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Breaking down the coaching possibilities

Stephen Ross said the Dolphins are "open to everything" in their search for a new head coach.

"I'd like to find a young Don Shula if that's possible," he said.

Then during the next 14 minutes the Dolphins owner and general manager Jeff Ireland, who will help conduct the search, said they're looking for someone "with experience," someone who is a head coach but not necessarily someone who wants control or final say on personnel matters, and obviously someone who can work with Ireland.

Hmmm. That limits the field more than you might guess, assuming Ross and Ireland can be believed.

Anyway, let's look at some of the certain candidates, possible candidates, and some candidates that are already eliminated:

1. Bill Cowher: I dont see it. He's not going to coach the Miami Dolphins. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with a very plugged-in NFL man today and he tells me there is no way Cowher comes to the Dolphins. Not a fit. Cowher wants to walk into the perfect situation -- which the Dolphins definitely are not -- and he is willing to wait for that situation. Is he great motivator? No doubt. Keith Sims said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, today that Cowher was the coach of the AFC team one year he was in the Pro Bowl. Sims said Cowher gave a pregame speech that had the entire squad wanting to play hard. In the Pro Bowl! But he has been out of the game for several years now and one might question his desire to start from the ground up with a team that isn't playoff-ready. I would say this, his philosophy on defense matches the Dolphins 3-4 scheme. But he's a longshot, at best.

2. Jon Gruden: A big name. An offensive mind. He's won the Super Bowl so he knows how to do it. Having said that, he has a reputation of being hard to work with. He has reputation for never being satisfied. That's one reason he always had a dozen quarterbacks in camp but never a truly great one. He likes to think of himself as something of a mastermind. He does know how to push people's buttons and motivate. He might eventually want to get back in the game. But, again, it would have to be the perfect situation. The Dolphins don't seem to be a perfect situation, folks.

3. Brian Billick: I like this possibility. He is offensive minded. He can adjust -- as he did with the Ravens in that he allowed that amazing defense to dictate and dominate the personna of the team. He has a reputation for being able to work with QBs. He hasnt coached in four seasons, since 2007, and one has to wonder why? He's only 57 years old so it's not like he's too old for the game. I don't worry that he hasn't been hired since his last job, I wonder why he hasn't even been considered? Billick has three losing seasons while with the Baltimore Ravens. His last losing season was 2007 when the team went 5-11 and were beaten by the Dolphins for the only victory that team enjoyed all year. I remember that Billick played it safe and decided not to go for a potential game-winning TD on fourth-and-goal from the 1 yard line, opting instead to tie the game with a field goal. The Ravens lost the game in overtime. Not exactly Billick's finest hour.

4. Jeff Fisher: I know, I know, he had only six winning seasons in 17 years. He only had six losing seasons in 17 years as well. He is, what I would call, a solid, solid coach. He's not a genius, but he is very bright. He knows how to motivate. His defenses play with passion, although he like the 4-3 instead of the 3-4 so that might require the retooling of current personnel. He is a favorite of Jerry Jones, so that says something very good for him because Jones knows coaching talent. He has not won the Super Bowl but took his team there in 1999 and lost to the St. Louis Rams "greatest show on turf" team in what was one of the classic endings in the history of the game -- his team fell short of tying the game by one yard. The fact Fisher hasn't won a Super Bowl suggests he'll still be hungry. He didn't step away from the Titans of his own will. He was fired. So I assume he would want to be coaching if he could. Fisher is well-respected around the league. He'd bring instant credibility.

5. Les Miles: He is a Michigan man. Stephen Ross is a Michigan man. Miles is a candidate. He's 58 so he's no puppy, but he seems to be hitting his stride in recent years. He's taken Louisiana State to the top of the college football world and might be quite comfortable staying on that plateau. Or he might be convinced to try to climb higher. Miles has some, but not a lot of NFL experience. He coached under Chan Gailey in Dallas and then stayed on when Dave Campo took over in 2000. So he gets the pro aspects of the game. Miles is not a compulsive person. He is very well-balanced. He doesn't work 21 hours a day and sleep on the couch in his office the other three the week before a big game. He has a family and a family life. This can be both a good and bad thing for an NFL coach.

