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Dolphins standards must regain former levels

Welcome back ....

When last we convened seven days ago, the Dolphins had hopes of running the table en route to a 9-7 season. There were whispers the team had found a quarterback. There was a movement among some fans that maybe, just maybe, this administration was right all along and it might merit another year.


Today, this Dolphins' season turns for home and we already know 2011 will mark the third consecutive season this administration fails to post a winning record. That is disappointing by any measure.

Remember when these guys were new?

Remember what happened after that magical, fateful 2008 season? After winning 11 games and the AFC East, Bill Parcells went on ESPN during the Super Bowl and proclaimed the team wasn't good enough. He said that despite the 11-5 record, everyone in the organization knew they weren't there yet and much work needed to be done.

What would he say now?

That not-good-enough 11-5 has been followed by two seasons under. 500 and this year, which will be a break-even event at best. (No it won't because the Dolphins aren't done losing, but that's just a prediction.)

Judging by 2008 standards, these guys suck.

But I would say to you the Dolphins would not agree with that because they have lowered their own standards in recent years.

Whereas you never heard how hard the team played in 2008, I've been hearing that spoken of as some sort of feat worthy of applause way too often this year. Whereas players that didn't execute got benched or cut in 2008 (remember Chris Crocker, Derek Hagan, Ernest Wilford), now guys that do something to hurt the team in eight of 11 games (Marc Colombo) keep their starting job and the coach defends them with gusto.

I got news for these folks running the Dolphins: Nobody gives a flip that players are playing hard. That is assumed in the NFL. It is merely the starting point. These men are getting paid. That means that by playing hard, they are doing the bare minimum portion of their jobs.

South Florida knows football. It is football country. It produces more football players per capita than any place in the United States and third overall behind Texas and California. We do not accept that a player paying hard is an accomplishment. Activity does not equal accomplishment.

Accomplishment equals accomplishment.

Playing hard is what 90 percent of NFL teams do every week.

Playing well is what winning NFL teams do.

Mention playing hard and my eyes roll to the back of my head in boredom. Mention playing well and if you have proof of it, you've said something worth paying attention to and worth sitting up straight for.

But, of course, the Dolphins are giving us precious little worth sitting up for. It says something when the stories that draw the biggest interest on this and other Dolphins sites are stories about what is coming next year -- be it in the form of the next quarterback, the next coach, the next general mananger or the next uniform scheme.

This year? You basically stopped buying the propaganda in October. You know that what the Dolphins are putting on the field every week truly is not good enough by NFL standards. Not good enough playing. Not good enough coaching. Not good enough drafting. Not good enough owning. Not good enough ticket-selling. Not good enough fight song playing. Not good enough anything.

The Dolphins have seemingly lowered their standards and I fear many fans and some journalists have bought into the thinking.

Folks, 8-8 is not good. It is mediocre at best. The truth is Don Shula was coaxed into retirement because he couldn't do consistently better than 10-6. Dave Wannstedt was reviled because he kept missing the playoffs with 10-6 records. And now we're ok with 8-8?

Some people, stunningly, are apparently comfortable with 8-8 as the status quo. They're good with inconsistency or mediocrity. They've been numbed into such thinking.

Some fans see a quarterback play well for three games and find a way to forget the three previous terrible starts. Worse, some fans see three nice games by a quarterback and believe he's the answer longterm because they've not seen anything close to an answer for nearly a decade.

Some journalists likewise see mediocrity and call it good. I read somewhere that Miami's 2011 rookie class was doing a job well done on its own merits. Stop. Mike Pouncey is doing a great job. Period. End of story.

Daniel Thomas has been inconsistent and has basically proven zero this year. Thomas hasn't shown enough to suggest he'll be a rushing leader in three years any more than he's shown enough to convince me he won't be out of the league. He's still a question mark. Charles Clay is coming on lately and has fine potential but that doesn't change the fact he was invisible until late October. Clyde Gates has been, with two notable exceptions, unexceptional on kickoffs and he is nowhere ready to play on offense. Jimmy Wilson has been excellent on special teams and everything you would ask of a seventh-round pick. Considering the investment and draft position, Wilson might be the next best rookie behind Pouncey or third behind Pouncey and Clay.

That is not a job well done overall. Acceptable, yes. But that's it.

