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Dolphins standards must regain former levels

Welcome back ....

When last we convened seven days ago, the Dolphins had hopes of running the table en route to a 9-7 season. There were whispers the team had found a quarterback. There was a movement among some fans that maybe, just maybe, this administration was right all along and it might merit another year.


Today, this Dolphins' season turns for home and we already know 2011 will mark the third consecutive season this administration fails to post a winning record. That is disappointing by any measure.

Remember when these guys were new?

Remember what happened after that magical, fateful 2008 season? After winning 11 games and the AFC East, Bill Parcells went on ESPN during the Super Bowl and proclaimed the team wasn't good enough. He said that despite the 11-5 record, everyone in the organization knew they weren't there yet and much work needed to be done.

What would he say now?

That not-good-enough 11-5 has been followed by two seasons under. 500 and this year, which will be a break-even event at best. (No it won't because the Dolphins aren't done losing, but that's just a prediction.)

Judging by 2008 standards, these guys suck.

But I would say to you the Dolphins would not agree with that because they have lowered their own standards in recent years.

Whereas you never heard how hard the team played in 2008, I've been hearing that spoken of as some sort of feat worthy of applause way too often this year. Whereas players that didn't execute got benched or cut in 2008 (remember Chris Crocker, Derek Hagan, Ernest Wilford), now guys that do something to hurt the team in eight of 11 games (Marc Colombo) keep their starting job and the coach defends them with gusto.

I got news for these folks running the Dolphins: Nobody gives a flip that players are playing hard. That is assumed in the NFL. It is merely the starting point. These men are getting paid. That means that by playing hard, they are doing the bare minimum portion of their jobs.

South Florida knows football. It is football country. It produces more football players per capita than any place in the United States and third overall behind Texas and California. We do not accept that a player paying hard is an accomplishment. Activity does not equal accomplishment.

Accomplishment equals accomplishment.

Playing hard is what 90 percent of NFL teams do every week.

Playing well is what winning NFL teams do.

Mention playing hard and my eyes roll to the back of my head in boredom. Mention playing well and if you have proof of it, you've said something worth paying attention to and worth sitting up straight for.

But, of course, the Dolphins are giving us precious little worth sitting up for. It says something when the stories that draw the biggest interest on this and other Dolphins sites are stories about what is coming next year -- be it in the form of the next quarterback, the next coach, the next general mananger or the next uniform scheme.

This year? You basically stopped buying the propaganda in October. You know that what the Dolphins are putting on the field every week truly is not good enough by NFL standards. Not good enough playing. Not good enough coaching. Not good enough drafting. Not good enough owning. Not good enough ticket-selling. Not good enough fight song playing. Not good enough anything.

The Dolphins have seemingly lowered their standards and I fear many fans and some journalists have bought into the thinking.

Folks, 8-8 is not good. It is mediocre at best. The truth is Don Shula was coaxed into retirement because he couldn't do consistently better than 10-6. Dave Wannstedt was reviled because he kept missing the playoffs with 10-6 records. And now we're ok with 8-8?

Some people, stunningly, are apparently comfortable with 8-8 as the status quo. They're good with inconsistency or mediocrity. They've been numbed into such thinking.

Some fans see a quarterback play well for three games and find a way to forget the three previous terrible starts. Worse, some fans see three nice games by a quarterback and believe he's the answer longterm because they've not seen anything close to an answer for nearly a decade.

Some journalists likewise see mediocrity and call it good. I read somewhere that Miami's 2011 rookie class was doing a job well done on its own merits. Stop. Mike Pouncey is doing a great job. Period. End of story.

Daniel Thomas has been inconsistent and has basically proven zero this year. Thomas hasn't shown enough to suggest he'll be a rushing leader in three years any more than he's shown enough to convince me he won't be out of the league. He's still a question mark. Charles Clay is coming on lately and has fine potential but that doesn't change the fact he was invisible until late October. Clyde Gates has been, with two notable exceptions, unexceptional on kickoffs and he is nowhere ready to play on offense. Jimmy Wilson has been excellent on special teams and everything you would ask of a seventh-round pick. Considering the investment and draft position, Wilson might be the next best rookie behind Pouncey or third behind Pouncey and Clay.

That is not a job well done overall. Acceptable, yes. But that's it.