6. Chip Kelly: He is 48 and regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today. The Oregan Duck run an offensive play once every 13 seconds. Can you imagine what that would do to NFL defenses? They would go, pardon the pun, daffy. Oregon is on the NCAA's radar for possible violations relative to a recruiting company. It is not considered major stuff so it's doesn't necessarily mean Kelly would want to exit. But I'm putting it out there because one never knows what folks are thinking. The obvious drawback here is Kelly has never coached in the NFL in any capacity. It would be audacious to even interview him. I love audacious.

7: Rob Chudzinski: He's the offensive coordinator in Carolina. He's been an assistant at the University of Miami, and the offensive coordinator in Cleveland. He also spent time under Norv Turner in San Diego. He will be an NFL head coach some day. And with his fine work in bringing Cam Newton into the NFL game in a relatively short span of time, I would not be surprised if he gets interviews after this season. But are the Dolphins willing to turn over the keys of their franchise to a man with zero head coach experience? I think that's a long shot. Chud, 43, wouldn't be the sexiest hire and wouldn't sell tickets. But he would be interesting.

8. Rob Ryan: God, please, no! Like his brother Rex, the New York Jets coach, Rob is a defense-minded guy. Unlike his brother Rex, Rob's defenses don't inspire any confidence, or intimidation or enough wins. Yes, that was Ryan's defense collapsing in the final moments as Eli Manning rallied the Giants to victory last Sunday night. Ryan, in my estimation, talks a better game than he coaches. NFL people also say he's not as good as good a coach as his brother. Otherwise, he's wonderful.

9. Herman Edwards: The truth is that Ross's non-denial denial of the looming Carl Peterson hire matters in this search. Peterson is definitely helping Ross gather ideas, thoughts, and yes, candidates. Peterson once hired Edwards to coach in Kansas City. It failed. Edwards had previously washed out with the New York Jets. I like Herm. He's very charismatic. He motivates. But I've heard stories of how the New England Patriots coaches snickered at the thought of Edwards matching up with them twice a year back in the day. They apparently believed they had an advantage on Edwards and his staff. That's not the kind of reaction I want for the Dolphins before they play the Pats twice a year.

10. Eric Mangini: Strange bird. But Ross likes him. Birds of a feather? Mangini somehow endeared himself to Ross while he was the New York Jets coach. Ross sees him as something of a Belichick Jr. Ross likes the fact he gave the Patriots a run there for all of about one year. Problem is, Ross just fired a coach who gave the Patriots a run there for all of about one year. Mangini denied it, but I heard he's been speaking with Ross even while Sparano was coach, not undermining Sparano, but certainly adding his two cents. It reeks to me. Mangini is on ESPN currently and that shouldn't play any role in this search, but I fear it does. It gives him a bit of star power. He's seen, known. And Ross likes that. Never mind that he's been fired by the Jets and Browns, didn't have a winning record with either franchise, and his overall 33-47 record is worse than the record of the coach Ross just fired.

The The Wildcards: What if Tom Couglin or Andy Reid get fired? I don't see it, but what if? Both good choices ... Marty Schottenheimer is in play because of the Peterson factor. So is his son Brian, who is the offenisve coordinator with the Jets. But I don't see either because the elder Schotty is 68 years old and is yesterday's news and seems like a putting a band-aid on a deep gash. His son, Brian, will be a head coach someday, but the truth is he's not at the top of the coordinator ladder yet, so how can one ask him to climb the next rung to the head coach level? .... Norv Turner is a fine coordinator but the bloom is off on him as a head coach. He will likely go in San Diego and he isn't coming here. Jack Del Rio? Not interesting and not interested ... Todd Bowles will definitely be interviewed. He's the only candidate we know will get an interview with any certainty. I have no idea what the guy stands for or is about. I do know if he finishes 3-0, people will be clamoring for him to be hired permanently because he will have beaten Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan in back-to-back weeks.