I must say, not everything is terrible. Brandon Fields is outstanding. Brandon Marshall is having a good year. Davone Bess is among the NFL's better slot receivers. The left side of the offensive line is very good most weeks. Cameron Wake has been solid and Jared Odrick is getting better. Yeremiah Bell is a sledgehammer in the secondary.

I'm also impressed with the job coaches have done with Matt Moore. He is a better player today than in July when he came to the Dolphins. That says something good about him and the men teaching him. (It doesn't say he's the future, however.)

I'm sure I'm missing some things to point out as outstanding. But I'm sure I'm also missing some things that are highly troubling and questionable as well.

(For instance, no one last week brought up the two-point conversion coach Tony Sparano opted not to try when the team went up 15-10 vs. Dallas. The two-point conversion chart says go for 2. Sparano followed the chart in the Denver game when his team went up 12-0. Why not follow it this time? I don't know if Sparano has been asked that question. I know I haven't seen an answer.)

Further evidence the standards around here are lower.


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Hey, welcome back.

I not commenting this week due to a wife imposed work stoppage - am posting to my twitter account though !

Hope you & your family had a great Thanksgiving Mando !
Sparano... Not Goooood Enuffff, his time should've been exxxxpired in week 4..


After 7 days, you are still a dik! Take another 7 days and maybe you will find a way to look at the brighter side of things, but I forgot, most of your clones feed off of your BS. And that is exactly what is....BULL$HIT!!

M.Pouncey was the one responsible for that bone head play right before half time, the ball went sailing over M.Moore head and that was a game changing play, so I would say Pouncey is ok.

You're right - I'm more interested in which of Barkley or RG3 ends up coming to Miami perhaps via a trade-up scenario

AND I'm looking out for our next Coach (Chudzinski anyone?)

This year? In a way, the loss in Dallas provided some needed closure on a year where we were beginning to actually think of Sparano as someone who merits another year -- no, he doesn't. Time to get a real coach.

And I think Wilson is #2 behind Pouncey - maybe #1 if you're taking value at draft position into account

Oh yeah - happy thanksgiving Mando

Welcome back Mando. You are the conscience of the MD's. Not sure what is happening with you and the Herald but they are crazy to furlough you. You have been for awhile the best sportswriter for the fins!

Anyway, great article today. I think Pouncy is superb. What is up with John Jerry? HERE IS MY ANALYSIS of why the FINS can't take the next step.

A. Ireland and owner thru Sparano under the bus. When you do this the players pick up on the lack of trust and faith in the coach, etc.
B. Sparano is good but not good enough coach. He is poor on clock management and gets overexcited about small stuff and is way too conservative. His tightness in running the Dolphins reflects his inner insecurity about his coaching ability. Just last year he made some good decisions about his weight but overall he is also pretty insecure in my mind.
C. The team has not recovered from the lack of confidence from the top. This dates back to Parcells jumping ship. This pernicious dynamic in my opinion along with poor drafting and an unimaginative offense the past few years is the cause of the demise.

Lets get an innovative and strong minded coach with staying power for next year. Ireland, needs to go for character issues but I think he is excellent on the draft.

Regards from CA


Was nice to see some bad teams win, gives Miami a better chance at one of those top 5 slots

**=**The Odinsider Review**=**

It's time for my weekly "Sports Writers Critique" segment Armando.

In a word: SMOKING!

Five Stars:*****

That's how I like it Armando. I don't agree with every single little thing you wrote, but the delivery was exemplary! Content: PERFECT!

When you write like this, I can't even mess with you. I'd be afraid too. That's some straight shooting. Kudo's!!!!!

Armando is telling it like it is. Throwing caution to the wind and letting the pieces fall where they may.

It's either that or now he's fairly certain Ross will clean house. He's not worried about getting interviews anymores, so he's taking off all the candy coating and putting it out there in all it's cold, hard UGLINESS!

Either way Armando, 5 Stars: *****.

Good Read!!!!


PS: Welcome Back and Happy Holiday!

Critique No. 2

I read somewhere that Miami's 2011 rookie class was doing a job well done on its own merits. Stop. Mike Pouncey is doing a great job. Period. End of story.

Pump the brakes skippy! I would have went along with this assessment right up until Thanks Giving In Dallas.

Pouncey arguably almost single handedly cost us our 4 game win streak.

He has been playing very good, especially when you consider the position and him being a rookie. I can't take that away from him.