I must say, not everything is terrible. Brandon Fields is outstanding. Brandon Marshall is having a good year. Davone Bess is among the NFL's better slot receivers. The left side of the offensive line is very good most weeks. Cameron Wake has been solid and Jared Odrick is getting better. Yeremiah Bell is a sledgehammer in the secondary.

I'm also impressed with the job coaches have done with Matt Moore. He is a better player today than in July when he came to the Dolphins. That says something good about him and the men teaching him. (It doesn't say he's the future, however.)

I'm sure I'm missing some things to point out as outstanding. But I'm sure I'm also missing some things that are highly troubling and questionable as well.

(For instance, no one last week brought up the two-point conversion coach Tony Sparano opted not to try when the team went up 15-10 vs. Dallas. The two-point conversion chart says go for 2. Sparano followed the chart in the Denver game when his team went up 12-0. Why not follow it this time? I don't know if Sparano has been asked that question. I know I haven't seen an answer.)

Further evidence the standards around here are lower.


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joeywatts... you are correct sir.. local sportswriters

Why does everyone want Moore as future QB? Put up great numbers against crap defenses, looks like Henne 2.0 with all those checkdowns and missed redzone opportunities against a decent defense.

A new coach for 2012 is a foregone conclusion.

Everybody has a favorite choice to replace the O-line guru.

Problem is the Dolphins might not be the only team looking for a new driver for race day.

Other coaches feeling warmth in the sitting position include:

Norv Turner - Dead Batteries
Jack Del Rio - Slackuars
Leslie Frazier - Yuckings
Jim Caldwell - Peyton Mannings - I mean Dolts
Ken Wisenhunt - Tards
Steve Spagnuolo - Shams
Andy Reid (maybe) - Beagles

It will come down to "What does Miami have to offer that these other venues do not?"

Good luck Mr. Ross.

I can see it both ways.

Posted by: Nathaniel Dodsworth | November 28, 2011 at 12:43 PM

Are you like a chameleon with eyes that move in opposite directions??

Well written Mando. Way to comeback from a week off with a strong, release the kraken article.

You nailed it with the idea that we (fans and media alike) have not held the organizaiton accountable. We are too ready to grasp at any glimmer of hope and annoint them a savior. Moore is NOT an NFL starter. For the myopic that missed it, here it is again. Moore is NOT an NFL starter. Keep telling yourself that. He is a solid backup QB, one that Houston, KC, St. Louis, and so on wish that they had. We, the fans, need and deserve an ELITE NVL QB leading the Dolphins. We need to demand it! We have allowed on regime after the next to fail us on this front. Shame on us! We need to hold the Dolphins accountable for their bad decisisions, poor organization, outdated philosophies, and inability to come to terms with the FACT that they need an ELITE NFL QB. We need every sports writer that covers the team, every radio and TV journalist that covers the team to apply the heat on Ross to ensure that the new regime (GM and coach) don't screw it up in April 2012.

A few weeks ago Mando asked how it is that Ireland escapes accountability for his role in assembling this team that is 3-8. It's quite simple Mando... You and your colleagues don't hold him accountable. You don't need him to make himself available for interviews to hold him accountable. You have the forum to hold him accountable every week, but you don't use it. If he did this in Boston, NY, or Philly, he'd be getting lit up like a Christmas tree every day until he was gone. Holding him accountable is your job as the voice of the fans. Put him under the microscope every week between now and the end of the season. Force him and Ross to respond, react, reply...

Firstly, Matt Moore has played very well, but he is at the top of his game: Average. He would be the prime back-up possibility next year, but (and don't freak out) a MUCH better trade option. His stock will never be higher, and #2 QBs are not that had to find in this league. He might land us a 2nd rounder if we're lucky, probably a 3rd though. Still...

Why not throw David Shaw into the mix of coaching candidates. He spend 9 years in the NFL before going to San Diego to coach with Harbaugh and later following him to Stanford.
Shaw has NFL experience and he's been successful at both levels.

I promised I would, so here goes....
I'm OWNING my insistence that we would not win another game after we won 2. I predicted 2 total wins for this year, and I think now that we may get one or two more. The team I saw playing the COwboys was a decent team, confident and tough, with lots of good qualities, but still some glaring weaknesses. If we had played this way from the beginning of the year, no one would have been whining "Suck For Luck". Maybe 8-8 record if so. But we didn't and once you've dug your own grave, you're going to lie in it. Fighting and scratching our way back to sub-mediocrity has no value at all for me. Getting a legitimate Super-Bowl caliber head coach, and a star QB IS! So I stick with my looking ahead to next year, and hoping we manage to lose out the remainder of this one.


all that excess gubmint cheese keeps our socialist dairy farmers in bidness and ensures a healthy dose of veggies (pizza) for our athletic school childrens.