I know I didn't mention the hot OC in Green Bay. I know I didn't mention Dom Capers. I know I didn't mention any really hot assistants. Look, I've been told this hire will be a man with a reputation, a man with experience and a man who people can get excited about. And so I'm going to believe that until I have reason not to.

[Radio announcement that the haters can't stand: I'll be discussing all of this, the apparent looming Peterson hire, and the latest gossip and insider information on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, this morning 6-10 a.m. You can WATCH the live stream broadcast of the show by clicking the link here. You can also participate as we take phone calls from anywhere in the United States, the greatest country in the history of Earth. The toll free number is 1-888-640-9385.]



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Gruden turned me off with his comment on Monday Night Football that he would draft a quarterback to replace Sam Bradford.
With thinking like that he would be bound to take a franchise and turn it into fodder.
The Rams have no playmakers at the wide receiver position, they can't pass block, and their defense lacks the ability to put pressure on the passer and make plays in the defensive backfield.
But, draft a quarterback in the first round to replace Bradford. That's going to solve their problems.

Professor Lou,

With 2 horrible teams playing I missed the Monday night game but did he really flat out say he would take a QB to REPLACE Bradford?


Until this team wins a playoff game they are nothing.

He fought it to the end, but it was too little too late for Tony in Miami. He'll do fine somewhere else.

devils u have to have a winning season first my man, baby steps. lets start winning again and then think even bigger. crawl before u walk

I dont give a rat a** who we pick up as a head coach, I just want the guy to draft a first round QB. Its been 28 years since we drafted a first round QB. Mock drafts have us taking Barkley or Grifftn 7th.

You cant run a play in the NFL every 13 seconds, since you have to wait for both officials to get set in the backfield before the ball is snapped.

No college hires, please. They fail far more often than they succeed.

Your assessment of Marty Schottenheimer is both childish and insulting, not to mention off the mark. Like him or not, he is a talented offensive mind, who in his last job was fired after coaching the team to a 14-2 record. Don't be surprised if ends up being the guy.

You should start naming some of your "plugged in" sources, otherwise it just sounds like a lot of hot air. This isn't a matter of national security.

agree spiderman, and we cant win anymore games or risk losing out on both of them. we know washington will take one of the 2

they are talking about marty jr whos with the jets. the older marty isnt coming back and is the current head coach of the virginia destroyers in the ufl. i do wish he would come back but no chance. he wins everywhere he goes.

No matter who we bring in it won't make a difference if Ireland is still the man responsible for personnel. You can not win games when you bring in guys like Mark Colombo, Matt Moore, and you pass on guys like Mark Ingram and Dez Bryant just to name a few. Sporano did the best he could with what he had. That will be the same thing the next coach will be able to do. Until you fire Ireland this team will not change.

With that said hopefully we'll tank the rest of the season.

mark ingram,lol. guy sucks but i agree ireland is horrible. disagree on sparano, he was awful. so damn conservative, plays every game not to lose

good to see u come around spiderman, those meaningless wins have hurt us

So who's going to be making the final call in our draft room? Ireland? The new coach? Both? Where we end up in the final draft standings coupled with which QBs are/aren't coming out may also play into which coach wants to come to Miami. Of course we may not know on the QB front by the time Ross is ready to hire.

dusty, its just when I get into the games on Sundays I find myself rooting for them to win, well that stops now at least for the rest of this year.

