an offseason with us, he didn’t have anything," coach Tony Sparano said of Moore. "The first time he heard it was Day One training camp. To be honest with you, it wasn’t even day one training camp because he couldn’t practice for a few days so he was behind. He got a chance to jump in there when he can rep wise. Right now he’s getting all the work and he feels a lot more comfortable I think out there."

A theme this week at training camp (among some media, not the team) is that the Dolphins, fresh off their first victory of the year versus Kansas City, are finally starting to have success because they are finally starting to get in synch one with another. Players are knowing their roles better, coaches are knowing players better, everyone is just now past the meet-and-greet stage.

The Dolphins have found a comfort level.

“Yeah, no doubt, and that just comes with reps and experience and sitting with (Offensive Coordinator Brian) Daboll and (Quarterbacks Coach Karl) Dorrell and really getting a feel what they’re thinking in every situation," Moore said. "Throwing unlimited balls to all the guys, and just getting those game reps. Being in the huddle with the offensive line and looking at those guys in crucial situations and coming up short with those guys, you just learn a lot and you get a feel for the people in the huddle and they get a feel for me, and so its constantly a work in progress. I sound probably totally different from last week, let’s face it, we won and I’m just kind of excited and just ready to move forward."

This media-driven theme suggests because the Dolphins are finally feeling more at-home with one another, they are prepared to plow ahead toward coming success.

But I've got questions about this common thinking.

First, the Dolphins truly were at a disadvantage against teams that made no significant changes from a season ago. That is legitimate. But the team was in the very same proverbial boat as all the other teams with new coordinators and new schemes and new players -- particularly new quarterbacks. They were in even better shape than teams that came into 2011 with new head coaches because those men were establish brand new cultures as well as schemes.

So one must assume the Dolphins wouldn't be behind those teams if they're on the same get-to-know-you scale. And yet, from a production standpoint, they are behind every single one.

The Carolina Panthers brought in an entirely new coaching staff and a rookie quarterback and they've scored 49 more points than Miami this season. Tennessee has a new head coach, new offensive system, new starting quarterback and their running back held out all of training camp so he has been learning the offense on the fly during the season. They've scored nine more points than Miami.

Denver? New coach, new offense, a quarterback change to Tim Tebow. And they've outscored Miami and beat Miami. Minnesota and Oakland have new coaches and new quarterbacks, too. And they've scored more than Miami.

San Francisco brought in a new coaching staff who installed a new system. And they're 7-1.

So I guess I'm rejecting the notion that the Dolphins were operating under a significant disadvantage compared to everyone else and that makes their record or lack of production understandable or excusable.

And I'm seriously annoyed that this talk somehow leaks over to the defensive side. You must remember that this defense that is lately playing much better is operating under the same system and same coordinator and set of coaches that ran it last year. All but two of the positions at the start of this season were manned by the same players who were starting last year -- and the two that weren't, with Kevin Burnett at one ILB and Reshad Jones at FS, were changes made on purpose as upgrades over last year.

Yet we recognize that the defense got off to a very, very, very slow start.

What's the excuse there?

Look, I am expectant that Miami can continue to play better as the season progresses, barring an onslaught of significant injuries. On offense particularly, this team is a work in progress. Players are finding their niche. And coaches, as Reggie Bush said Wednesday, are also hitting their stride.

"I think Dabolls’ play-calling has been a little better so he’s improving in that area," Bush said. "And then for us we’re improving in executing the play that he’s calling. Like I said, we’re all in this collectively. It’s not just the players, it’s the coaches too."

But to suggest it was patently impossible for Miami to be doing better coming out of the chute because the deck was stacked against them isn't right. That is clear based on the fact that after Sunday's victory over Kansas City, several players talked among themselves and wondered aloud why they couldn't have started playing better earlier.

“Sure, yeah absolutely you kind of think that way," Moore said. "Watching the tape, it’s a block here, it’s a throw, it’s a route, we weren’t as sharp. We just didn’t execute as well. I think guys, the longer we're in this thing the better were getting."


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I'm back.

Rob, The fins need a overhaul from top to bottom, A new Owner,New head coach,New Qb, I mean I HOPE for a stike shorten season, Its the only way the fins wont lose 80% of there games...(Full season 3 and 13, A stike shorten season 1 and 7).......Just saying..

Posted by: Cuban Menace | June 07, 2011 at 03:22 PM

WOW. Here's one, Spot on Cuban.

Posted by: Just the Facts. | November 10, 2011 at 10:36 AM

I wonder why you have to make up false posts for me and not the Cuban Menace?