However, "GREAT" players play "GREAT" in BIG games. He didn't. He blew chunks on the Big Stage.

Critique No. 3

Charles Clay is coming on lately and has fine potential but that doesn't change the fact he was invisible early.



I didn't know being INJURED made you invisible.

During the weeks Clay was actually "ACTIVE" he has played very well. If he wasn't making some nice clutch catches, he was blocking well and picking up blitzes when lined up at Fullback.

I know it's nitpicking, but like I said, OVERALL: 5 STARS! Excellent: *****


I can't tell you number of times I've woke up "the morning after the night before" and thought:

**Standards MUST regain former levels**

We are so starved for success that we generally think the Dolphins showed up and played a good game if we scored a couple touchdowns!

Good to have you back Mando!


TS totally out coached thursday. depressing.

I know it's easy to sit down now and say that Pouncey single handidly cost us the game. There is no doubting that play let Dallas back in the game and switched momentum but when your D gets you back to back turnovers (Int's)on your opponents side of the field, one practically in the redzone then it's also safe to say we should have had a 17-3 lead when the fumble occured because Moore also had a drive that stalled in Dallas territory were he took a shot downfield to Marshall on what I thought was one of a few blatant pass interference calls that the refs blew.

They (Cowboys) had to practically strangle Marshall before a flag got tossed in that game. In short our failure to capitalize on the Dallas miscues are what really cost us the game. I remember at the end of the 1st half thinking that the game was playing out like last seasons loss at home Vs. Pitt. and in there lies the problem with this team. A complete inability Offensively to make other teams pay for there mistakes.

After the 2nd Int. was I the only one miffed at our insistance to run Thomas instead of going play action and taking a shot at the endzone, we play not to loose and yes it comes down to Sparano's personal insecurities as the Head Man, ia a game Dallas all but tried to gift wrap for him early.

Right on. Thank you for pointing out the facts and not sugar coating. I can't beleive some fans get upset at the negativity. The record is 3 & frikkin 8. What is positive about that. Sparano at this point is trying to keep things close and pull out a win, i.e. playing not to lose as he has usually done in the past. He is trying to get his players to support him and plead for his job by applauding crappy play. He thinks if they support him, he may keep his job. Why he should have done is cut Columbo's sorry arse a long time ago. I don't see Belicheat or any other winning teams putting up with subpar play like that and playing the guy no matter what. If Columbo is truly the best option we have at RT, Ireland should have been fired after week 2. Tough to win with the worst RT in football.

plan B!

COACH- Hire new coach (who ever!!)

QUARTER BACK- Matt Moore reminds me of T Romo when he was 27(Romo is now 31).Undrafted, underated, shows flashes of talent and just like any other good qb in this league plays well when being protected by his line. lets say we give him the job next year and keep Henne as backup.

O LINE- Draft OT Matt Kalil(top 5 draft worth). Kalil and Long at tackles, Pouncey at center, Carey(who's playing well at guard)and Incognito(who is redeeming himself very good this year)at guard

HALF BACK- bring Back Polite to lead block for Bush and Thomas and to mentor Clay.cut Hilliard. make Thomas starter with bush the key back up

W RECIEVER- Keep this group. Bess and Hartline are great possession recievers with after the catch ability. Marshall is Marshall. Gates is coming along.enough of the wallace, pruit, and moore experiments. bring in cheap veterans like Plax, Mason or, Tj Whosyourmama who can step up when Marshall goes down

T END- DRAFT ONE!!!! anywhere AFTER the first round. SN: keep Fasano(makes a good secondary recieving TE, good blocker and special teamer)

DEFENCE- keep the D line intact. (what if we converted odrick into a 3-4 OLB like we did Matt Roth, then starks can get more snaps)..keep linebackers including burnett since he and Dansby are finally gelling. resign J taylor as long as he keeps coming second on his teams in sacks.. keep corners Davis, Smith, Wilson, W Allen(Pay cut).. Keep safetys Bell,Clemons, R jones..

FREE AGENCY/DRAFT- will then be used to upgrade all the players that were not mentioned to keep thus making us better

OVER VIEW- Now that Matt Moore(our Romo), Bush and Thomas has a top 5 pick of a right tackle in Kalil instead of Columbo blocking for them added by the fact that pouncey was a hit in last years draft, Incognito is surging, and Carey was fitting in fine at RG before the injury there should be more time in the pocket and more running holes. throw in the return of good lead blocker, pass blocker, and good short yardage runner Lou Polite and its pro bowl running back city in Miami.