BoulderFinFan and all you other Ross apologists,

Yeah you are right. Ross can do what wants with his team you are right. Including f'ing it up royally. Speaking of Billick - he is knowledgable, and could be a GREAT teacher of the game but anybody thats had 1 minute of a presser listening to him can see that he is arrogant to the point of nausea and cant relate to the average human, let alone a modern atlete. Billick in Miami wouldn't translate to wins. He can thank the best GM hands down in the modern era for that record. And I've got news for ya -Jeff Ireland ain't Ozzie Newsome.

He also had a hell of a good owner in Steve Bisciotti - local blue collar Baltimore guy who doesn't poison the water by talking personnel moves ala Ross who declared Henne having the chance to be better than Marino, lied through his teeth about the coaching search to his fans and set up Sparano to fail in an untenable lame duck situation. Bisciotti does it right.. that is a 1st class operation -great stadium, game day experience and an organization that loves it city and vice versa ,all the way down the line, and you'd never know who the man at the top is. Ross..? Its like having Jerry Jones only worse - this guy is not only a meddler, he has proven to be 100% incompetent in everything he has said or done. It is a freaking comedy how things backfire on him and yet there are people who admire him because he is rich? Just go down to the bank and worship that. Just because he was shrewd in real estate doesn't mean he can't run a football operation into the ground. If in doubt check your history of bad NFL owners and teams that have sucked for 30-40 year stretches. And just because it is his team now - it aint forever. And just because he can 'do whatever he wants' doesnt mean fans have to take it. Do like a real football fan would in a real football town. Man up. Get off your knees, get your mouth out of that "0" shape (too much oohing and ahhing over Ross's money ) and stopping sucking.

I'll probably repost this again so get used to it. Just like losing under Ross.

It blows my mind how easily people forget.

Several of those coaches people have mentioned were coaches for the Miami Dolphins. Norv Turner - offensive genius? - tell me what our offense did when Norv was coaching in Miami. Jason Garrett - brilliant young guy? - tell me what Dallas' offense has done or what Miami's QB's did when Garrett was a coach here.

I am so tired of these lists. Experts (like Armando) trot out the same old tired list of great coaches and offer nothing new. Anyone can rehash the same bunch of "name" coaches but I don't see anyone offering the next innovative genius who has the fire, discipline, and respect necessary to lead a franchise.

The other guy for the Herald did a much better job: he pointed out that only two of the Superbowl winning "name" coaches ever went on to success with another team. Selecting Cowher, Gruden, Billick to be our coach is (1) hilarious because none would work with Ireland and (2) virtually guarantees the Dolphins remain mediocre based on history.

Ross and Ireland have no shot to turn this franchise around - particularly if they listen to Armando and fans with 30 second attention spans. If the Dolphins manage to win, it will be in spite of Ross and Ireland, not because of them.

Keep Ireland and find someone who can work with him?

How depressing!

Holy S*#t....if that's the case, we should have kept Sparano!
Pass the vodka, I need it now!

I really hope we sit Matt Moore the next game. We cant afford to go on any winning streaks.

Jimmy Johnson. Why do the fins remain stupid? Any of the "known" guys won't work. We must gamble and find the NEXT Shula or Bellicheck, as noted earlier. WE SHOULD NOT HIRE ANYONE OLDER THAN 45 YEARS OLD!! Go for it. Get one of these eager young assistants.

Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski Rob Chudzinski

Love your column and blog but this one is a Henne-size egg you just laid there. Names that should be wildcards here and no analyzed in depth: any college coach. I mean after Saban, are you kidding me? No way the fanbase will be cool with that, they'd rather see Rich Kotite. Besides why would anyone like Les Miles leave that situation, and getting burnt by another LSU is way too much a risk for this organization. Kelly? Well when he learns how to manage defense then he can apply.

There is a good reason Billick has not been hired since 2007 even though he was available unlike Cowher: He sucks! The so called offensive genius had Baltimore's offense as perennial bottom dwellers in that category and would not have won anything if it wasn't for that mean defense they had, he was just at the right place at the right time, no NFL coach has won a SB with two different teams and I guarantee you 1000% Billick will not break that trend.

