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Awwwright, Miami!!!!: Do it Dierdorf, do it!!!

The Dolphins will induct former tight end and broadcaster Jim Mandich to the Honor Roll on Sunday when they play the Dolphins play the Raiders at Sun Life Stadium.

As you know, Mandich, who passed away in April, has been and forever will remain the voice of the Dolphins.

The game will be broadcast by CBS with Greg Gumbel on the call and Dan Dierdorf doing the color analysis. Well, Dierdorf was on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this morning. And Dierdorf talked about how broadcasting this game is special for him because he was a teammate of Mandich's at Michigan.

In fact, Mandich was the man who helped recruit Dierdorf to Meeechigan, as he would call the institution.

"I think you guys know how much that means to me personally," Dierdorf said. "When I went on my recruiting trip to Michigan he was my chaperone ... He was larger than life. You were lucky to have him."

Cool. Well, I suggested to Dierdorf, if you want to make it really, really special then he should give Mandich a tribute-type shoutout by doing an, "Awwwright Miami!!!!" when the Dolphins score a touchdown or make a big play.

This is how Mandich sounded when he used to do it:


I wouldn't expect Dierdorf to sound that way, but it would be cool if he tried, wouldn't it?

"I don't know how that would be received in Oakland," he said. "We always try to be fair and balanced."

Well, I suggested, give the Raiders a shoutout also -- as an in-kind trade of sorts. Actually, I said, "screw Oakland," but I digress. I suggested Dierdorf do a, "Just win, baby!" or something of that nature. I think that a fair exchange for hearing the Mandich tribute.

And with that Dierdorf came around.

"You know what, that's a great idea," he said. "You have planted the seed. that is a great idea. We all know 88 deserves it. We could do a little homage to both Jim Mandich and Al Davis."

Hey, it's not a promise that Dierdorf will do it, but it would be cool, wouldn't it? Dierdorf would be on Awful Announcing, the website that monitors such matters both good and bad, in a heartbeat.

He'd be famous!

Dierdorf on Armando and the Amigo



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I'm not from Canada, I'm from Ohio..........(thus the name)

LMAOROTF Aloco, Your on a roll today.

Yeah, I could easily see Fisher being the guy Philly targets. He was an assistant here years ago, too.

If they are seeking a very different approach---one based on more discipline---he's a pretty obvious choice and Miami would be in a tough spot trying to win that competition given the Eagles have sound ownership and obviously stay committed to their people for a very long time.

Jeff Fisher for head coach! I like that idea


I watch the games and know what I am watching. Vick is a tremendous play maker from the position and yes he is a GOOD QB but not elite by any means and when a team gives someone 100 million they better be elite and not just good.

Vick's contract will hurt this team for years to come. Mark my words Vick will be next Philly athlete booed out of town.

Also, Ireland, what he's good at, discovering an acorn(of a Coach).

And again, fellas, I know it's been mentioned before but don't discount Reid's awful family issues. It's literally an ongoing soap opera that would beat down any father over time.

I can't tell you how he's handling it, only that Reid gives a LOT of clues of being depressed and worn out in his demeanor. It's an awful burden to carry.

Yea I'd like Fisher too........that'd be cool

Let's make believe!

Let's make believe Fisher had more winning seasons than losing seasons!

Let's make believe Fisher won't need 15 seasons to get to the SB.

Let's make believe Fisher is the answer based on nothing.

Well guys its december 1st, gosh time flies, another year gone. Enjoy 2012 cause its the last year Earth will exists.

Dec 23 2012 is judgment day!

Vick's contract will hurt this team for years to come. Mark my words Vick will be next Philly athlete booed out of town.

Posted by: AndyNJ | December 01, 2011 at 12:49 PM


I tend to agree. Hey, I know people who are LIFELONG, rabid Eagles fans who simply stopped rooting for the team the moment Vick put on a green jersey.

As fans, I think most of us are probably hypocrites at some point. Rooting for guys who are less than stellar people (or outright creeps) if they can help provide victories. We've had a few on the Dolphins over the years as well. Guys like Gene Atkins or Brian Sochia won;t be winning any citizenship awards, y'know?

But I also respect those who stick to their moral compass and won;t dutifull cheer for just anybody.

I say why not go after Vladimir Putin for HC?

Why not?

We need some of that Russian Intelligence.

We are going to have a tough time trying to run on Oakland, specially now that Carey will not be playing.

Real arguments don't just shoot down the ideas of others, they also offer a proposed "better" solution.

Just sayin.....

The problem with Putin is that you'll never be able to fire him if things go bad!


Anyone ever wonder how many touchdowns Tedd Ginn would have if not for penalties?

I think this dude had at least 10 TD's called back because of penalties in his career. He has to be the most unluckiest player in the NFL.

