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Three important things on an 80-degree autumn Sunday

Three things this A.M.

1. There will be a live blog of the Dolphins vs. Buffalo today, a game at Sun Life Stadium that begins at 1 p.m. Check in with me and we can discuss the game as it happens. We can discuss the week that was. We can discuss the topics that I'm about to serve up as breakfast right now:

2. My column in today's Miami Herald is about Cameron Wake. The column tries to figure out exactly what it is the Dolphins have with Wake. Is he elite? After last season, everyone thought so. Now, we're not quite sure he's in the same conversation with DeMarcus Ware or Jared Allen among pass-rushers and even one of his coaches says Wake still has a distance to go in his development. Don't get me wrong, he's good. But to be elite, you have to get past the initial breakthrough season and do it when people know you're coming. Please check out what Jason Taylor says on the topic, and you'll see right off which team almost stole Wake from the Dolphins.

3. RG3!

Did you see him last night against Oklahoma? If you didn't, please check out the videos below and find other sources to see him play because he was excellent. All he did was pass for 479 yards and four TDs to lead Baylor to its first ever victory over the Sooners in 20 tries.

He threw a 34-yard winning TD pass with 8 seconds to play that must have traveled 50 yards in the air. And, yes, the pass was perfectly on target. He also led his team with 72 rushing yards on 18 carries, with most of those coming on scrambles rather than planned runs. So he has a world-class arm. He has national-class speed as a sprinter and hurdler. And he played big on the big stage.

He basically turned a kneel-down series meant to get his team into overtime into a fantastic game-winning drive all because Oklahoma got greedy and didn't realize Griffin III is capable to running and throwing like that.

I like that. And if you've been following me twitter, or reading this blog, or been listening to my radio show for any amount of time, you know I've been on this kid's bandwagon for some time. In fact, you can read my twitter timeline and last night my friends were demanding an RG3 tweet from me. Crazy!

This weekend has been great for Dolphins fans eager to learn more about the class of quarterbacks that will possibly be coming out in the draft.

We saw Brandon Weeden Friday night. We saw RG3, Landry Jones and Matt Barkley last night. Missed Andrew Luck against Cal, but Indianapolis Colts president Bill Polian was there. So you don't have to worry about Andrew Luck, folks. He's going to the Colts as we've presumed for weeks.

Weeden was a disappointment to me. Yes, he threw for 472 yards and had three TD passes. But he also threw three interceptions and seemed, I'll say it, caught up in an individual trap-game letdown. Weeden seemed disinterested at times while he was on the sideline and was way too casual for my tastes on the field. He allowed his team to lose to an underdog with the Oklahoma game peeking over the horizon. He also pretty much seemed to crush his own chances of winning the Heisman Trophy. He was brutal.

Matt Barkley had a tough stretch against Oregon. He had an interception and also failed to connect with a running back on a handoff and that led to a fumble -- all helping the Ducks make a breakneck comeback.

But outside of those gaffes, Barkley was excellent. He completed 26 of 34 passes for 323 yards with four TDs and that one interception. In a hostile environment, he went nose to beak with the Ducks defense that last week got the better of Andrew Luck.

The most impressive thing about Barkley to me was that he was not moved by all the hype of the atmosphere. The Ducks run a play every 13 seconds or so and when they got going, it can be intimidating to the opposing offense, because they must answer.

Barkley, running an orthodox west coast pro-style offense, answered Oregon's score through three quarters. He was very cool. He did not allow the stage or the moment to be bigger than him. It was an impressive outing.


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Cloud nine, all is fine.


Weather at Miami Gardens:

83 degrees, 20% chance of rain, breezy with 15-20 mph winds.


Miami leads the series 53-36-1.


Dolphins are about a three point favorite. The o/u is 43.



The Bills are 24th in passing defense, 20th in rushing defense, and 27th in overall defense.

I hope we embarrass the hell out of Dave Waandshyt and his defense.

Hey Dave Waandshyt - remember Eddie Moore?

Joeseph Goodman

Wins Breed Confidence For Miami Dolphins

The confidence is back with these Dolphins. It rings in their voices. It’s projected in their demeanors.

In the locker room, jokes abound and the mood is light. On Friday, linebacker Kevin Burnett playfully challenged one reporter to a bet of $10,000 that he couldn’t tackle him.

