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All things Jeff Ireland following Sunday's victory

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- During yesterday's Dolphins victory in this hazy, cold town, I conducted an unscientific survey of my twitter followers (please follow me, if you aren't already).

I asked if people have confidence in owner Stephen Ross making a good head coach hire. It's a yes or no question. I also asked if people people have confidence general manager Jeff Ireland will make the right call on finding the Dolphins a franchise-caliber quarterback this offseason, another yes or no question.

Neither fared well. And, believe it or not, Ross fared better than Ireland.

Within the span of 30 minutes, 46 people answered "no," to the question Ross would get it right on the coach hire. Thirteen (13) peope said "yes," he would get it right. One person answered, "Hell no!" that Ross would not get it right. So not much confidence in Ross.

It was worse for Ireland.

Forty-one people said no, they have no confidence in Ireland getting the QB pick right. Eight said, "yes," Ireland would get the QB issue right. And five people said, "Hell no!" Ireland has no chance of getting it right.

So 49 of 54 respondents have zero confidence in Ireland.

I told Ireland after the game that folks simply don't have much confidence in him. He was somewhat surprised, asking me what people? Fans, I answered.

I tried to convince Ireland to speak to me, and thus to you, after the game. He declined. But I wrote about him and his situation in today's Miami Herald nonetheless.

Simply, Ireland is in a no-win situation right now. Most folks don't dig him too much. And, as I wrote, it doesn't seem to matter to those folks that Ireland picked Matt Moore and he's worked out. It doesn't matter that Ireland picked Reggie Bush and tha he has also worked out.

But, as I wrote in my column, the guy whose opinion of Ireland really matters is Ross. And I tell you in the column what Ross thinks of his GM. I also tell you what Ireland's exact role in the looming coach search is and how far along that search currently stands. I also tell you about the caveat that might get Ireland fired despite Ross claims that he is safe for 2012.

I have news for you on what the Dolphins think of their chances to get Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden. And I tell you why I believe Jeff Fisher is today -- even without an interview -- the leading candidate to get the Dolphins job. I also tell you who will lead the coach search -- no, not Ireland.

Please read the column.

But I must warn you if you are anti-Ireland: The column makes the point that however you feel about him now, you will definitely change your mind if the Dolphins get the right quarterback in the offseason. It is what it is. You folks are fans. And fans are a fickle what-have-you-done for me lately bunch.

Ireland gets the QB call right as a GM, he is going to be in a win-win situation for a long time. 


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It's time for people to recognize Matt Moore is a legit starter. He has been playing great, maybe better than any other QB we could have gotten in the offseason. As Armando said, have to give kudos to Ireland on that, and maybe Ross for killing the Orton deal.

Is Moore the long term answer? I have no idea. Do we still need to draft a QB? Of course, for sure. But Matt Moore is not playing like a backup. He may miss some throws, but he makes enough good ones to keep him around. Considering his limited experience as a starter, considering he has been getting better all season, he may have plenty of more upside.

Moore seems good enough to start until the next QB we take can beat him out.

There should be more confidence in Ross than Ireland. At least the coach Ross lusted after during the offseason has proven himself legitimate in San Francisco...not that that bodes particularly well for future endeavors, but it's more success in many fewer attempts than Ireland has had thus far.

10-20 is only 50% passing, it's not good enough. We need a quarterback that can carry this team on his back when needed. Moore is NOT that guy.

I am not crazy about Fisher. He didn't accomplish much in TN. I think we should everything and anything to get Cowher. He is the a proven coach. My # 2 selection would be Brian Bilick.

Go Phins!


Moore had a 122.3 QB rating yesterday and a Win. Not many would complain about that. His stats have been among the top QB's for a few of his games this year. Pretty good for a guy that just joined the team shortly before the regular season and had no practice with the starters until week 4.

There were MANY on here who HATED the Matt Moore add.....and I mean MANY. There were MANY who hated the add of Reggie Bush. There were MANY who hated the Brain Daboll hire. There were many who hate the add of Burnett for Crowder. There were MANY who hated the picks of Odrick and Pouncey.

