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What is it with the Dolphins and all this dancing?

I think dancing is great. Really. I admire dancers. I was a pretty good dancer once. (It's in the blood).

But the Dolphins are seriously into dancing lately. I mean, seriously.

You saw Jared Odrick do the curious Pee Wee Herman dance after he made a play against Washington on Sunday. Today, during warmups before practice, linebacker Kevin Burnett put on some interesting moves that caught the entire team's attention. It was like, everyone is stretching and Burnett is going off to Atomic Dog.

Burnett was apparently celebrating the 100 year anniversary  of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

And in the Dolphins locker room there is picture of Jason Taylor in all his Dancing with the Stars splendor with a funny caption that I don't believe I can repeat here but you get the drift.

My God, this is a happy 2-7 team!

Not only is there dancing, but then there are jokes about the dancing. Leading the charge as the butt of the jokes is the Pee Wee dance from Odrick. No question.

"I'm voting that the top worst celebrations I've every seen," linebacker Cameron Wake said of the Odrick dance. "I've told him, and he doesn't even care. I thought it was a one time thing, you know,  But that's his thing now. So I thought, 'Ha ha that's good,'  when I first saw it. But now it's like, "Dang, he's doing that again?' Next time he does it I'm going to push him out of the way."

Taylor was right there with the ripping of Odrick initially, but he dialed back Thursday.

"He got his feelings hurt when we said he didn't like it," Taylor said. "So we just left it alone. Whatever, just keep making plays he can do whatever dance he wants."

One player who definitely is not on the Dolphins top dance competition this week (or maybe any week for that matter, unless I miss my guess) is tight end Anthony Fasano. Fasano is nursing a tender ankle. He returned to practice Thursday on a limited basis after missing practice altogether Wednesday.

The Dolphins hope by Sunday he'll be ready to bust a move or do whatever dance it is that moves him. 


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Rapid fire blogging from Armando today

A garbage ass team dancing all the time, just WTH ARE THEY SO HAPPY ABOUT.

Oh yea that dance Burnett was doing is called a stroll. Frats usually make up a stroll that all frat members must remember.





Odrick's "Tequilla" dance is the greatest celebration ever! I would blast it over the game day experience loudspeakers after every sack.

FAKE ALoco @ 4;24 PM'''''

...Just a comment from the last blog.. Congratulations to Jeff Ireland. As fans, a lot of the time we relate a person to wins and loses. Judging the individual on those criteria first, and maybe other things like charachter second. In our defense, we do not usually have any privledege or information about these peoples personal lives, or what they do inside of those. Anytime an individual can raise an awarness to an illness that affects so many young people, and their families. You have to admire this. I have a nephew with autism. My sister has done in her own right, a magnificent job raising Jack. I know what a struggle it has been, between the guilt, the questions, and the fear. It has been a difficult ride to say the least. It puts losing a few football games, or missing on some draft picks in perspective...This is Jeff Irelands best move as Phins GM...

Ahhhhhhh, no pressure at the work place to accomplish anything really. My immediate Boss doesn`t care cause he`s outta here and knows it, gonna be home for New Years with my Millions. Yeah I`d be psyched as well, pretty soon we will get youtube video of a drunk Vontae Davis with Chad Henne doing a booty dance at some tikki beach club, yeahhhhhhhh paaaaarty oooooon Brooooosss!!!! Sugar Daddy Ross got bank in these tough times while the chumps in the stands keep spending there 9 to 5 money to buy me another ride, JOKES ON YOU SUCKAAAA !!!!!!



Really my last post at 4:41 was synical more in part because of ths stupid post than anything else. I don`t care and imagine the players are blowing off some steam after having blown chunks on the field. Mando next I`d like to know if the team wears matching underwear on the field.

Dolphins Win No More Than Two More Games. Here's Why:

Weeeks 11-17

11. Buff
12. Dal
13. Oak
14. PHI
15. Buf
16. NE
17. NYJ

We lose to DAL, OAK, PHI, NE simply wont hold those offenses to below 24pts or lower nor score 24pts or higher with Matt Moore as qb.

We lose to NYJ because Matt Moore doesnt lead us to 14pts or higher against thier D.

Best chances for two victories are against the Bills. I believe our minus crucial turnovers can score at least 24pts on thier D. It will be a matter of if our D is able to hold thier offense to 24pts or lower.

I see us finishing 4-11 at best. Dont let the glitter of the present fool's gold(2 straight victories) fool you.


