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What is it with the Dolphins and all this dancing?

I think dancing is great. Really. I admire dancers. I was a pretty good dancer once. (It's in the blood).

But the Dolphins are seriously into dancing lately. I mean, seriously.

You saw Jared Odrick do the curious Pee Wee Herman dance after he made a play against Washington on Sunday. Today, during warmups before practice, linebacker Kevin Burnett put on some interesting moves that caught the entire team's attention. It was like, everyone is stretching and Burnett is going off to Atomic Dog.

Burnett was apparently celebrating the 100 year anniversary  of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

And in the Dolphins locker room there is picture of Jason Taylor in all his Dancing with the Stars splendor with a funny caption that I don't believe I can repeat here but you get the drift.

My God, this is a happy 2-7 team!

Not only is there dancing, but then there are jokes about the dancing. Leading the charge as the butt of the jokes is the Pee Wee dance from Odrick. No question.

"I'm voting that the top worst celebrations I've every seen," linebacker Cameron Wake said of the Odrick dance. "I've told him, and he doesn't even care. I thought it was a one time thing, you know,  But that's his thing now. So I thought, 'Ha ha that's good,'  when I first saw it. But now it's like, "Dang, he's doing that again?' Next time he does it I'm going to push him out of the way."

Taylor was right there with the ripping of Odrick initially, but he dialed back Thursday.

"He got his feelings hurt when we said he didn't like it," Taylor said. "So we just left it alone. Whatever, just keep making plays he can do whatever dance he wants."

One player who definitely is not on the Dolphins top dance competition this week (or maybe any week for that matter, unless I miss my guess) is tight end Anthony Fasano. Fasano is nursing a tender ankle. He returned to practice Thursday on a limited basis after missing practice altogether Wednesday.

The Dolphins hope by Sunday he'll be ready to bust a move or do whatever dance it is that moves him. 


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Most teams like to mortgage future picks thinking they can buy them back later with their awesome craftiness. But it usually ends up requiring the selling of even more future draft picks, until you eventually run out of credit and go 1-15 ... (clears throat). So I don't dig that. Buy with the cash you have on hand. But I'm not a GM.
Besides, rebuilding (which we really ARE doing) requires draft picks.
I'm all for tossing a few gold pieces on the table and sacrificing a little for a greater good, but we can't flip out. We need a bada$$ OLB, we need a monster safety, a frightening WR, and a few good linemen (those in FA or trade - no more drafty linemen).

YG....thought I had sent this already....but I forgot to post it

It is a shame with the AFC East being so wide open...and without a chance.....it makes this season even more unbearable.....

But I think that Belicheat pulls away in the next couple of week....

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that the winningest Coach/QB duo in history wins their mediocre division.

I know its only mid season, but I'm putting it down right here GB will make the playoffs this year.

Babble.....thats pure gold your putting out there....pure gold.....

Got any more of these pick....i got Vegas on the line...

We may still win a few games now, the team is waking up, but I don't think it will be enough for a winning season.

Yes Babble..Yes.....

Thats what this blog needs....somebody to tell it like it is...short....sweet...and to the point...

No sugar coating for you....

I realize we have Henne, Moore and Devlin, but has anyone given thought to possibly drafting a QB high this year? I like Luck, but I'm not sure he will still be available, so maybe Landry or Barkely could be an option.

We need a right tackle, that Columbo is a revolving door. He is a revolving door that Columbo. In case you haven't heard, that Columbo is a revolving door. A revolving door is what Columbo is, in case you haven't heard that before.

Babble @ 7:18....what a thought....what vision....if Luck isn't available....what should this FO do.....

way to think outside the box....

what else you got....

Some here think we will pick around 3rd or 4th. Others think we will pick 5th or 6th, some others thing maybe 7th or 8th, maybe as far back as 10th.

I have a feeling one of them will be right.

First and foremost, we need to draft players that will help us win games, and avoid those that will sit on the bench or be injured all the time.

Columbo is a revolving door???

maybe that is why the right side of our line is so bad....hmmm...

I am learning a lot tonight.....

Please NOBODY else post....I only want to soak up all this knowledge that Babble is putting out....


Is there a person alive that can explain to me why Lex Hilliard is still on our team?


Yeah Carroll has been doing that for two Seasons know with lots of guys he`s picked up and has nothing to show for it.


Kris is right that is pure gold !!!

Kris my picks this weekend:


Will all loose, money!!!!

To get the QB we want, we should think of trading up. Either offer our 2nd and 4th picks or 3rd and 5th picks or maybe our 3rd and 4th but not a 2nd and 3rd or maybe our 2nd but not a 3rd, but a 2nd and a 5th but with a 4th in exchange. Thats the way I see it.


Please refrain from making any comments.....

Babble has the floor....

and I got my pen and paper....

Next, a WR that can stretch the field. Hartline hasn't shown it. Gates is 1 for 89 in receiving. A guy that and pop the secondary, open things up for Marshall and Bess. Bess is quick but he is not fast. There is quick fast and fast fast, Bess is quick fast but not fast fast. We need a fast guy that can get open to stretch the field, pop the top of the D. We need a pop topper WR that is fast fast, not just quick fast like Bess.


