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Awwwright, Miami!!!!: Do it Dierdorf, do it!!!

The Dolphins will induct former tight end and broadcaster Jim Mandich to the Honor Roll on Sunday when they play the Dolphins play the Raiders at Sun Life Stadium.

As you know, Mandich, who passed away in April, has been and forever will remain the voice of the Dolphins.

The game will be broadcast by CBS with Greg Gumbel on the call and Dan Dierdorf doing the color analysis. Well, Dierdorf was on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this morning. And Dierdorf talked about how broadcasting this game is special for him because he was a teammate of Mandich's at Michigan.

In fact, Mandich was the man who helped recruit Dierdorf to Meeechigan, as he would call the institution.

"I think you guys know how much that means to me personally," Dierdorf said. "When I went on my recruiting trip to Michigan he was my chaperone ... He was larger than life. You were lucky to have him."

Cool. Well, I suggested to Dierdorf, if you want to make it really, really special then he should give Mandich a tribute-type shoutout by doing an, "Awwwright Miami!!!!" when the Dolphins score a touchdown or make a big play.

This is how Mandich sounded when he used to do it:


I wouldn't expect Dierdorf to sound that way, but it would be cool if he tried, wouldn't it?

"I don't know how that would be received in Oakland," he said. "We always try to be fair and balanced."

Well, I suggested, give the Raiders a shoutout also -- as an in-kind trade of sorts. Actually, I said, "screw Oakland," but I digress. I suggested Dierdorf do a, "Just win, baby!" or something of that nature. I think that a fair exchange for hearing the Mandich tribute.

And with that Dierdorf came around.

"You know what, that's a great idea," he said. "You have planted the seed. that is a great idea. We all know 88 deserves it. We could do a little homage to both Jim Mandich and Al Davis."

Hey, it's not a promise that Dierdorf will do it, but it would be cool, wouldn't it? Dierdorf would be on Awful Announcing, the website that monitors such matters both good and bad, in a heartbeat.

He'd be famous!

Dierdorf on Armando and the Amigo



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Can we go back to writing how garbage the Dolphins are. Im just sayin...

That girl look like Halle Berry when I'm on the lean.

All Right... Is always a good thing to show respect to your loved ones.

Dierdorf: what a perfect guest for a radio show- he just can't shut up for one second with the "color analysis". Armando, did he let you get a word in edge ways?

To honour both Davis and mandich with those calls would be great. Two guys who gave a lot to this institution we all enjoy so much. Rest in peace men! Well earned.

That girl look like Halle Berry when I'm on the lean.

Posted by: John | December 01, 2011 at 10:59 AM

Does anyone know what song this is from?

The present crop of College QB's appears much better than last year's was.

Dan Dierdorf is the only human to have a listing in Webster's dictionary:

Dierdorf - (n) fat-azs windbag. "That gentleman is a Dierdorf.

Guys what do you think of Jim Tressel being the Dolphins new head coach?

Jim Tressel Dolphins new head coach in 2012!?

Are the dolphins going to even endscore. Wouldnt that be a perfect end to a dreadful season!

Spiderman, no thanks to Tressel...

#1, why?

Why is it that, when Dan Dierdorf sneezes into his hanky, it leaves a $hit stain?

Dierdorf is a total tool. Any time he's calling the game Miami is all but guaranteed to lose and he seems to know/enjoy it.

If there's a website called Awful Announcing it must be dedicated to him.

I don't care for Dierdorf. But that Mandich phrases will resonate in Dolphin lore forever.

They should put Greise in the booth for the game.

I hope Miami's next coach is hard nosed SOB who has some old school principles. I know in today's NFL with the CBA making players candyasses its hard to have as physical a training camp but a guy like Jeff Fisher comes to mind. I was all on the Gruden train earlier but the more I think about it of the coaching list of stars in Cowher, Gruden and Fisher, I want Fisher.

Fisher is a firm believer in getting pressure with front 4 which is what I want. I hate the 3-4. There just aren't enough quality 3-4 pass rushers let alone most of them guys are a liability in coverage as well. Fisher also has had success working with young QBs. He sat McNair a few years and that worked out pretty well and he played V. Young right away so he has success with both approaches. He is a defensive minded guy yet he always had a very good offensive line and defense. Where as Sparano well it's not even worth repeating but I will - Offensive line coach by trade yet 4 years in and it's a complete mess and that is with one of the best if not thee best LT in Jake Long.

Let's go Fisher and RG3 for 2012!

