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All things Jeff Ireland following Sunday's victory

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- During yesterday's Dolphins victory in this hazy, cold town, I conducted an unscientific survey of my twitter followers (please follow me, if you aren't already).

I asked if people have confidence in owner Stephen Ross making a good head coach hire. It's a yes or no question. I also asked if people people have confidence general manager Jeff Ireland will make the right call on finding the Dolphins a franchise-caliber quarterback this offseason, another yes or no question.

Neither fared well. And, believe it or not, Ross fared better than Ireland.

Within the span of 30 minutes, 46 people answered "no," to the question Ross would get it right on the coach hire. Thirteen (13) peope said "yes," he would get it right. One person answered, "Hell no!" that Ross would not get it right. So not much confidence in Ross.

It was worse for Ireland.

Forty-one people said no, they have no confidence in Ireland getting the QB pick right. Eight said, "yes," Ireland would get the QB issue right. And five people said, "Hell no!" Ireland has no chance of getting it right.

So 49 of 54 respondents have zero confidence in Ireland.

I told Ireland after the game that folks simply don't have much confidence in him. He was somewhat surprised, asking me what people? Fans, I answered.

I tried to convince Ireland to speak to me, and thus to you, after the game. He declined. But I wrote about him and his situation in today's Miami Herald nonetheless.

Simply, Ireland is in a no-win situation right now. Most folks don't dig him too much. And, as I wrote, it doesn't seem to matter to those folks that Ireland picked Matt Moore and he's worked out. It doesn't matter that Ireland picked Reggie Bush and tha he has also worked out.

But, as I wrote in my column, the guy whose opinion of Ireland really matters is Ross. And I tell you in the column what Ross thinks of his GM. I also tell you what Ireland's exact role in the looming coach search is and how far along that search currently stands. I also tell you about the caveat that might get Ireland fired despite Ross claims that he is safe for 2012.

I have news for you on what the Dolphins think of their chances to get Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden. And I tell you why I believe Jeff Fisher is today -- even without an interview -- the leading candidate to get the Dolphins job. I also tell you who will lead the coach search -- no, not Ireland.

Please read the column.

But I must warn you if you are anti-Ireland: The column makes the point that however you feel about him now, you will definitely change your mind if the Dolphins get the right quarterback in the offseason. It is what it is. You folks are fans. And fans are a fickle what-have-you-done for me lately bunch.

Ireland gets the QB call right as a GM, he is going to be in a win-win situation for a long time. 


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Should We blame Mr.Ross for that?

Alas, the city of Miami is reminisce for it's greatness on MNF.

I am really on the fence! Jeff Fisher and Brian Billick had average results...
Billick who was supposed to be an offensive genius--Thanks to Culpeper, Moss and Carter.. Was an absolute HORRIBLE evaluator of QB and offense talent in Baltimore! He was the HC when the Dolphins won thier only game in the 1-15 season..
Jeff Fisher-- He had one decent deason and lost to the Rams in the SB.. It's very difficult for me to support either of these guys with thier track record!!!

I do like Matt Moore. How could you not.. He has proven himself and I think that has something to do with Daboll. Daboll is a legit offensive coach and I think would be a great mainstay in the Fins orginazation!

If you look back at the season I really think the Dolphins D came in out of shape. Since the KC game they have been ballers!! Thank you Fins D!! Fins Up!

Just my .02 in closing.. Ross is a hungry owner who wants to win and feels some level of comfort with a Parcells protege(Jeff Ireland), and as bad as Parcells was for Miami, Jeff Ireland has made some good decisions. Lets give Ireland and Ross one more year before we throw the baby out with the bath water!!!


The numbers tell a story for sure but the most telling numbers are those that correspond to the number of empty seats. This team is facing a major battle in the fight for the fans' trust because of the owner's inexperience and the GM's inability to bring about winning seasons. This off season and up-coming draft are without a doubt, the most important in many years, if not in the entire history of the franchise.


Fans are fickle? WE are fickle? If we are fickle what does that leave for media ratings chasers like you?

I would like to give Ireland a shot. He's had a couple of nice pickups outside the Dallas rejects. But as part of the Trifecta he should be going too. If Sparano is going because of the inability to get a QB, so should Ireland.

And I sincerely hope Fisher is not the coach! What's he ever won? More Jimmy Johnson, defense and run and don't go to the candy store too often.


I believe you and Kris are a Miami fans (why else would you two post here?). But, I am much more the fan, and stick behind my team through thick and thin!