Don't you love your country?

BTW, folks, update on our draft chances. As of yesterday here's where we would stand:
Drafting the 2nd best QB in the draft. Probably Barkley.
We have 5 teams possibly in our way to our QB of the future, and only one of them wants a QB (Indy). And even they aren't that sold on a QB yet... but probable.
But before we celebrate, we have to hold the staus quo of losses, and if we don't... there are 8 teams RIGHt behind us, 4 of which absolutely DO want a QB, and 2 more of which might. SO... forgive me not rooting for any more wins for the Fins.

Anyone watching that game knew that Dallas would score a TD and Miami would lose by settling for the one point conversion. The bottom line is Miami should have gone for the 2 point conversion. Given the flow of the game, there was no chance Dallas would have two scoring opportunities. Dallas scores a TD, the game is tied and you go into overtime. Dallas scores a field goal, you only need a field goal to win. It shouldn't have required a second thought - this isn't calculus. Of course, what could one expect from a coach who says we can't settle for field goals and has yet to actually do anything but settle for a field goal.

The other stupidity here is listening to people claim Moore has more upside than Henne. What a joke. Please quantify that "upside" otherwise your opinion is about as valid as those who claim the World is ending in 2012 because they read a Mayan calendar. Moore is performing about the same level as Henne did LAST year and has a weaker arm. He consistently underthrows receivers on the deep pass and his scrambles produce less yards than Henne. The only positive about Moore is that he brings some emotion to the table.

Shaw was an assistant with the Eagles, Raiders and Ravens.
When Harbaugh accepted the position at Stanford he took Shaw with him as the Offensive Coordinator. He also coached the wide receivers and running backs.
If you look at his resume it is somewhat impressive. Maybe Ross should take a look at this guy too. Maybe Harbaugh already told him about Shaw during their meeting last year. Who knows?


Good article Armando.

I don't understand why everyone else outside the coaching staff can see that Colombo is losing games for us. Especially Sparano, who is a previous O-line coach.

Moore has a lot more mobility than Henne for one...Might not have a stronger arm but is 10 times more accurate...When being pressured, Moore can escape, Henne NEVER escapes pressure, he's a dead duck when the heat is on...Henne is a bust...I'm not saying Matt Moore is the answer, but at least our offense is scoring some points, regardless who it's against...Worse case scenario he's a decent backup. The offense has a lot more life with Moore than it does with Henne. Anyone that's been watching football can see this...Mark in Toronto, I agree a RB in the second round wasn't the smartest decision by Ireland, and he traded up to get him on top of it, but having said that Thomas has played pretty good. We lost both Ricky and Ronnie to free agency, so the need for a RB was obvious. I don't think Hilliard was ever seriously considered. Thomas has also been dealing with injuries, but when healthy, he's a player. I'm not saying this was a great draft, but to blame our 3-8 season on our rookies doesn't make sense imo...

IF the draft happened tomorrow:

#1 Indy 0-11 = QB (prob)

#2-3 Tie (2-9):
Minn = not QB, happy w/ Ponder.
St. Louis = not QB, happy w/ Bradford.

# 4-6 Tie (3-8):
Car = not QB, happy with Newton
Jax = not QB. Gabbert will get 1 more year at least.
Mia = 2nd best QB :)

#7-14 Tie (4-7):
S.D. = ?? Rivers getting older, under fire.
Clev = ?? Happy with McCoy?
Ariz = QB. Kolb is a bust.
Sea = QB. Jackson is tough but sub-par.
T.B. = not QB, happy with Freeman.
Phi = ?? Vick isn't young, team below expectations. Who knows.
Wash = QB. Not even a doubt.
K.C. = Cassel may get competition. although it's not necessarily their worst weakness.

Still want the Fins to win more?

here come the endless draft board experts.

js what if the draft happened next tuesday? or a week from friday? or 2 weeks 3 days and 4 hours from next monday? give us complete run down.

Not blaming the season on the draft. I think there were some good players there. Just that I think the organization overvalues some positions and these players do nothing to stress our greatest weaknesses so in conclusion the draft did nothing to make us any better.