Changing gears for a second here, what do guys figure the Eagles have to finish for Andy Reid to lose his job? They are 4-7 right now. If they win out they finish 9-7 and probably still miss out on the playoffs. After all the moves they made, and 12 years there, does the team have to make the playoffs for him to keep his job? There's signs of internal turmoil on the team from guys like Desean Jackson. I like Reid, but is anyone else scared that the same could happen here in Miami if he was the Head Coach. Smart guy, good coach but is he too nice a guy? I don't know the answer to that. I'm just asking the question out loud.

Posted by: Craig M | December 01, 2011 at 11:35 AM

I Wonder how many times Dierdorf will say "Tom Brady" During the telecast?, The guys got a bigger Man Crush on Brady then Armando has with Jason Taylor.Just Saying.

Spiderman, sorry, I'm a bit buried at work... I would rather someone with NFL experience... I don't know if I want a college coach...I would love Cowher, Reid, maybe even Jay Gruden...

Jim Mandich to be inducted into the honor roll.

Awwww Right Mad Dog!!!
Awwww Right Miami!!!

Posted by: Tim in Tampa | November 30, 2011 at 09:54 AM

Worth the repost!!

Also, "F" Dan Dickdork.

Nice way to honor those guys, however, I'm sure Mandich would rather them honor him by winning a championship.

I think the ONLY way the Eagles dump Reid is if he loses the rest of the games (and then it's a big IF). They'll get rid of DeSean before Reid. Reid has one losing Season out of something like 13. He's one of the best HC's in the league. Jackson is a punk who has talent but a big mouth and inconsistent play.

With that said, I'd take both of them if Philly discards both or either.

DeSean Jackson = a level of play Clyde Gates will never attain


I am a Miami Dolphins fan. And based upon Our history of not faring well with retreads like J J and Parcels. I say NO to Fisher,Gruden and Cowher.Stay Away!

Craig M,

I listen to Philly WIP sport talk at 5 on my way home from work and this is the worst I ever heard about Reid getting fired. I never thought he would get fired unless consecutive bad seasons but the way things are now just about everyone is saying he needs to go and has officially lost this team including former player Ike Reese.

They even sell black t-shirts in the mall with FIRE ANDY in Eagles green on them. They sell them in my barber shop too lol.

I don't think he can save himself to be honest. He has not only failed this year but possibly set this team back even further with the ridiculous contracts handed to Vick after half a good season and Nnamdi who is a good player but far from great and over 30 so it will only get worse from here.


But don't you think every coach has a shelf life? Don't you think Philly has HUGELY underachieved this year? You and others are pi**ed at Sparano for the team being 3-8. Well guess what....the EAgles are only ONE game better and with a much better talent base. Not saying they are equal but I am saying that's a bit of a double standard. And we're seeing signs of internal meltdown on the Eagles and we're seeing a team that looks to be mailing it in. To me those are tell-tale signs for any head coach. I may be wrong but I think it's time for a change in Philly.

We need a coach that does things his way. Not some puppet like Sparano.

To me Cowher is that guy. Anyone who has spent 10+ years with the Steelers. Has to know what he is doing. And doesn't need to be anyone's puppet.

Trade up for Luck and they will come.......


That's my take on it too. Philly fans are much more demanding and rabid than Miami fans and I can't imagine the uproar there in Philly. I heard an interview today from Mike Quick (former receiver) who feels changes are coming. I think if the situation played out in Miami this year the way things are going in Philly the fans would be going nuts. People forget, with all the moves that Philly made this offseason they were expected to compete for the Super Bowl. They're not close....gotta thing somebody pays for that.

Cowher isn't stupid. He knows he won that SB because of Rotenburger. He's going to go where Luck goes.

Funny, not too long ago everyone was calling Andy a genius for the Vick move, now he's an idiot for it.

And I'm pretty sure the contract terms of a player isn't only on the coach.


I'm not close enough to the Philly situation. What's the knock on Andy Reid? From afar it looks like too nice a guy. Can't win the BIG game. It's why I want a guy like Jeff Fisher in here, rather than Reid. In fact, I think I'd rather have Chucky. This team doesn't need some to coddle them. They need a disciplinarian. Someone to kick their a**. Someone to hold them accountable for mistakes and lack of preparation and effort. I think that's Fisher.


I have no doubt that there are coaches out there that deserve a chance.Why the same ones? Let's think outside the box. I know it takes more work to find them. Why be lazy and just keep looking in the recycle bin.Hard work leads succes.Enough with complacency.Enough with the perenial mediocrity!


I just threw away the remainder of my lunch after reading your Oprah thong comment.......

Ohio Dolfan,

You're exactly right. Ireland was criticized for not going out and getting Vick when he was free. Vick looked good last year and got the contract he wanted this year. Philly is tied to him now. I'm wondering what guys would be saying now if Ireland had gone out and done that. To me, THAT's the kind of move that should get a GM fired. Same with the move Arizona made giving up players and picks and money for Kolb. Ireland gets criticized but those are not the kind of crippling moves he makes.


