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All things Jeff Ireland following Sunday's victory

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- During yesterday's Dolphins victory in this hazy, cold town, I conducted an unscientific survey of my twitter followers (please follow me, if you aren't already).

I asked if people have confidence in owner Stephen Ross making a good head coach hire. It's a yes or no question. I also asked if people people have confidence general manager Jeff Ireland will make the right call on finding the Dolphins a franchise-caliber quarterback this offseason, another yes or no question.

Neither fared well. And, believe it or not, Ross fared better than Ireland.

Within the span of 30 minutes, 46 people answered "no," to the question Ross would get it right on the coach hire. Thirteen (13) peope said "yes," he would get it right. One person answered, "Hell no!" that Ross would not get it right. So not much confidence in Ross.

It was worse for Ireland.

Forty-one people said no, they have no confidence in Ireland getting the QB pick right. Eight said, "yes," Ireland would get the QB issue right. And five people said, "Hell no!" Ireland has no chance of getting it right.

So 49 of 54 respondents have zero confidence in Ireland.

I told Ireland after the game that folks simply don't have much confidence in him. He was somewhat surprised, asking me what people? Fans, I answered.

I tried to convince Ireland to speak to me, and thus to you, after the game. He declined. But I wrote about him and his situation in today's Miami Herald nonetheless.

Simply, Ireland is in a no-win situation right now. Most folks don't dig him too much. And, as I wrote, it doesn't seem to matter to those folks that Ireland picked Matt Moore and he's worked out. It doesn't matter that Ireland picked Reggie Bush and tha he has also worked out.

But, as I wrote in my column, the guy whose opinion of Ireland really matters is Ross. And I tell you in the column what Ross thinks of his GM. I also tell you what Ireland's exact role in the looming coach search is and how far along that search currently stands. I also tell you about the caveat that might get Ireland fired despite Ross claims that he is safe for 2012.

I have news for you on what the Dolphins think of their chances to get Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden. And I tell you why I believe Jeff Fisher is today -- even without an interview -- the leading candidate to get the Dolphins job. I also tell you who will lead the coach search -- no, not Ireland.

Please read the column.

But I must warn you if you are anti-Ireland: The column makes the point that however you feel about him now, you will definitely change your mind if the Dolphins get the right quarterback in the offseason. It is what it is. You folks are fans. And fans are a fickle what-have-you-done for me lately bunch.

Ireland gets the QB call right as a GM, he is going to be in a win-win situation for a long time. 


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phins78 - Thomas had some great runs yesterday as well.

NHFINSFAN - I disagree. He's not by any means flashy...but an excellent one cut runner north and south. He's also very tough and difficult to bring down. He had a couple of busted plays yesterday where he was still able to get back to the line of scrimmage with 4 or 5 Bills hanging off of him.

Thomas is going to be just fine if he can stay healthy. I don't hang the health of the player up on the GM unless there was a known issue to begin with. Thomas didn't have any such issues in college. It's football, people get hurt.

Yeah, and every back you mentioned is a feature back right? Are they backing up Reggie Bush like Thomas? How many carries do they have compared to Thomas and then how does that translate in regards to yards? All good questions to ask yourself before giving up on a first year rb in a lockout season.

Fin4Life...check out my post to you back on page 4....

I'm out....time to go home...

I like Thomas, I really do, but was he worth a trade up?

I also agree that he is our back-up, non-starting back behind a resurgent Bush.

Bush is clearly getting the lions share of the carries, and rightfully so.
So...I'll yield to you on that argument and concur that if Thomas was getting the same number of carries that Bush is getting, his numbers would obviously be higher and his instincts would be more in tune with more playing time.
Let's agree that we're lucky to have him on our team.

I like Ireland and think he has done a fairly good job. Not outstanding but fairly well. You have to take a snapshot of the team for the last 3 years to make a fair judgement. The sucess of the wildcat led them off in another direction that did not work out and you do not have much time in the NFL to experiment. While it took 3 years for Sporano to fix the defense and special teams and some aspects of the offense he never really fixed the offensive line in my opinion which has led more this year than anything else to the teams demise and Sporano firing. Many want to blame Ireland for a lot of this but you have to figure the head coach had some input into the draft and free agency on the offensive line and the phins have spend a ton of money and picks on that area with medicore results. That was on Tony. I like Tony too he just could not fix enough fast enough and needed to improve his game mangagement and be a bit more aggressive.