Yea but we ran Ginn out of town..........we'll be saying the same thing about Marshall's awesome plays for another team when we run him out of town too.

Teams are going to the Vick, Tebow, Rodgers, Newton, Freemon, Brees type of teams. Teams are moving toward the MOBILE QB. Even Big Ben gets out of the pocket. And that dude is big.

Even Brady can get beat down if teams weren't so afraid to rush him. The Brady types won't be around in 10 years.

Real arguments don't just shoot down the ideas of others, they also offer a proposed "better" solution.

Just sayin.....

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | December 01, 2011 at 12:55 PM

Fantasy arguments do not warrant proposed better solutions, since by fault the original argument is not an argument to begin with. Its only fantasy based on nothing but wishful thinking.

Ted Ginn never met a sideline he did'nt like.

But I believe we can get open in that Raider's secondary and Moore is sufficiently accurate to get the ball into the receiver's hands.

DC Dolfan,

Bad teams are never usually just the cause of 1 player. The defense has been horrible so has the coaching and play calling. But Vick has been a turnover machine this year. He has 11 ints and 6 fumbles this year. He has missed 3 games because of broken ribs that the media says happened on the 2nd play vs AZ but everyone in Philly knows it happened when he dove head 1st on a run in the 3rd qtr. He has missed 3 games because of it and has been invisible on the sidelines in those games with helping Vince Young.

I don't hate Mike Vick because of dog fighting or have a personal vendetta against him but the fact is he was surrounded by speed unlike any other team has had in recent memory when you consider Vick, DeSean, LeSean McCoy and Maclin and it took teams time to adjust and once they did its been down hill since. He is a play maker and still pops off incredible runs and throws darts to WRs but he turns the ball over puts his teams in bad spots and has had chances against Chicago and AZ for game winning drives and failed.

100 million should shoulder most of the blame to me.

ALoco, I fall under option 2. Thankfully I do have a job .... today.

Landry Jones - I say he is the most likely candidate to go back to school. His stock has been taking a hit on a weekly basis but he is still considered by most to be top 10 overall prospect so if his stock is slipping now I don't know if he should go back considering he is still considered a top 10 talent.

Posted by: AndyNJ
Andy, I have to disagree with anyone that says Jones is a top 10 pick. Now they may say that but I don't think he's top 10. I feel he'd be a good backup QB in the league at best but not a franchise guy.

My Outlaws (Sooner fans) are from Norman Ok and they do not like him at all. They laugh at me when they hear the draftniks say Miami is going to take him in the 1st. I've watched a lot of Jones and to me he just doesn't have it. I would throw something through my TV if I hear his name called when Miami picks.

As far as Tannehill and Foles I am just saying we are winning our way out of the top tier QBs. I feel they are the next 2 on the list. We have a long way to the draft so we'll see how all this unfolds.

I do agree with you on Fisher. He always seems to put a good D out there. I also like the fact that he takes risks from time to time.

Why you no wanna talk Oalan miami? You no like?

You no wacht tv?

Rain showers on a judgment day!

dec 23 2012

No sissy ticket?

What are guys saying about the Vikings? Will they be in the market for a QB this draft or do you think they are sold on Ponder? I don't mind the kid but has the team won a game yet with him at the controls (maybe 1?). Would they take a QB top 5 if a guy like Barkley is still there, after taking Ponder at 12 last year. Tough one.

Here's hoping they beat Tebow and the Broncos on Sunday.

Spiderman asked why not Jim Tressel earlier in the forum. I too am curious. He isn't my top choice, and I simply don't enough about him, but I am curious from anyone who has knowledge of his ocahing style if he's fit for the NFL.
Also like you, I'm pushing for Fisher. Proven, solid, and not dependant on a QB to win (though great QBs are ALWAYS a preference, and in our case a necessity).
But I'd truly like some opinions on Tressel from folks who may be OSU'rs or know something about him.
Fisher still my #1 though so far of all I've heard out there.


Yeah the more I see of Jones the less I like him. I was high on him after seeing him last year but this year not so much.

I say he is considered top because both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have hime ranked 6 and 7 overall respectively. Now all draft analyst are wrong plenty but its just where he is currently rated.

The more I see Barkley the more I wish Miami could find a way to get him and the same for RG3. The 2 are different type of players. Barkley seems from I hear to be better suited for West Coast offense where RG3 may be better in a 5-7 drop system from what I hear.

Minn traded up to get Ponder, and blew their wad on him. He's their guy, a la Henne, until it's beyond obvious he fails.
My opinion. But No radio pundant is talking Minnesota drafting a QB.

Boy, John, do I have Time in my hands!

JS in LA,

I don't believe that they traded up to pick him. I think they took him at 12, right where they were. But I think you're right, I think they stick with Ponder for the time being and fill other needs. They could be a trade partner for us though.

I know you're a big Barkley fan, JS. Any chance at all that he gets picked ahead of Luck?