Is Thomas doing anything for us Willis mcgahee could not have done for a year for example?

And if this regime spent as much effort finding us a qb as they did 3 4 des or interior offensive linemen, we might have been closer to the pats.

The pats are laughing at the rest of this division. Miami and buffalo stuck where they've been for the last decade. At least the jets try. Not their fault Sanchez stinks. But at least they went for it and made life difficult for the patriots.

Miami and buffalo keep chasing their own tails thinking an interior lineman will be named NFL MVP or MVP of the super bowl.

Mark in Toronto,

our draft would seem a lot better if we hadn't ignored FS and OL in free agency!

Mark, we were lined up to get DeMarco Murray, and ignored him to take Thomas. Thomas is a nice average NFL bruiser, but doesn't seeem special. Murray looks special. I said it then that we should have taken him, but alas. But, you're also right in assuming that it wouldn't have translated into a playoff record for us either. Way too much wrong to blame the draft. BUT.. it is all part of the storyline that overall put us where we are.

"Moore has a lot more mobility... Moore is more accurate..."

That is the perception for sure but reality doesn't bear that out.... Moore is sacked just as frequently as Henne was, Henne had a higher yard per gained on scrambles, and Henne had a higher completion percentage. The offense is still averaging the same points per game and our field goal kicker is just as busy.

Yeah, Peter King loves Miami's talent base.

I guess that's the reason he picked the Dolphins to finish last before the season and he's going to be correct by season's end.

What puke by the poster who brought that up. He's blowing TS and Ireland who are both going to get fired. Easy to see his agenda.

Mark in Toronto, I agree 100% with your posts. That's why I always bring up the Jake Long vs Matt Ryan debate. Sure Long was a good pick. But you win games with QB's, not LT's. Pouncey was a good pick, but Andy Dalton or Christian Ponder would of been better. I would of prefered a pass rusher or a speedy WR in the second round instead of Thomas...But that's why Ireland will never be Ozzie Newsome or Ted Thompson on draft day...

New Coach Wanted, you prefer Henne, I prefer Moore...Bottom line is Moore will probably be a Dolphin next year and Henne will be history. Case closed. We're both wasting our time talking about this. I know speaking for myself I'm not going to miss Henne one bit...I never "saw it" in Henne and probably never will...

#1 Dolphin Fan...
Henne is a FA I think, so yeah he's gone. But Moore will have a high trade value is he continues playing well. #2 QBs are easy to come by, so I'd trade Moore for a draft pick if possible. Yeah, he would be great insurance, but there will be veteran FA QBs who need a home next year to pul the sleigh for a few games until rookie QB gets his footing.

Dimitri, the draft is where you find special players. Free agency is to fill the gaps. F's and offensive tackle are money positions with greater value than centre and running back. You draft players that improve your passing game and create turnovers. You sign backup running backs and interior linemen or find then in mid round picks. You got it backwards like Ireland.

Montreal, hallelujah, exactly right.

Long and pouncey are great players but they were the wrong picks both times.

I also like demarco Murray and got chewed out on this board by dyingbreed for liking him more than Ingram. Hmm, go figure.

I don't believe it is a waste of time. The Dolphins suck and all we have is discussion. The interesting thing to me is how perceptions appear to be more important than reality. Your last post was honest though - you prefer Moore - and preferences are subjective rather than objective. The problem is folks on this blog tend to mistake their subjective beliefs for facts. Worse, we see the same thing in our coaches: Sparano prefers Colombo over a guy who can actually block. What we should see is a coaching staff and front office that are more objective in their assessments than a bunch of bloggers. There are a few posters here who actually do make objective assessments and would be an improvement over our coaching staff; that is both sad and evidence of why the Dolphins suck.

JS in LA, trading Moore for a draft pick doesn't make sense to me with all due respect. He's the only shall we say "decent" QB on our roster right now. Trade him? That would mean we would need not 1 but 2 QB's in the offseason. Why? Moore is already signed and has pretty good chemistry with the offense. Furthermore, what kind of draft pick do you think we could get for him? We're not going to get a high draft pick because he defeated Washington, KC and Buffalo...So maybe a 5th?? a 6th? Nah, not worth it. I don't see it happening JS, sorry...

Moore is not the answer, if he was a great QB he would still be in Dallas or Carolina. He is a career BU at best. Another in the long line of back up QB's that have started for Miami since the Marino era. Until we stop making the same mistake we are destined to be losers.