So Burnett feels pretty confident he can handle the likes of Armando Salguero and Omar Kelly.


I wonder how he feels about Fitzpatrick and Jackson?

lol odin. And Chandler. That guy has a game where he disappears, then one where he scores 3 TDs. Hope this isn't one of the 3TD games.

Wasn't on RGIII bandwagon before but after that? I might not mind settling for him after luck, possibly even Barkley, all of whom have been looking better than Luck recently

This will be the draft class to match the 83'
5 first round top 10 QB's in this class!!

MiamiD20, our day is coming. A 1st-rd QB is FINALLY in our grasp.

That fumble by USC's RB and the INT were both not Barkley's fault so not sure why mention them. His WR got mauled and should have been PI.

Why in the world would we waste a 1st round pick on a QB when we have Moore and Henne, two capable starters? Get a top safety or second QR threat.


I said it last night and I'll say it again:

"Shades of 83"

Seriously, the more I've seen of this "probable" draft class, the more I like it.

It sucked not getting a QB last year, but as many pointed out BACK THEN, this years class SHOULD be a lot better to choose from.

It's starting to look like those of us that made this claim last year was right.

(Fingers Crossed)

WR threat

Seriously Silva? Seriously? The last decade hasn't aswered that question for you?

And I take issue with you calling Henne/Moore capable starters. They are capable backups. They are less then capable starters (since a starting QBs job is to get his team into the Playoffs, and this duo has or will have never done it in their 4 years at the helm).

Forget the last decade. We invest 4 years in Henne and then let him walk the moment he gets it together? Moore is playing very well too, played great against the Giants with very little experience on the team. Do you really think any rookie QB is just going to walk on and light it up on this team as it is now? No way.

Wow - crazy!

In the FBS #'s 2, 4, 5, and 7 all lost!
The new BCS rankings should be interesting!

Yes, that's exactly what I think. Just like Andy Dalton. Just like Joe Flacco. I expect a rookie to come in next year, and get this team over its hump with playmaking ability. That combined with a new HC and hopefully GM, and legit systems that work from week 1-week 16, with the core players here that can be salvaged, yeah, I expect a rookie QB (like Barkley or RG3) to do JUST THAT!

We have six WR's.

1. Marshall, a keeper
2. Bess, a keeper.
3. Hartline a question mark
4. Gates has done NOTHING.
5. Wallace out.
6. Moore out.

Do you guys realize half of those players are UDFA's? We have no real safety. Maybe Wilson? We need another playmaker WR or a great safety. Either one will benefit our offense.

On Barkley,

I have a hard time getting on any USC QB bandwagon. Past or Present.

Having said that, Barkley is making a believer out of me. Last night included. He didn't do anything of note to make me waiver in thinking he'll be a good one in the NFL.

After all, the Ducks defense is pretty damn good. They made Luck look extremely ordinary a short week ago.

All kinds of things can and will happen between now and draft day, but this class is shaping up as EXPECTED.

PS: I keep trying to find things to not like about RG III, but he also keeps looking better and better!

Maybe being "Luck-Less" won't necessarily be "Un-Lucky"!

That was a heck of a throw by RG3! He's def a dynamic playmaker in the likes of Vick except he's not as fast but he a more polished passer. He years ahead of Vick right now in accuracy and poise in the pocket. Im torn between the Dolphins winning and not winning enough so we can draft one of these talented QB.

Silva, I agree we need help at WR. But WR only touches balls QUARTERBACKS throw to them. Wouldn't it be nice to have a WR streaking down the field and receive the ball IN STRIDE? Wouldn't it be nice to have consistent QB play for FOUR QUARTERS? Wouldn't it be nice if a FRANCHISE QB could make a mediocre WR look great instead of it always having to be the other way around?

That's why you go QB first.

Expect nothing next year. You saw what happens just changing the OC, it takes them half a season to get rolling. With a new HC OC and possibly DC, you are dreaming if you think some rookie will walk on and light it up. Flacco and Dalton entered much more stable situations. Not to mention Flacco had a top D and Dalton a top WR who catches footballs.

Spiderman, if you believe "the experts", then there will likely be 5 1st-rd worthy QB prospects. Not every team ahead of us will need one. We could realistically draft in the middle of the pack and still get a worthy QB.