Oh wait, the Cuban has ALWAYS posted negatvely about the Fins. He even predicted back to back 1-15's the year we won the division.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day you dolt-Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!

PS: I predicted a 9-7 season, I can admit to the things I posted. I also predicted Henne would do good, which he did.

However, I NEVER liked the addition of Colombo, NEVER! Still impeacing your own credibility I see, quite comical you are ;p

BTW, I've only been posting periodically, and you still have to mess with me? I thought you learned your lesson. Oh well, I guess it true what they say:

There ain't no cure for STOOPID-ROTFLMAO!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Not a surprise. Dolphins lead the league in making excuses.

Hey let go huntin and shootin with the kids on a nice morphine high! It' rocks!


The Panthers comparison was not a fair one........They drafted a major talent at QB that is putting up record killing numbers in his first year

**Breaking News**

Just The Facts was Just indicted along with Jerry Sandusky into the Second Mile "Club".

I don't want to hear Miami is hitting their stride. They won 1 freaking game and collapsed vs the Broncos because BAD teams find ways to lose. The Giants clearly looked past Miami and did what they had to win. A win is a win is a win!

Miami wasn't so bad they would lose every single game but are clearly bottom feeders in the league.

Every team in the league was at a disadvantage with the lock out. Miami's only legitimate excuse may be they have a moron for a Head Coach and a horrible front office that has plagued this organization for years, Spielman, Mueller, Parcells and now this fraud Parcells protege, classless, arrogant piece of garbage Jeff Ireland

We all understood it would take a while for the Offense to get going; the real surprise was the awful Defense.


No disrespect, but this is old news for your faithfuls here on the blog.

You can analyze it until your eyes turn red. Sure there were all kinds of things thrown into the mix.

Still, I think the main story was two fold and VERY SIMPLE:

1. The defense(that was somewhat an abberation last year) never returned to form. On the contrary, they plainly and obviously regressed.

2. The untimely drops(Mainly Marshall on 3rd downs and in the endzone). Not just Marshall but, MAINLY MARSHALL.

NOTE: Honorable mention has to go to SpOrano not getting the o-line settled and Colombo straight up just not blocking anyone or anything.

So yeah, new scheme, new coordinator, shortened off season, yadda, yadda, yadda......

I think it's all secondary. The main issue was/has been a lack of execution on the three points mentioned above.

Miami is on the upswing, getting better?...When you put lipstick on a pig- it's still a pig. We love the pig, but please stop with the "Miami is good now", please for the love of God stop.

I always say, "Excuses are like aszholes. Everyone has one."
You can make all of the excuses you want but there are other teams in this league that go out every week and play hard and they find a way to win. When they lose, they don't offer up excuses. They just go back and practice harder during the week to get better.
Talent is only going to take you so far. This team has more talent than a lot of other teams in the league but it takes heart and a desire to win to be consistent on a weekly basis. This team needs to find out what it is all about and find a way to win.

One game does not make a season. This team has been inconsistent all season long and they beat a not-so-good Kansas City team that was coming off a very hard fought win on Monday Night and a very long four game winning streak.
So, there is no reason to believe they will continue to play like they did against Kansas City. If they put together some wins and they continue to look good maybe you can speculate that they may have turned a corner.
Until then, I wouldn't place any bets that they have gotten any better.

but please stop with the "Miami is good now", please for the love of God stop.

Posted by: Vann | November 10, 2011 at 12:12 PM

Sorry, I have to disagree.


They're GOOD for a Laugh.

They're garanteed GOOD for some Heartbreak.

PS: Even some players are GOOD. Take Colombo for instance, he's GOOD..........for NOTHING!

Jimmy Wilson is a "football player." He made some mistakes in the Kansas City game but he comes to play.
What he lacks in talent, he makes up for with effort.
Brandon Marshall, on the other hand, is a very gifted and talented athlete. The problem with Marshall is he doesn't give the effort consistently.
Reggie Bush is a very talented athlete also. Bush may not always be successful but he is another play who comes to play every week.
You will never hear excuses from Jimmy Wilson or Reggie Bush.

When you think about the comments Reggie Bush made about the team you can understand his frustration.
While others are busy making excuses, Bush is trying to find ways to improve himself so he can execute plays better during the game.
Yeremiah Bell could learn a few things from Reggie Bush. His two penalties in the game against Kansas City could have been very costly to the team if it weren't for the fact that Kansas City had nothing left in their gas tank.
Yeremiah Bell has to understand that the team is more important than the player. It appears as though he has been spending a lot of time with Brandon Marshall.

Lou, the roughing penalty they called on him for hitting Bowe was horse sh*t. Don't even try to hold that against him.