Also in RE to Thomas.....one has to wonder if they would have made that same move if there was no lock out.....Bush would have already been in the fold.

As it stands, they had Sheets and Hilliard in the backfield when draft day kicked off. Yet another example of how the lockout impacted the draft this year.

Personally, if it were me moving up, I would have taken Murray...but most people had both backs around the same spot on most boards. Plus Marray had more injury issues in college.

Fin4Life...check out my post to you back on page 4.... I'm out....time to go home... Publicado por: kris | December 19, 2011 at 02:27 PM

Saw it and can respect your point of view on the subject given I get it. It goes back further than the example you gave with half the 72 team on the sideline Monday Night Vs. Chicago in 85. The move could have easily back fired on Shula because it must have been a monumental distraction for the team during the game, heck getting the right personnel on the field that night must have been difficult with so many people on the sideline, so yeah I get your point Kris.

Thomas is a stiff. What lucky? We could've got Larry Johnson to do what he's doing for the league minimum.

When analyzing D.Thomas who alot of boards had going Rd.3 you 1st need to see what the higher rated Demarco Murray has done in Dallas. I'm not saying that Thomas can't be a steady player but I liked Murray more (drafted Rd.3) and posted it plenty before the draft, if there is one thing the Big 12 produces it's R.B.'s


Against Philly he had a 66.8 quarterback rating. Last 4 games his completion percentage was 59.4% vs Dallas, 52% vs Oakland, 57.9% against Philly, and 50% vs Buffalo.

Not good. Don't get me wrong, I think he is as good as Henne (maybe better), but he is not the "franchise" QB.


The people that follow you on twitter are likely the ones that listen to your show and read your column in the Herald. These shows and colums have been filled with ati Ross and anti Ireland sentiment for months. Now then, why would you expect anything less than negative feedback on Ross and Ireland? Please explain.

Mark, you're hilarious. I LOVE reading your posts. "Thomas is a stiff." CLASSIC!!!

Thomas might be serviceable as a #2 back. But like you're alluding to, so what?

You can win with no run game in this league (SBs). You CAN'T win (SBs) anymore will no pass game. So let's not forget about the run, but we don't need to harp on it like it's the cornerstone of doing ANYTHING anymore. Let's shore up the pass game. Look at all the big 20+ yard plays we've had this year. Isn't that a breathe of fresh air from the last DECADE+?

I pray Mark, for your and my sake, that Ireland gets the QB search right. If not, we'll be pretty sour here for a long time.

NH I did some research, you were right and wrong and so was I.

The only RBs who have more yards than Thomas are Helu who is the featured back in Washington in a Shannahan offense that is all run. AND Demarco Murray who is the featured back in Dallas (correct me if I'm wrong about their starting status) which is a playoff team that has one of the best o-lines in the league.

Helu has 85 more yards than Thomas in 4 less attempts. Murray has 343 more yards and 15 more attempts. So that's where I was wrong.

But Rodgers only has 182 yards rushing (Atl) while Hunter has 322 yards (SF)in much less attempts, but they still don't have more yards like you said.

You might have meant to say more average yards per carry. Thomas is at 3.6, Rodgers 3.8, Hunter 3.9, Helu 4.3, and Murray 5.5.

But besides SF these stats don't mean a whole hell of a lot when taking into account stability of the organizations. Those other backs were going into pretty great situations as a rookie, playoff teams, same offensive coordinators and head coaches (except SF) which means they were going into environments that were more conducive to winning and success. Thomas came onto a team that had just tried to fire it's head coach and changed most of their offensive coaching staff. The veteran players weren't even farmiliar with the new offensive system so how were they going to help the rookies along. Not to mention our offensive line "guru" was still tinkering with the o-line. The entire right side starting at the center was new and we also signed Culombo (yikes).

I could go on and on. I'm just saying there are more factors that go into evaluating young talent then just stats.