Below is further examples.


I think you still owe me money from last week's Dolphins vs Eagles game. I told you Philly would win 24-17 and you tried to put me in my place, telling me the Dolphins would win. Think it finished something like 26-10. I'll look for that cheque in the mail some time this week. Thanks.....LOL.

Posted by: Craig M | December 19, 2011 at 05:58 PM



I did not predict this win or loss on armado's blog, much less, bet you (in)formally...You certainlt DID NOT "tell" me anything, as the two of us have not exchanged personal barbs in 14 weeks. The fact that you even gush this loss makes my skin crawl.

I do believe I made a comment that is universally understood (devoted): GOOOooo MIAMI!

I owe you NOTHING...

As far as my gripe with Kris?

He is just like you. You two are sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love, then comes marraige.........



Here is Kris, in alllll its glory:

The fact that what is certain isProfessor Lou.... Miam won't bear Buffalo..... Buffalo shows up against us....
Posted by: kris | December 17, 2011 at 10:32 AM


You two dude are pathetic fans, and it doesn't escape anyone. The proof is posted above.

Otherwise, I have no problem w/ the two of you...

SF 20, Pitt 3. And now...more faulty wisdom from the arrogant and condescending Yesterdays Fool, Dying Idiot, Cellar Dwellar, aka Dying Breed.....

It was only a matter of time before other teams caught up with Harbaugh's sluggish ball control style. Getting harbaugh would have been more of the same old Parcells blueprint.

It catches you off guard at first, but it doesnt take too long to catch up too. 49ers will be one and done in the playoffs. Then everything will be downhill after that.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 11, 2011 at 10:51 PM

I hope Ross doesn't limit his search to just the NFL and college ranks. There are some good high school and CFL coaches that deserve a shot to coach this team

grondz, Yeah man, that is what we need, a high school coach. Good call. Maybe even a girl scout.

What the H ELL!

Another unscheduled hiatus?


LOL@ GulfDolphin @1:16 AM.....

I have 2 questions.....

Do you actually think about what you write????....


do you just post the first drunken thought to pops into your head....

While your post may sound funny in your drunken stupor...I can assure you that when they get thu internet land...and post on this blog.....they are anything BUT clever to the sober minded reader....

The LOL isn't me laughing @ your post....its me chuckling @ your pathetic attempt @ humor....

gulf is the brainwashed church boy type, full of silly ideas that boy. probably full of churchman jizz too.

Yeah kris, I really don't get the feud between Gulf and you and Craig.

Predictions are made and wrong all the time. Predicting Miami to win every week is the dumbest thing anyone could do (as Miami is a very mediocre team and would make that person someone who doesn't understand the NFL today).

I was way off on my prediction, I said we'd end the Season 2-2, with both home games being wins, and away games being losses. I got that totally reversed right now (we won the away game, lost the home game).

Does that make me any worse of a fan? By the way, what's the criteria for being a "better" or "worse" fan than someone else? Cheering like a homer for your team (even when they don't deserve it)? Time spent thinking about the team? Let's get the criteria down first before we talk about "who's the better fan?"

I tell you who the most right fan has been since '08....bill connrs a.k.a dusty bottoms. Said this FO stunk, and he was proven right by them. Said Henne stunk, was proven right. Said we'd do nothing this year, proven right. Maybe if the Owner listened to dusty instead of Ireland, we might be on our way to competing in this league.

If anyone thinks we've been competing last 3 years, then regardless if you think you're a good fan or not, you're a fan of a meaningless franchise, so enjoy that!!!

Hey Craig, crack pipe? That was cheap. Maybe you can't see the forest from the trees but this is the incredible bounty they gave up for Thomas, they used 3 draft picks to select one guy. A not even close to special guy who is a backup. To compare we had a guy playing for the veteran minimum salary who could've done the same job. We could've spent a bit more and signed mcgahee who has more yards than our starter. Furthermore, our starter was acquired for one pick, a 4th. Do you not see now how spending a 2nd round pick is overpaying for a backup RB?

By the way on my way to work I tripped over 4 running backs looking for work.

The fact that you can't see how Ireland and this entire regime continues to spend premium assets on pedestrian players is beyond me.

But whatever, think what you want, just keep your feeble minded insults to yourself.


I don't get it either....

But...I have come to the realization that with some people....you can never rationalize with them....and because they have no rationalization skills...you can never bury the hatchet....even if burying the hatchet means agreeibg to disagree....