The new HC should be someone who can count to three without going off topic or rambling. A guy that can count directly from 1 to 3 without any pauses, without saying OKAAY, without saying these types of things or those types of things. Like this:
1 2 3.

Also, a coach that doesn't think every player on an 0-7 team has been tremendous.

Those are the two main qualities to look for.

One last suggestion...we should change our team colors to pink and lavender. This will psychologically make our competition go softer on us since those colors are associated with women. Men (with few exceptions like Marshall and Merling) generally don't like to beat women. They will play us softer and we will play them harder. We will be the hammer and they will be the nail.

the dolphins GM and Head Coaching positions are not that desireable for the marquis names/ candidates. we have many holes on the team that havent been addressed by ireland and co. he's assembled 53 players but hasnt built a "team". he doesn't have the know-how, unfortunately for us. its probably the reason parcells ran for the exit.

Babble picked the perfect moniker, I'm out, I'm hoping the Broncos beat the jets....


Thanks for your contribution to this evenings chat.

JS in LA | November 17, 2011 at 07:01 PM

It worked for the Giants. Miami can survive without draft picks. The FO has been waisting draft picks for years. The team is young enough. And Luck is the best bet you can make on a QB.

TRADE UP FOR LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy babble is sensational. He has all of the answers without having all of the answers.

Babble, you sound exactly like Sparano, all of the answers without having all of the answers. Are you and Sparano related?

Hey fin, from earlier. To answer your question, the GM has to have that "gut feeling" for one of the QBs. If it's Luck, and only Luck, I mortgage the future. To me, getting a franchise QB is all-encompassing, not worth doing anything else for this team until that position is secured. That's just me, others disagree.

But if Luck can't be gotten, then it depends who it is. If it's not a QB that's next on the list, then maybe Miami can wait for their turn. But it's all about who they deem will finally lock this position down for the next 5-10 years, and their bravery to do whatever it takes to get him.

Where's Orton? Let's see all the hands of those of you wanting Orton. Raise them high fellas...

Yea, DC, I see what your saying.

Its just I want Miami to have an elite QB, so freackin bad.

I'm convinced 100%, thats what this team needs.

I was just like everyone else on Tebow. But in higndsight I was wrong. He may not be an elite QB. But he is what Miami needed. Someone that can come in and change the way this team thinks about football.

Miami should make Indy an offer that they can't refuse. I'm sure they don't want two high salaries. And they don't want to give up Mannings royalties. So a deal could happen.

Tebow? What are you seeing? 50 yards in first half, 2 completions last week. Tebow its Terrible.

Tebow has to be the worst starting QB in the NFL.

I don`t know how many of you saw the interview P.Manning gave in the Colts locker room or not but he all but said that if cleared he will practice in Dec. and try and play in a few games to give the Colts a chance to see were he`s at so that they can make a decision on their future while Manning makes one on his. I for one think if this happens the Colts could actually win a couple before the year ends but more importantly they will think long and hard about letting Manning go to F.A. I can just imagine him going to a contender and being the player we all know with the Colts struggling with a Rook Q.B.

At the same time I think Luck wants to compete from day one and will not be the happiest camper sitting 4 years behind Manning (Montana/Young, Favre/Rodgers very bad juju) plus even with a rook cap they would have to carry something like 35 Million a year on two Q.B.`s. That said if Manning isn`t cleared and can`t really do anything then all bets are off but at this point were all just speculating. Earlier someone said a 5-11 record would knock us out of the top 10 in the draft, so I take it to mean 9 weeks into the season it`s an all out race to loose every game you have left for about a dozen teams, common!!

If you look at our schedule I don`t see how you can be optomistic this bunch wins two more much less three but in the event they do then mortgage the 2012 draft we must an gamble it all on Luck and if not hope that either Landry or Barkley aren`t fools gold. Something I can live with at this point because not trying to me is worse. Forget Payton if he hits the market not because I wouldn`t want him but he will go some place were he can win with the talent at hand A.S.A.P. and that won`t be us unless Ross wants to give him a peace of the team and make him a Celebrity owner as well while he`s at it.

Puhlease give up the 1st pick Luck talk already. We get it. We got it. You guys continue to merrily pound away on this daily ad nauseam.

Down 13 - 10, 3rd and 3, late 4th quarter.

The ole Fullback up the gillet!


They don't trust T-Bow obviously.

He's worse than Sancheeze an Sancheeze SUCKS!

T-Bow play Quarterback like Ronnie Brown.

Brown's probably a little better though!

Kind of petty I know, but T-Bow wasn't even watching the clock as it wound dow to the two minute warning.

Who cares, he's got em in range!

T-Bow! T-Bow! T-Bow! T-Bow!


Kick his A SS!!!!



I tak back every negative thing I've EVER said About T-Chok..........ah, I mean T-Bow!

T-Bow! T-Bow! T-Bow! T-Bow!

Puhlease give up the 1st pick Luck talk already. We get it. We got it. You guys continue to merrily pound away on this daily ad nauseam.