Thomas is also a nice fit in a two back system. Had they taken Murray (would've been my choice), it is likely the Bush transaction would not have occured due to they would have two similar type of backs.

Seems to me, the two back system works best with backs of different styles. Perhaps they would have brought in Johnson and held onto him...of course, then we'd be talking about the need to draft a RB in this draft due to Johnson's age.

Dear Herald idiots, please stop sending EVERY ONE of my posts to review, IT'S ANNOYING!

If you were truly reviewing them for content then they wouldn't be posted the moment I type in the stupid code would they? Wouldn't there be a pause between the security verification and the posting of my entry?

So stupid.

I guess I'm just saying to NH and a couple of others, lets not give up on our rookies so quickly, this was a bad year we all know that, but we're certainly not going to blame that on a handful of rookies are we? Lets give them a full off season of actually working with the team before we talk about their bust status. It's WAY too early for that.

Yeah NH I'll agree with you there, not sure moving up was the best thing to do, Hopefully for our sake Ireland proves us wrong! But I still have a lot of hope for Thomas. I watched him do some amazing things in college for a kid who just started playing the position. He started his career as a QB or something and was made a running back in the beginning of his college career. I've also watched him make some pretty amazing moves and runs this year in the pros and I'm hoping he can keep getting better.


Your post is pretty dead on except for the part were you say that Dallas has one of the best OL in football, cause they don't. LT Doug Free is slow taking speed rushers on in the pass game, Pierre Paul showed that on Sunday night to give one of many examples. Their interior line is in flux while they rebuild. Everybody was replaced except for Kyle Kosier, there best OL is their rookie RT T.Smith and most of Murray's yards came on plays were he was able to break it outside around RT, were he had the speed. The reason he replaced F.Jones as the starter I believe is because he is tougher and will lower his head and pound and I believe having watched them both Murray has better vision seeing the field both areas were he's better than our pick D.Thomas as well.

Thanks for the correction fin4life. I guess I shouldn't have assumed they were solid just because that has been the Cowgirls history at o-line. I do know they are much better run blocking then pass blocking but you are right, definitely not one of the best lines. I was 100% wrong on that (and did some research to make sure ;).

Phins78...I am not giving up on Thomas at all.
After reading the other post its obvious that with Thomas being a #2 back, while the other rookie RB's are features backs, we did pretty good in drafting Thomas.
So..were all set at RB for next year.
PS - I really like Clay, he seems to have big play abilities!

Oh and fin4life I was also wrong because I didn't point out Washington as being a non playoff team! Damn, I'm off today! But love you guys for being on top of it. Never afraid to learn and always love a challenging debate! Thanks everyone, talk to you later.

Lastly, I don't know if we're all set at rb for next year, have to see how Thomas gels with the new coach and so on, but I know we don't need to be taking a RB in the first 3 rounds so that's a good thing! See you guys.

DC, from tour mouth to tebow's, Uhm, I mean gods ears. Ireland makes me laugh building this big plodding team that can run and stop the run but ends up puking on its own shoes whenever it has to play anyone who's worth a dang. People forget this isn't the 1990s. There is free agency, rapid turnover. You can't keep building and keep a team together forever. The impact of a cap is also very important. You can't have an incredibly high priced defense and offensive line and hope to compete. It's a different landscape and resources need to be allocated completely differently. You can't have a left tackle and nose tackle making qb money and hope to succeed.

You guys who are debating RBs. Remind me again, are the rules geared towards running, or passing? Just asking.

Here's a stat you all should know. Of the top 10 rushers in the league this year (which, by the way, Bush is 12th, so way to go there) only FOUR will be on Playoff teams.

So, I ask again, what is this constant infatuation with the run game? Is it like my infatuation with vinyl records? Just some desire to keep something from the past (as a memento). Because that's what the run game is nowadays. It's a sad reminder to the "old-fashioned" crowd that technology done caught up with the NFL, and passed all the run teams by.

You guys ready for 2012? Find a QB, then let's talk.

No not correct.
Home is fat lard-ass ala Rex Ryan.
Plays for the other team from what I've heard here in South Florida.

