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All things Jeff Ireland following Sunday's victory

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- During yesterday's Dolphins victory in this hazy, cold town, I conducted an unscientific survey of my twitter followers (please follow me, if you aren't already).

I asked if people have confidence in owner Stephen Ross making a good head coach hire. It's a yes or no question. I also asked if people people have confidence general manager Jeff Ireland will make the right call on finding the Dolphins a franchise-caliber quarterback this offseason, another yes or no question.

Neither fared well. And, believe it or not, Ross fared better than Ireland.

Within the span of 30 minutes, 46 people answered "no," to the question Ross would get it right on the coach hire. Thirteen (13) peope said "yes," he would get it right. One person answered, "Hell no!" that Ross would not get it right. So not much confidence in Ross.

It was worse for Ireland.

Forty-one people said no, they have no confidence in Ireland getting the QB pick right. Eight said, "yes," Ireland would get the QB issue right. And five people said, "Hell no!" Ireland has no chance of getting it right.

So 49 of 54 respondents have zero confidence in Ireland.

I told Ireland after the game that folks simply don't have much confidence in him. He was somewhat surprised, asking me what people? Fans, I answered.

I tried to convince Ireland to speak to me, and thus to you, after the game. He declined. But I wrote about him and his situation in today's Miami Herald nonetheless.

Simply, Ireland is in a no-win situation right now. Most folks don't dig him too much. And, as I wrote, it doesn't seem to matter to those folks that Ireland picked Matt Moore and he's worked out. It doesn't matter that Ireland picked Reggie Bush and tha he has also worked out.

But, as I wrote in my column, the guy whose opinion of Ireland really matters is Ross. And I tell you in the column what Ross thinks of his GM. I also tell you what Ireland's exact role in the looming coach search is and how far along that search currently stands. I also tell you about the caveat that might get Ireland fired despite Ross claims that he is safe for 2012.

I have news for you on what the Dolphins think of their chances to get Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden. And I tell you why I believe Jeff Fisher is today -- even without an interview -- the leading candidate to get the Dolphins job. I also tell you who will lead the coach search -- no, not Ireland.

Please read the column.

But I must warn you if you are anti-Ireland: The column makes the point that however you feel about him now, you will definitely change your mind if the Dolphins get the right quarterback in the offseason. It is what it is. You folks are fans. And fans are a fickle what-have-you-done for me lately bunch.

Ireland gets the QB call right as a GM, he is going to be in a win-win situation for a long time. 


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f u superdick!


Thats MR. SuperDick to you CLUE*LOL*

Aaron Rodgers couldn't beat KC this weekend. Couldn't come from behind to win it.

I guess Rodgers is not a Franchise QB.

No QB would look like a franchise QB on this team. None of them.

You guys ramble on such nonsense. Criticize any GM all you want. Side by side you couldn't shine their shoes with your tiny specs of limited football knowledge.

Mark in Toronto -

Pouncey went pretty much where he graded out on most boards. I can't complain about that. It's always going to be debatable as to who is the best player on the board...but I say if they're within 3-5 spots of where others have guys on the board, then they're doing ok.

In RE to Gates...he's about right where I expect a 4th round pick to be. Even the best receivers have trouble adjusting to the speed of the NFL coming out of college. He may be nothing more than a special teams guy...but at least the Phins didn't spend a 1st round pick on him like they did for another raw speedster a few years back (Ginn).

I think Thomas has been solid and fits the 2 back system nicely. I wouldn't have moved up for him personally, but I'm thinking there might have been some rumblings that if they waited until they picked in the 3rd that all of those backs were going to be gone. Lets not forget that they didn't really give up the house or anything for him. I didn't see a huge difference taking him at the tail end of the 2nd or if he went very early 3rd like most projected.