Brandon Marshall is good but he is not great because he is inconsistent, he is not a player you can count on to win a play or a game.

Nice to see an improved "D".

Miami is still not ready to play with the big boys in the NFL yet!

This is the year. It'll be a strong QB class in the Draft, we haven't done it since Marino AND Moore is the only guy we have signed for next year. So, I don't think it's a question of SHOULD Miami Draft a QB this year, I think Miami HAS TO draft a QB. And if we must, then might as well make the best of it, have the best chance of getting a franchise QB (which means drafting a QB in the 1st round).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 28, 2011 at 10:32 AM

This is what I've been saying since the end of last season. Actually since as far back as Penny's FIRST injury.

Penny was brought in as a STOP GAP. We didn't have ANYTHING else. Penny wasn't getting any younger and he was out of a job. A STOP GAP for a MAJOR re-build project.

Henne should be considered as a back up. He and Moore have both proven they are capable back ups. In all reality, the "light" could come on for either one and that would gravy(and possiblr future trade bait). It's highly doubtful we COULD bring both back, but if I was the GM, I would try. Having said that, the main thing is, regardless of what happens with either, it's time to draft a first rounder. It's time to find the Franchise guy-PERIOD.

We've already tried it, this way and that way and where did it get us. Middle of the pack at best. The smartest, the quickest, THE ONLY WAY we step out of mediocrasy and into contention is solidifying the QB position and that means landing our FRANCHISE QB.

We find "That Guy" and suddenly our ENTIRE roster looks better. Suddenly we aren't as far away as we thought. We get a serious franchise QB and I think I could coach this team into the playoffs.

That's why I wouldn't be averse to possibly trading up this year either. If we packaged all our picks this draft and get our Franchise QB and a legit starting ANYTHING(preferably right tackle)we'd be doing better than Ireland has done in 4 drafts!

(OK, I might be stretching it a little with that last sentence, but not much)

New Coach Wanted...You don't think our offense is better with Moore? Don't get me wrong, I respect your opinion, but I think it's pretty obvious. Did you see that throw he made on the Marshall TD? That pass to Bush against Buffalo? Charles Clay? I don't recall many of those when Henne was playing...And I didn't check the stats, but I don't think Moore is getting sacked as often as Henne...Yeah he got sacked a few times against Dallas but that's one of the best sacking teams in the league...Again, I'm not saying Moore is the answer for the Dolphins, but bottom line is he's playing well and improving. Honestly, that's all I care about. Never really saw improvement with Henne. I would even say I saw the same flaws as last year if anything...

How is that the post of the year???????????????????????????????????

People have been saying draft a GDDAM QB already for years and easily 9 billion times on this blog.


We need to make sure we have the best winning record in the division to get a playoff spot.

Life as a Dolphins fan was so much easier when it was all Henne's fault...lol...

Posted by: odinseye | November 28, 2011 at 02:23 PM

Great post. I agree 100%

Replace Incognito, Columbo, Carey, Misi, Smith, to start with. Cut Carpenter, a season-killer and a game-killer, like Mare was. Resign Henne to compete with Moore -- Henne never had a chance but was always the scapegoat for Parcells' mistakes and ignorant Miami fans, arguably the dumbest fans in the NFL. (Draft a QB naturally.) Fire, of course, Sparano the imbecile and Ireland the incompetent. Imagine Ireland wasting a 3rd rounder to go up and get Thomas in the 2nd instead of realizing that the OL needed a complete rebuild before anything else. If Parcell's golf cart chauffeur had resigned Ronnie Brown and used the 2nd and 3rd round to rebuild the team the record would not be 3-8. Channing Crowder's comments on Ireland's unsuitability for GM have been proven.

What is fascinating is looking back at the posts before the draft and during free agency and seeing how many people were insistent we needed to get Orton or Kolb or Palmer or some rookie that is doing absolutely nothing now and proclaiming these were franchise QB's who would turn the Dolphins around immediately.

There were a few guys back then who talked sensibly and amazingly enough, they are the same guys who talk sensibly now. The idea back then was give Henne a shot and draft a QB in the first round in 2012. Its quite fun to look back at the dumb ideas people espoused back then and who they claimed should be drafted. Lets you know who is credible on this blog and who is not.