At the end of the day it really doesn't matter what the fans think.....it matters what the won/loss column says. It doesn't say anything positive right now but that's not all on Ireland. Let's see how thing look with another competent coach on board before we can fully judge Jeff Ireland.

Stephen Ross will NOT succed. Carl Peterson and Eric are his mentors. They have zero superbowls between them. Joe Montana was the last KC qb that was great, before him, Len Dawson. Tont was not the problem, he coached what players he had to the upmost. A new offensive system takes time and YES patience. I think Brian Dabol has done a great job with what he has been given to work with. Now; all for nil!! Thanks Ross!!

Mando your math is off. Should be 46 out of 54.

Good stuff though.


Judging competency by SB wins is meaningless. No team has ever won a SB by bringing in a previous SB winning coach.

There are so many variables involved, personal, draft order, luck of the draft, quality of your division, strength of schedule, injuries, and many more.

It's really a difficult thing to put together even if you know how. There are just so many factors beyond anyone's control.

I've said it for a few weeks now, but if the Dolphins want Barkley they will have to trade up with Minnesota or St. Louis for him. This is the route I would definitely go....both teams need major upgrades and Dolphins could take advantage of that. I think St. Louis will want Khalil, so Minny is the trade partner. Cleveland and Washington will absolutely do what they have to pick QB, so that's who we're competing with. I also think Buffalo will take a QB too if they get the chance because they have an out clause with Fitz. Right now all those teams are picking ahead of us. It's conceivable that Luck, Barkley and RGIII will go top 5 and we may be looking at a guy like Landry Jones. Ireland, do what you have to to get one of these three.

I am happy to see Moore doing well and would be happy to see him continue to do well. He is currently ranked 12th (just behind Phillip Rivers and Matt Ryan) and appears to be playing with the kind of ability that shows he could be a solid starter. I think we need to draft a QB in the first round anyway, and probably even try to bring in another veteran to compete. With Moore's success I do not see how Henne sticks at all. I hope we can continue to build a good core of players, but the truth is now we are resetting with a new coach again. So everything is up in the air, with players and staff. Right now, only Ireland really looks moderately safe. Sparano Jr. and all of the rest of the coaching staff should be updating their resumes. I'd like to see us actually keep Nolan on board. I don't know if Todd Bowles is viable as a HC, but like the possibility of Billick or Fisher.

ireland will always be a ball boy;nothing more. he refuses to talk to the media and the fans. whats his problem?

Matt Moore has to prove himself against top teams in the AFC before some of you guys want to annoint him franchise QB. He's been nice for us but all our wins have come against teams with less than 500 winning pctg. If he does it against the Pats, Jets, Ravens, Steelers then we have a legit franchise QB.

Here's a couple observations from this fans perspective.

On the coaching search. I've been thinking about this and who should be the next HC. IMO I would like someone that wants the job. I don't want to have to go out and cater to a coach. I want a coach that wants to coach the Miami Dolphins and wants to with a passion.

In an ideal situation to me that coach would be Fisher. But if we have to cater and coddle a new coach then F'em. I don't want him.

When I think of Ireland and what he's done or not done the term MEDIOCRE comes to mind. Yes, he made some deals and trades but most have been just mediocre.

He moved up in the draft, traded away a couple picks and got Thomas. He may end up being a whole lot better but for now he's falling a little short of mediocre.

As with all of Ireland's choices they have been SAFE. This is what scares me about the upcoming draft. We're in need of a franchise QB and may need someone that takes risks to get "that guy". So, the QB pick in the coming draft, if there is one, will be safe, not great but SAFE.


Also Reggie Bush should be going to the Pro Bowl.

Something you will NEVER read on here from Armando or the people bloggin on here:

"Good moves Jeff Ireland has made"......

It's just HATE, HATE, HATE.....very balanced guys.....keep it up!! Doesn't matter Jeff....everyone has it in for you. Just keeping adding solid piece, after solid piece. Who gives a sh*t what the fans think! It's what the fans in EVERY city in the NFL do....hate the regime!!

"fickle what-have-you-done for me lately bunch."? Fickle? Lately?

Great article by written by Armando.