C'mon....the dude waited 14 WEEKS for one of my predictions to be wrong....14 weeks....and he gets some sort of joy out of that....weird....

Attacks Craig M for a possible case of mistaken identity....like forgetting who you spoke with on this blog isn't all that common...

My best guess is that GulfDolphins issues are really GulfDolphin....and there is nothing I can do about that....

DC, calling a 5-9 team mediocre is very generous, they stink. A lot more is needed from this team and overstating their accomplishments is giving this management an undeserved pass. Washington isn't mediocre, buffalo isn't mediocre, Jacksonville isn't mediocre, and neither is Tampa. And we are hanging around with all of them.

We deserve better.

Personally I think I'm the best fan ever........but I'm biased :) :)

Professor Lou,
I think Washington is still drafting ahead of us but I wouldn't be surprised if they win this weekend (is it Minny they play?). That would help us a lot but I still believe we're going to have to be in trade up mode to get one of these QBs. I don't want Ireland to just sit back and wait for a QB to come to us.
Posted by: Craig M | December 19, 2011 at 06:14 PM

Yes, I saw that but the Bills could very well go 5-11 and Miami has the Jets at home and have a very good chance of winning that game so the Redskins would still draft ahead of Miami, as well as, the Bills.

Can't help it Mark, I'm a homer. Can't build up enough intestinal fortitude to say my team stinks (even though deep down, I know it's true).

We stink (there I said it, I now feel the weight of my balls), lol!

this is the incredible bounty they gave up for Thomas, they used 3 draft picks to select one guy.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 20, 2011 at 09:45 AM

Mark...did you know that 3-1 = 2?

They gave up 2 picks, not 3. We swapped our 3 for their 2, which is a gain, and then we gave two late round picks. You could make an argument we gave up only 1.5 picks, since a 3 for a 2 is a gain and the 7th round picks rarely amount to anything.

Carolina has Tampa at home next week. Miami needs Carolina to win that game because they finish with New Orleans. If Carolina loses their remaining two and Buffalo does the same Miami drops two spots in the draft order if they beat the Jets.
I believe Miami would draft in the 8th position if the season would end today:

1. Colts
2. Rams
3. Vikings
4. Browns
5. Jaguars
6. Bucaneers
7. Redskins
8. Miami

If Miami loses their remaining two it would appear the best they could finish is 7th if the Redskins can beat the Vikings this week. But, that's about as good as it would get.
The Bills and the Panthers are the teams that could turn the whold scenario upside down for Miami and drop them to #10.
With that said, it would be extremely difficult to get that coveted starting quarterback without giving away the farm. That means the pigs, the horses, the livestock, the chickens, the barn, etc., etc., etc.

Math teacher, bottom line, using a 2nd is a waste on a backup running back when you have so many important holes to fill and you are a sorry team in the most important parts of the game, passing and turnover ratio. Get me a right tackle that can protect the qb in the passing game, not a centre to help in the running game. Get me a pass rusher that messes up the timing of the other teams passing game, get me a real receiver to stretch the passing game, not a project or a backup running back. You hear me??? Now either post criticisms using your real name and provide a valid rebuttal attacking the main point or go fukk yourself. You dig?

I am a fan, just as you all are. I know this team has been bitten by a host of many tic.

I also understand that this team isn't of the calibre to beat up the Pats, Packs, or even Phili of recent defeat.

That is why you rarely see me post a predicted Fin win over a better adversary. I will always say something encouraging, but have never put my neck in the noose.

However, I will not post a prediction that Miami will lose. And loath the fan that does (Kris) who does not come back on this blog and apologize for his ("thru internet land") nonsense.

ps. I rarely drink. I think I'll have a shot of Wild Turkey on Christmas Eve though.

No hard feelings?

Yeah right. Sounds like one of you had a bad experience in church. Or, are you the type that is grabbing little kids where you shouldn't be?

Lou it really doesn't help anything to constantly post long blogs on all the hypothetical draft order scenarios that chance every week. It's tiresome.

Send all who hate the Dolphins to me.
I will relegate them to the gulag of hell.

DC, I feel the pain but what's even worse is this continuous cycle of suckdom and fans taking such joy in beating teams that suck as much as us. This is a similar trait that other addicts and those found in abusive relationships seek out. Taking small victories although the total picture is incredibly shiiiiit. Ireland, I demand my once proud franchise back. So get a Fukkin clue, stop drafting asss backwards. Figure out that running and stopping the run only guarantees mediocrity at best. And Mr. Ross, if you can't figure it out then sell our team to someone who can.