"Henne never had a chance"

Have you been watching the same Dolphins. I've been watching?

Henne had his chance. He sucks.

#1 Dolphin Fan...
Hearing ya. I'm getting greedy since we need so much help with getting some talent in the right places, and a quality #2 QB, a guy who hopefully will never play another down, seems more of a luxury than a money spending thing. But of course I'd love to have moore as our insurance, but there will be PLENTY of out of work veterans available, all on the cheap. Moore may be worth a 3rd rounder if he continues playing nicely, and THAT could earn us a monster head-hunting safety. There's my argument. I would rather have the kick-ass safety than a back-up QB. But it proba won't happen anyway. I'm greedy, and GM's are safe, so we'll prob keep Moore.

I appreciate the draft speculation and "analysis" here but in all honesty why would anybody take it seriously?

Only someone SERIOUSLY delusional would think they actually have an innate ability to project how 99% of these kids will do, and reality is that we (and I include myself) will be absolutely, totally wrong about most of them.

I take it all as fun and respect those who post as such. Those that take it seriously and think they are coming across as 'experts,' however, may be kidding some folks (and themselves) but not me.

New Coach,

One of those people who criticized Ireland for picking up Moore was # 1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal. After he picked him up his only comment about him was 'he's garbage'. Now 6 games into his time with the 'Phins he's singing a competely different tune. In fact, after his player of the week award he was pretty quick to make fun of me and others for saying that we thought Moore could be a decent QB in this league. A month later, he's got Henne shipped out of town and Moore as the starter next year. Give it another month and there's a chance he might say Moore has a chance to win the MVP next year.


Trading Moore after the season would be ludicrous unless it was an equally ludicrous offer---which assuredly is not coming.

You absolutely need TWO guys who can play that position, so an injury does not destroy your season.

Moore has shown plenty of upside and has an emotional, fiery quality that is welcome to see after the robotics of Henne. If nothing else, I think he gives Miami the possibility of having a very fine backup---which is a valuable asset in a violent game where guys get hurt all the time.

Keep Moore, draft a guy in the first round (unless it was a ridiculous reach) and try to get the QB position settled once and for all. Erasing Moore from the equation when he shows real promise would be asinine, in my opinion.

"New Coach Wanted...You don't think our offense is better with Moore? "

If the question is do I think our offense is better because of Moore, the answer is no.

I saw those same passes thrown two years ago by Henne. Both can deliver passes of absolute beauty when they are on and when they are off, Henne tended to overthrow and Moore tends to underthrow. Henne's performance prior to his injury this year was markedly improved as was his leadership.

Our offense is scoring the same ppg, we still move the ball up and down the field fairly easily, and we still can't get in the end zone consistently. Our play calling sucks, our receivers are underutilized, and we tend to drop too many passes regardless of who is playing QB.

It isn't like we are comparing apples and oranges here... or Marino vs Ryan Leaf. In truth, there isn't much of a difference between Henne and Moore. I like Henne because he has been the scapegoat for all that ails the Dolphins, he does have a stronger arm, and he is younger.

It's really a pretty simple fix to improve the Dolphins:
NEW FG Kicker


Punter is fine, that's a relief...

dr. roberts,

Agreed. Only way Moore is going anywhere is if the new coach comes in and figures he can't win with him and they could get something for him. I doubt any of that happens, and Moore keeps the seat warm until the rook takes over.

One thing I believe is that the draft isn't an exact science. The best odds starts with the first pick. With all the eyes on Luck. He is the surest bet in years. Giving up two 1st for Luck is worth it. Having a franchise QB would satisfy Fans and FA who wants a franchise QB.

Indy needs Trent Richardson more than Luck.

I think the team that will be pivotal for us in the draft will be the Rams. I don't see them taking a QB because they have Bradford and a lot of money invested in him but I could totally see them shopping the pick. Blackmon is their guy but I could see them dropping down to 4 or 5 to get him and get some extra picks in the process. If Barkley is still available and the Rams are picking ahead of us I could see them trading the pick. Question is do we get involved and how much are we prepared to give up. Teams like Seattle and Washington would be happy to trade up to get him.

Craig, that's how I see it as well. Moore is too unproven to garner much in the way of compensation and has more value to Miami by continuing his development on their roster.

NONE of that means the team doesn't try to upgrade the position regardless. It's pretty much a given they will. Only that having a good option on your bench (which I certainly believe Moore capable of) is a HUGE asset in the NFL if your starter goes down.