Now you did some nice work mentioning a couple of names but they are scary prospects: Herm Edwards, because of Peterson, wow Mr. Ross if you read this and you do hire Edwards I hope the team gets paid a lot for those Coors commercials because that would be the only source of revenue the team will enjoy.
The Mangenius and Schottenheimer, more reasons why I am not happy at all to know Peterson advices Ross.
Reid and Coughlin: pass on both, Coughlin will lose Marshall in a day and not a good fit for a team residing in Miami. Reid, although intriguing I still do not see it, besides that dude needs a vacation to clear his mind, I think part of his failure is that he's just burnt out.

The one name to me that suggest the whole young Shula thing has got to be Gruden, still young, though he did not win the SB while at Baltimore he has success there, I think is safe to say it would be a comparable scenario, but I am also concerned for all the reasons you listed.

IMO the way to go is a young OC, hungry, Chudzinski must be given at least some consideration because of what he's done with Newton (esp we aim at drafting RG3) and because of his South Fla and Canes ties. He would likely bring with him Mike Shula to be his OC, and that Canes/Shula combo will do wonders to revive the fanbase. I also like his TE background bc he will help scheme against TE-happy New England.

Among other names to be considered IMO are Philbin from GB and Carmichael from NO.

If bringing Coughlin in would send Marshall packing, sounds good to me, because he has been a disappointment IMO. Drops way to many passes, especially in the end zone (ask Henne)prone to childish tantrums, and too much baggage. Trade him for picks.

I'm not thrilled with any of those candidates. My top choices would be Reid or Coughlin (if they got canned). Other than that, MAYBE Billick, but I remember the Ravens days, and those fans did not like his decision-making. Very curious at times.

Aren't there are other hot coordinators? Green Bay's OC doesn't even call the plays, so "X" him right away. Seems like in years past there were plenty of new names bandied about. This year, it's all these retreads.

I'd take a flyer on Les Miles.

The ones I don't want ANYTHING to do with are Mangenius, Herm Edwards and Chip Kelly (though I love that Ducks offense). Mangenius is a complete dud, too arrogant, won't inspire anyone on this team. Edwards is a great guy, good motivator, POOR POOR strategist...PASS!!! And we don't need any 1st-time NFL Coaches, sorry. Go practice on your training wheels somewhere else. This is a make or break hire. The next 3 decisions made with this team between here and the Draft will most likely tell the story of our future as fans for the next decade.

Better not be like the last.

Harold, Tade Marshall then have what at WR? Hartline who had 0 receptions in the Eagles game? Oh how about Gates? Bess as the number 1? While he has a bunch of drops he's still the best we have.

There's a report on PFT this report, direct quote from Fisher through his agent that Fisher will 'talk to anyone' and he doesn't come with the need to win the power struggle in the personnel department. To me this is a match made in heaven. Nobody else is even close. He has experience, he's won before, he doesn't get intimidated, he's good with the media, he's intelligent, he's had a break and he's still hungry....having not won a Superbowl before. He brings credibility to the position and he'll bring accountability to the team. The only guy who's close is Cowher and it's not going to happen. Don't hold your breath on this one.

Boulder's right, if you think Ross is an idiot then you are very likely one yourself. Self made billionaire...how's your life going? Criticize Ross all you want....he didn't hire the previous regime. He saw what Harbaugh was and tried to go after him....he was just a bit late to the party (not sure he ever would have convinced him to choose Miami over SF anyways). Criticize him for keeping Ireland all you want but NONE of you have any better ideas for GM....so stick it! Ross is no idiot...let's give him some time before we try blaming him for the last 40 years.

Ross is about the bottom line: $$$.
Rob Ryan is great, for the circus (media attention)atmosphere Ross desires.
Ryan would bring star power, his team will give the illusion of a winning team, hell, his team may very well become a Superbowl winner.
Poppa Ryan failed, Rex has come up short, so far, perhaps, Rob is the Ryan to get the job done.
Rob is the lesser coordinator of the Ryan's, he may well be, the most successful Head-coach of the Ryan family.