So if Ireland is handing the list over and Ross is talking to these guys without Ireland around I actually feel a lot better. Ross will be able to ask them questions regarding the GM situation without an uncomfortable Ireland staring daggers at them. I have a feeling at the least Ross will do a preliminary interview with Ireland present and then one without him.

But I'll tell you Ross had better get this coach hire right. It's been too long since they've had stability with a good coach. This is finally his chance to put his own stamp on the team, he should be working 24/7 right now to make sure he gets it right.

And Ireland better hope Fisher still likes him, maybe he should get going on that Christmas card.


Do you ever wonder why Jeff Ireland doesn't want to talk to you? Team wins in Buffalo, a place they've had a hard time winning and all you want to tell him is the fact that SO many fans have no faith in him.

How about paying him a compliment once in a while or saying, 'wow, this team has looked good going 5-2 in their last seven'.....but no, not you. Shoot from the hip.....

Ireland put together a 7-9 team two years in a row, and started 0-7 on this year.

He failed to draft a QB two years in a row.

It's time to dump the whole Parcells era and start fresh.

I for one am willing to give Ireland a chance to prove himself...outside the shadow of Parcels, including Henning & Sparano.

Ireland is the "sole survivor" of the Parcels era and now every decision is his own.

Let's rally behind him and see how well he does in both the draft and free agency. I heard that over 25% of the players will be free agents next year!

Ross can handle the coaching search with input from Peterson, which is fine by me, and let Ireland continue to own the "grocery purchases".

Anyone who's been watching the last month sees a team busting at the seams and ready to take their talents to the next level.

2012 will be our breakout year!

I get a kick out of the whole discussion about needing a SB QB. This didn't stop the NYG with backup Hostettler, the Ravens with journeyman Dilfer, the Redskins with Rypien and on and on from winning a SB. We're also told you need to spend a 1st rounder to get a QB; didn't stop the Pats with Brady (6th), the Colts with Unitas (undrafted), or the 49ers with Montana (3rd). We've been told ad nauseam that Reggie Bush needs to be used properly and cant run between the tackles; makes you wonder when people are going to think for themselves

Matt Moore has played very well and so has Bush. Ireland deserves a chance to prove it was no fluke. The team did not play hard enough the first 7 games and that is not Irelands fault. That was all on Sparano.

hahahahaha good point Craig, didn't even think of it. Mando also spends a lot of time writing on here about how the Dolphins have no talent. Jeff Ireland is the talent evaluator and guy who signs all of our free agents so I guess that could possibly rub him the wrong way!

But the fact of the matter is Ireland doesn't talk to anyone. He doesn't do interviews in any paper and the digest doesn't ever ask tough questions so when he talks to them it's just to praise himself on the good moves.

Armando makes some good points in the article about how Ireland has had some good pickups as Odrick,Pouncey,Moore,Bush,Dansby and others are all really solid players. Yes he's missed on some but every GM does, that's the NFL. I'm not in love with Jeff but I also don't think he's ruined this team like some other knee jerk fans seem to think.

The one thing I would like answered is, (and it was two questions before I witnessed Reggie Bush transition into an every down back), why didn't they go after a Zack Miller in the off season. I have a feeling he would say he had faith in Clay as a rookie. I'll give him that the kid has talent and a ton of potential but I also recognize due to the lockout he was going to take some time to acclimate. Why did he put so much faith in rookies contributing immediately knowing that they had no time to learn the playbook etc. with the lockout. It derailed the Dolphins season. Yes it was on Tony to get these players ready but they already knew Tony wasn't the best coach, why would he put that faith in him?


No, the CORRECT thing to say is 'Sparano coached this team to two straight 7-9 seasons'. The record falls on the coach. The common believe around the NFl and with the media is that the talent base is better than what the record shows. Ireland has had one and a little years to show his mettle. It's not enough time to evaluate him. Besides, when you draft a QB in the first or second round you need to give him to develop. What good does it do to draft his replacement after a couple of years or so. I'm hoping if they draft QB first round this year they give him at least 3-4 years to show what he's got.

Merry Xmas to Craig. Looks like he'll get his man (both of 'em). Looks like Matt Moore should be starting the 2012 Season (unless you have faith this team will find the franchise QB that can hit the ground running).