Math teacher, bottom line, using a 2nd is a waste on a backup running back.....

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 20, 2011 at 10:09 AM

Mark, how about giving a player more than one season before labeling him a back up. Ingram, picked in the first round, a Heismann winner, is not starting either. We do have the vastly more experienced and highly talented Reggie Bush in his prime, who logically should be the starter at this point. You dig?

So many here are eager to call rookies busts or backups if they are not in pro bowl form by game 5. That is short sighted and plain dumb.


I have predicted many losses for this team this year....to include the loss to the Philly....I don't see you pointing that out on this blog....or re-posting that.....

I said the FINS lose to the Bills...The Dolphins won....

1st....I didn't know I needed to apologize...

2nd....who am suppose to apologize to.....

and when you reply....please include ALL other standards and general rules that you will be enforcing on this blog.....

Sean Payton was quoted as saying, "The only thing preventing Mark Ingram from being the NFL rookie of the year is me." If Ingram was that good why would you not play him?

If anything...Professor Lou should be asking for an acknowledgment...which I will gladly give him....

Professor Lou....I was wrong...The Dolphins won on Sunday....

Cower has been out of the game for five years. He is getting old now and won't have his heart in rebuilding a powerhouse NFL team. He will have a ho hum attitude and may pull a Satan and go back to his beloved broadcasting mid season.
Billick is ok though.

Gulf, not sure how old you are, but let me offer you a glimpse into the psyche of a bitter fan (namely, me). I'm old enough to have been fan of this team for 3 decades. I've NEVER wavered once. I've NEVER supported another team. I NEVER will. In that time, I've seen all sorts of things happen in the NFL. Teams rose, teams fell. Great story lines. In that amount of time, my team has pretty much been stuck in quicksand. Every year, it's the same hope, then the same problems pop up, and ends with the same exact letdown. Every year, for 3 decades.

If you can't appreciate the bitterness that causes in an individual, I'm sorry for your inability to relate. But many fans my age or older are totally disgusted with this organization, and rightfully so.

If you're the type of homer that says nothing bad about your team, and think that's respectable, so be it. But another way to look at it is if you don't show your disapproval, aren't you part of the problem here instead of part of the solution? If fans never spoke up about their discontent, how's the Owner to know when he needs to change things? And change is what this franchise needs (doubt many can disagree with that statement). Change in how things are done. Change in personnel. Change in strategy.

No one (or, I should speak for myself here) is saying fans who choose not to criticize their team don't have a right to do so.

But the flip side of that is you (and those like you) shouldn't criticize fans who DO choose to be critical of the team. It's because of us (the ones who are showing their displeasure by not spending money on the team) that the Owner is getting the message he needs to turn things around.

If Miami does anything in the future, you'll have fans like me to thank for forcing the team to make the necessary changes to compete at a high level in the NFL today.

I enjoy talking football with the people who post on this blog. If anyone wants to disagree with me on a subject then, by all means, do it. I do not get offended by anyone who voices a difference of opinion.
I'm no expert on the subject of football and, if anyone here was, they wouldn't be posting on this blog. So, as far as I am concerned, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
I do not want, nor do I expect, an aplogy from anyone who disagrees with what I post on this blog and was later prove to be incorrect in their assessment of the situation.
Let's talk football and Miami Dolphins and leave it at that.

Professor, because they put the ball in their best player hands Breez.

Math teacher, new Orleans already has a good offensive line, pass rushers, an all world qb, a top pass catching tight end, and a top receiving core. I can excuse them form picking a running back because they've afforded themselves that luxury. They have a million pieces that help you win already. We have fukk all. When we half of that, I may excuse picking players to help your running game.

My point is, address the positions that are more valuable first, sign a vet to hold the ship at running back, and come back to it when you start accumulating an assemblance of a roster that will help you win.

And you should come back when you have a clue.

I would like Marino's record to last forever, but if someone was going to break it I would be happy if it was a class act like Brees

Top of the day fellas. Anyone else seen first hand how good the 49ers defense is? And their best player (Willis) was out. I do beleive that their offense stinks at time but there defense is similar to the 2000 Ravens. Meanwhile the Dolphins still stink!