Rob Ryan really would be great for Business.

The names I would add that Armando hasn't talked about, that I think will get some consideration are Mangini, Nolan and Kirk Lafrentz.

Posted by: Craig M | December 14, 2011 at 12:56 AM

I live in Browns territory and read or heard all about Mangini when he was the HC up here. Considering that Ross talks to the guy and don't know jack about football doesn't surprise me. The press and the fans up here felt the same way about Mangini.

But... One moron deserves another I guess. But if you're looking for him to make a winning team out of the Fins you're going to be disappointed. From what I've heard, he's worse the Tony ever was or could be.

Kudos to Ross for making the Sparano move NOW instead of waiting another three weeks. The decision was made on Sparano....why wait? GEt a jump on all the other teams and hopefully get Jeff FIsher's name on a contract right after the season ends.

To all the Chudzinski fans and first time assistant fans....you don't know what you're talking about. It's the same crap I heard when they hired Cam Cameron. Probably the worst hiring in Miami Dolphins hiring. Great assistant, lousy head coach. You, or I or anybody else have NO clue if Chudzinski can be a head coach in the NFL. He could be great or he could be Scott Linehan or Spagnuolo or any of the countless other assistants who have shown they were in WAY over their heads. Get a guy that's PROVEN he can coach in this league. Jeff Fisher has smarts, fire and knows what he's doing. The Broncos had it right, hiring a guy like John Fox who knows what he's doing. This decision is TOO important to get wrong again and we're looking to replace the guy again in another year or two. We need a KNOWN commodity and the best one out there is Jeff Fisher.

Miami will do everything they can do lure Cowher or Gruden. They are hot names that will sell to the majority of the fan base. I agree with Armando that neither would want to come to Miami. I wouldn't want to if I were them. Miami is a dysfunctional situation. The way they handled Sparano is embarrassing to say the least.

Billick or Fisher would be Miami's best bet if they want to go the retread route which seems like they do because Ireland says he wants a guy who's been in the trenches.

It leaves me to believe the coaching list will have your typical Rooney rule slap in the face interviews like Perry Fewell, Bowles and then they interview a hot assistant in waiting like Chudzinski or Musgrave and then they settle on the 2 desperate big names desperately wanting to get back into coaching in Mangini, Billick or Jim Fassel. They all have a name and all burned out as head coaches.

Mark my words it's going to be less then inspiring once the hire is made.

***** FLIP FLOP ALERT *****

To man everyone already agrees Sparano should have been fired and know exactly why.We've all been watching the past 4yrs.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 13, 2011 at 10:38 PM





He's not my fist choice but I do think he should be in the conversation. I get what you're saying and I don't think his record is great but he literally had NOTHING to work with in Cleveland. I think he's have better talent here.

Again, he's not my go to guy but he's on my list if guys like Fisher, Cowher, Gruden and Billick say no. I think there are worse choices. My knock on him is I think he's a bit too laid back and I don't think that's what this team needs.

I keep hearing that 'Cowher will only go to the perfect situation'. What does that even mean? Does that mean the 13-0 Packers? There's NO perfect situation....that's a BS comment. Coaching in the NFL is a complete and total grind, 100 hours a week of work, up late studying film, tearing teams apart, strategizing, falling asleep late in the office, up early, time away from the family, very little sleep, 7 days a week, pressure cooker. That's what it is. No short-cuts. Anybody can beat anybody any given week and your team has to be mentally and physically ready to go at all times.

This prefect situation thing is crap....he's got the perfect situation....it's called sitting in a climate controlled studio once a week, trying to sound intelligent. He either has it in him to coach or he doesn't. Perfect situations don't exist.