Do you think matching underwear is part of the mandatory NFL uniform that the refs make sure are worn and if so do you believe there Calvin Klein or tighty whitey`s?? Given the content of Mando`s post I believe it a fair question

yesterday, I've been saying this all along. I'm confident I won't have to own up to it, but I will if we win a few more. Buff here, and Oakland are our two next best chances. Oakland is physical, and will be in playoff hunt mode, so I don't see it. Buff is coached better, and will beat us schematically. And even though the Jets aren't all that, Revis and Cromartie will take away any semblance of a passing game from moore, and we'll die by the run. SO I'll stick with 2-14 for the season.
But I'll own up if we fare better.


Good call on changing the subject, I agree with you and saw exactly the same things as you looking at the rest of the schedule.


Some fans may think we have a chance to beat OAK but I dont. I dont see Matt Moore outdueling Palmer.

The weakest qb left on our schedule is Sanchez. But problem with that is I dont see Matt More putting up more than 13pts against the Jets and Sanchez will have that one magical drive to beat our defense in a close one.

We have our best chance against the Bills because they maybe the weakest defense left on our schedule provided we're not turning the ball over on offense. The Bills defense is weak but they do thrive on turnovers.


Earlier today when I said what if they finish 5-11 it was more rhetorical in the sense of asking others if like myself they`d trade back up tp and one of the Q.B.`s like the Jets did in 09 giving up 4 picks for Sanchez. In reality you an yesterday are right on with your assesments.

YG...I agree. I think that the realistic cealing for victories is 4. Sure the Phins may win a game we shouldn't. But I do not see a game in the future where we will be favored. Like you said. We are limited at quarterback as to how many points we can score. Plain and simple. We have to be able to run it for any success. So this limits the chances of big plays(not that we have that ability anyway) or quick strike scores. Add the defenses lack of take-away ability(a great topic by some today..kudos) and we struggle to score enough points to be take seriously.

Do not bring up the KC game. If we had the ability to do that on a consistant basis then that game would hold water. But past results suggest otherwise.


I got to tell you guys....Crow taste best with lots of HOT SAUCE....so stock up now cause your gonna need it....

Without a doubt we take at least 1 game from BUF....seriously....when is the last time they swept us....its not gonna happen this year either....

Also....count the Raiders as a win....it always is....we just have their #....like the Raven's have ours.....

How is it so many people occupy SO MUCH of their time blogging about a useless franchsise?

Say we finish 4-11 and pick 5th in the 2012 draft. Also lets say Carolina Panthers, St Louis Rams, or any other team that's recently picked qb #1 the last couple seasons gets the #2 or #3 spot. And it is highly possible based worst win-loss records right now.

If sitting at #5 we're in perfect position to trade up with those teams not looking to draft a qb. Or if none of those teams drafts a qb we at least get the 3rd best qb in the draft.

That's assuming we sit at #5. 5th overall position would be a very nice place for us to sit in this draft provided at least 3 teams above us dont need to draft qb.


Palmer's beginning to click in the Raiders offrnse. I expect the Raiders offense to begin getting better each week not worse.

Cant judge rhe Raiders by past victories over them. Palmer is by far the best qb theyve had since our most recent past victories over them.

Kris, last time the Bills beat us twice? Not sure if this is the only one, but it sure is the most appropriate one: 2007. Cam Cameron's 1-15 Fins. Feels REEEEEEEAL familiar to me.
It's possible to beat the bills at home. They play above their skis. But that's because they are coached better. The squeeze every ounce of blood out of that turnip. We on the other hand are 2-7 for a reason. I'll stick by my prediction.
Go feed your Unicorns, they look hungry. ;)

Hey lets discuss which team is likely to complete the first pass of the 3rd quarter. I'm thinking probably Buffalo but maybe Miami.

Anyone notice in the video that the guy wearing shirt and tie only dances like Armando?



YG...if you know me from past post...then you know I am a HUGE Palmer fan.....but i don't think he will be enough to over come the Dolphins jinx on the Raiders in recent years.....

JS....your prediction is your prediction...and I am glad your standing by it.....

However....my gut tells me we get 2 more wins and BUF and the Raiders ate those wins....

I amy not like it any more than you do....but i'm pretty sure thats whats gonna happen....


5-11 guarantees us anywhere from 6th to 8th spot. IMO, as long as we're within the top 10 draft order it greatly enhances our trade up stock.

Any top 5 team not needing to draft a qb would probably trade down, still be in the top 10, while still getting an impact player that addresses thier need. It also lowers what they'll have to pay that player if he's still going to be around 4-5 players anyway.

Don't forget week 16.....

Most likely Belicheat unleashes Mallett on us.....

We might catch the rookie wide-eyed.....