I keep hearing Marino! Marino! Marino! How many Superbowls did he win and if not, why not? Just wondering... p.s. Nothing met personally Dan, just making a point that it takes more than a first-round Quarterback! It takes the "RIGHT" quarterback pick with the "RIGHT" team!

Also Gulf, talk to the top 50 posters (as far as time spent on this site) and they'll tell you that Craig M is probably the most optimistic person here.

So for you to include him as being "against the team" shows you really don't know what you're talking about.

Most people's problem with Craig is that he's not critical ENOUGH of this team. Not that he's overly critical.

By the way, he was right about Philly, wasn't he? Sometimes the truth hurts. Grow a pair and suck it up instead of closing your eyes and hoping the boogie men don't come any closer.

Ingram's 2009 campaign at Alabama is a distant memory. He only had two games over 100 yds in 2010 and he is learning that NFl speed is not the same as college speed.
He doesn't appear to be able to make defenders miss as easily when he reaches the second level in this league as compared to college.
I understand some people's infatuation with his skill but, if it weren't for the games against the Colts and Giants where he averaged more than 6.0 yards per carry, his average yards per carry would be in the low 3's.
To put things in perspective; yes, he isn't used that much but you would still expect a running back drafted where he was to perform better than that when he is given the opportunity.
I don't know if you can say a team has a luxury of picking a player in the first round if that player isn't giving them any production. I don't doubt Ingram works hard in practice but he hasn't done much with the opportunities he has had in games.

Victor, how many wins does Miami have WITHOUT Marino? How many Playoff appearances? How many TDs?

Those that want to say Marino wasn't effective because he didn't win any SBs, or that he wasn't exactly what this team needed and STILL needs, need look no further than the years post-Marino to understand how important he was to the success of this team.

Heck, if it weren't for Marino, this team wouldn't have been respected MY ENTIRE TIME ON THIS EARTH!!! At least I can hang my hat on the 80's, instead of having to go all the way back to the 70's to recall the last time my team mattered.

We'll see how many SB wins and Playoff appearances Jake Long brings us.

Going out on a limb to say there won't be a statue outside of the stadium dedicated to him at the end of his career.

In Armando's article....he states that Ross will ne picking the NEXT HC....not Ireland....

I think that that is a good thing because in the end...Ross has to sign off on the HC any way...So why not hand pick they guy.....

Ross has a lot of Jerry Jones styl;e of ownership in him....and I think in the long run...that will be a good thing for the Dolphins....an Owner should have some FAN in him....


With you 100%. I'm not stuck in the past, but at least Marino gave us a past to be proud of and to strive for.

This is why Miami needs to try to get who they think is the best available QB in the draft no matter where we land. We have a very talented team that could show even more talent if they can get the QB thing right.

Matt Moore has proven what even a good QB can do with this team right now.


I'll try this one more time...

It's April....you, me and the rest of the world know that Williams and Brown are done as running backs in the NFL. You have Lex Hilliard on your roster as your only option. What do you do?...

It's fine to say you'll add someone like McGahee in FA, once the lockout is over but how do you know he will even come here? Also, with ZERO viable running backs on the roster don't you think that, don't you think that teams are going want a premium in return via trade and free agents are going to know they have the Dolphins over a barrel, knowing they need to add SOMEONE. What you are saying makes NO sense.

You're proposing that Ireland should have waited until the lockout was over to add not one but TWO running backs. Great planning!! Maybe we could have brought in some of those street FA running backs you seem to like, like Kevin Smith, Larry Johnson, Westbrook. Yeah, that's a great way to build an offence!!

Instead of giving Ireland credit for dealing a 5th for Bush, you take the opposite approach and criticizing for trading extra picks (a 5th and a 7th, who RARELY ever turn out), and take a running back with something like the 45th pick in the draft. Some experts, including Mike Mayock had Thomas as the second best back in the draft. But obviously you know better....you've already got him labelled as a backup at age 24. Glad you're not the GM....you wouldn't last a year.

0f the 4 blogs i follow the sun sentinel,Phinsider, Palm Beach Post the Herald is the most pathetic....growing up in Miami I always enjoyed reading the sports page with greats like Dick Pope....Armando is like a pimple on the boil of your butt....only negative things to say...here we have Matt Moore playing his tail off and all I hear is franchise QB what a bunch of crap...Matt Moore will be our QB of the future....forget that suck for luck crap....I'd take Matt Moore anytime...p.s. we we won two super bowls with bob griese none with dan marino....running the ball and great defense is still a winning combination...wear the opposition out in the heat of Miami...get rid of the practice bubble...what we really need is a greayt coach who will lead this team with discipline and heart....Don Shula was the only Dolphin coach to have done that....period

Stephen Brown,

I don't understand the negativity towards Marino? Why can't we be proud of the Griese years AND the Marino years?