My hunch is we'll still be drafting top 10 though. So I think we'll be good.

Expect nothing next year. You saw what happens just changing the OC, it takes them half a season to get rolling. With a new HC OC and possibly DC, you are dreaming if you think some rookie will walk on and light it up. Flacco and Dalton entered much more stable situations. Not to mention Flacco had a top D and Dalton a top WR who catches footballs.

Posted by: Silva | November 20, 2011 at 11:07 AM

Have to agree with that. Let's not use Harbaugh as an example because he is a rare breed, having one of the best starts in history for a rookie HC. We are not likely to be that fortunate. There will be too much 'new' next season for high expectations - new QB (rookie at that), new HC, new DC (possibly), new OC.

By October 2012 you guys will all be salivating on the 2013 draft, saying which player will put us over the hump. Mark my words.

barkley is really really good but so is griffin...i would take either one in a heartbeat....fins may have to trade up for barkley though because he's probably going top 5 if he chooses to come out early

We are not the perennial 3 players away that people suggest every single season. Guys, we are going into rebuild mode. We will keep more players than the Parcells regime, but make no mistake, we are starting over, another 3 year project.

The point isn't to win the SB next year (no one believes that will happen). The point is to become a team that consistently competes for the SB (meaning, makes the Playoffs). The SUREST way to do that is to have a franchise QB. We currently DO NOT have one of those. Therefore, anything we do SHORT OF trying to find a franchise QB is a waste of the Owner's money, since it won't lead to any long-term stability.

Lucky the Owner understands that, even if some here don't.

DC Dolfan

I don't remember telling you that I understand that.


You are not the one to judge if we have a franchise QB. You were pointedly down on Moore, expressing vial hatred, he sucks yadayada and now...well you've turned a corner. Now, he hasn't even had a half a season with these players. I say the kid has upside, and had our D been playing better, Henne would have won more games.

The QB position can be perplexing at times.
Take Fitzpatrick for example:

Fitzpatrick - a seventh-round pick out of Harvard in 2005 who was with his third NFL team - as the backup to Trent Edwards.

A year-and-a-half later, Edwards is gone, Fitzpatrick has a new six-year, $59 million contract and the Bills are in playoff contention.

Gailey said it's imperative for a coach to keep an open mind about a quarterback's potential.

Chan knows a thing or two about football.

*vile hatred

It's a shame, because this very team we have now really should be in the playoff picture. I blame the dumbest coach in NFL history on our current situation.

DA, and to keep from ALWAYS have to start over every 4-5 years, we need consistent play at QB.

That's why that's really the ONLY pick to make next year. A new QB gives the new HC room to install their system. It gives the Owner some cover too from the fans if the team loses in year 1 or 2.

Fans are smart. They don't mind losing if they see wins on the horizon. But Henne/Moore DON'T GIVE FANS THAT ASSURANCE.

Take my word for it, most Miami journalists consider it as much a fact as man having an affect on climate change.

You guys have about as much actual ability to analyze players as you do engineering propulsion systems for rockets or discussing the political situation in Myanmar.

In other words, you can fool SOME of the people but I'm not one of 'em.

The reality is that you're just a bunch of lardasses who watch football on TV and somehow think that makes you "experts." Too funny.

Posted by: Living In The Real World | November 20, 2011 at 11:25 AM

I agree with all your points except that I am in fine physical condition.

Silva you're an idiot.

RGIII game winning TD.

It looked like a lot of contact on both... and Williams pushed off with his right arm @59 secs during separation but was a good catch in real time.

Also, perhaps it's the visual on the ball itself but it seemed to take an awful long time from release to catch and it was only 36 yard toss. Yes, it was right on target and a great toss but to me... potentially INT in the NFL against a good back.

I'm not taking anything away from RGIII but I need to see more before I am convinced.

In my order of choices I have;

Luck - Showed that he is human & had better games.

Berkley - Looked great last night.

RGIII - Had a great game also.


I'm just taking up Silvas argument for the hell of it. I'd say the chances we draft a QB in the first round are 100%, and I agree with it. Although, I must admit I'm not sure we couldn't be way more competitive sooner with our current QB's and another quality WR and safety.

LOL, DA, that's taking a pretty big leap. Yes, I was probably wrong on Moore not being a capable backup. Doesn't mean I'm not POSITIVE he's no franchise QB (which I am).

