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Awwwright, Miami!!!!: Do it Dierdorf, do it!!!

The Dolphins will induct former tight end and broadcaster Jim Mandich to the Honor Roll on Sunday when they play the Dolphins play the Raiders at Sun Life Stadium.

As you know, Mandich, who passed away in April, has been and forever will remain the voice of the Dolphins.

The game will be broadcast by CBS with Greg Gumbel on the call and Dan Dierdorf doing the color analysis. Well, Dierdorf was on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this morning. And Dierdorf talked about how broadcasting this game is special for him because he was a teammate of Mandich's at Michigan.

In fact, Mandich was the man who helped recruit Dierdorf to Meeechigan, as he would call the institution.

"I think you guys know how much that means to me personally," Dierdorf said. "When I went on my recruiting trip to Michigan he was my chaperone ... He was larger than life. You were lucky to have him."

Cool. Well, I suggested to Dierdorf, if you want to make it really, really special then he should give Mandich a tribute-type shoutout by doing an, "Awwwright Miami!!!!" when the Dolphins score a touchdown or make a big play.

This is how Mandich sounded when he used to do it:


I wouldn't expect Dierdorf to sound that way, but it would be cool if he tried, wouldn't it?

"I don't know how that would be received in Oakland," he said. "We always try to be fair and balanced."

Well, I suggested, give the Raiders a shoutout also -- as an in-kind trade of sorts. Actually, I said, "screw Oakland," but I digress. I suggested Dierdorf do a, "Just win, baby!" or something of that nature. I think that a fair exchange for hearing the Mandich tribute.

And with that Dierdorf came around.

"You know what, that's a great idea," he said. "You have planted the seed. that is a great idea. We all know 88 deserves it. We could do a little homage to both Jim Mandich and Al Davis."

Hey, it's not a promise that Dierdorf will do it, but it would be cool, wouldn't it? Dierdorf would be on Awful Announcing, the website that monitors such matters both good and bad, in a heartbeat.

He'd be famous!

Dierdorf on Armando and the Amigo



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I just think they need the picks more than the Luck. They can draft a QB to groom.

Why would Luck want to sit behind Manning?

I bet Rodgers hated sitting behind Farve.

Luck may not sit at all given Manning's health concerns. Even if he did, it wouldn;t be long.

Agreed with Craig here. The Colts won't be trading that pick and will draft Luck.

I know it's hard to give up the notion but Andrew Luck will not be playing in Miami.

ozkar @1:43,
Dont misunderstand my comment, its not that I want anyone from the current payroll as the new HC. But It would not surprise me if in the end that happened.
A while back I had listed a few prospects and Chudzinsky was one of them along with Grimm..

Remember they tried to force Farve into retirement over and over.

Indy will have the same problem with Manning.

If you want a tough Coach that is already on Miami's payroll look no further than Brian Daboll. According to some newspaper accounts, he made life miserable for Colt McCoy last year almost to the point of humiliation.


Both Reid(McNabb) and Fisher(McNair) have had top 5 qb's in thier era and failed to win sb's. Cowher would breakthrough to win a sb upon Ben Roethlisberger's arrival.

Fisher did relatively nothing post McNair. He did have a 13-3 team that lost in the playoffs but that's it. Reid has pretty much not done anything also. He has a seriously underachieving dream team that's taking water on all decks right now.

Plus when Reid had McNabb playing at his finest and dfensive dc Jimmy Johnson he still failed to ever win a sb at Philly. Fans there3 have a right to feel the way they do about Reid.

Sparano's never had close to the team talent these coaches have had, yet we think we can bring these coaches in with less talent than they had win they couldnt win sb's and win a sb for us. That's insanity guys!

Might be because McCoy is reportedly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Don't think Daboll has earned the promotion as yet, but he's doing a nice job with Moore.

We all know Ross' personality and addiction to 'names.' I take him at his word that he's going to go after a 'star' coach. Whether he gets one is another matter, of course.

That would be my assumption if Ross is left with the choice from our current staff, Daboll. Not that Im rooting for that or anything, just saying..

For Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins professional football team, I propose former Ethiopian leader HAILE SELASSIE.

Mr. Selassie has been dead for decades but even as a corpse propped up on the sidelines he would provide inspirational leadership.

If he cannot be convinced (or disinterred from his resting place) then Ernest Borgnine would be the choice.

Wow Mando actually came up with a good original thought...