That was a clean, textbook hit if I ever saw one.

I like Jimmy Wilson too. He's young and raw but very talented in my opinion.

The problem I've seen with him is a similar problem Carroll has(not as bad-thank God). It's his technique when facing Speed Recievers.

He gives up a big cushion(which isn't neccessarily bad), but then he commits his hip turn much too early and thus often to the wrong side. More times than not, this is what gets him beat in coverage.

Overall though, I think it's correctable. I see Wilson ending up being a very solid corner in the NFL.

PS: I think he's much too small to play either safety position.

That's MY two cents!

Brandon Marshall carries the weather with him. If the team is playing well and he is doing well he is fine.
However, if the team isn't playing well he plays down to the level of the team.
An athlete with his talent should never play down to anyone else's level. When things are going well he should contribute just like any other player. When things aren't going so well he should be looking to elevate his level of play. Marshall should be looking for ways to inspire his teammates to play better by giving a consistent effort week-in and week-out.
That type of effort becomes contagious and others will follow him to the promised land.

Dammit! I told everyone on the damn team to use the SHAKE WEIGHT in the off-season!

Undefeated in November!

Go Phins!

Marshall should be looking for ways to inspire his teammates to play better by giving a consistent effort week-in and week-out.
That type of effort becomes contagious and others will follow him to the promised land.

Posted by: Professor Lou | November 10, 2011 at 12:38 PM

Professor Lou,

Did you steal that last paragraph from a Custer speech delivered to the 7th Calvary just prior too The Little Big Horn?

Like I mentioned before, you can make up for what you lack in talent with effort.
Sean Smith and Vontae Davis are two talented individuals at the cornerback position and should be much better than they are at this time. They are two young guys who should have come into the league and absorbed everyting they could from their coaches and other players around them.
Why they aren't playing better at this point is questionable but you would think that either one of them should be much further along at this point in their careers.
They are two examples of players who have talent but don't seem to want to give the effort necessary to improve.
If they continue down that path they shouldn't be surprised if they are playing somewhere else next season.

I get it!

Matt Moore is Gen. Custer and Marshall is his second in command.

They are, after all, facing the Redskins!

Dammit! Everyone knows...you sit around all summer the following applies!

"Pull your pud all summer...pull a hamstring all season"

Undefeated in November!

Go Phins!

Took this long cuz

The games were away from Chemtrail Death Stadium

Coaches & playas got a lil fresh air

w o the New World Order Toxic Chemtrail Spraying from unmarked jet & drone aircraft and answering to no one

Stop Chemtrail Now!!!

Nat Moore and Matt Moore?

I'm friggen freaked out!

Undefeated in November!

Go Phins!

Sparano & Ireland leaves a ugly impression on some of the Fans.. For the last 3 consecutive years the Dolphins seems like they can not win in September, is always winless. How can you say in your press conference that the players are playing & practicing hard and still no playoffs ?? I've seen enough of Sparanos coaching and is NOT good enough, period!

I have to tell you, I am looking at the remaining schedule for the team here and all of these games seem very winnable if the Dolphins continue the trend of improved play I have seen over the last three weeks. I wouldn't be surprised to see us finish over 500 in the second half of the season. Yes, that may just be my fandom speaking, but I don't think I'm too far off base. Two games against the Bills, Redskins, Raiders, Philly, Cowboys, and the Jets and Patriots. 5 of the 8 games are at home, which I suppose could be a negative given our inability to win there lately. None of these teams have been playing dominant football, including the suddenly human Patriots. I really think this team could finish with 6 or 7 wins. Now, that isn't an indicator of a good football team, but clearly there has been no quit in them and they are playing better. To me this speaks to a belief that the players have in the system, respect for the coaching staff, and good (or at least improved coaching). Personally, and I'll probably get blasted for this, if they can pull off what I think is possible, I think the coaching staff deserves another year. What has hurt this team as much as anything is the recent coaching carousel we have had since Wannstedt went out. I don't love Ireland and think the arguement is best made for his ouster, but while he didn't get the QB everyone wanted this year in the draft or in Free Agency, can you really say he was wrong about some of the players he didn't go after?

Orton - Wanted too much, bet on himself and lost. I thought he would've been a good pick-up, but he couldn't keep his job away from Tebow who has ben called one of the worst starting QB's in the league.

The top 4 QB's in the draft came off the board before the Dolphins even picked, and no one, with the exception of perhaps Andy Dalton has done anything to indicate they were off in their QB assessments.

Kolb has been inconsistent and fragile, and not even close to being worth what the Cardinals gave for him.