AND, sounds a lot like Jeff Fisher will be the next sucker in line to try their hand at living in Don Shula's shadow.

We'll see what good comes of all this. Will Fisher learn from mistakes of the past (that keep re-appearing with each new FO)? Will he have the guts to take chances in order to win? Will Ireland give him weapons to utilize?

Anyway, Miami is blowing a big, fat, wet kiss to Craig M right now. Lucky man.

Great job by John Jerry yesterday!!!

But, I do agree with Craig that it was stupid for Armando to tell Ireland the fans hate him. He's an arrogant dude (Ireland, not Mando), so I doubt he really cares what fans think of him.

AND, I don't think fans SHOULD be cheerleaders for Ireland as he hasn't produced anything resembling a competitive professional football team in his 4 years here (I don't give him credit for '08 as Parcells was said to be handling things then).

It's a big wait and see. Could go either way. Armando is right though, who cares about the other 52 players, Ireland's success will depend 100% on him getting a franchise QB or not.

Good luck!


Merry Christmas to you, bud.

Don't get the lack of love for Jeff Fisher or the sarcasm towards the pick. What mistakes does Jeff Ffisher have to learn from? How come you can't get behind this pick and get excited about it? You didn't like Sparano because you saw him as an OL coach and you didn't think he was qualified or had the experience necessary. Jeff Fisher has been a top coach in this league for 14 years.

I don't get the letdown in your post....

Shakti, I agree (meant to say something about that). MUCH better than Garner. I'm wondering what that means (is Jerry just playing out of position)? And who else is playing out of position (Reshad Jones, etc.)?

Also, did you see what it's like when you have timeouts end of game? Or end of half? In ONE game, Bowles made better game management choices than Sparano. I think Ross definitely made the right move firing Sparano. He's a nice guy, not an effective HC.

Matt Moore has to prove himself against top teams in the AFC before some of you guys want to annoint him franchise QB.

Posted by: Spiderman | December 19, 2011 at 09:30 AM

I don't recall seeing anybody here anoint Moore franchise QB. Maybe you can show a post that says as much? Or maybe you should read what is actually written. I personally only anointed him better than a back up. His stats prove as much. I also said of course we need to draft a QB #1.

It amazes me than anytime a good word is said about Moore here, it gets interpreted as anointing him as franchise QB.


Great post at 9:56am. I agree whole-heartedly with your thoughts.

Zach Miller was the top FA I wanted this off-season. I can only guess that Ross wouldn't sign off on the huge amount of money it would have taken to sign him. I have nothing to base that on....just a hunch. It might have been Clay too but who knows.


Thank you for having the guts to let Ireland know we don't have confidence in him. Maybe he'll realize we wont be satisfied til we have a definite franchise QB and do something (probably not).

And of course we'll be happy if we get a franchise QB. Look what the Colts did w/o Peyton. Look what we've done w/o Marino or a franchise QB since. Look what the Patriots have done since Brady.

Sure we're fickle but we need a franchise QB!

finfin every player on that list you wrote is from a different era except Brady. And the Brady point isn't valid because allthough he was picked in the later rounds he is still a super bowl/pro bowl qb. He is a QB that can carry a team. I think you're point was that you don't need that to win a super bowl.

And the players you listed played in the era of run first, play great defense and you win games. The problem is the entire NFL has changed due to Goodells pu**y rules. Qb's aren't allowed to be hit hard or even touched on the helmet, defenders aren't allowed to lower their heads to dislodge the ball, (which also means WRs are no longer afraid to come across the middle, defenders are afraid to make the big hits because it's hard to hit with full force when you're head is up, you can break your neck!) two of the rules that come to mind that have helped offenses gain an advantage.

This is another reason why any QB records that are going to be broken or have been in the past 7 years should have an asterisk next to them. Yes they broke these records but in a time that it was easier than ever for the QB to do his job. It's ridiculous really.

So all in all I disagree with your post and say you really do need a great QB to win it all in this league today.

To the point of does the record fall on the coach or the GM I think Reggie Bush said it best before yesterdays game. Reggie Bush when describing Tony Sparano, "fine coach, great man".