We are going to have to agree to disagree.

First off more power to him for getting the contract off of about 8 spectacular games. But please never mention him in Peyton Manning in the same breath because the injuries are seperated by the fact Peyton has been durable as they come with the most consecutive starts outside of Favre. He is one of the best ever to play the position. Vick played 8 spectacular games and finished on a slide last season once teams were able to get more film and time to game plan. Vick's record since the end of last season is 3-11. There is plenty of reason to bring up the money he received. When you get 100 million dollars certain expectations come with that like leading your team to wins for starters but also not being a turnover machine. Vick has more turnovers then any ther player in the league in his last 14 starts as well. So I would say he is not fulfilling expectations as a 100 million player let alone a franchise QB.

There are plenty of guys putting up yards but when they turn the ball over their teams don't win.

Plus all I see is a school yard offense running around playing catch up or constantly looking for the big gain but when they need a drive to take time off the clock or game winning drive he isn't that guy. I see good player but far from a stud.

If Sparano had as much talent on this team as Reid has on that team in Philly and the same thing happened here. No question fans here would also be screaming for his head.

Without the drafting of McNabb, Reid may have been out of Philly long ago. Not many of the sb era "Frisco" assistants coaches have had much longterm coaching success.

Only one of those sb era 49er's assistants have ever won a sb. But Gruden did it with Tony Dungy's assembled Bucs.

Fisher and Reid both have missed on thier greatest chances to win a sb when they had the qb, offense, and defense to get the job done and didnt.

I mean we're talking about Indy.

They want Manning to go out like Unitas.

Not Farve.

How would you have any idea what the Colts are thinking?

Honestly, I think your desire for Luck (which I understand) is clouding the picture for you and perhaps you are ascribing motivations that don't exist in reality to figure out how he might come to the Dolphins.

I wouldn't count on it. This is actually a perfect scenario for the Colts. And they're playing like it!

Whatever we do, I hope we just don't blow the team up this time around. We need to just replace Tony and see what happens.

I just think this team is "good" enough for a season or two. Then the new coach can make the necessary adjustments.

I'm not a big fan of rebuilding anymore.

Unitas is a bad example. I forgot he got traded.

I'm talking about the money.

If Manning is traded. Aren't they also trading away the royalties?

yesterday's gone,

Fisher and Reid also both developed McNair and McNabb. You really think Tony Sparano is capable of developing a QB? Seriously?

You act like they both came into great situations and inherited QBs. McNabb was considered a late 1st rounder at best and a huge reach for the Eagles yet Reid recognized the talent and developed McNabb into a very good QB. They didn't win a SBowl but you are very short sighted in thinking that their careers together were a failure because they didn't win it all. They had great success but there are plenty other great QBs/Head Coaches who never won it all like Marino/Shula for starters.

Fisher also developed McNair out of Alcorn State of all places into a league MVP. Fisher was responsible for developing him while maintaining a great defense and physical running game and going to the playoffs multiple times.

Sparano is a glorified positional coach. His trait is the offensive line and Miami's o-line has been a disaster under his watch. The offense has been a disaster as well.

There is no comparison Reid who I said I didn't want for several reasons is a great coach but not what I would want but is far better then Sparano. Fisher who I do want is a very good head coach who has a proven track record. Sparano's claim to fame as a HC is an easy schedule a gimmick offense called the Wildcat who he can thank ex-QB coach David Lee who used the offense at Arkansas, suggested it to Dan Henning and it single handedly won Miami 2 to 3 games alone that year.

Sparano probably good as an o-line coach but not as HC no matter what hypothetical situation

The Eagle fans booed McNabb when he was drafted.

If we try to hire a veteran coach then Fisher is probably our best bet. I'm not a big fan of that though.

We need fresh blood and fresh thinking to get this team headed in the right track. These "kids" playing professional football need a father figure...not a grandfather figure.

Even if Manning agreed to it.

What kind of draft picks do you think they'd get.

So that leaves them with forcing him into retirement.

Manning is a competitor so that might cloud his judgment.

But if he couldn't play. He would've let people know by now.

Tony Suck, just cause a guy is older doesn't make him stupid....this is of course based on number of sustained head injuries, (war, motorcycles, sports etc.) or dementia, psychosis et al. So your comment that Fisher (although not my choice) would be less valuable because he is middle aged is inane! Yes, I'm older than Fisher and have ties older than you! LOL!!!!

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