Craig M, Fisher gets my vote as well the only problem is that his offenses werent exactly lighting up the score board.

Professor Lou,

With 2 horrible teams playing I missed the Monday night game but did he really flat out say he would take a QB to REPLACE Bradford?

Posted by: AndyNJ | December 14, 2011 at 09:12 AM

Yes, he did, and he and Jaworski almost got into an argument over it.

List of candidates that I like which obviously means nothing but just possibilities.

Bill Cowher - no way, no how. Why would a coach with his credentials want to come into a situation where he has to concede power to Jeff Ireland. No way it happens IMO.

Jon Gruden - Ireland wants a working relationship and with Gruden's ego I find it hard pressed he would be a fit. Plus again why come out of retirement for a team missing so many parts.

Jeff Fisher - he isn't as big a name as the other 2 although he is a good coach but he isn't elite IMO. The one thing I do like is that his teams are alway chippy and feisty something Miami has been missing for years. He could be on the final short list of candidates willing to work with Ireland but I assume he will have a few other opportunities to choose from as well.

Brian Billick - Please no! Billick was a good coordinator and despite a Super Bowl he wasn't very good as a HC. He was supposed to be a QB quru and never developed a single QB in his time in Baltimore. He had the luxury of Ozzie Smith making great draft picks and FAs with Ray Lewis, Sharper, Boulware, Rod Woodson, Duane Starks, Siragusa a monsterous O-line and Jamal Lewis. He is a fraud almost as much as Mangini.

Eric Mangini - typical defense first and ignore the offense coach. His offenses were offensive. He has no accumen to motivate he is just a smart Xs and Os type of coach. He is a bad choice, the worst IMO.

Herm Edwards - another guy who has had 2 shots but failed twice! Hello! We play to win the game! Can't do it! Won't do it! Must do it! He is a jackass on TV.

Jim Fassell - you heard it hear first. He has been to a Super Bowl and has desperately tried to get a second shot coaching in the UFL or whatever its called. He has been in the trenches and is a supposed QB guru too.

Les Miles - why leave Baton Rouge and a championship caliber team year in and out for Miami? Enough said.

Chip Kelly - he runs a spread option, run first offense that would never produce results in the NFL. Not to mention he likes smallish players who can run. It just doesn't translate to the pro game at all, anything about him!

You guys forget it was just the short offseason ago Ross became trhe biggest joke of an owner in the NFl for the totally botched Sparano replacement saga. This is still VERY FRESH in the mind of big name hc prospects and the small one too.

There's only "ONE" big name hc prospect that has an iota of indifference to Ross right now. It his "FOOTBALL CONSULTANT" Eric Mangini.

Whats really stirring the hornets nest of my brain now, and should be stirring yours, is what isnt being said right now. That's mangini himself announcing:

"I will not be seeking a hc position in 2012 with Miami Dolphins or any other organization next season."

Until we hear this, consider your next new Miami Dolphins hc Eric Mangini, his on his way!

Well we know if Gruden became the coach he'd draft a QB.


..Craig M..I think that the perfect situation would be one without Ross or Ireland..in the case of Cowher. Think about it. Cowher came from an orginization that was run by the Rooney family. He doesn't know any better. If you were him. Would you walk into a partnership with Ross? With Ireland? No way. I give Cowher some respect for that..It is like you were married to a hot intelligent woman, and now you have to settle for an akward ugly little girl..This actually probably speaks more about Ross then Ireland as far as Cowher taking a pass. But the two combined are just too much.

Mangini sucks! Miami will be set back another decade with such a bad hiring. He doesn't inspire a single fan on this page. His teams identity was supposed to be defense and outside of the 1 year the jets beat SD when Kaeding missed a fg his teams never did anything and weren't a defensive power house by any means.

I don't know how I would stomach the hiring.

Yeah, Gruden would still have 20 qb's in camp during the last day of cuts too. That means good players at other positions would be cut earlier just so Gruden could get a longer look at 18 other qb's that will never play in the league.