Mark @3:13,

Great post and very very true!!

I think Jeff Ireland is doing a great job and should get a raise as well as an extended contract! Any bad picks were Bill Parcells doing. All good picks were Jeff Ireland. Jeff Ireland is one of the brightest minds in the NFL, and a damn good looking guy if I do say so myself.

Keep in mind that Parcells was calling the shots the first 3 years, not Ireland. This was Ireland's first offseason without the smell of Tuna around. I think he drafted very well....Pouncey, Thomas, Clay, and Gates are, or will be, very good players. Pouncey may well be a Pro Bowler very soon. Yes, we need an upgrade at QB, but the signing of Moore was awesome! He's played very well and is a quality starter, and an awesome backup. I expect Ireland to feel out the draft before deciding to trade up for a QB. If Moore continues to play well in the last two games, it won't be an emergency to trade your draft away for a QB. Plus, it's possible Manning may be available as a FA since the Colts really can't afford to trade him. Having Manning and nearly all of your draft selections available will allow Ireland to fill some other important needs in the secondary and pass rush departments. I wouldn't freak out if we did trade up and grab a franchise QB now, but i won't freak out if we don't either. I like Ireland and would like to give him another offseason to prove his worth. Also, where are all of the Reggie Bush haters now? After a slow start, which should have been expected with all of the offensive changes this year, he's be awesome! Another Ireland signing! However, we still need a coach!


Mark's post @ 3:13pm makes WAY TOO MUCH sense. Please don't let Ireland read it, he may get the wrong message. He may learn how to build a team in 2012, and we don't want that.

We want to continue mediocrity. 7-9 Seasons eternally.

Mr. Ross, if you're reading Mark's post, please move on, nothing to see here. This is the strategy of an annual competitive team, so already totally out of your ballpark.

I know, Mark's just a fan, what does he know? Just a Couch Potato who thinks he's a GM. Never mind that his views are basically factually backed up by the SB wins by Green Bay, Indy, Saints. But that's not us. We want to be the 2000 Ravens. Just without the lights out defense.

Sorry Mark, you're not getting a job in Miami. Your views might propel us to win the division, and that would mess up our moniker as "The World's Most Mediocre Franchise."

Thomas, Clay, and Gates are, or will be, very good players
NO. They will never be better then average, and a good chance one or two of them won't be on the team in a couple of years.


"The signing of Moore was awesome! He's played very well and is a quality starter, and an awesome backup"


"I expect Ireland to feel out the draft before deciding to trade up for a QB. If Moore continues to play well in the last two games, it won't be an emergency to trade your draft away for a QB."
You MUST draft a QB in round 1. Let's hope we don't have to give up too much if we need to move up. Not drafting a QB in Round 1 is a FAILURE.


"Also, where are all of the Reggie Bush haters now? After a slow start, which should have been expected with all of the offensive changes this year, he's be awesome!"
Bush is getting older, he is not a long term solution and is also injury prone. He is having a GOOD YEAR with a couple exceptional games. He is not having a GREAT YEAR (no Pro-Bowl).


A.Rodgers is a Marino sized anomaly, yesterday I was watching there game and ours at the same time. I'll tell you in a game without either G.Jennings or D.Driver a very good K.C. DB Backfield took away the pass game and let the front 7 pin their ears back and lay a pounding on Rodgers. Yesterday there lack of a run game is what kept them from their shot at perfection.

In 2010 defending champs Saints came apart with teams forgetting about holding lanes in the run game and going after Brees. Once Pierre Thomas and Bush were done they were in a heap of trouble, it's the reason they drafted Mark Ingram Rd.1 instead of a Safety or CB which are huge needs on that team as well. I know it's a pass driven league today but you have to be able to threaten with the run to keep teams honest just like you use to have to threaten with the pass in order to run in the past.

Brady yesterday held the Broncos at bay with Woodhead who was running all over the place. I want a Q.B. to light it up as well but your selling the chess match which is calling plays short if you think your going to throw it over 50 times every week with no threat of the run.