Gentlemen, good evening to y'all. Why's Mando so surprised the players are happy? This is probably the least stressful position for a professional athlete to be in. They know this year is toast, no chance to make the Playoffs. AND they know there will be changes at the end of the Season and they'll be analyzed by a different regime.

What's there to stress over? Go out and play hard, but who cares what happens? These players aren't dumb. Those that believe they'll still be on the team next year WANT to get better. They KNOW they need a franchise QB and more talent at various positions to compete next year. So it's a win-win for them. If they win, great, they showed with better coaching and talent, they could be competitive. And if they lose, well, not like it killed any Playoff chances, so dance it up for the next week!

Hopefully sparano and Ireland will soon be dancing their way out of miami. keep dancing boys. keep dancing!



what gibberish....


The afc east may not be settle by wk 16. I think it most likely goes down to wk 17 before NE clinches the division title.

No prob, Kris. I honestly have opted out of the rest of this season for sanity reasons. If we lose an awesome draft pick so can can suck slightly less at 3-4 wins instead of 2 wins, I can't say I'd be pleased.
But consider we're a way better road team, and the Raiders are slightly better talented team, with a much better QB - doesn't equal win for Fins. But that's why they play the games.
BTW, folks, we're not anywhere near #5 pick in the draft with 4 wins. 8-9th maybe. Look at the standings.
Still want us to win?



Let's "pray" Tebow keeps winning. If they get a top5 draft position Elway's definitely drafting a qb.


If we finish with the 8th overall draft spot or higher we may get away with only trading a "2nd rd'er" to move up and get one of the top 3 qb's after Luck.

If we finished outside of the top 10 draft order it would probably cost a 1st and 2nd rd pick to get one of those qb's. I would hate to finish worse than the 8th overall spot.


The Bills swept us a bunch in the Marino era (not something folks really like remembering) and in 03 when Ray Lucas lost at home playing for an injured Fiedler who later looses the rematch in Buffalo in the famous Chris Chambers game were 84 went buck wild but drops the potential game winner late. Neither here nor there and no I don`t think they take us twice we get them once but after that it gets to be slim pickins because that wont be Gronkowski, Culpepper, or Campbell playing Q.B. for Oak. or haven`t you been watching Palmer out there. We will get one to two more wins and if I`m wrong I`ve been wrong before but I actually like us trying to hit the Jets in the face that last game.

Guys the way it looks now should we finish with the 8th overall spot or higher. We're still in great position to grab one of the top 3 qb's after Luck.

Simply because at least 3 teams that drafted qb's within the the top 10 the last two season will also be teams that could finish higher in the drafting order than us.

Stop fin4life, just stop. It's making me sick. Ray Lucas. Jay Fiedler (who actually is the best of the bunch, which says a lot about our woes). Matt Moore. All just good enough to win 3-7 games. This carousel is getting nauseating.

Yesterday, #5 is a valid and likely position to draft from. But not with 4 wins. If we stay at 2 wins, we would share that with several teams, and I'm sure there's some really annoying statitics that will knock us down a peg or two. 2 wins equals 4-5th position.
Rams, Vikes, Panthers are behind Indy. Rams are a mystery. Vikes I don't understand why they're 2-7 but they have no confidence at all, so they may stay there. Panther suck even with Cam. But he may pull one or two more out of his hat to end the season.
I'd be willing to call us a candidate for #2-3 spot if Ponder gets a clue, and the Rams find themselves once or twice.
And lo we might even qualify for #1 if Peyton comes back for a few games.
I have faith in our ineptitude. Come on 2012! Hurry up!

Sure the team is loose. Most players don't want to make the playoffs anyway, they would rather be off.


Don't agree, I think we end up with the 7th or 9th overall spot. Or maybe the 5th.

This team has nothing to lose. Might as well have fun with what your doing. I like it!


BTW, the very reason I'm concentrating on next season now. I've never been this excited about a season since before Marino busted his achilles.
I don't give a flip if the Dolphins win/lose/or forfeit anything this season. It's a nightmare to watch the mediocrity that passes for the once-great name of Dolphins football, for well over 11 years (even a few of Marino's last hurrays). NO MORE!
2012 thy name is Awesome.

My last comment was in response to DC Dolfan, got excited and forgot to say so ;)

I just hope we get the right guy JS. We need to draft a 1st rd QB, but do we have the GM to choose the right one? That question remains. I think it was Parcells who drafted Romo, so where has Ireland been successful drafting for that position?

That's why to me the GM is the most important piece to change. Ireland hasn't been horrible, but he hasn't been spectacular either. Then a HC to put it all together, and then the QB to make the trains run on time.