Aaron Rodgers couldn't beat KC this weekend. Couldn't come from behind to win it. I guess Rodgers is not a Franchise QB. No QB would look like a franchise QB on this team. None of them. You guys ramble on such nonsense. Criticize any GM all you want. Side by side you couldn't shine their shoes with your tiny specs of limited football knowledge. Posted by: NKN (nobody knows nuttin) | December 19, 2011 at 04:39 PM

I wasnt aware that Irelands mom reads any of Mandos blogs....

Armando your popular!!


I am making myself available for anyone who needs a place to park their car or who is in need of extra storage space. Rates are reasonable and subject to change. You know where to find me.

I am not crazy about Ireland either....but we are stuck with him for now. Since we are moving down in the draft the most important decision Ireland will make IMO is the first round draft pick. If Ireland pulls off a trade to move up in the draft; what is too much of a price ? Or is Barkely/RG3 worth it at any cost ?

I am available for anyone who needs bill board space for commercial advertising or community announcements. Contact the Nose for further info.

If you want to ensure you get a qb, better move up. Last year teams were reaching big time for qbs in the first round.

Instead of reaching by moving up in the first round, I think we should just try a reach around. Just a thought.

Rams would make an interesting partner to trade up with for miami getting a qb.....I cant believe they would sit their highest paid franchise QB to grab another that early again...so there could be a potential trade there...just sayin!!!

Wolfman, another example of an outdated philosophy. This transmission trades up to select an unspectacular RB but the year before they get too passive thinking jimmy Graham shouldvebhad a 4thqb round price tag on him. 1,000 receiving yards in his second season later, oops wrong again. But at least john Jerry was still there in the third.


Super, there could be a trade there and not the simple trade up everyone is thinking. If the rams get the top pick, they may opt for luck if they can find a trading partner for Bradford. Rams have a huge void at left tackle.

Miami moves long for Bradford, then selects a new left tackle with their first pick?

Rams end ho with luck and long, we end up with Bradford and Reiff/martin??


Jimmy Graham would've been nice....course 31 other teams missed on him too.

I guess my point is that 2011 was Irelands first draft....I don't think it was horrible. I've never seen a team hit on everything all the time, so I think that's a pretty unrealistic expectation.

At anyrate, I'm outa here. Snow is coming down like mad in Albuquerque (so freakish...usually only see this kind of activity up on the mountain) so closing up shop early. Most likely a snow day tomorrow too by the looks of things and then I'm off to the east coast to see the fam!

Probably won't be back around until sometime next week.

Take it easy; Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

matt moore hands are small like the character from scary movie

Why do I get the feeling Indy is going to lie down like they've been shot in the final two games? Best of both worlds. They got their win and the top pick.

I dont see that happening Mark,

we would be giving up a all pro bowler left tackle, granted through injuries, for a very unproven QB after one year and another experimental tackle to protect a guy who has already suffered a season ending injury.....

I'd rather take a chance trading for barkley or griffith and keep long where he is....just my opinion..

Ireland's mistakes are legion, his victories mediocre. But... he's here next year and can prove if he has it or doesn't. He's a total schmuck and has the personality of a sour apple but so are/do a lot of GMs (would you like to have AJ Smith?).

I'd like to see the Fins culture change to one of fan appreciation and respect. Ross has tried to turn this into a Rio de Janeiro Carnivale but forgot about football in the meantime. Ireland hates the fans like Parcells did. Other teams manage to not tell everything they are going to do and keep the fans happy at the same time. If we hadn't received silence and arrogance from management, double talk and abject stupidity from our HC and insincere football speak from the players over the last four years, maybe we wouldn't be so peeved. As the old saying goes: You have to be p*ssd on to be p*ssd off.

Onto coaches: I'd be very happy with Fisher or Billick. I thought Daboll was a bad hire but he's proving me (and others) wrong. He still needs some maturity but he's put together a nice offensive scheme. Billick or Fisher might actually keep him. Same with Nolan. Bowles seems like a nice, quiet guy who didn't coach up the secondary very well. He seemed to do a solid job against a poor Buffalo team and he certainly manages a clock better than Tony ever did (not sure if Tony can even set his alarm clock right... but he is a really nice guy, of course).