Also, you're right, I'm not the judge. I doubt you can name an tv personality who puts the words Matt Moore and elite QB in the same sentence. Moore doesn't have the stats of a franchise QB. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, yup, even in DC, IT'S A DUCK!!!

And don't give me the "he's new, we don't know what we have" routine. He's a 5 yr player and hasn't caught fire on ANY team he's played for. He's won 2 games here, big whoop. We'll see how many he eventually wins. But he's done nothing anywhere to even prove he should be a starter, let alone elite.

DA, true to form (or name in this instance).

Real World, we're not experts, wow, nothing gets past you, does it? Just figure that one out?

Got a chance to watch Weeden, Barkley, Luck, and the end of the OU v Baylor game. That last TD throw by RG3 was sick. Have been down on Barkley, probably my anti-USC QB bias, but he is looking good of late. Not a fan of SoCal QBs from ultra affluent backgrounds. Weeden looked blah, same with Luck. Got to say I think Luck is under utilized in that offense.

But if we miss out on the top 3 QBs, Griffin is a projected late first rounder and we're picking at 10 what do we do?. Wait until our second pick and hope he's there? Or try and trade down, which never seems to work or happen. Or just do what we always do, stick our heads in the sand and take a lineman...

RGIII is accurate and has a good arm, but he is more of an improvisational player and is smallish. IMO, will never be a Franchise QB.


RGIII smallish? When did 6'2 220lbs become smallish?

Not taking it personal Real World. I just think some things are understood. When I'm at a red light, I don't honk the guy in front of me because it's understood that we stop on red.

When I'm on this blog, it's understood we're all just a bunch of fans of this team. You're the only one who thinks anyone thinks they are experts.

yg, when you're fighting Brock Lesnar. Then 6'2" 220 is kinda smallish.


Would love to see your face when RGIII wins NFL mvp award. He only has Dan Marino like deep ball efficiency and Michael Vick-like speed. Hell he's has a 58% completetion percentage on deep balls alone.

But, I guess in your world that doesnt equal a franchise calubre qb.

That's only my opinion, yesterday. Picking QB's in the Draft is the most difficult for a GM and everybody else. Last year, I was wrong on Andy Dalton but right on Cam. It's early, who knows?

Im glad Bill Polian has a huge woody for Andrew Luck and was at the Stanford game last night.


"WE NEED FGIII, BABY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I respecy your opinion. My opinion tells me not only does RGIII have franchise calibre potential. I saw NFL mvp type potebtial also last night.

Even I had questions about him before last night. He smashed them all. The kid's yhe real deal.

Unless Polian was there scouting a RB yg.

Listen. Before I go watch TV, all us Fans opinions regarding players are equally valid(although some more than others). Tell me, who of us knew the players that Ireland drafted besides Pouncey. D. Thomas? Charles Clay? Who? Jimmy Wilson? Gates? Ireland STINKS! And most here ate big time Crow. Right?

Tell you guys what,

With RGIII will find out in a hurry what we have in Clyde Gates. Right now it's difficult because we dont have a qb with deepball touch and accuracy good enough to verify that.


I only knew who Pouncey was because Im from the state of Fla. You're right, everyone of this fo's drafts have been that way.

One thing for sure, they'll leave fans going "who" every single draft day.

The comment about the winning pass by RG3 taking a long time to get to the receiver is laughable. Talk about splitting hairs. Did you see the rocket that deflected 18 yards down the field to Kendall Wright for an 87 yard score? The kid has a cannon for an arm, and contrary to what some believe, is a necessary component for a top shelf QB. Take Brady, and Rodgers for example.


It didnt say that. Armando stated the 37yd td must have traveled 50yds in the air. Armando was right, if the kid's nearly 13yds behind the line of scrimmage when he throws the ball, then it is like a 50yd pass.

He didnt say it took forever to get there. He said it was deadly accurate and on a line from nearly 50yds away. He was making a testament to how great RGIII"s arm and accuracy is. You interpreted it entirely wrong.

Today should help answer the question of whether the last two games were fool's gold due to the anemic offenses of KC and Wash. A shootout anyone?

Doubt it Chris. I see a defensive battle, with the win going to the team with the least turnovers.

Ready to put your faith in Sean Smith?

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