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All things Jeff Ireland following Sunday's victory

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- During yesterday's Dolphins victory in this hazy, cold town, I conducted an unscientific survey of my twitter followers (please follow me, if you aren't already).

I asked if people have confidence in owner Stephen Ross making a good head coach hire. It's a yes or no question. I also asked if people people have confidence general manager Jeff Ireland will make the right call on finding the Dolphins a franchise-caliber quarterback this offseason, another yes or no question.

Neither fared well. And, believe it or not, Ross fared better than Ireland.

Within the span of 30 minutes, 46 people answered "no," to the question Ross would get it right on the coach hire. Thirteen (13) peope said "yes," he would get it right. One person answered, "Hell no!" that Ross would not get it right. So not much confidence in Ross.

It was worse for Ireland.

Forty-one people said no, they have no confidence in Ireland getting the QB pick right. Eight said, "yes," Ireland would get the QB issue right. And five people said, "Hell no!" Ireland has no chance of getting it right.

So 49 of 54 respondents have zero confidence in Ireland.

I told Ireland after the game that folks simply don't have much confidence in him. He was somewhat surprised, asking me what people? Fans, I answered.

I tried to convince Ireland to speak to me, and thus to you, after the game. He declined. But I wrote about him and his situation in today's Miami Herald nonetheless.

Simply, Ireland is in a no-win situation right now. Most folks don't dig him too much. And, as I wrote, it doesn't seem to matter to those folks that Ireland picked Matt Moore and he's worked out. It doesn't matter that Ireland picked Reggie Bush and tha he has also worked out.

But, as I wrote in my column, the guy whose opinion of Ireland really matters is Ross. And I tell you in the column what Ross thinks of his GM. I also tell you what Ireland's exact role in the looming coach search is and how far along that search currently stands. I also tell you about the caveat that might get Ireland fired despite Ross claims that he is safe for 2012.

I have news for you on what the Dolphins think of their chances to get Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden. And I tell you why I believe Jeff Fisher is today -- even without an interview -- the leading candidate to get the Dolphins job. I also tell you who will lead the coach search -- no, not Ireland.

Please read the column.

But I must warn you if you are anti-Ireland: The column makes the point that however you feel about him now, you will definitely change your mind if the Dolphins get the right quarterback in the offseason. It is what it is. You folks are fans. And fans are a fickle what-have-you-done for me lately bunch.

Ireland gets the QB call right as a GM, he is going to be in a win-win situation for a long time. 


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Comment from Mark for us all to watch in the playoffs:

"Running back, a non-essential element to winning football games".

Let's see if that holds up in the playoffs or whether you ACTUALLY need to run the ball at key points during a game. Let's all watch and we can have a discussion a we go.....fair?

Naah, you can't be Cuban....

How about in the offseason we offer Drew Brees more money than any QB in the history of the NFL to play for the Dolphins, no one has mentioned this as a possibility


If Thomas becomes the next great back in 2 years you'd consider that a waste?

Was Rodgers a waste since he didn't offer anything for 4 years on the bench?


I don't believe he's going anywhere. He LOVES working with Payton, loves the city and the guys on the team. It's just posturing right now. When he breaks Marino's record, you can be sure the Saints will do everything to keep him there. We had our chance and blew it.....TWICE!! He won't forget that.

Craig, Agreeed I'm living in fantasy world if I think Brees would come here after we passed on him 2 times. DAMN YOU Culpepper!!!!



That's not the guy I'm used to talking to on here. Something's up. I always found him very cordial to talk to and have never had a problem with him.

Something's going on or something was misinterpreted. Not sure. I just call them as I see them. I figured they would lose to the Eagles because they are more talented and were getting Vick back but I thought they would lose Sunday, before I knew Moore would start.

I hope we got rid of thoughs doctors who said its a better to take a chance on Culpepper knees than Brees sholder. Didnt we look at other abilities like work ethic, leadership quailities? DAMN YOU SABAN!

Mark (sounds like I'm picking on you this morning),

I know you've been down on the Niners and figure their bubble will burst soon. Are you any more sold on them after last night or do you figure Atlanta or the Saints will be too much for them? How about if they faced Detroit? Pretty great defence in SF, no?