Absolutely NO on Tressel!

College is far different from the pro game in that at that school from ohio he was able to recruit from the best of the best in talent. His lone National Championship was BS because of the pass interference call on 4th down too.

Now I am a Michigan fan so maybe I am biased but I hate Tressel and his dirty program! lol

AndyNJ, and other Barkley coveters:
IF he comes out...
IF we don't win any more games...
Barkley prob is ours.
Right now I'd say he really is struggling with coming out (sounded very wistful and excited about USC next year on The Herd this morning).
That, and we may win another meaningless game or two. And every other schmucky 4-7 team behind us needs a QB. ARgggghhh!
So it's either Barkley, or the 2nd-3rd round talent pool. Helluva difference.


I heard Barkley say today he 'may have played my last game at USC'. Not sure if it was the same interview you heard or not but he sounds like a good who is going pro. Isn't USC facing sanctions again next year? Does he really want to go through that again for another year?

Is there any doubt Nick Saban would of been a good NFL coach, remember he had Manny Wright crying like a big blubbering baby when he was here. All I ask does Jim Tressel seem like he can make the conversion from college coach to NFL?


Yeah Barkley does seem inclined to want to go back to USC but I think he has reached his ceiling as a player. Just my opinion.

But you say if not Barkley then 2nd or 3rd round. You don't like RG3 or Landry Jones?

Like I said if everyone considers Jones a 1st round talent and Miami's new regime were to take him I would back it 100 percent but the more I watch him I don't like him as much as Luck, Barkley or RG3.

RG3 is a a complete HIT or BUST to me. I think he is one of those no in between guys. He will either be elite or a flop and end up as a career back up but playing it safe and not drafting a 1st round QB has gotten Miami no where. I'd go RG3 even it is 10 picks too high

Teams are going to the Vick, Tebow, Rodgers, Newton, Freemon, Brees type of teams. Teams are moving toward the MOBILE QB. Even Big Ben gets out of the pocket. And that dude is big.

Even Brady can get beat down if teams weren't so afraid to rush him. The Brady types won't be around in 10 years.

Posted by: Tony Suckrano | December 01, 2011 at 01:00 PM


No offense, but those are really poor comparisons if you're trying to make a point about mobility.

Roethlisberger? No doubt a fine quarterback but are you aware that he is sacked MORE frequently than any other starting QB in the league? There is not a less mobile quarterback in the game.

Brees? Deadly accurate and a winner, but nobody is going to attach "mobility" to his attributes.

The truth is that VARIOUS types of quarterbacks can get it done. There is no singular template.

Nay for Tressel! Wouldn't mind a collegiate coach though.Just as long as it isn't a retread.

Barkley's two biggest knocks are his size (6-1, 6-1.5 ish), and his "supposed" lack of arm strength.
The size thing is correct. But he is a solid body, not Bradford skinny. He's Drew Brees, plus an inch.
His arm strength is bull. Dude throws to NFL caliber speed recievers deep downfield every game, and is dead on accurate. Again, he's Drew Bress plus an inch.
But, Luck has no real flaws, and should be #1 pick unless he flops at the combine. Or unless the COlts flip out and go Trent Richardson, or Blackmon, or something.

Yes, there are some similarities between how Reid and Sparano lose games, agreed. I don't think there's one HC in the league who I don't question from time to time (yes, even Bellichick). But, I'm willing to take that risk with Reid since I know he'll get this offense to heights Sparano could only dream of. Reid in an offensive genius. He'd just need a DC like he had before dude died and he'd be fine (IMO).

Just asking as far as who the next coach could be. A young hungry coach would be breath of fresh air. Winston Moss is a name that pops up every once in a while just curious what you guys thought about it?

The thing about Rotenburger and Rodgers. Is they keep plays alive with thier feet.

The few extra seconds gives good receivers time to get open.

Thats one of the attributes I see in Luck.

Andy, if we miss #2 QB, it's because we won 4-5 games. and they are 9+ teams right now already in the 4 win cloumn, and 4-6 of them want QBs. So the jump from #2 QB picking and next available might be significantly huge. RG3, Jones, etc. ma be long gone only because we won another game or two.
RIght now, at 3 wins, we're pickg #2 QB. So that's why I say that.
I like RG3 just fine, although more risky. Jones, not sure, but seems good. Tannehill is NO in my book. Maybe COusins, Foles. Really not sure once we leave #4 range.

A guy who always gets brought up in the college to pro coaching vacancies is Kirk Farentz from Iowa.

Im a Michigan guy and a Big 10 follower. Farentz has had some really tough teams even in down years. He runs a pro style system too. He wins games with lesser talent because recruiting in Iowa is tough considering you are sanwiched between Wisconsin, Nebraska and to a lesser extent Ilinois. Not to mention in the same recruiting fences as Michigan and that school from ohio.