Team needs:

QB. Duh. Moore is better than Henne but is merely adequate - above average and can certainly manage the game. Plus he has a personality. Which is a plus.

TE. Fasano looks decent this year for the few touches he's gotten. Gronk or Hernandez would have been nice and there were many of us screaming for either during that draft. Miller, Shockey, etc. would have been great additions that were plain ignored. This has to be addressed.

RT. Enough said.

RG. Enough said.

RB? Thomas is okay and may develop more. NOt worth the xtra pick to get him though when others were availabel later who were projected higher and are doing better this year. Still, too many needs to bother.

WR. Gates is just okay. Still need a legit speed threat with experience to play opposite the Beast. Only make s Brandon better.


FS, SS, one CB.

Better depth all around, please.

Please don't win any more games. Our draft position is falling and starting to smell bad.

Hope y'all have a good holiday.


Hey you guy did you hear Chris Mortensen said yesterday Brian Schottenheimer is the leading candidates for the Dolphins right now I hope that not true?

If thats true then we should just chalk that up to PUPPET #2!!!!

Mark in Toronto,

What 'incredible bounty' did we give up to move up and get Thomas? You're kidding me, right? Giving up a third, fifth and a seventh is an 'incredible bounty'? Get off the crack pipe buddy. We needed TWO running backs for this year...I've seen you say before that both Brown and Williams were done. So it's April...we have no idea when the season is going to start, if at all. We have no run backs.....what do you do? I guess if it's you, you just draft QB's, WR's and DB's, because it's a 'skill-based' league. Come on man!...he filled a need and he didn't use the 15th pick for Ingram....good move! Then he traded a 5th to NO for Bush....proved to be another good move. Give credit where credit is due, instead of constantly beating the 'I hate eveything about Jeff Ireland' drum.

Incidentally guys, I was in Buffalo today and they are just completely RIPPING the Bills and Fitz after the game yesterday. But all that being said, I don't believe the Bills will take another QB in April. They have no effective pass rusher and their best WR could jump ship as a FA. They have other needs and I believe they will find help for Fitzpatrick.

Hey sissykrissy,

Yo mama soooo STUPID, she let you out of the playpen, and allowed you to grow up a BUFFALO FAN! ...........

Professor Lou.... Miam won't bear Buffalo..... Buffalo shows up against us....

Posted by: kris | December 17, 2011 at 10:32 AM

Guess Craig will jump from the tree, and join hands on the "nag-wagon"! Please take your foot out of your moth first...

Posted by: GulfDolphin | December 19, 2011 at 03:39 PM


I think i'll just let that stand out there on its own....Some really speak about the people who post them....The above is one of those types of post.....

The way to see the Thomas pick is we swapped a 3rd for a second, and added a 5th and 7th. 7th round picks rarely make any team. A 3rd for a second is a win so averaging in the 5th and 7th is really a fair price for a second rounder that may become a starter. Nobody is going to give up a second for just a 3rd and a 5th.


I think you still owe me money from last week's Dolphins vs Eagles game. I told you Philly would win 24-17 and you tried to put me in my place, telling me the Dolphins would win. Think it finished something like 26-10. I'll look for that cheque in the mail some time this week. Thanks.....LOL.

Craig M....

I agree...about Buffalo NOT taking a QB......

They JUST paid Fitzy.....and you don't give up on an investment like that after one year.....

He has shown he can play.....he just plays like a Moore type of QB.....the Bills will get a new QB....but I think they give Fitz another year to earn his pay check....


Sorry for blowing you off yesterday. Your breath was vile though man. You get some bad wings or something? Anyway give me a call when you have a chance so I can make it up to you.

BTW - I did my own poll of everyone in the building here in Davie (from Mr. Ross down to the janitors) and only one person thought you were not a d'bag. However, after I clarified for him that you were not that late 80s early 90s one hit wonder singer, he changed his answer. So there you have it. 100% of the Phins organization thinks you are a d'bag.