Imagine Brees would be in a Dolphins uniform breaking all of Marinos passing records. Ironic..

Craig, I said the most essential elements on a team are passing and turnover ratio. We don't have enough players that are elite in either category on our team. Yet we dedicate our draft to the running game a layer thatbis non essential to winning.

Ohio, see comment above to answer your question.

We do not have anywhere close to the players that are needed to win in this league and after the draft we got further behind.

Ans I never said offensive tackles didn't have value, don't out those words in my mouth. I would've been OK with nate solder being our first pick last year.


While I agree with you that we don't get enough turnovers, we did have three on Sunday and INT's in the last six games. I think that's a start. The pass rush has been a lot better the last 6-7 games from guys like Wake and Odrick and Starks. We get enough pressure on QBs and we'll get the picks, as the Bills did getting 4 against Brady in Buffalo.

Craig, if you need even further proof, the last 103 super bowl mvps,

6 qbs
3 receivers
1 safety

That should tell you which positions make the big plays in the big games.

Last running back to win it, Terrell Davis (6th round pick by the way)
. Enmity won one too and he was a first pick, a great first pick by the way. That makes 2 in 20 years.

Craig, still believe SF loses their first playoff game. Time will tell. I like the saints, lions, or falcons against them every day of the week. And yes I know the 49ers beat the lions and falcons too (I think)

Only team that beats them in SF out of those three for my money is NO, and I don't believe it's a sure thing. Lions are too inconistent and Ryan needs to show me something in the playoffs. Expect to hear from me on that one if the Falcons are one and done again (kidding....LOL).

The Packers are 25th in the league in rushing, averaging 95 yards per game.
Contrast that to the Saints who are 8th, averaging 125 yards per game.
Both teams have been very successful this year, as their records indicate, but the Sainst have been more effective running the football than the Packers. They average 4.7 yards per carry, while the Packers avg only 4.0 yards.
The Saints have also thrown the ball signifcantly more per game than the Packers.
What does this all mean? I think it means that every team has to find their formula for winning games.
It is interesting to note that, while both teams throw for a lot of yards, they are also two of the worst at giving up a lot of yards thru the air.

Name a team that has a great passing game that does not have a running back defenses need to be concerned about. No team will ever be concerned about Lex Hilliard.

Sure you can win the Super Bowl by running the ball and playing great defense. About once a decade that is. Instead of going the 10% route I'd like to see us play the odds and go the 90% route.

Comparing us to the Packers and Saints right now doesn't really do much.

They both have all pro QB's, we don't.

I don't think the running game is as completely worthless as many of you are saying though. The pass is definitely most important in this league, but I think the run still has its place on the good teams in the playoffs.

Professor Lou,

As usual your points are well made. I read this morning that despite the Packers being 13-1, they have given up EXACTLY as many yards as they have achieved on offence. That's SCARY!! It's not a good recipe for winning and we'll see how both they and the Pats do come playoff time when teams can scheme for this type of stuff.

Think Armando is working up a big story today?

Chis 623...

I like the way you think....

Craig, that initially scared me about the Packers too but they make up for giving up a lot of yeards by being a big play defense. They cause a lot of turnovers. They are plus 20 in the turnover ratio. That gives Aaron Rodgers and that offense over an additional possesssion per game. It's a great equalizer for giving up yards.

A team will have to be a combination of prolific in the passing game and still take care of the ball. New Orleans doesn't do that and their defense doesn't create those opportunities.

3 teams fit that description in the NFC, Detroit, Dallas, and Atlanta.

Chris, kris, me too. The trend is your friend. If 90% of the playoff teams are doing it a certain way, why fight it? Yet we try to be like this year's 49ers instead of every year's Saints, Pats, Steelers, et all.

No QB would look like a franchise QB on this team. None of them. You guys ramble on such nonsense. Criticize any GM all you want. Side by side you couldn't shine their shoes with your tiny specs of limited football knowledge.

..The NFL has become a passing league.Everyone knows this, aknowledges this..No secret. You look at teams that have won the Super Bowl over the last 5-6 years. It has been because of the ability to put up points via big plays(pass) on offense, and the ability to rush the passer, and create turnovers on defense. If you cannot do these things..Common wisdom is that you cannot win..