I'm not saying I want him just saying his name is always mentioned for coaching vacancies.

Ross, kinda has his hands tied behind his back, when shopping for a new HC. He has stated he wants a STAR, an ELITE coach. How many of those are actually available? the ones that pop to mind first, have stated that they are not interested in coaching. Personally Im not interested in Fischer. I dont think Ross is gonna travel down college coach row. I could be wrong, just does not seem likely. I would not be surprised, if in the end, our new HC is someone already on the payroll..

Girls, girls, girls - how any times do I have to say this?


He's got connections to Miami (BIG Plus - and I don't mean one-step away from retirement connections like Jimmy-I-rather-boat-in-the-keys-Johnson)

He's got a track record as an offensive minded coach - like Payton in New Orleans, can be one of those innovative HC that call offensive shots while letting the (already decent) D do it's thing

Hate to bust you guys bubble, but, it aint gonna matter who the next hc is without longterm stability at the qb position.

Fisher "almost" won a sb with Steve McNair. But we all know almost only counts in horse shoes. Speaking of almost, also see Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb.

Cowher would only "breakthrough" to win his first and only sb with Ben Roethlisberger. Hell, I can see Tony Sparano winning a sb with a top 5 qb, oline, and a championship defense.

Heck, most of us can hc a sb championship with that triple combo. Top 5 qb, at least an above average oline, and a championship calibre defense has always been the formula for winning championships no matter the hc. Better have a great gm talent evaluator too.

Craig, Brakley really is conflicted. He seems honest, and has been consistent about being simply not sure. But he sounded very exicted about USC chances next year on the Herd this morning.
I thought next year was no restrictions for USC, but I haven't followed it very well, so not sure.
The only reason I can see him coming back is if he gets a chance for a national title, which they would indeed have a shot. His Dad is well off, so money is a worry.
He's said he's 50-50, and still seems to eb on whether to come out or not.


Some good points in your post at 1:32pm. I was a Landry Jones fan but I've coming around to having Barkley ahead of him. I'll look at it again before the draft but pretty sure that's how I have them.

I'm like you on RGIII. I sit hit or bust with this guy. I've come around to thinkig that maybe it's time to take a shot on a guy like this if he's there. I didn't think Tebow would ever win in this league and he is. I didn't think Newton would work and despite the team not winning he is. So I've changed my thinking somewhat and realized if RGIII is the only option then draft him.....how's that?

...money NOT a worry. Correction. Sorry.

finfaneurope don't even start that ridiculous thought of Nolan being the next head coach.Don't go down that road!


You guys put way too much emphasis on money. So, in your thinking, is Peyton at fault this year for the Colts' Season? He got hurt, and his HUGE salary has not allowed them to get better personnel.

Truth is, both Vick AND Peyton have done things to allow the team some flexibility in getting players. How else do you think Philly got all those players?

But, break it down. Vick led the team to 20+ points in EVERY loss this year but AZ. So how's that Vick's fault. If you investigate, you'll see he had like 300+ yards (passing/rushing) in each of those games). Sounds like a stud to me. Sounds like he did everything you ask a QB to do. One game they lose 35-31. AND YOU PUT THAT ON VICK!!!!

I put loses on OUR QBs when they score 15 points, 16 points, NOT when they score over 20. I've ALWAYS said that if Henne/Moore score 20+ points, then it's on the defense to secure the victory.

I agree Vick has been careless with the ball this year (especially). That's on him. He needs to clean that up. But I in no way blame him for those losses. I blame the defense more, and him less.

Weren't ferentz and saban close?

yesterday's gone,

You get no argument from me on this team won't be successful without a franchise QB. But I think the next HC has to have the background to develop that QB as well. So I think it's a package deal. One will only be as successful as the other.

As far as Sparano being successful with a top 5 QB? He would of had to inherit one because he can't even develop an offensive line let alone the most important position on the field.

How absurd would it We be if Our current defensive coordinator became tomorrow's hc.Perish the stupid idea.HELL NO!

See you have folks who would blame Miamis offensive problems on the Oline. Then you have folks like me who say it's the QB play.

Now over the years since Marino retired. It's been nothing but linemen that is getting all of the attention and money.

I say to honestly evaluate just about the entire team. You need a stud at QB.

And Miami fans deserve the best QB out there.

So Ross can you please give the fans 4 draft picks this year. You gave it to Ireland to waste. Why can't the fans for once, draft the best QB in the draft. If it doesn't work out. At least you tried to do something the fans wanted for a change.

Trade up for Luck and the players will come....


You keep playing this same not over and over and over.....'trade up for Luck'

What makes you think Polian has ANY intention to trade Luck? Like ANY intention? I think he's sitting there smiling like a cheshire cat right now because he's got his next QB for the next 10-12 years and that's BIG!

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