I like his fire and his leadership. As for his skills? Nothing special, but they're adequate and at least as good as some others starting around the league.

We need to get better there, no question, but I see Moore as being part of the overall equation rather than THE guy. Hopefully, that person arrives via the draft.

Well said, dr. roberts....

Ok, OK. You win. I'll shut up about trading Moore. It's not as "assinine" as you think though. Once the rounds start happening, and awesome player X is still on the board and we don't know how to trade up to get him, a GM would be wondering what value/leverage he has to use. And Moore is the best expendable asset available besides picks.
Anyway, it won't happen, and it's just me pulling stuff out of my rear.
I stand defeated.

THANK YOU for writing this.


How is that the post of the year???????????????????????????????????

People have been saying draft a GDDAM QB already for years and easily 9 billion times on this blog.

Posted by: Sheesh | November 28, 2011 at 02:29 PM


First off, I know I shouldn't even respond to someone with no reading comprehension skills and the attention span of a knat.

I said **Post of the Month**. Not post of the **YEAR**. Slight difference there Hot shot - Dooh!

Having said that and assuming your not just trolling, allow me to explain.

DC posted:

And if we must, then might as well make the best of it, have the best chance of getting a franchise QB (which means drafting a QB in the 1st round).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 28, 2011 at 10:32 AM

Making "the BEST of it" is what I was pointing out. EVEN if it means having to trade up in the first round.

With Henne we were middle of the pack, two years in a row. Perceptions ASIDE, were slightly worse with Moore.

Enough with the mediocre already. We have to do WHATEVER necessary to get our first rounder. We have to make the BEST of our chances this year. EVEN IIF IT MEANS TRADING UP IN THE FIRST ROUND.

Sheesh, maybe if you hire a third grader to explain the posts to you, your responses would at least be coherent. Who knows, but it's worth a shot!

I think the team that will be pivotal for us in the draft will be the Rams. I don't see them taking a QB because they have Bradford and a lot of money invested in him but I could totally see them shopping the pick. Blackmon is their guy but I could see them dropping down to 4 or 5 to get him and get some extra picks in the process. If Barkley is still available and the Rams are picking ahead of us I could see them trading the pick. Question is do we get involved and how much are we prepared to give up. Teams like Seattle and Washington would be happy to trade up to get him.

Posted by: Craig M | November 28, 2011 at 03:03 PM

Excellent points.

People shouldn't just assume a guy like Barkley or whoever will be sitting there for Miami because a team like the Rams (likely drafting before them) won't be selecting a QB.

Not much question there will be trade scenarios discussed with others, probably including Miami. The question then becomes how much is too much? The easy answer is to say "any price" given our frustration level but how much of the future are you willing to sacrifice for something that is NOT guaranteed, regardless of anyone thinking it is?

Part of me agrees you'd pay a steep price to get it done but the other part could never see a guy like Belichick (even if he had a need there) doing it---not with his proven track record of stock[piling draft picks rather than giving them away for a single guy.

I don't think it's necessarily a cut-and-dried choice. Hopefully, the chips will fall so that Miami doesn't have to face it.

More times than not the team that is stock piling picks, already have a franchise QB.

IMO thats how important the QB position is to a NFL team.

It means everything in the way football teams in todays games.

JS--lol---and I certainly didn't mean to imply YOU were "asinine."

It's just that I think Moore has better value for Miami sticking on the roster than any trade scenario---where he probably wouldn't command much at all.

Just for hypotheticals, though, IF Miami was able to completely solve their starter situation via the draft (and by that I mean a no question, franchise guy for the next decade plus) AND Moore continued his own development to the point other teams would see him as a viable starting option/upgrade, then maybe you might see an offer too good to say no to. But that would come a year from now at the earliest, and is borderline wildly optimistic.

Craig M, and Dr. R,
All good points, and partially what I've been preaching.
5 teams at the moment we're battling with, and 8 teams immediately behind us. Of the 5, only one wants a QB. Of the 8, 4 maybe 6 want a QB. So if one of those 8 trade up, then we're left with #3 QB on the board. VERY doubtful that 2 teams trade up, so I think if the status quo stays we're #2, #3 QB bound at worst. But Yeah, i'd trade up to get Barkley. With any available non necessary asset. But I won't say what assets without getting yelled at (figuratively) ;)

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