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Name change on horizon for Sun Life Stadium

It is only a matter of time before the stadium the Miami Dolphins call home is called by yet another name.

Sun Life Stadium will be no more within three years industry sources are saying because Sun Life Financial, the parent company behind the naming rights to the stadium, announced last week it was pulling up stakes in the United States.

The Canadian company is retreating from two staples of its U.S operation, according to various news reports, because it has been stung by the dark economic outlook and unpredictable market volatility that has made it difficult to sustain the traditional life insurance model.

After a strategic review by new CEO Dean Connor, Sun Life says it will no longer sell life insurance and variable-rate annuities in the U.S. The company is expected to turn its sights toward Asia.

And that means that in three years when the naming rights agreement between the Dolphins and the financial giant expires, the name Sun Life will come off the stadium the Dolphins call home.

A Dolphins spokesman was unavailable for comment.

The Dolphins are expected to begin a search for a new naming rights partner in the very near future.

This isn't really a new thing for the stadium where Miami plays. Originally it was called Dolphins Stadium, then it was renamed Joe Robbie Stadium in a 1986 announcement by the Robbie children to honor their father, the Dolphins original owner.

In 1996 Pro Player, a division of Fruit of the Loom, took over sponsorship naming rights. Pro Player Apparel filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1999 but before the name came off in 2001, the facility was also renamed Pro Player Park.

Then came Dolphins Stadium. Then came Dolphin Stadium. Then from May 2009 to January 2010 the name was changed to Land Shark Stadium, after the beer. Sun Life Financial came on the scene in 2010 when the company tried its now-failed expansion in the United States.

Sun Life and the Dolphins signed a five-year agreement at the time and that deal is two years old. Three years remain.When that time elapses the stadium known more for its name changes than actual names will change names.



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Happy Holidays!

Haha, Poizen, awesome

Happy Holiday's all, I have been here, just not sayin much... I always follow you guys comments every day! :)

Another question, were Mark, Craig and Montreal Dolphins fans PRIOR to the Sun Life name change? Or did they just jump on the bus after the stadium was named after a Canadian company?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Let J Lo and Serena buy the rights and call it the Booty Bowl

lol @ dolfnman at 9:12

How about we name it Dolshit Stadium because thats the product were used too.

Bess's success was greatly contributed to Henne constantly checking down and looking for the 3rd receiver. This year Bess is getting the ball the amount a 3rd receiver should get. You are seeing the result of a QB who likes to throw to his 1 & 2 guys, much like other winning QB's. No QB is going to win consistently when his main target is the 3rd guy. Nothing complicated here.

How about naming it "Stupid Decisions" stadium after Mr. Ross.
Get rid of Ireland!!!!

Happy Holidays Gentelmen...and women if your out there....

DC...I don't know why Armando felt the need the "break" this story now....

I guess he has bragging rights.....

Anyway....this week is creeping by...

The real question is this....

If the FO IS evaluating Moore....then doesn't Long need to play....

I know he SHOULD be shut down for the season...and I am in complete agreement with that line of thinking....

But if you want to know if Moore can compete with TOP level competition....doesn't he need his PRO BOWL LT to make a fair assesment....

Thigpen never got his fair shot....If Sporano would have had his way...Moore woudn't have eiother....

So....does Moore get to play with the best....or do they give him a patchwork OL.....

Maybe it doesn't matter against the PATS D.....they are pretty bad to begin with....

Henne gave us all a mirage on that Monday night....who new NE D would have been that pad....(normal shot @ posion)....

DC, the first game I remember watching as a kid was the super bowl game where riggins ran for 200the yards on us and I've been a fan ever since. Can't really explain why it struck a chord with me but maybe because I was so angry that the defense got ran over. Maybe I just like something to complain about???

Watching Marino was the clincher. My favourite athlete of all time in any sport. Watching him excel brought me toms much excitement and watching him lose made me feel so low.

Anyway...food for thought...take it or leave it....I am out until later this evening....

Lets just say...I've been taking your advice DC...and I got me a "hobby"....


Morning. Yeah Sun Life is actually one of my competitors up here but I do sell some of their product. Good company with a good reputation but we're seeing a LOT of down-scaling of their product line up here in Canada. Looks like the downturn in the market has hit them hard. We're still going strong.

kris, I hope you and your lover use protection

So this is going to sound kind of gay (I apologize to any gay people on here, if it's taken the wrong way and to straight people if it offends them too).