That's a lot to ask for from an organization steeped in the culture of mediocrity.

they can't finish 4-11. either it's 2-14, 3-13, 4-12! COME ON MAN!


I agree it does say alot when our best Q.B. in the last 12 Seasons is a journeyman back up but it wasn`t the point nor did I wish to have you reaching for the puke bucket. I will ask you this because I`ve been asking since this afternoon and nobody has answered. Say we actually win 5 games and are sitting between picks 6-8 in the draft with Carolina, St Loius (maybe #2) and Minnesota all picking ahead with Wash. and Seattle sprinkled in there and the queston is how far do you go to move up and secure one of the big 3 in the draft.

If the Colts keep this up they get Luck by default which isn`t fair and we likley see the unthinkable, Manning in a different uniform (tempting) but then you got the Rams likely at 2 with maybe Carolina and Minnesota anywere between 3-6 what would you do??? I would look to deal 1st and foremost with the team in front of the next Q.B. needy club who will look to deal as well.

DC, totally agree.
But I have a really good feeling that Ireland and Sparano will be gone.
If we hire a well known name coach, they will want GM of their own choosing, OR to be GM themselves. Ross won't go after a ?? named coordinator. So new coach, GM, and hopefully a record suckier than 99% of the league. I don't care if we go 7-9 as long as everyone else has 8 wins or more ;)
If those Bozos go and ruin my dreams I may have to seek counciling.
Suck now, and sacrifice for awesomeness starting 2012 and BEYOND! I have faith we will.

What about finding some hidden gem qb on the cheap from another teams practice squad? Then we don't have to waste a first round pick on one.

Dude, we won't be anywhere near the top 10 pick with 5 wins.
So picking up a nice lineman is where we'd be at. Hence the wish for more sucking this year.

Most likely we will pick where we will pick. We might pick early or we might pick a little later but we will end up picking where we pick.

I just hope we get the right guy JS. We need to draft a 1st rd QB, but do we have the GM to choose the right one? That question remains. I think it was Parcells who drafted Romo, so where has Ireland been successful drafting for that position?

DC Dolfan | November 17, 2011 at 06:04 PM


It was actually Ireland who finds Romo (ACORN) in tiny Western Illinois were Brandon Jacobs came out of as well. It really never dawned on me but Ireland could have been suffering a Romo flashback with Henne they spent 3 plus seasons grooming Romo before Parcells took a chance on Monday Night with a game out of hand Vs. Carolina and puts him in for Testaverde and Romo brings them back and wins. I was actually watching and even though Parcells would get all the credit I knew the story well.


With 5 wins which we don`t get we should be between 8-10 but it`s a hypothetical question and you still haven`t answered what you`d be willing to do to move up. I already told you I`d look to keep my 3-4 Rd picks and gamble the rest if necessary to move up suppose it`s 4 wins then or 3 and your sitting between picks 5-7 after the Colts it`s possible and likely the needy Rams are at 2 count Minnesota between 3-5 with Seattle and Wash hanging around what would you do. I`ve been stating my case to you for a while now, the Jets dealt picks 1,3,5,7 for Sanchez and it`s now looking the way it looks because Rex took over an old vet heavy team. We have a young core and I believe could survive dong this in one draft but again what would you do and who do you target.

fin4life, I'd be willing to give up our current #1, plus any combo of 4th-7th rounders, and especially anybody on our current roster except for these few:
Thomas, Marshall, V. Davis, S.Smith, Dansby, Wake, Long. Anybody else. Like to keep Bush, but I'll trade for QB.
I'd also be willing to bump #2s and #3 rounders down inside the orund, but not giving up the round.
If desperate, give up a 2nd or 3rd rounder, but NOT both.
A #1 and a 2 will buy any spot besides 1st. Last resort.

Why not trade Merling and Lex Hilliard for Aaron Rodgers?


Alright were not to far of on our thinking here. I see it the way I see it because I`m sure were going to have to out bid Wash. to move into the spot we want not to worried about Seattle remember Carroll mortgaged picks for players in future drafts and this is the one were it bites him finally, look it up they don`t have the ammo. I like your player trade scenario because it gets me thinking we could move Solia to the DT needing Rams with picks if need be which could swing it our way.

We are going to try to win every Game left on the schedule until we are mathematically eliminated from the Playoffs. If and when that happens, we can play the rookies more, maybe bring Pat Devlin from the practice squad see how he does.

Why not trade Merling and Lex Hilliard for Aaron Rodgers?

babble | November 17, 2011 at 06:47 PM

Because it would probably take Fields to swing it our way and we can`t afford to part with one of our best players!!!

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