Perhaps. The NFL is obviously a copy cat league. It is a league that goes through re-invention all of the time. Teams are trying to stay ahead of the curve by being the first. Guess what? The run game is making a comeback. This is what I see.

Everyone wants a all world Quarterback. When you have one, it sure makes life easy. You can do all the things fans love to see, and therefore it becomes a must. The problem is there just aren't very many ELITE quarterbacks in the world. In the league now maybe 3-4 that are elite. So coordinators try and force this pass happy scheme on guys that are incapapble of doing this. Smart coaches realize that if you take the ball out of the quarterbacks hands and run the ball.. You accomplish much more, and give your team a chance, when they wouldn't have one otherwise. If you have the luxury of a decent defense, the formula really works. Look at the examples of teams that are in the playoff hunt, and look at the run-pass balance..You will be amazed.

Good points Mark, Kris, Chris.......

I like 90% - 10% analogy........I mean even the Steelers changed their ways to evolve into an offense geared towards the present

I like the way the Steelers to do it.....A ton of passing with some good running in there to mix it up

..The Steelers changed because Ben proved he is Elite as a quarterback..How many years where they a run first team? This fantasy that anyone can just come in and chuck it around is ludicrous. There are only so many Brady, Brees, Mannings. They are so good that it makes reality a little skewed.

Daryl, agreed that you can't play this way unless you have the hroses, however I think it is more than 3-4 teams that can play this way. I think there are about 12-13 qbs that can operate a team this way and beat anybody on any given Sunday.


Then there are some guys that may be that someday like Freeman, Flacco, Bradford ...

Point is, we need to find one of these guys ....


Guy asked me on the weekend if I think the 'type' of QB in the league is changing. I thought that was a good question. When you see the ridiculous running numbers that guys like Tebow, Vick and Newton are putting up and with guy like RGIII is on the horizon, it makes me wonder if we're not seeing a new breed of QB in the NFL. I mean these guys are putting up astromical rushing numbers. It's why I don't see a guy like Mallett succeeding in this league (not to mention he's not that good or that smart). Are we seeing the end of the typical pocket passer in the NFL. Could be that guys like Brady and Manning are getting out of the league at just the right time. I mean all these young guys can move around, even including guys like Fitz and Dalton. Palmer is a snail in comparison.

Mark..Point well taken. Trust me. I believe we have to find a guy like the ones you listed above. Sure I get it, that we don't have a guy that if there is nothing happening, the run game stops can go out and win a game on his arm against a good team..Agreed.

I'm not being argumentative but lets look at your list above. I will eliminate the Guys that have won Super Bowls..They have all proven they can get it done. They all played huge roles in their teams championship run.

Now the rest of the guys still are young, and may have their chances. But all of them need help. All are mistake prone. Very imperfect. Do you trust any of those guys on that list in big moments? Are they not all better with some run game? Rivers has been horrible(I get it when he is hot he is dangerous) Ryan plays in an offense that is run orientated. Vick plays in a Ried offfense that passes it to much, especially with their running back. Stafford..Detroit throws is more then anyone..Does anyone think they are a real contender?? They can't run it at all. Romo..Under-rated IMO..Not elite, but probably the best of the group.still. His coach doesn't even trust him at the end of games. Takes the ball out of his hands because he will kill you with mistakes when forced to throw too many times..Cam..Jury out. He looks awesome. I have nothing there..

So I got your point. I even agree. I'm just saying that we are killing our team because we drafted a Center, a running back round 1-2. We had Chad Henne..The best weapon to protect him was to protect him from himself..By running the ball, and eliminating giving him the opportunity to make the huge mistake. I'm sure the FO thought we would play better on Defense early in the year, and were banking on playing a version of what Harbaugh is playing in SF..Didn't work. but in Theory(if I'm right) made a lot of sense.


Vick and them guys get all of those crazy rushing numbers, but that type of QB has never proven to be a consistent winner in this league yet from what I remember.

Big Ben won Super Bowls by being mobile, but he was mobile to extend the play and open up the passing game.