That sums it up right there. You could tell what Reggie was saying just by the tone and inflections in his voice. He is a better man than he is a head coach. And I think most fans and all of the players knew it. Tony would be a great assistant coach because he and a head coach will have this good cop bad cop thing going on that could be lightning in a bottle. Any team that hires Tony as an assistant may stumble on to a great formula. But hiring as a head coach I'm afraid will get any other team right where it got us, middle of the pack.

I'm starting to warm up to Moore. Looks like he'll be the uncontested starter in 2012 barring an unlikely trade up or Manning blockbuster. Funny how a slightly above average QB has erased the word Henne from these pages. Will give Ireland his props for the Moore acorn. Would like to see him beat a good team however. Buffalo twice, Washington, KC and Oakland don't really fit that bill. Final two weeks should be good tests.

Craig, just my pessimism coming out.

Mistakes weren't those Fisher made, it was mistakes other HC's made when they came here (i.e., NOT getting their QB, not game strategizing to AFC East standards, not relying on the pass game enough, not having a system that could define the team and give them an identity). That's what I hope the next HC can learn not to duplicate.

I'm not a Fisher guy Craig (I think that's been well established), but, trust me, once we get a new HC, I will support them until I see the product on the field (even if it's him). Then I will judge. I did it this year (gave Sparano/Henne a chance in Pre-Season until they went 0-7 and lost me along with everyone else).

I'd prefer an offensive-minded HC, but that's just me. Maybe Fisher will get a great OC. Everything is up for grabs now.

But after the umpteenth letdown of a Season from this franchise, I'm not really thinking optimistically. We'll be hiring our 6th Coach (I think) since Shula, and getting our 16th or 17th new starting QB (unless Moore starts) since Marino. With that history, optimism should be taken with a grain of salt.

I just want to say Merry Christmas to all Fin fans.

Here's a couple Christmas wishes for us all.

May we all have a whole lot of Luck for next year and the many years to come.

May St. Louis keep losing and Indy win 2 more and teh Rams become the ultimate trade partner for Miami.

I'm not 100% sold on Jeff Fisher.
I can't put my finger on anything specific, other than he's called '500 Fisher' in TN because that's his win/lose record.

My concern is his lack of "chutzpah". I just don't see this corps of players rallying around this guy with the type of intensity needed to win the AFC East.

I was pne of the ones who said 'yes' to both of the questions Armando posted on Twitter yesterday.

It's easier just to agree with what the mass say and think, rather than to think independently. It's partly why the US is in such a mess today (with all due respect to everyone south of the border). Too many people just agree with what popular opinion is and what the media has to say. Hey, if enough people say it, it MUST be right, right?

Cheers guys....gotta run...

DA, I've been thinking of my own distrust of Moore. I really hated him before the Season (even though I didn't know much). He's proved himself to me. Like you said, not as an elite QB, but better than we've had here (since Pennington '08).

Past is prologue, so that where people get worried (and Moore did this in Carolina too, where he had a great stretch, and then played poorly once given the reins). But this could be different. Moore is more experienced now. He has a better group around him (than in Carolina). The game plan seems to be more in his wheelhouse.

So I'm fine with him competing for a starting position next year. I'll let time determine if he's our long-term answer or not. Especially since we don't have our franchise QB yet, beggars can't be choosers.


He's not a .500 coach....he's actually about 22 games OVER .500.....and all of that under some pretty tough circumstances in Houston/Tenn. I'm of the belief that his best coaching days are ahead of him. I have nothing to base that on....just a guy feeling. I think the year of will do him good and he'll come back with a vengeance. Lets' see.

DC, good post above. Fisher's not a slamdunk yet, so don't despair. You may still get your offenive HC.


Craig...were all posting on "gut feelings" here!

Anyone know the latest line on Billick?
He was all the talk a few days ago now he's on the "B" list, what gives?