Currently, the Dolphins would be drafting in the 8th position because the Panthers have a stronger schedule and even if they lose to the Jets and New England it is probably the best you could hope for considering who is ahead of them and their remaining schedules.

Gulf Dolphin has been WAITING 14 weeks to post something like that...

I can live with it......

14 WEEKS of scouring my post.....and hoping for some bulletin board material....14 WEEKS.....

let that marinate......


Fitz is forcing it right now. The team is decimated with injuries and they really miss Fred Jackson (who I think is also a FA). He's probably their best player (an argument could be made for Dareus). They are faced with having to pay Stevie Johnson $8-9 mil as a FA. I highly doubt they are going to just chop Fitz and create yet another need on the team.

They teams we need to worry about drafting QB are Washington, Cleveland and Jacksonville. We need to do all we can to go and get either Barkley or RGIII or failing that, come up with a plan to get Jones.


1.Cris Collinsworth
2.Warren Sapp
3.Chris Berman
4.Trent Doofus Dilfer
5.Stewart "LAZY EYE" Scott

Kind of tough to argue....since I cant stand anyone mentioned above....

No Subjecct is Taboo*lol*

With the Patiots up next I'm worried we are going to give up a ton of yards like we did earlier in the year. I think Brady has our number.

Craig M....

Your right...Fitz gets a pass this year....next 7 wins or less won't cut it...and they may look for his replacement.....`


Only hope is that offense scores from "OUTSIDE" the redzone!!!
But its not a bad thing to lose at this point...just sayin


I don't even know what he said. What am I missing?

Instead of reaching by moving up in the first round, I think we should just try a reach around. Just a thought. Posted by: Jerry Sandusky | December 19, 2011 at 05:03 PM

Home is the one you need.
Caution - speak kindly about Justin Bieber when you are around Home as Home loves the Bieber.


Berman is my FAV....not just off your list...but I enjoy listening to him....just wish we could get more FIN talk on ESPN.....

I like Dilfer as well....I know he is no HOF....but from what I hear he had some serious leadership skills on those Ravens teams...and he didn't let his lack of skill....interfere with his wealth of knowledge of the game......those who can't do...teach....I think thats were Dilfer fits....

Can't stand Sapp....seems like he still wants to be a Thug in a suit.....

Colinsworth...OK in my book.....

and Stewart.....no real opinion of him.....

I wonder why Shannon Sharpe didn't make the Worst 5.....

Professor Lou,

I think Washington is still drafting ahead of us but I wouldn't be surprised if they win this weekend (is it Minny they play?). That would help us a lot but I still believe we're going to have to be in trade up mode to get one of these QBs. I don't want Ireland to just sit back and wait for a QB to come to us.

kris, I don't even know what he said. What am I missing?

Posted by: Craig M | December 19, 2011 at 06:11 PM


Not sure what you're asking....


GulfDolphin....what's the disagreement about?

Incidentally, it would be GREAT to Mallett playing against this Saturday, so that we could size up what he's like. It's NEVER going to happen but it would still be fun to watch.

Craig M....

Gulf Dolphin has had a hard on for me ever since I told him that the Pitt Game (fumble when the ref's didn't give us the ball).....was not an excuse for our team to lose that one....

I also told him that next season (this current season)...that we could be 11-5...or 5-11.....because this team wins meaningless games...and is hard to evaluate.....

Ever since then he has looked for any reason to argue with me or call me SISSY KRISSY...lol....

Go figure......it takes ALL kinds to complete the picture on this blog.....

I'm just glad he still notices me.....lol.....

Chris Berman hates the Dolphins!

1.Cris Collinsworth absolutely hates the Dolphins. He has a long history of disgust for the team and rarely ever has anything good to say about them.

I would agree with him since parcells took over but it goes back even further.

CC Sucks.