I think you're right that a ton of QB's are turning into the running type, but I don't know if it will be much more than a fade unless some of them start having more success.

Just my thoughts on that one.

Craig M...I don't know. The problem with these running quarterbacks is the amount of hits they take over a period of time. Can they handle this? I don't know. For the short term it looks great. it's exciting, and tough for the defense. Take a guy like Vick..He misses to many games to be taken seriously. I know he is smaller then Tebow, or Cam. But these hits add up.. Can someone break the mold? Maybe, but how long is it sustainable? 3-4 years. At some point they will all get older, the hits will add up, and if they can't throw from the pocket???

Again, look at Vick. Last year the Eagles were great when he was throwing from the pocket. Teams actually forced him to run just so they could get licks on him..Seriously go look at the games. Coordinators took away the deep to intermediate, and forced him to run..Bang he goes out, and they aren't the same.

So if you asked me..I want a pocket passer all day. Yes mobility is great. But all young guys are going to run more then vets anyway. It is easier to take off when you see nothing then hang in the pocket and find the open guy.. All of them run early..It's survival.

The Dolphins are like the lower middle class. Too poor to enjoy the finer things in life like nice cars & houses/playoffs. And too rich to get the perks like free medical & food stamps/a franchise QB. We've been stuck in no man's land and it's getting frustrating for even the most ardent of fans/all of us taking time out of our days to read this blog.

How many of you have jobs?

And if you do, do you get paid to blog all day?

No wonder India and China are kicking our butts. They actually do their jobs.

DD, I agree with a lot you said. I see the approach that if your qb sucks, try to find a better one. Reinforcing the run game is like putting lipstick on a pig. Our run game couldn't have performed better than it has this year, pouncey could not have played better. In the end it doesn't matter. If you can't pass the ball, the objective should be to make it better, not to bolster another facet of the game. There is an example of one team pulling off this formula every year. Last year kc, this year SF, however still think we should try to be the rest of those teams.

And many of the qbs you doubt are not having good run support. Philly and Carolina run well. But would you believe Atlanta is 18th in rushing. Ryan is doing a lot more than what people around here want to give him credit for. He's running that entire offense from the line of scrimmage like peyton. Atlanta is a true dark horse in my opinion. I don't think they will be one and done this year.

Good points guys. I agree about taking too many hits and Ohio, I agree that style of QB has never really won in this league.

Blah blah blah craig m

blah blah blah darryl dunphy

blah blah blah mark in toronto

blah... blah... blah.. kris

BLAh BLAh blasd ALoco

This blog is becoming a circus show.

Furthermore, not to only make selective arguments, I agree that just passing yardage alone does not equal success. You must be smart with it too. Rivers and vick this year are prime examples, awful. You have to have some assemblance of a run game but it shouldn't be the thing you hang your hat on. Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Detroit, new England, the jets, green bay, and Cincinnati are all playoff type teams that have mediocre to poor running games.

Good point Mark but I don't think the Jets deserve to be on that list this year.

They suck and I wouldn't call them a playoff type team right now.

If they make playing like they have been they will be a one and out.

Ohio, I think they suck too, really bad. They are more lucky than good in my opinion and there is nothing on that team to be jealous of or try to emulate. However, those idiots are in the playoffs and should be involved in the analysis. Its going to be either them or Cincy and they both stink

Mark in Toronto...

The thing about the jets is this....

They look bad every year that Rex has taken over....even backing into the playoff 2 years ago...and having to win out last year just to have a shot at the dance....

The bottom line is this....ONCE they got in....AFC Championship game....once may have been a fluke...but to do it twice in 2 years...that tells me they are doing something right....

As much as I hate to admit it....they jets are a dangerous team until they are mathematically eliminated from the play off picture...

It will make my season if we can beat the Jets in the last game of the season to kill there playoff hopes.

Mark in Toronto,

Something tells me our theories are going to be tested in the playoffs. We'll see how Rodgers OL holds up in the playoffs and if he can get the job done without a running game. I think we'd all agree they are likely the best team in football right now but it all starts anew come playoff time. Chiefs did a great job of getting in his face Sunday and I think he was sacked about four times and I know he had at least one pick.