And I don't care what you say, All 3 generations of football were extremely different.

If Marino was playing in today's game with today's rules he'd be racking up more yards and TD's than any QB in the league.

You can draft a quarterback in the first round like the Packers did with Rodgers and sit him behind the starter for a few years to learn.
However, drafting running backs in the first round is something most teams would shy away from anymore because runnings backs don't have long careers in this league.
The Saints are 28th against the pass so the argument could be made that the Ingram pick could have been better used on a defensive player that could have had more of an impact.
They gave up their 2nd rd selection in 2011 and their 2012 1st rd selection to move up and draft a running back that carried the ball 122 times this year. I would have to say that some should look at that trade before they criticize Miami for moving up to get Daniel Thomas.

How the heck did SF laid their hands on 10 or 11 Top Ten draft picks? I've always believed that, given a good personnel man, building your Team thru the Draft is the way to go.

Vote for Reggie Bush as the Fedex Ground player of the week on NFL.com!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig, didn't Reggie bush post on his twitted account as soon as the season was over that he was leaving new Orleans? That was the worst kept secret in the NFL. And yes, he should've either used lower picks or street free agents to fill the holes. Bottom line, its just not an important position anymore. Just not. We have way too many other more important holes to fill before runnin
the top ten rushing teams in the league have only a .515 win percentage. The top ten passing teams have a .638 win percentage. Now please explain why we should've been freaked out to fill that running back vacancy? To ensure mediocrity??? And yet we used our top 2 picks to solidify the running game. A non essential element to winning football games. Brilliant. The insanity continues.

Professor Lou,

You're points are well made. The only thing I would say is that Ingram has been hurt an awful lot this year. Lots of nagging little injuries, like hamstrings and turf toe. I'm sure it's been a frustrating year for him. I fully expect him to be back, healthy and producing again next year. I have no problem with what the Saints did. They are LOADED with talent and poised to win now. You've mentioned their secondary as a weakness and it is, and perhaps they should have grabbed a cornerback. I don't remember who else was there. Their window to win is the next 4-5 years and I expect Ingram will be a contributing factor to that. Don't give up on him yet.

Reading a commentary above I realize that we will NEVER find another Shula or Marino, they are quite unique, and of the Past. We might find somebody that RESEMBLES them, but never they. No?

I understand your point about Ingram but the injuries were used as the "excuse" as to why he didn't have such a great senior campaign at Alabama.
Now, in his first year as a pro, he's slowed by injuries again. Will this be an annual event for Ingram or will he recover and get on track? I don't know. It's just that I look at the comparison between what the Saints did to get him and what the Dolphins did to get Thomas and I don't get why some are upset about the Thomas pick.


We're not going to see eye to eye on this. If your biggest argument with Ireland is that he gave up a 3rd, a 5th and a 7th to get a 2nd round running back and you're calling that 'an incredible bounty' of picks, I would suggest you're simply nitpicking on Ireland because you don't like the guy.....fair enough?

As with all your arguments, you are under-valuing the running back position in the NFL, as you do with the centre position and any other position along the offensive line. That's fine, you can continue that approach but last I checked it takes 22 players to play a game and you need contributions for your full 53 man roster. I recognize that some positions are more important than others but let's talk again when a team like the Packers or Pats go out int he playoffs because of a lack of running game because the defence knows what's coming. It's what happened to the Pats against the Jets in the playoffs last year, when the Jets used SIX CBs because they knew NE couldn't effectively run the ball.

You are welcome to your opinion....understand, it's only an opinion and not factual.

I don't think they will ever find another Pat White, either.


I would LOVE to just have the next winning and consistently good QB for the fins. He can be completely different than Marino, if he wins I would welcome him with open arms.

Like the Packers with Rodgers....way different QB than Favre, but a good one that will be there for a long time.

And when I refer to Thomas as a backup running back, I mean to his role on this team today, this year, and by the looks of it next year too.

Maybe in 2 years at 26 he may provide something more tangible but right now, and looking forward to next year its a waste. Another one.

Haha, didn't the packers win the super bowl???

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