Awesome! Welcome back.

for anyone doubting that Matt Moore(1 yr older than Henne) can be our QB of the future i ask 1 question. What has he done wrong since hes been here. Besides put up better numbers and been more consistant in his 1st year in a new system than Henne who was teaching everyone the new system during the lockout.unlike Henne he has more TD's than INT's. He has the locker room respect, not afraid to go deep, he has good feet, pocket awareness and a better touch pass than henne.

And if your judging Moore based off of his days at Carolina consider this... Cam Newton is having a great season and they are still last in the division. cam is not Carolina's problem and neither was Moore. Carolina just like Miami needs to give the qb more solid protection(cut columbozo)

I second ROB CHUDZINSKI as the Phins next coach. He is the perfect candidate. A former Canes assistant coach and alumni he will be very much welcomed by the South Fla community. He has also done a terrific job with Cam Newton in Carolina and if we are to draft RG3 he will be very well equipped to make him a star. He also coached the offense at San Diego when they were the #1 offense in football and made Gates a star TE, as a matter of fact TEs are his specialty, he coached Winslow II, Franks and Shockey at the U and made them beasts. He's also coaching Greg Olsen who at Carolina who is rumored to wanting to come back to the Miami area and he could help facilitate that deal getting done. His experience at TE will be very valuable as well to coach against Belichick and his outstanding TEs. ROB CHUDZINSKI is the perfect coach for us. I would keep Nolan and maybe Daboll and if I have a choice between Ireland and Peterson as bad as Ireland has been I'd prefer him 100000 times over Peterson who would likely bring an old QB instead of drafting a franchise one.

Good article, welcome back. Can't change the owner. The team is where it should have been in the first year of Parcell's reign. The 11-5 whil fun set the team back 2 or 3 years.

I agree with Mando about Gates, he's a bust. I wold throw one name out there: DeSean Jackson. He's no coming back to Philly and will be a FA. I know he could be a punk sometimes but his ability is undeniable and he is the missing piece -along a QB of course- on the passing game. If RG3 can fulfill his potential oh my: RG3, Bush, a healthy Thomas, The Beast, Bess, Jackson, Greg Olsen, a healthy Long, Pouncey. That is one heck of an offense. This coming class is deep at OL and we should be able to find gems. Same with secondary. We are close but need a change at HC, Sparano as nice as he might be is just not getting the job done.
The addition of DeSean Jackson would also bring a much needed sense of swagger we desperately need in Miami, one not seen since the 80s Canes and would be great to be the antithesis of the Pack and be more like the Heatles.

Wow thisله mouse is ليsensitive! I'llবে just ঐread forহ the ہیday.


I'm not trying to play Monday morning QB but I wonder where would we be if there was true QB competition between Moore and Henne during pre-season?

IIRC, Moore looked better than Henne during those pre-season games.

The Dolphins are 3-8 and according to Bill Parcells "You are what your record says you are"...that record says NOT GOOD! Very good article and welcome back!!!

That two point conversion is just another call in a long list of questionable calls Tony has made in 3-1/2 years. There is a time to play it safe but then there is a time to play to win the game.

Don't comment often, but good article and welcome back.

Welcome back Armando! You hit on every point. One question, who's fault is it that Gates isn't ready yet and how does he get better by NOT playing? Our season is now officially over why not play him? I'm afraid this team will win enough to lose out on Barkley. RG3 concerns me being that he is a running QB and a product of a system. He's at least 3 years away from being NFL ready. Landry Jones is way overhyped, he's not an NFL QB. I look at the Dolphins and see a team that badly needs a QB. Moore lost to Dallas by throwing behind the receiver at two crucial times. Marshall didn't help him with his typical wide open drops. I also wondered about not going for 2 pts. Tony isn't ready for the big leagues yet...

You sound angry my friend. Like an old man taking soup back at a deli.

Even my son mentioned he should have gone for two and he doesn't have a stinking chart!

I agree with everything else EXCEPT Marshall is having a good year. He demands too many balls be thrown his way only to drop more than he should.

Better, Arrmando, better.

welcome back! good article. sporano isnt NFL ready. matt moore is a class act.