I was first attracted to the colours of the team and the fact I'm a huge fan of dolphins. Fascinating animal and I've always been impressed by their smarts. The colours of the team just jumped out at me too. Different than anybody else's. Then when I read about their history I became even more interested. I didn't grow up in this country (Canada), so I had no knowledge of football until about '81. Fell in love with the Dolphins at that time and then Dan followed with some great years. I was a huge John Offerdahl fan. Can't tell you why. Just seemed like a guy who came to play every Sunday and did his job. Solid in every aspect of his game. Been a big fan ever since and I guess my optimism comes from wanting to get back in some of those glory days. I wasn't following the team when it had it's Super Bowl wins and the perfect season. I can imagine what that feels like and that's what I want and envision for this team.

There you go.....a glimpse into my life as a Dolphins fan. For the record, I am in fact a warm-blooded STRAIGHT man with two kids and a girlfriend (and an ex-wife). There ya go....more about me than you EVER wanted to know...LOL.

Good stuff. dolfnman, I can accept your reasoning...IF we had a great 3rd down completion percentage. I know it's gotten better, but I still think it's not great (may be mistaken). If I'm right about that, then Bess' talents can (and should) be exploited.

Mark/Craig, of course I'm kidding. You guys are both diehards, so I know you just didn't jump on the bandwagon a few years ago (plus, what bandwagon? If anything, fans are jumping ship from this franchise.).

kris, it's all about a "hobby." Enjoy yourself bro.

What's kris' hobby?

My life is driven by this team more than it should be. I work hard for two things in life. To support my stripped addiction and to once again be a dolphins season ticket holder. Its not so much the cost of travel and tickets that's the problem, its the ability to scale down to four day weeks for 4 months a year. Eventually I want to travel to every single game, home and away.


Should that have said 'stripper' addiction?...LOL. Where do you go in Toronto? Is the Brass Rail still any good? There used to be a couple of good places by the airport in The Landing Strip and Runway 66. Not sure if they are even there any more.

Sun Life Financial was a particularly rotten choice.

Hey Craig M, I assume you must have experience living with a miserable women since your divorced.

How about "Groundhogs Day Stadium"? Because I keep reliving the same sad season over and over again.

Honestly, I think they should leave the stadium completely and move in with the Miami Marlins!!! The site of the original and intimidating Orange Bowl. I mean nothing says intimidation like going to the bathroom in a urinal trough!!

Also the Dolphins have not been in a Super Bowl since they left the Orange Bowl. From 1970-1986 the Dolphins averaged 10 wins a year. 5 Super Bowl appearances, 2 Super Bowl wins, 12 playoff appearances. Since moving into Joe Robbie Stadium zero Super Bowl appearances, only 10 playoff appearances in 24 years and now we've had one playoff game in 10 years.

Men Showering Together Stadium.


I've got the 'worst' ex-wife on the face of the planet. Best kids in the world....worst ex-wife. Figure that out? Could argue about anything. Petty....always has to get the last word in. It's more important for her to be RIGHT, than what's in the best interest of the kids. VERY strange woman....don't even know her now, after being together for like 17 years. Let that be a warning to any of you guys thinking of getting married. When you're young you think you've got it all figured out....not so. Be careful what you sign up for...

You going through some of that too Spiderman?

Someone stoled my handle...

I have 2 (serious) suggestions:
1) Don Shula Field at The New Orange Bowl

2) back to Joe Robbie, honor that man at the unveiling, then close club LIV, burn the orange carpet, buy back the shares from Gloria Fergie Enrique and the Williams sisters, and win some football games...

Joe Robbie Stadium. If I recall correctly, it wasn't something he heaped on the tax payers? Although, I could be wrong. If true, it should be named after him.

For those who say there needs to be some sort of endorsement deal, for extra $$$. LIke the ownership would use the money wisely.

As for endorsement deals. I would like to see Effen Vodka name it Effen Stadium.

Craig, yes should say stripper. My buddy is the DJ at the rail and its still a good place and pretty clean. They keep things above board. Landing strip has some of the most beautiful girls in the city as they import many from eastern Europe. And those girls work hard for their money if you know what I mean!!

Craig M,

Most definitely.. I will never understand the female specias, at first eveything seems like a match made in heaven but when you put a ring on there finger a new side appears of the women. The bitching, complaining and arguing increases, men when you marry might as well cut your nuts off and hand them to your women. But then I think to myself maybe I should find another one, only to realize it doesnt matter what women your with they're going to give you some type of problem one way or another. Guess thats just life cant live with them cant live without them.