Again, Armando, wrong, wrong, wrong. Getting the qb right will not be enough, since we could be better with a mediocre gm, let alone a good one. Draft bust after draft bust, missing on wide receivers, safeties, corners, and yes, quarterbacks, over and over, not to mention the dez Bryant situation, and he has to take some of the blame for sparano.
People not believing in Stephen Ross are idiots. Is he a guru, no, but he has tried to get one coach before, and how is that coach doing with a crap qb and a loser team? 10-3? What?

Hey sissykrissy,

Yo mama soooo STUPID, she let you out of the playpen, and allowed you to grow up a BUFFALO FAN!

Professor Lou....
Miam won't bear Buffalo.....
Buffalo shows up against us....
Posted by: kris | December 17, 2011 at 10:32 AM

Guess Craig will jump from the tree, and join hands on the "nag-wagon"!

Please take your foot out of your moth first...

And furthermore DC, if we spent the same amount of money and effort on building the pass game and finding guys that create turnovers, we might have got somewhere by now. Green bay and new England have some of the most leaky defenses in the NFL for giving up yards, but they have offenses that put pressure on the other teams defenses to push the envelope and when they do, they create turnovers. In today's NFL, you don't get the luxury of time and an unlimited payroll to build a complete team. You have to pick and choose what's important. The best teams at minimum can pass the ball and make you pay for your mistakes on defense. We have neither except for cam wake and Vontae Davis when he isn't drunk.

But man, we will make you pay for trying to run on us when you're already up by 15 points!!

Matt Moore is not as good as henne. He will lose the next two games, and we will start for next yeAr. Guaranteed.

By start I mean start looking for replacements. I'll say this, I have no faith 'in' ireland doing right by the draft. Pouncey may have been a good pick, but we need stars. That's what superbowl teams have. Passing, yes. But stars too. And wide receivers not named Marshall that can actually do something.

NO, THE OPINIONS THAT MATTER MOST IS THE FANS WHO PAY THE SALARIES of the players and nmanagement and put money in ROSS' pocket! That has been the problem. The FANS should be heard and the phins management has been ignoring us for the longest. If you want fans to support and show up, then MAKE WISE and OBVIOUS decisions (Matt Ryan over long. ANY QB last year, VETERAN pick ups so you don't have to cut and call guys back)

Fin4life, so the lack of a run game has made green bay only 18 and 1 in their last 19 games. Fire the coach, trade the bum of a qb.

New Orleans probably still should've drafted a defensive back. That team doesn't create enough turnovers and it will be their undoing.

OK did that topix really bring any new light on the matter that we fans already know about?

Here is exactly WHY I been posting about the meaning of meaningless games which are won that HURT the team.

Yup... we have no control over wins or losses but we can protest and protest in a huge way.

The Dolphins "meaningless wins" have screwed us so for those of you that have been jumping up and down in glee because they won 5 games, let's see how high you jump next season when you are on here bitching that we should have drafted _____ or we should have moved up to draft ______.

Prior to yesterday's meaningless win we had the 7th spot. With the meaningless win we are now 9th.


Yup, keep winning and we will be out of the 9th spot and into the double digits section.

Here is whee we are with the remaining 2 games to go.

1. Indianapolis (1-13)
2. St. Louis (2-11)
3. Minnesota (2-11)
4. Cleveland (4-10)
5. Jacksonville (4-10)
6. Tampa Bay (4-10)
7. Washington (5-9)
8. Carolina (5-9)
9,. Miami (5-9)
10. Buffalo (5-9)
11. Kansas City (6-8)
12. Philadelphia (6-8)

Irlandsucks I agree with most of your recent post..........but you are wrong on Reggie.

It has been a great year for him, and if he continues to play like that we only need to worry about the passing game on offense next year.

Jeff Fisher??? Eh, his nick name of 'Mr.500' in Nashville was for a reason. I'll take door number 2 please

fin, the run game is still useful like you said. A team that can do both well will be hard to beat. But it's not the all-encompassing factor it once was. Not even close. And Miami spends WAY too much time thinking about it. We need to just forget 100% about RBs and the run game UNTIL we shore up our pass game. That means QB, WR, TE, schemes, matchups, big plays, etc. There's a lot for us to do on that side. This year was just sticking our toe in the water. We need to fully grasp this new style of football. We have the knowledge base here to go back to the run anytime we want. That's why I say forget about it. It'll be easy to get it back if we lose it.