I'm with you on that Spiderman! Besides getting worse pic, but I would still take glory in the moment of not only beating them but eliminating them and their big mouth coach from the playoffs!

And to all the guys who said the Chiefs were crap......get a life!! they just beat the best team in football, a team that hadn't lost in 20 games and to be honest....it wasn't close. Score might have been 19-14 but I thought that score was flattering to be honest. One team played with heart and one team was flat. Would love to see a Tebow/Orton showdown for a playoff spot but I have a family the Bills will lose to Broncos on Sunday. It would be a great final game though...

I realize that if your really sold on a guy in the draft do whatever it takes to trade up. Thats how Atlanta did it when they got Julio, and see how thats working out for them. I really hope we can pick RG3!

Kris, the jets are a confusing bunch. They suck in so many categories. Their offense is worse than ours, their run defense is mediocre, granted their pass defense is awesome.

The part that gets me though, they are first overall in red zone offense despite being a crap offense. How does that happen when you suck at running and passing the ball. Offensive coaching maybe???

Craig M...

was that really you @ 1:51....

The ARE crap....Any given Sunday id any given Sunday....

but lets not make the Chiefs out to be more than we thought they were....

A little perspective man....please....

Craig, the orton bashers got silent awful quick. I always liked the Guy personally and for the first game with a new team, he was aces.

Hmmmmmm.....I wonder where we've heard reasoning similar to this before.

From Peter King's column this morning:

I think it'll be vital for Chad Clifton and Bryan Bulaga to return in time for a potential January matchup. Rodgers is great, but no quarterback can be great if he's got the kind of pressure Rogers saw Sunday in Kansas City.

Just posted a whole paragraph responding to Kris and it didn't go through.....no cuss words or anything.

That is frustrating....

BTW Craig M....

The more games you win in a row...the higher your percentages for losing goes....its not uncommon for a FAR superior team to be flat against what is percieved to be a weaker opponet....it happens in ALL sports...at ALL levels....

It doesn't make the Chiefs a GREAT team...and it doesn't take away from the fact that the PACK is 13-1 THIS YEAR...and 20 of there last 21 games....

how is that for a little perspective.....


Totally agree. It would have been awfully interesting if we'd traded for Orton for a 4th in camp and where things would have gone from there. Betcha we wouldn't have started 0-7.

kris, it was me and I'm not trying to make them out to be world beaters but they have been decimated by injuries and I think they hated their coach. How weird that after only firing theor coach last week that they still have a chance at the playoffs and that the guy Denver dumped has a chance to put the dagger through their heart. Weird, weird division!!
Can you imagine if Turner's team somehow wins that division and upsets somebody in week one? Do people still think he'd be gone?....I think not. Who would have called that?


I think you are misreading my words. I'm not trying to say the Chiefs are good team....they're not. But they are not the crap team everybody makes them out to be. Missing their starting QB, RB, safety and future all-Pro TE. Could have rolled over and died. Tambi Hall is a BEAST.....they remind me a lot of the team we have right here in Miami. Refuse to die....

I wonder how many more games the Chiefs might have won if they had sat Palfko (or whatever the Hell his name is) and started Orton (I realize he's only been there 2-3 games). Too bad Haley's as stubborn as he is. Remind anyone of a similar situation with a QB named Henne?

Craig M...

what makes you think they hated they're coach.....

He got them to 11-5 last year....

I called them the 2008 FINS on many occasions...and never bought into the fact that they were a legit 11-5 team...and B'More beat them down just like they did us in 08....

I don't think KC is very good...I do think the team played they're hearts out...and I hope that KC can beat the Bronco's...I have JEBOW over load....and its making me sick....

Craig M....

Perhaps I did mis-interpert your post....

but I still believe that KC is a bad team from TOP to BOTTOM...




I have read that the players didn't like Haley. Egomaniac is the word that used most often. I get the sense they are a lot happier with Crennel there. Read some of the quotes after the win on Sunday about him. I'm also reading between the lines. It's no secret that Haley and Pioli didn't get along and I've heard other coaches have their issues with Haley too. Just putting one and one and one together and adding it to everything I've read. He's also a Parcells boy....so maybe he thinks that's how you treat people. Who knows.

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