So all in all Craig M....no disagreement.....just conflicting personalities....

and i'm OK with that.......

If it isn't Luck or RGIII in the first rd they should get Weeden in the 2nd. Otherwise it isn't worth getting a QB early. Case Keenum and Nick Foles will be available later and Moore is playing at a level that besides those guys I just named right there I doubt any other QB will beat him out. Dark horse candidate Tannehill and Jones. But I'm not sold on either...

Craig M...Did you watch the Griz game Friday? Tough start for our team.. They turned it around and almost pulled it out.. The defense only gave up 3 points in the 2nd half..Great football game, even in a loss.

I have been hyper-critical of Ireland. From a fans perspective he has been a failure. Now I say this as we stink. He is responsible for the roster that plays the games. People will argue that he has made some good, if not great choices as far as personel moves..I would agree. Some would also argue that he needs more time...I also agree as long as he is our GM..(the problem here is that I think he shouldn't be) These points are both valid, throw in another one..Who do we replace him with.. And the three start making sense from an ownership point of view.

As Armando stated. This is a fickle enterprise. What have you done for me lately? I'm not flip-flopping on my opinion of Ireland. But to be honest. I have no clue what it takes to be an NFL GM. Sure player personel moves seem easy..Most of play fantasy, How hard could it be? Obviously it is. I'm guilty of this big time. It is the why don't we go out and get that guy to solve all of our problems syndrome. Really easy from an easy chair. But what goes into building a roster? I'm not sure any of us could comprehend how difficult it is, or how much of it is luck.

Ireland has to do better. Sure he has made some finds. But we are a team that is out of the playoff race again. We are still looking for a quarterback. The roster is full of holes, and lacks playmakers. We all know this. I hope I'm wrong about Ireland..This time being right would not a good thing.

Wolfman, with all due respect, looks like you are grading the Miami draft on a huge curve. Pouncey can't shotgun snap, but is solid nonetheless. We are one of the top running teams in the league, he's doing his part. @ Spending a first pick on a centre? Not sure its worth it. Meanwhile we lead the world in sacks given up. Not so sure solder would not have been a better pick for this team. Or even the next guy taken Ryan kerrigan. Loads of sacks for a rookie and would've made an awesome bookend with wake. Might've improved our secondary too.

Gates has about what, 5 catches. Incomplete grade. Thomas is very pedestrian. Hasn't done any more than a cheap vet or a guy like mcgahhe couldn't have done. Clay shows flashes and considering the price, worth it. Wilson shows a lot for a 7th rounder. However position's like corner and seam catching tight ends should have a higher premium attached, not 5th to 7ththe round. This is when you should be selecting developmental interior linemen and such. This is what bothers me about this teams philosophy.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 19, 2011 at 04:21 PM

I wanted to comment on this post because I happen to agree with every word of it. I gotta admit just about everything Mark alludes to has crossed my mind regarding looking at our last draft through rose colored glasses. I will tell everyone though that Pouncey can be an awesome LG next to Long, position he played before his brother jumped forcing the move to Center.

I hate the D.Thomas pick because while I did base it on the draft prognosticators given I never watch J-Hawk football the book on him was right on. It said and I quote "Runs smaller than his size, doesn't seem to like the contact" talk about prophetic, every time someone zero's in and lays a lick our boy Thomas is looking for the sideline. Take into account D.Murray who we talked to death before the draft and required no trade and compare the type of runner one is opposed to the other and the Thomas pick looks more and more like knee jerk reaction from a novice looking to make a splash.

Chad Pennington for head coach, he has the smarts and knows how to run a team.

Thomas played for K. State Wildcats.





Your point on who would replace Ireland is the only reason I'm not making a bigger stink, I get that part of the equation. If I were to be honest then you can't really judge him until he puts three drafts together and we play it out in a 5 year plan but do you trust Ireland in that capacity?? I know alot of folks will remind everyone how Packers fans wanted to be done with T.Thompson but he spent 20 years working for Ron Wolfe who's expertise I trust 100%.