But the pass game. We lost that with Marino. Haven't ever seen it since. Maybe it's time we redirect our focus.

NY....no worries, both NY & NE are playing for a cause.
NYJ need to win out for a wild card spot
NE needs to keep pace with PIT for the #1 seed and home field advantage throughout.

Therefore I predict that we LOSE the remaining two games and secure a top 5 pick.

I am concerned about two teams stealing our franchise QB

1. Redskins
2. Browns

Both are coming to terms with their QB's limits and will jump at either RG3 or Barkley if they are still on the board. Therefore we must finish ahead of these two teams to secure our franchise QB.


Your not getting the point I was trying to make and that is unless your the RED HOT on FIRE Aaron Rodgers with the exception of yesterday without two big parts of his assault then you do need the threat of the run to keep the back end of the D honest and looking into the Offensive backfield. Even the great Payton seemed lost last year when they went to rookie D.Brown in the run game.

It is a Q.B. driven league because of the rule changes but if all your going to do is pass then why not draft and sign the best DB's you can and simply stay with 6 in the game full time, then your DL and one LB on the field can pass rush everydown??? I'll tell you why because then the draw play would absolutely murder you and if you have to start looking in the backfield then everything changes along with the personnel on the field.

You seem to forget that in the 09 S.B. when the Saints backed off the deep ball it was the screen passes to Pierre Thomas that begin to shift that game. Last year Big Ben dug a hole early but it was the ability to run and slow that game down that almost gets them back in it. They loose really because they're DB's were exposed something as a hardcore fan you knew was the weak link in that Pitt.D. My point is you can't simply dismiss the run game and throw the ball every play you need a counter balance in the run game.

"THE MIAMI DULPHINS WITH THE 13th PICK TAKE_____OFFENSIE TACKLE FROM_______(Fill in the blanks guys, Its Jeff Ireland picking.)

NH, we need to think all of Indy, jax, Cleveland, Washington, will all have varying degrees of interest in a qb. Hopefully buffalo doesn't get ahead of us either. Hopefully not every one of those teams will to qb in the draft. Just looking at the worst case scenario, as the team should. We can't rely on another teams good nature. We need to be aggressive to get what we need. We can always find a rt in free agency or from within. We can wait another year to get help for the defense, we can't wait for this qb anymore.

2011 draft comparison:

I'm doing this draft comparison for 2011 between Miami and NE...primarily because everyone says how much Ireland sucks and how Billichick and NE are pure genious.

Miami rd 1 - Pouncey; C - solid starter w/plenty of potential

NE rd 1 - Solder; OT - solid starter w/plenty of potential

Miami rd 2 - Thomas; RB - Has been good when healthy and contributor. Plenty of potential, but can he stay healthy

NE rd 2 - Ras I Dowling; CB - history of injury in college and ironically never recovered from wk 2 injury and is on IR. Also missed 3 of 4 pre season games with injury.

NE rd 2 - Shane Vereen; RB - A whopping 15 carries for 57 yards. Shane who?

Miami rd 3 - No 3rd rd pick

NE rd 3 - Stevan Ridley; RB - Somewhere around 3 or 4 on the depth chart.

NE rd 3 - Mallett; QB - 3rd on the depth chart and currently sharing snaps with the practice squad guy during scout drills. OK..jury is still out, but somehow I doubt this guy is the next Marino people.

Miami rd 4 - Edmund Gates; WR - Raw speed guy; special teams contributor. Much more development needed to be a factor on offense

NE rd 4 - Marcus Cannon; OT - Has yet to play and has been battling cancer. I'm not going to say anything negative about someone battling cancer.

Miami rd 5 - No round 5 pick

NE rd 5 - Lee Smith; TE - Released

Miami rd 6 - Charles Clay; FB/TE/Hback - versatile guy and great pick in the 6th. He's done more this season than many 6th round picks do their whole careers.