I keep getting e-mails wanting me to buy tickets to the Dolphin games. The price is outrageous. I remember paying $1.00 as a kid to get into the games in 1966 and I know we'll never see those prices again, but paying that much for the product they put on the field is rediculous. Pretty soon no one will be there other than the visiting team fans.

None of the three teams we did beat have winning records. Sparano gives too much praise for a team with a record of 3-8.

To quote Bob Dylan: 'The times they are a changin'

Right on Mando. I agree 100%.

You S. Florida fans might not notice, but up here in DC, you see what the rest of the league thinks of the Dolphins. I was listening to sports radio, and they were talking about the Dallas game, and they were saying how the NFL loves to give Dallas cake games on Thanksgiving. And how Miami perfectly fit into that kind of team.

Sure, it was lost on those dolts that THEIR crappy team lost to a team they were calling crappy (so what does that make the Redskins). But, otherwise, they were absolutely right.

Fans here want to rah-rah some moral victory, but all I see is 3-8. That's not good, not mediocre, that's THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL.

We suck. We might be good in some areas, might have some potential, but ultimately, we can't win more games than we lose. And it's been that way for a long time.

So I don't see any moral victories here. All I see is what I've seen: sub-par play, mediocrity, and no hope for Playoffs EVER!

I don't mind continuity. But you have to find a HC/GM who install systems WORTHY OF CONTINUING. I'd suggest this FO has not provided that. They've changed their philosophies and done it 4 different ways in 4 years, and haven't installing ANYTHING worth keeping long-term.

So continuity for continuity's sake is a bad idea. There needs to be something to continue. And I really couldn't point to anything started last four years that's so advanced, starting over would just take to long to get to where we are now.

I give a good GM/HC 2 years, and they could probably surpass where this FO is now. So I'm for cleaning house (Ireland/Sparano).

1972 and 1973 were a LONG Time ago....Dol-Fans are HUNGREY.....and tired of waiting....

I suppose we could have Sam Bradford or Mathew Stafford and I suppose they would still have cracked ribs or some other injury keeping them from playing.

How often do you see teams with quarterbacks who get killed each week?

This team is rebuilding and that takes time. We are not that far away
Yes, we need a quarterback and a right tackle, but three years ago we needed 20 starters.

Welcome Back Mando!
Hope you work out your issues with the Herald.

Nice rant...we sucked for 7 games, then our defense woke up and Moore figured out how to score in the red zone.
...then we went back to sleep again.

Here's the good news!
We are one of three teams with a 3-8 record, the Panthers have Cam Newton and the Jags just drafted Gabbert.

Vikings & Rams are 2-9 but have invested first round pics on QB's

That leaves only the Colts at 0-11 to pick Luck and leaves the DOLPHINS with the best chance to grab BG3 or any of the other outstanding QB's in this years draft.

Forget suck for luck, that train is gone...but the prospects of us drafting the 2nd QB in the draft is very high and that is what excites me most as this season enters the final month.

LOL...Miami has now won enough that they will not be drafting a quarterback. They'll go offensive line again, or seek to fortify the d-line. Quarterback in the first round? Hasn't been done in 27 years. Why start now?

My wish list:

1. Dec - Finish season @ 4-12 (beat Jets)
2. Jan 5th - Fire Tony (Ireland is a question mark and I'll leave that to Ross)
3. Jan 6th - Hire young, hungry head coach and install new coaching philosophy
4. April - Draft best QB on the board after Luck goes to Colts
5. June - Start new regime becoming relevant again in the NFL

I like this years draft class better then the past few years when Parcells was in charge.

Not sure what that says exactly.

I want to see a coaching staff that plays to win, not one that plays to lose.

Good post and I agree completely Mando. This regime failed us and can have no complaints if they don't get another year. However it has to be a complete sweep. Not just Ireland, not just sparano, but both. Either keep both or fire both. I do not feel good about Ireland making our first pick this year though so I hope it isn't him.

About the 2 point convert or lack thereof, I agree with sparano again. It was too early again. You should never consider a 2 point convert until the 4th quarter. Otherwise you are leaving points on the field. There was too much football left when they scored.

Hawk, not sure what you've been watching last few years, but we are FURTHER away now than when we started (record-wise). We're 3-8. That's REGRESSION. We were 7-9 two years in a row, and it looks like we'll do WORSE, not better this year.