Palmer, who will probably get better as he gets comfortable and was offically 'retired', was certainly NOT worth 2 first round draft picks. Period.

Vince Young, still a back-up.

So given their options on the QB front, they really didn't make any real notable error.

I don't think it is that complicated: The Denver, Cleveland, NY Giants, and Houston games could have gone either way. Winning close games often depend on one play or one series. That doesn't have to do with skill as much as it has to do with good fortune. WInning close games isn't all about skill.

I think N. England was clearly better than Miami that first game. Other than that, the Dolphins played with team. If M. Moore wasn't a disaster against the Jets, the Phins have a chance in that game too.

Lou makes a good point!

Sean Smith plays video games, texts around the clock and is a Twitter Darling.

Vontae Davis comes in out of shape and drinks his way out of games.

When Cameron Wake was TRYING to make his way to the NFL, he swore off partying, drugs and alcohol. He threw out all his video games and wouldn't even have a TV in his apartment because it could be a POSSIBLE distraction!

This was during training camp for a Canadian Football Team!

I wonder what Wake thinks of Davis and Smith's efforts and commitment?

cough, cough

" Don't Chemtrail Me Bro! "

Vern Den Herder...now that there was a player!

Dolphins Undefeated in November!

Go Phins!

Shut up Geronimo!

Don Nottingham...now that sonbitch was a wrecking ball!

Undefeated in November!

Go Phins!

Martin!! Awesome posts man!!

This is a very strange Team. Out of all the Miami Dolphins Teams I've seen(and I've seen them all) this is the weirdest. We are currenly 1-7 with an abundance of good players. There is conflict and division among those players, however, on Game Day they all seem to play together; and usually, many of them could've quit by now under the present circumstances, but they haven't. They have played very conservately, preserving their leads, until the last Game when suddenly they did all the contrary. There have been many questionable sideline decisions, but, last week, there were none. They are the least penalized Team in the NFL, and so on, and so on. Short on Tony having being replaced by someone else, What gives? Anybody knows?

Yo Mark! Long time eh?

Always an adventure with the Phins.

Undefeated in November!

Go Phins!

Well, if you're going to mention Don Nottingham, you have to mention Cecil Collins and Lawrence Phillips as well.

I think John Avery gets an honorable mention somehow too.

I want to give props to Brian Daboll, Charles Clay and Fasano.

Daboll's working Clay into the mix real well.

Clay is responding.

Fasano hasn't looked this good since he had another pass catching TE to work with(first year in Miami).


Cecil just needed a small window in which to operate, then BANG! What a player, was he from Penn State too?

Undefeated in November!

Go Phins!

Vontae Davis is the new spokesman for Night Train and Thunderbird wine. No word on Old English Malt Liquor. The Beast ain't gonna like this....

Undefeated in November!


Too long martin. What's up with our boy rivers?


NO! Cecil didn't play at Penn State, he ended up in the "State Penn"!

Could it be I'm MORE miserable in the 2nd half of the Season (with more Miami wins) than I was in the 1st half (going 1-7)?

Life is a trip carnal!

Reports today are the team is loose, laughing at practice, everyone enjoying themselves. These jokers seriously believe they're about to make a run. At what, I have no idea.

I guess they like drafting 2nd-rd QBs.

DC, have no fear. In Matt Moore you must trust.

The answer is in the question.

People are asking, "Why didn't Miami play this well at the beginning of the season? If they did things would be different."

I don't get what all of the fuss is all about. If you look at the effort this team gave in the opener against New England it was not different than the effort they gave against Kansas City.
They lost games against Cleveland, Denver and the Giants because they didn't give the effort consistently throughout the game.
The difference in the Kansas City game wasn't that they played so well as much as it was that the Chiefs played so poorly. Both of Fasano's touchdowns were due to bad defense. On the first one he was wide open in the endzone because nobody picked him up coming off the line. On the second touchdown he was wide open again because there was no help deep.
The only bonafide touchdown in the entire game was made by Reggie Bush on a very good run.
Miami sacked Matt Cassel five times but he was sacked fives times three weeks in a row before facing Miami. The Chiefs offensive line had yielded 15 sacks in three weeks. After facing Miami it was 20. Does that mean the Dolphins are finally getting pressure on the quarterback?
Let's not start getting all tangled up in our underwear over this last game.

Thousands of Penn State students took to the streets after the Board of Trustees fired football coach Joe Paterno on Wednesday night.

The Daily Collegian reported that two light posts were torn down on Beaver and College avenues. Also, a local TV station's news van was tipped over on College Avenue and students walked on top of it. Fire trucks were called to the scene.

The violent reactions were not universally favorable.