NHFINS FAN ease that concern. Fisher won a national championship in college. He was hampered by a meddling owner in Tennessee and also endured the move from houston to tennesse. The organization was a mess. He pulled them out of it and made them a top team in the NFL after the move because the owner had backed off a bit. AS SOON AS FISHER MADE THEM A TOP TEAM, and I'm talking like a finger snap fast, the owner started meddling again. The guy is an ego maniac and couldn't handle the fact that Jeff was getting all of the praise. He started putting input into the draft and free agent acquisitions and once again the team declined. The Vince Young thing was the final nail in the coffin. The owner INSISTING Young be the starter all though Fisher knew the kid was a head case and wanted to sit him.

And your "chutzpah" line I'm assuming means you don't think he has a big set, or that he isn't a tough coach? Well if that's what you mean it couldn't be further from the truth. It has been said that during Titans practices you could hear the coach yelling from the parking lot. The guy holds EVERY player accountable and is never shy. He runs up and down that sideline and gets in peoples faces, much like Rex Ryan. The man definitely has a big set.

What did "Home" say?

"Home" is tearing it up on the Sun Sentinel blog once again "Home" is the most accurate predictor by far in his team picks and score predictions

So what did "Home say about Jeff Ireland and his future with the Miami Dolphins?


Good point. Fisher definitely has the 'chutzpah'. He'll get in anyone's face if neccessary. This off-season he also tackled one of the toughest walks out there and maybe I have my facts wrong but wasn't it Mount Kilimanjero, or something? You have to train for it, altitude is a major problem, as is breathing. He's one tough SOB....no question. Can he take us to a Championship?....I can't answer that for sure.

DA, I've come on this blog all season, and there have been some guys who wanted to annoint gim franchise qb. Instead of thinking my blog post was indicative on what you posted, you should of realize I said some guys and not DA.

"Home" picked three teams to win last week and posted them in advance on the Sun Sentinel blog.

Dallas to win, Miami to Win and "Home" picked the Patriots to win by 17 points.

Dallas won, Miami won and the Patriots won by 18 points.

Now I know why they call Home, "NostraHomeUs"

I think Fisher and Daboll might be a great match. Daboll has a lot of great ideas on offense and is young. The players all like him and keeping him would leave some continuity on the team.

If Fisher came aboard, as more of a defensive minded coach the team could keep their current playbook and Daboll and the transition wouldn't be as hard. We could actually think playoffs with the right QB or further emergence and progress made by Matt Moore.

So I don't see a defensive minded coach as being a problem under this scenario. It could actually be a blessing. Our last two coaches have been offensive minded and the team has sucked.

The three before that, Saban,Johnson,and Wanny were all defensive minded and the team was at least in super bowl conversations.

ALoco, it's DC, national gov't. What else could be for lunch....GOVERNMENT CHEESE!!!

Ireland has that same stick up his butt that Saban had; the one where he thinks he is better than everyone else and that its beneath him to give interviews for us to disseminate.

Ireland can go take a long walk off of a short pier and the best thing that Ross can do for the Dolphins is to sell the team.

Home is also in first place in the Sun Sentinel score prediction poll for three years in a row.

The guy drives me nuts sometimes,but is the Dolphin Fan prediction leader year after year.

Regardless of what Mooore does people still downgrade his abilities....I hope Moore is our starter next year and we draft a competent rookie to groom for the future..Bush looked great....only our conservative offensive 4th q1uarter approach and the prevent defense which always sucks let the final score be close....lets kick some pats and jests butts and end this season on a winning note


I will be interested in how Moore plays against the Patriots. It was a meaningless game last year, and Henne played just like that. I'm hoping Moore plays to win this year. This is a very winnable game for us. We need to pressure Brady, keep him guessing.

If Moore can beat the Pats, then he'll have a warm place in my heart (at least until the next time he loses).

Al he picked Dallas to beat the floundering Bucs, Picked Miami to beat a team that we beat by 30 points first time around and was on a 6 game losing streak, and picked the Patriots who average 34 points a game to beat a team who averages 16 points a game.

Put it in perspective.

More like Nostradumbass


Al from NJ, or HOME, whatever you want to be called. Stop patting yourself on the back, your picks were obviously going to win. A 12 year old could have predicted that.

Dude, I know Home can be annoying but,you cannot argue with the guys success.
Every freakin week for the last 5 weeks Home has been hitting it on his score predictions.
Just saying, would like to take Home to Vegas with me.


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