Mando's right. Wannstadt used to win 10 games. We were willing to see what Saban could do after a 6-10 season. Miami's been stuck in this very same rut year after year after year for OVER a decade.

How much time does rebuilding take? Falcons did it in a few years (with a franchise QB I might add). Cincinnati looks to have done it in a couple years. So what's up with us?

I'll tell you, the wrong GM and the wrong HC. And no franchise QB. Settle those 3 issues and you'll see how long rebuilding takes (answer, not long at all).

Welcome back Mando and you hit the nail on the head. Our Miami Dolphins have been 'average' for so many years now, 10-6 would indeed seem to many like a championship type team.

And maybe that's because of younger fans and media types that don't remember what our team used to be.

I have said for a while now Sparano AND Ireland have to go. Firing Sparano is only fixing half of the problem.

NH and 8:56, I could live with that!

"The Dolphins have seemingly lowered their standards and I fear many fans and some journalists have bought into the thinking". Yikes...That's not good for fans like craigm, bobby12, oscar and odinseye...LOL!! Great post Armando...These guys need to be fired...No question...The right side of our o-line still sucks, we need another shutdown corner, a playmaking free safety, another pass rusher cause aside from Wake, we don't have much...On offense, a speedy tight end who can catch and another playmaking wide receiver wouldn't do any harm either...I'm a fan of Matt Moore, but let's not make the same mistake we've been making for over a decade now, ignoring the need of drafting a young QB...We did that when we had Jay Fiedler, Gus Frerotte, Chad Henne and now we have Matt Moore. A QB in the first round is what we need. Enough waiting...

Sparano made the right call in kicking the extra point. It was way too early to try for 2, especially considering how poorly the offense was doing in the red zone. If they miss the conversion and the score stays 15-10, then they can lose if the Cowboys kick two field goals.

Mark in Toronto, when the Cowboys were inside the 20 and about 1:40 left to play in the game, I would of let them score to give us one last chance to win at the end. It's been done before. It was quite obvious the Cowboys were just killing the clock until the very end...Just a thought. What are the odds of them not scoring when they're inside the 20 and less than 2 minutes to play? The only thing we needed to win was a FG...

I think sparano knows he's gone. Even in his interview. he said you will lear to love jake long as if he won't be here.
I'm not sure about Ireland. I think it depends on how they finish. But I don't think ross has decided to keep or let go of Ireland. One option is to keep Ireland and go out and get a hot shot coordinator.
Or just blow it up. Either way changes are coming to phins land in the next 1-2 months.

The next time someone in this organization makes a comment to the media about "trying hard" and giving a "great effort", someone needs to remind them that running in place is not an olymnpic sport yet ...

Andy Reid, welcome to Miami! bring Vick with you! or desean Jackson, or McCoy, hell Samuel Asante, bring someone with you!
Oh and Kick Colombo out to retirement, but pls do a better job with OL than Morano or yours in Philly!

Welcome Back Mando. BTW What did you think of the Dallas game? (besides the 2 pt issue)

Ireland needs to go because he hasn't brought enough talent to the team that will make that play that will win the game.

Listen to Sparano's presser after the game, he basically said they (Cowboys) made one more play than us. That's the story of his tenure.

Match that with a philosophy of trading back in the Draft to get more picks in later rounds, and you see the problem. Playmakers, who can be found in ALL rounds, are more-than-likely MORE prevalent in the earlier rounds. So if you never Draft a guy high in an early round, then you're probably missing out on a possible playmaker, and more often than not reaching for a role player (see Odrick/Misi).

The philosophy on Drafting and Coaching only gets us to .500. That's all it will get you no matter HOW LONG we let this FO run things.

.500 isn't acceptable to any true Dolphins fan. Case closed.




Well, When is Sparano fired, We are not making the playoffs at this point, that was the bar that was set. I was hoping I was wrong about Moore, he did have 3 nice games. But we saw it last thursday. We truly lost that game to 5 passes that the receiver had seperation that were thrown behind the receiver. That was the Matt Moore I thought we had. Good to see him have 3 nice games though.

Great point on Coldumbo Mando.

What is up with Marshall and the end zone? He gets there and more times than not his hands turn to Stone...

I do not see Moore being a Romo at all. I still can not believe the 3 sacks we had that turned into 3 1st downs!!!! That sucked!

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