NE rd 6 - Markell Carter; LB - Practice squad

Miami rd 7 - Frank Kearse; NT - Released

Miami rd 7 - Jimmy Wilson; CB - special teams contributor, has one pick on defense.

NE rd 7 - No round 7 pick.

So of Miami's 5 picks, 4 are on the active roster and contributing, with 1 starter. Of NE's 8 picks, 5 are on the active roster with 1 starter. The others are contributing far less than any of the Miami draft picks.

I'm not about to say Ireland is a genious, but give the guy a break. Not bad for his first draft.

Odin Liver...there is NO WAY we pick an OL in round 1....NO WAY!
Ross told Jeff: "the only way you stay my GM is to take QB in the 1st round".

We take QB...Period.

Fin4life, I get your point and it is valid. However, we did find a solution to our run game, and it was with the 4th pick, not with the incredible bounty we paid for Thomas. That was a waste. We also could've signed mcgahee. We need to stop paying premium prices for secondary positions. Its killing this team.

wolfman....nice work!

Wolffy, COME ON MAN, Comparing N.ENG and Miami is Akin to a comparison of New York to Toledo,Ohio...

I would prefer a really tight end or a very wide receiver in the first round.

Odins Liver -

I only do so because people here act like the Phins miss on everything and everyone (especially the Patsies get it right). The patsies pretty much got the entire 2011 draft wrong if you ask me.

The Phins....we got a lot of solid contributors. Those 3rd round and later guys have to develop. Everyone acts like the 6th round pick has to be a probowler, or they're a bust. People don't seem to understand that not everyone is or has to be a pro bowler...you have to have role players as well.

Just illustrating that I think Miami did a better job in the 2011 draft with less to work with.

Wolfman, with all due respect, looks like you are grading the Miami draft on a huge curve. Pouncey can't shotgun snap, but is solid nonetheless. We are one of the top running teams in the league, he's doing his part. @ Spending a first pick on a centre? Not sure its worth it. Meanwhile we lead the world in sacks given up. Not so sure solder would not have been a better pick for this team. Or even the next guy taken Ryan kerrigan. Loads of sacks for a rookie and would've made an awesome bookend with wake. Might've improved our secondary too.

Gates has about what, 5 catches. Incomplete grade.

Thomas is very pedestrian. Hasn't done any more than a cheap vet or a guy like mcgahhe couldn't have done.

Clay shows flashes and considering the price, worth it.

Wilson shows a lot for a 7th rounder.

However position's like corner and seam catching tight ends should have a higher premium attached, not 5th to 7ththe round. This is when you should be selecting developmental interior linemen and such.

Thia is what bothers me about this teams philosophy.

Moore has a chance THIS saturday to prove if he is capable of carrying this team on offense as a starter because their is no way miami will hold NE's offense under 20 pts in this game.....

Beating teams like Buffalo twice, washington, KC, and a fading raider team is not going to raise any eyebrows around here with efficent performances.....he needs to show he is capable of beating a team that is playoff ready and this weekend is HIS chance!!!!

Until then, our starting QB is still not on this team for next year!!!

Wolfie, Hopefully the new coaching change will do wonders for the fins..Especally in the first 7 games of the new season, We'll see.

Super, May I add a team looking to sew up homefield adantage, I see it N.E 42 Miami 16.JMHO

Ted Ginn Jr is 10x the punt returner Turtle bess is.

I think the question isn't do we draft a QB (that will happen 100% guaranteed).

The question is do we move up to get the one WE want, or do we passively settle for whomever lands in our spot.

I say do like the Jeffersons, cause we, "MOVIN' ON UP...TO THE TOP...TO THAT DELUXE QUARTERBACK...IN THE SKYYYYY!!!!"

It also should be noted that in moores victories this season, none of those mentioned have come from behind in the 4th QTR when trailing in the game...moore has had trouble leading this team from behind....

(DALLAS-more redzone problems,GIANTS-had a chance at the end,Philly-before he was injured,Jets-His first game as a starter which is forgivable,DENVER--NOT FORGIVABLE.

For the Moore lovers out there and for the ireland supporters that thank him for this decision....lets just remmember he hasnt been that good!!!

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