Philly was set up as a Super Bowl or bust team. There is no 2 ways about it. Andy Reid has went down in flames this year.

Promoting Juan Castillo from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator has been an epic failure based on all the 4th qtr leads the Eagles have blown this year.

Endorsing and signing off on giving Mike Vick a 100 million dollar contract after a season he once again couldn't stay healthy and only was good for about 8 start. The real Mike Vick has shown back up in Philly and that is a dynamic runner who still can't see blitzes, read defenses or put any touch on the ball. He is capable of getting you to the playoffs or being a turnover machine because he can't handle the responsibility of handling the ball all game.

Nnamdi Asomugha had some very good seasons in Oakland but he is 30 years old and has his played showed he is already declining. He gets beat bad on a weekly basis and that shouldn't happen considering he is supposedly a shut down corner and is payed like one with 60 plus million dollar contract.

Play calling seems great considering the Eagles put up a ton of yards but for anyone who watches this school yard offense knows the Eagles are the same as they always have been they pile up yards on bad teams and get garbage time yards against good ones when games are out of reach.

In the end, Reid couldn't get it done with his previous approach of building from the inside out and now he tried to build from the outside in and he failed even worse. Reid should be fired.

dr. roberts and Andy,

Thanks for the Reid comments. That's my fear on the guy. I think for his sake he needs some time off. I'm not a Tom Coughlin fan but I think he'd fit the mold more of the type of guy we're loking for. He likely needs some time off too.

Vick is who we thought he was, win a few games can be exciting in some games, gets injured a lot, wont ever win a superbowl, kill some dogs, and gets another 100 million dollar contract.

Craig M,

And I STILL here announcers talk about how Vick is such an improved player because of the addition of his passing game along with his running.

If Vick starts winning games again next year are the Eagles smart again? haha. Just goes to show you how much of a "What have you done for me Yesterday" league we really have nowadays

Vick is who we thought he was, win a few games can be exciting in some games, gets injured a lot, wont ever win a superbowl, kill some dogs, and gets another 100 million dollar contract.

Posted by: Spiderman | December 01, 2011 at 12:12 PM

Only in America.

Dr Roberts,

"Eagles are a soft bunch that folds quickly---that speaks to a lack of discipline"

You hit the nail on the head my friend. The Eagles have set a record for losing leads with leading in the 4th qtr this year. The Eagles short yardage woes too are all reasons I don't want Andy Reid.

Another reason I don't like Reid is as good a game planner as he is and he is one of the best at that, he also is one of the worst adjustment coaches I have seen. He is really bad at adjusting. If something isn't working he doesn't go away from it. He is stubborn in that he feels he has a formula and will stick with it no matter what

I was thinking about you in the shower this morning.

Dr. Roberts,

Yeah Reid's decision to promote Castillo is almost as bad as giving Vick 100 million.

Same ol Vick to me. He makes a half dozen breath taking plays and throws another half dozen into coverages he can't read or see. He is also back to same ol self entitled Vick. He breaks 2 ribs and misses 3 games where Romo breaks ribs leads Dallas to a comeback victory in OT vs a very good SF defense and has played every game since.

Andy, dr, roberts and Ohio,

All good points. So with all that being said, how does Andy Reid make this team better? Aren't the things we're seeing in Philly some of the things we're seeing in Miami? Blowing fourth quarter leads, playing soft at key times etc....How does bringing him in fix those problems. Aren't we just asking for more of the same? I like Andy Reid but I don't think hes the right fit for Miami. I don't think his low key approach would work well with this team or the vity of Miami.

Andy--agree regarding Vick.

I won't discount how good/great he was LAST season (he was) but at the same time I'm beginning to think that was as much a case of other teams being unprepared for him as it was individual brilliance.

Cerytainly, this year is a far cry from that and he has given off the odor of 'loser' more than once.

That the Eagles are saddled with that gargantuan contract is another poor decision in a year filled with them.


Good points at 12:21pm.

To say Vick didn't deserve the big contract is one thing. But to say he isn't a very good QB is another. The guy has gotten his @ss kick this year.

Are you guys watching the same football games I've been watching?

C'mon man.

Nothing wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles. Man, those retards up in that area are just doing what they usually do and that's p*ss and moan and cry like the fat slobs they are (or at least portrayed to be). They are not good this year for two reasons, they give up the ball too much and they are poor in the red zone. An off season with focus on those areas and some more discipline and they will be back as strong as ever. It's an off year where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. It happens.