“We support JoePa, but it doesn’t need to result in tipping vans,” freshman Mike Cannata told the Collegian. “We can show our support in other ways.”

(**Note**: Mike Cannata sounds like a poosy!)

Students packed Beaver Canyon before making their way toward Old Main, the Centre Daily Times reported. Police in riot gear worked to contain the crowds as students chanted support for Paterno and obscenities against the media and Jerry Sandusky, the Daily Times reported.

An estimated 100 officers were on hand to contain the riot. Some used pepper spray at times to control the crowd. Some students chanted, “We want Joe! We want Joe!” Others kicked in the windows of the toppled news van, owned by WTAJ-TV.

The Daily Times also reported students shooting fireworks and witnessed said rocks and bottles were being thrown.

Mark in T,

Rivers is imitating Marino's last season? Yikes!

Undefeated in November!

Go Phins!

Mark in T,

That and playing for Norv + zero running game.

Undefeated in November!

Go Phins!

Rivers still is the closest thing we've seen to old Danny boy. Even the way he carries himself when things aren't going well is identical. I also notices he subscribes to Marino's old fitness regimen. He's looking a little soft.


Mark, agreed! I think the Rivers / Marino comparison is a great one. Watching Rivers is almost like watching Marino in many ways.

Stop The Chemtrail Madness!

"Don't Chemtrail Me Bro!"


We urgently need to find a way to stop chemtrail spraying in Ventura County, California, or in your own county.

We want to make Ventura County California a “No-Chemtrail Spray” zone (county).

If any county in Florida has found a way to halt chemtrail spraying by using legal injunctions/strategies or public awareness please share how you did it with us.
Our strategy is simple. Create “one county” somewhere in the United States that is a “No-Chemtrail Spray” zone.
This “one county” (somewhere in the U. S.) will be the first “domino” in a line of other US counties to serve as an “example” of how to stop chemtrail spraying.
We are reaching out to the people of Florida and all around the world to find a way to get chemtrail spraying stopped.

Rivers recently tied Marino in number of kids but is the odds on favorite to take over that record in 2012.

“Yeah, no doubt, and that just comes with the clearing of NWO sprayed Chemclouds, reps and experience and sitting with (Offensive Coordinator Brian) Daboll and (Quarterbacks Coach Karl) Dorrell and really getting a feel what they’re thinking in every situation," Moore said. "Throwing unlimited balls w o having to dodge chemtrails, all the guys, and just getting those clear game reps. Being in the huddle with the offensive line and looking at those guys w o their eyes bleeding in crucial situations and coming up short with those guys, you just learn a lot about toxic chemtrail fallout and you get a feel for the people in the huddle and they get a feel for me, and so its constantly a work in progress. I sound probably totally different from last week, let’s face it,No Chemtrails this week and we won and I’m just kind of excited and just ready to move forward w o the New World Order spraying Chemtrails down on us."

Like it or not, we all get to witness Matt Moore's possible last chance at becoming a legitimate starting NFL QB. Who would of thunk it a few short months ago?

Moore has a chance to take the next step and a welcome step it will be. He has the chance to string together our first back to back wins, at HOME no less, for the first time in who knows how long(I can't even remember-LOL)!

If he wins at home, especially after being offensve player of the week, he'll be everybody's favorite. A real feel good story.

Well, for everyone except the Suck For Luck crowd.

Anyway, in this weird season where up is down and down is up, I don't know how I'll respond to a home victory and a two game win streak!

I do know I'll be "Feeling Good" and screaming at the Flat Screen, but other than that, it's a crap shoot.

The 1-15 season ain't got NOTHING on this year!

Sincerely Suffering Emotional Turmoil!

Odin ;)


Dear Mr. Daboll,

I noticed you've started following some of my advice-Good!

See how that's working out for you?

OK, here's some more. First, throw away the "TAPE" you and Coach SpOrano watched on Colombo and pay attention.

Most defensive ends/OLB's try to beat the offensive Tackles for sacks and losses. If they get past their guy too easily, the good ones sniff it out and level off the flat.

However, these guys will be game planning for the "Turnstyle" formerly known as Colombo. Believe me, they have some "TAPE" on him of their OWN! They will be EXPECTING to beat Colombo very easily. So PLEASE Mr. Daboll, incorporate this into your game plan-PLEASE!

So PLEASE, in a timely fashion of course, run some screens right and delayed draws off tackle right! Please get Reggie and Daniel out in space early and often.

Think about it Mr. Daboll, if you don't exploit Colombo's weaknesses, the Redskins will be all too happy to oblige!

Thank you too Mr. Daboll and your welcome for the advice!


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