Schizophrenic Stadium


You'll never say more correct words on this blog. I agree with everything you just said. Got a great girl now but very cautious about getting married again. I think we both are, after making a mistake before. Probably need to watch what I say, as she may read this blog...LOL. Something about the whole marriage thing changes them. Guys that are happily married on here can say what they want, but that's just how I feel. Got it good right now...long may it continue! Now, if I can just get her interested in football!....LOL.

Maybe Ross and Irelands Big top.

I can hear the barkers out front...

Step right up, buy a Dolphins ticket and win a prize. Take a walk down the orange carpet, meet such celebrity owners as J-Lo and the Williams sisters. Dance in our night club. Meet the cheerleaders.

What's that you say? The team on the field? Pay no attention to them. You're not here to watch football. Meerly to be a part of Ross and Ireland's greatest delusion on earth.


NO WAY!!! She's argumentative? Always thinks she's right? Kinda, sorta, sounds like someone I know (as a poster here). LOL! No, I know how it is with ex's (though thankfully I'm a happily married man). I won't go there.

But at least you're kids are cool. It would suck if they took her side.


Had a VERY expensive night with co-workers one night at the Rail. Girl from Eastern Europe, wanted to tell me her life's problems and then wanted to charge me for about 20 songs. I said FORGET it!! Paid her for about a quarter of that and then left before I got thrown out.

Also, had a very late night at the Strip, with the same co-workers. One of the guys ended up ordering BOTTLES of Dom Perignon and the girls and a couple of the guys started down lines of coke right there at the table. It's not my thing and I've never been interested in it any of that stuff, but I think our bill at the end of the night was about $3K and I had to be back at a trade show I was working in about 4 hours. Bit rough the next day...LOL.


I expected to get that response back from someone. I walked right into that one. Honestly, I'm not really like that in life. I'm passionate about my 'Phins and while I believe to be true, I do realize that there are varying opinions out there and I can see why people think differently than me. The discussions on here aren't life and death, just a difference of opinion.

best clubs are in mtl everybody knows that.half the price and twice the fun


Also found a great girl for brother's stag about 15 years ago at the Strip. Hi friend dropped the ball and had a couple of the ugliest strippers show up, right out of The Sun, without actually checking them out. I had to get rid of them and I left for the Strip and found this great blonde there at the last minute. You're right, they have the BEST looking women anywhere.



backstabber stadium ...for jeff i
celebwhore. park ross

heres some names

judas field
benedict arnold stadium

bipolar field

You're a ok in my book Craig!!!


Thanks bud...

trifukta field
i think that sums it up

Craig, I'm not into the whole drug thing either. If someone does it around me, I don't care, just not for me.

And tour conversation with Spiderman reminds me why I like to frequent those places. You meet one or two, negotiate everything in advance, enjoy each others company, have some fun then split.

Like Charlie sheen says, still cheaper than getting married. And another classic, you don't pay them for sex, you pay them to leave

Montreal has great places too but the rules in a lot of places in Toronto have become more Montreal like. So it all depends what you are looking for.


Well said....

Charlie's learned the hard way, having gone through 2 or 3 of these already.

Craig, loves those blondes from eastern Europe. Romania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, etc, etc.

Either that or the mediterrean look with the tan skin, dark hair, and big round .... eyes really get me going


Don't get me started. You're talking my language...

FINALLY.....something we can agree on....LOL.

I need to make a trip too Toronto or Montreal!


Do it....Montreal's a GREAT city!! you'd love it!.....all due respect to Toronto of course, where I was last night for Leaf Fan Appreciation night.


I am also "here" reading even when I'm not talking much.

Very entertaining at times

to coooooooooooold.lol go heat!

u should see the hot ruskie i am wooing at one of my oasis'. f'n gorgeous.m m m.lol

oh man, all of this snat.ch talk is gonna make me go to a strip club for lunch,
hey aloco. what's for lunch. pink snapper.?.lol

mando, why don't u and the amigo meet me at tootsies.lol

Love the pink snapper!! Nail that Russian hide!!!

I love Christmas time!!!

I vote for bringing back "JOE ROBBIE STADIUM" or simply "Robbie Stadium". Old Joe put his heart and fortune in the development of the Stadium and did it with no public assistance. He deserves to have the Stadium named after him, a true pioneer of the NFL.

This isn't really a new thing for the stadium where Miami plays. Originally it was called Dolphins Stadium, then it was renamed Joe Robbie Stadium in a 1986 announcement by the Robbie children to honor their father, the Dolphins original owner.

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