Oh Craig, Craig, Craig. Comparing Andy Reid to Tony Sparano. REALLY?

I'll tell you this, if Tony won more games than he lost in '09, '10, then I could accept him having a bad year this year.

Andy Reid, and I repeat, has ONE LOSING SEASON in THIRTEEN SEASONS. He's taken his team to what, 3 or 4 Conference Championship games in that span.

This is a PROVEN winner.

Sparano has ONE winning Season in 4 tries. He has THREE CONSECUTIVE LOSING SEASONS.

Now someone try to tell me how Sparano has earned another shot next year the way Reid has earned another shot.

However, to your question about shelf life, yes, I agree. Sometimes a team just needs a change, and therefore could see Reid get fired end of Season since Philly had such high hopes. I think they're taking a big risk though, due to Reid's track record.

Us, we're taking ZERO risk dumping Sparano. Anyone with a pulse and half a sense could come lead Miami to 7 games. There's a greater chance we can upgrade there than Philly can.


I don't think he'd be a good fit in Miami, either, and I don't have NEARLY the animosity for the guy that the locals here do (I'm a Miami native transplanted here and don't care about the Eagles even though I love Philly).

If you want a disciplinarian type, Reid is DEFINITELY not your guy.

What does he bring? A good track record of offensive creativity and generally good results with quarterbacks---none of whom seem to do as well outside of Philly (Kold, McNabb, Feeley, etc.)

I just happen to think he's about burned out at this point and needs a break. Plus, I hate to say it but he isn't exactly the most fit and healthy guy, y'know? He could be a stroke candidate in that brutal Miami heat. I'm not kidding.

Craig M,

I'm with you. I want no parts of Andy Reid. My coaching search would start with Jeff Fisher. He's always had teams that were tough and very physical on both sides of the ball. He comes from the Buddy Ryan school of getting his guys to play nasty on D and also believes in getting pressure from the front 4 which I am in favor of switching back to.

Now Fisher has had some teams with down years but he worked with the talent he was given. He never wanted Pac-Man Jones or VY but that's who Bud Adams and Reese the GM wanted and he made the most of what he had.

I agree with Andy. The Castillo DC decision is what torpedoed Philly's chances. The guy is not a defensive-minded Coach. Vick did enough earlier in the year to win those games, if his defense made plays, but they didn't.

Vick has been careless with the ball this year, I give you guys that, but I don't put this all on Vick. I mostly put it on their considerably diminished defense.

What they need to do To Vick is Put him in a burlap bag,tie it up\, Throw him into a lake and wait for it to sink, After All he is under performing., Thats What Vick did to his under performing dogs after all.

Reid and McNabb had multiple shots at going all the way.

Don't we think Reid and a new franchise QB could do the same.

I know I know, the ultimate goal is WINNING the Superbowl, but we need to start winning more games than we lose to even have a chance to do that.

A Proven coach and a high QB drafted with great promise for the future........I'd take that to start out 2012

By history, if Ross is going to bring a new HC to Miami, it will be none of the above. My tocayo ozcar at 12:04PM, I believe he is correct.


I didn't compare Andy Reid to Tony Sparano. They're not in the same class. But they are in the same profession....so yes, they need to be compared. The reality is some of the things from Reid's team are some of the things you are complaining about Sparano's team? Take a look....blown leads late, defence playing soft when needed, too nice a guy. So what I think you're doing DC, is taking the chance that your asking for 4-5 more years of similar type performance. I'm saying I don't see how bringing Andy Reid into Miami changes the problems that have plagued this team for the last 2-3 years.

Hey, don't take my word for it. Listen to Andy and dr. roberts who are right there in Philly and are a lot closer to the situation than me in Canada, eh....

I always liked Jeff Fisher too. He's the one veteran coach who has a proven track record and I still have the sense that he has the hunger and passion to get done what he wasn't able to do before. And he's still very young. Don't even think he's 50 yet.

I love Andy Reid and I think Philly would be just loco for letting him go considering the loser franchise that team was before he got there, but he may be spent, who knows. Definite burnout factor to be considered.

Andy and dr. roberts,

Some good points from both of you. My thinking is that if Reid is let go, that Philly becomes a prime spot for Fisher. Good talent base, good owner and rabid fans. The things that plague that team are the things that Fisher could fix. The one stumbling block is the fact that Vick is entrenched at QB. If Fisher doesn't believe in Vick he might not go there.

One of the guys I'd like to see us take a good look at if we're unable to get a Fisher, Gruden or Cowher is Mike Zimmer. He has that defence playing very well, the players love him and play hard for him and I think he's ready. He could be that 'next' guy to step up and be a successful head coach in the NFL.


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