Will you bank this teams future on a man who learned his franchise building from Bill Parcells?? I ask you what team outside of ours was Parcells in charge of building?? It wasn't the Giants, that was Floyd Reese. The Pats you say, wrong again B.Kraft had his personnel dept. and after the SHE comment regarding 96 #1 pick Terry Glenn he was shown the door. The Jets well yeah he did build them but through F.A. with the likes of Testaverde on O and B.Cox on D.

He goes to Dallas and we all know he had nothing to do with that either were T.O. was the final straw. After 07 Huzienga was looking for a feel good moment and we were to eager to jump on board but in reality had we settled on the guy who was supposed to be the consolation prize (Thomas Dimitroff) who went to Atlanta I'm sure we'd be better of today.

So again given all of that and the pedigree of one J.Ireland do you truely trust him moving foward because whoever we do intrust we need to stick with in a plan that will require at least 3 to 4 years and alot of patients.


ALoco go make some mint tea.


If you believe what you hear Ireland is responsible for our 2010 draft exclusively. The book says 3 drafts and 5 years, my question is IF you trust Ireland to be that guy, I DON'T!! For the reasons I posted @6:50


No I ended up missing the Grizz play Friday. I got distracted and ended up doing something my girls wanted to do. Completely forgot the game was on to tell you the truth. I find it hard to watch a lot of College because I'm such a big fan of the NFL and people kind of know to leave me alone, as long as I'm available at other times. Would have liked to have seen it.

As far as your Ireland comments, can we both agree that things didn't really work out the way we wanted with Sparano? Is it fair to say there were games the team SHOULD have won and didn't. Games where perhaps the play calling was too conservative, where timeouts were taken at the wrong time, even where personnel were either out of place or not prepared/ready to play. My argument is, if all that is true, how do we really know what we have with this team. I truly believe the difference betweeen winning and losing is so small. Broncos start the year 1-4, go to Tebow and ryhme off a 7-1 stretch. Bills starts out 5-2 and then proceed to lose 7 in a row and counting. Chiefs looked dead and are now back in the battle for first. Same with the Eagles. Same with the Chargers. Giants looked safe and now look a mess.

Why is all that? Don't know. I'm just saying, how do we REALLY now what we have when the coach is actually costing us games? How can you truly judge the talent when so much of it is on the coach. When guys say Ireland 'stinks', they are simply judging on the team's record and to me that's on the coach, not the GM. He added Marshall (5 straight years over 1000 yards, btw), Moore, Bush, Burnett and draft Pouncey, Clay and Thomas. Not a bad bounty, I would say.

fin4life..Hows it going? Been awhile. I have absolutley no confidence in Ireland. I have been vocal about this for some time. I am just trying to look at Ireland from a different perspective. Maybe give him the benifit of the doubt a little(even if IMO has not earned this)

I think the point about Parcells is that he may not have been a great architect. But you have to at least aknowledge that he had a direct vision for how he wanted his teams built. If he wasn't the lead architect, he was definitley the guy in charge of constructing the building.. He had a system(weather you like it or not doesn't really matter) People in his system knew what was expected of them. It was like a brigade.. A lot of sharp football minds have been born from that system. Now the original Parcells model may be outdated, and if that is the only guideline Ireland knows how to follow..We are screwed. But a lot of the Parcells deciphels have tweaked his model. They have adapted it to the more modern game..But the principals remain the same.


You make solid points regarding the structure of building teams. You are right that some have tweaked the system to fit the modern game but in Parcells you had a highway or my way guy who showed Ireland the in's and out's in what was really his first go around as the head honcho. He hired people that wouldn't argue with his model then jumped ship on an incomplete project.

They need the perfect coach that has a multifaceted approach. Going to have to deal with Ireland and a team put together with duct tape and chewing gum. Tall order to turn this team into a well oiled machine.

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