PuhLease | November 17, 2011 at 11:05 PM

The writing looks familiar,the puhlease with an ad nauseam, oh yeah the drunk ex hippie frustrated in his man cave cause he cant get it up for his blow up doll. Got a thought for you get your string guitar and go play it for your cardboard cut out budies in the out house.


That's pretty funny(in a spiteful kind of way), but it wasn't me Bro!

Try AGAIN, Heh, heh.

Get it? "AGAIN"? Yeah, from that time, you know.......ah........Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!


Nice job by Tebow.

Bwahahahhaga wheres the J E T S Fans??
They are beyond themselves on the GangGreen Nation Blog. Enjoyable reading


I thin you might be on to something when you said you think the Pats will start distancing themselves from the pack.

Gee, how long ago was it that you said that?

Earlier today?

NICE call!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiight Rexy!!!!

Ahh you can do better than that Bro!

Get a Grip ! I aint your Bro cause you aint got none

Why dont you try "AGAIN"

Dont worry you aint alone in the "AD NAUSEAM" Gang of intellectual know nothings brigade of pukes !

Lets see here,


Have I got all your little friends down now as well "GOOD" that way you dont have to feel alone

is Sanchise sucking for Peyton Manning?

No worries Bobby.

Rex and the Wets will **ALWAYS** be "Training Camp Champs" in the hearts and minds of their fans!

It's a Good Thing Rexy has a foot fetish, when it comes to putting his foot in his mouth, he's Tops!

Tebow pulls out another miracle! JETS LOSE! Yeah baby!

is Sanchise sucking for Peyton Manning?

Posted by: Jamison | November 17, 2011 at 11:53 PM

Peyton Manning?

The way he's going, he just MIGHT be sucking for Luck!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I despise Tim Tebow. I hate the Patriots. But I don't hate them 1/2 as much as I hate the
J E T S. The ultimate FAIL.

Ahh you can do better than that Bro!

Get a Grip ! I aint your Bro cause you aint got none

-I ain't got none? ROTFLMAO-Ooooooooooooo, you told me BRO ;)

Why dont you try "AGAIN"

-I knew you'd get THAT reference, NICE(snicker, snicker).

Dont worry you aint alone in the "AD NAUSEAM" Gang of intellectual know nothings brigade of pukes !

Lets see here,


Have I got all your little friends down now as well "GOOD" that way you dont have to feel alone

Posted by: coalition to ban odinseye | November 17, 2011 at 11:51 PM

-Whoa, WHoa, WHOA! Don't blow a gasket **BROTHER**. Man, It looks like you're the one that ain't "Getting None".

WhazzaMatter, you and Mario on the outs "AGAIN"?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I despise Tim Tebow. I hate the Patriots. But I don't hate them 1/2 as much as I hate the
J E T S. The ultimate FAIL.


Bobby, how spooky!

We posted the SAME EXACT THING only 1 minute apart!

I LOVE IT when the Jets Lose!!!!


C'mon man! The wets just LOST to T-Bow!

Can't we just this once, put aside our "differences" and enjoy this?


Huh? You.........you wanna ENJOY this?

It'll be fun!

I know you really want too now, shape up mister and give me a:

J-E-T-S........Suck, Suck, Suck!

SEE? I knew you'd enjoy THAT!

PS: Your WELCOME Brother!!!!



You love to hate. When you hate, you hate yourself, because its you that feels the hate nobody else.

Remember that the next time you have a tailgate sausage in your mouth, or any other kind of 'sausage'.

Guys, I don't give a rats ass what you think! Tebow crushed the jets! I loved Ryan's drooped shoulders! In their loss, when Tebow scored that last TD! Go Tbow!

Tebow finds a way to win, we find a way to lose!

I want to take a vote amongst the bloggers here.

Please indulge me on this. It's just out of curiosity and I HOPE at least you regulars here play along.

When and if you do vote, copy and paste the last tally in your post and add yours to it(this can carry over to new blogs posted by Armando if you wish)so we can keep a running tally.

Here we GO:

When and IF the new regime is brought in, how many of you want us to stay with a 3-4 defense?

Coversely, how many of you want to switch to a 4-3?


I think we should stick with the 3-4.

3-4 - 1

4-3 - 0

Posted by: odinseye November 18, 2011 at 12:45 AM

I agree with Odinseye, I think we should stick with the 3-4.

3-4 - 2

4-3 - 0

Posted by: Geronimo November 18, 2011 at 12:46 AM

I hope you guys contribute and include a paragraph or two(or 3 or 4.......)as to why you feel the way you do.

(If you don't, I'm going to feel pretty dumb posting this).

I vote to stick with the 3-4.

3-4 - 1

4-3 - 0

Celebratory dances by fools who have only won over listless teams should be a telltale sign of the mentally of a selfish overpaid and pampered NFL player.
I am a Miami Dolphins Fan!


I don't know if the word "Crushed" is the correct adjective.

Still, I can't argue with success!

T-Bow! T-Bow! T-Bow! T-Bow!

Ozkar is a KOOL name.

I picture looking just like Ozzy Osbourne, though only DISTANTLY related.

PS: I felt embarrassed for them when I saw them dancing at the end of the game.

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