Thanks but no thanks to Gruden!


@ 11:10.... You couldnt have said it any better my man. Short, pricise, and the absolute unarguable truth!

My man, my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ross, Ireland, and Petersen entering the fold, and you expect not for this franchise to regress for another decade?

Ross is keeping Ireland, that alone boldly states this franchise is now headed farther south than Miami. We're not talking geographic location here buddy, it state of the franchise union!

Any coach who is willing to work with Jeff Ireland is NOT a coach I want to hire.


..YG..Thanks for the shout.

I posted this yesterday. I don't think Chip Kelly would be seriously considered. After seeing Tebow win games, I'm not going to say "This will never happen" But Kellys offense just doesn't equate to the NFL..I see it every week, and it Drives me nuts(even though the Griz are in the semi's) So many opportunities for mistakes.

Someone tell me how often the superstar coach with final say over everything has worked out - led to a championship.


Young Don Shula + experienced + offensive-minded = ?

How about USC Head Coach, Lane Kiffin

And, he can bring his QB with him.


"Craig M..I think that the perfect situation would be one without Ross or Ireland..in the case of Cowher. Think about it. Cowher came from an orginization that was run by the Rooney family. He doesn't know any better. If you were him. Would you walk into a partnership with Ross? With Ireland? No way. I give Cowher some respect for that..It is like you were married to a hot intelligent woman, and now you have to settle for an akward ugly little girl..This actually probably speaks more about Ross then Ireland as far as Cowher taking a pass. But the two combined are just too much".

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | December 14, 2011 at 11:10 AM


""Craig M..I think that the perfect situation would be one without Ross or Ireland.."


I would love Gruden to be the hire. I don't see it happening. Why would a Head Coach with his clout whether deserved or exaggerated want to concede powers to Jeff Ireland who has done nothing to date outside of back door his last Head Coach?

And your assumption Gruden would push for a QB would be correct but not a rookie. He is widely known to prefer veteran QBs over rookies. His successes came with Gannon, Brad Johnson and a playoff appearance with Jeff Garcia or maybe it was Griese but all vets.

Anyone calling Ross a moron is probably one himself. Ross is a self made multi billionaire. he's not stupid. And its his team. he can do what he wants. I trust he'll find a good coach to lead this team.

Posted by: BoulderFinFan


You trust Ross? Why? He hasn't done one thing right since owning the Dolphins? The very fact he is keeping Ireland shows he doesn't know what he is doing.


Does Petersen heading up the football operation help in that area at all. I know Cowher and Petersen worked together in KC. I don't get all the hate on here for Carl Petersen. Why?.....because he never won the big game? There's a ton of guys we could say that about. He had the Chiefs consistently as a top force in the league and a continual playoff contender. I would gladly take that in Miami right now.

DD, do you think it was the way Ross handled the Harbaugh situation last year that would cause Cowher to never come here? What situation in the league right now would be ideal for him? NYG? Dallas?

Armando...With all due respect, a few things I don't agree with you on...

1) Switching to a 4-3 defense wouldn't be that difficult of a transition because in my very humble opinion, the players we have are better suited to play a 4-3 anyway. Soliai and Odrick could easily play DT in a 4-3, the ends would be Starks and Langford/McDaniel. Starks played in 4-3 in Tennessee, Odrick at Penn State and Soliai at Utah. McDaniel must of played it in Jacksonville. No big deal there. As far as our linebackers are concerned, Dansby played a 4-3 in Arizona, Wake would probably play DE like he did up here in Canada, Burnett could be an OLB like he was in SD (I believe, I'd have to check this out), JT played it here under JJ...To me, it wouldn't be a big issue to switch to a 4-3. Just my 2 cents of course.

b) You mention Cowher wouldn't want to come to Miami, it's not the right situation...Well, when you're replacing a coach that got fired, chances are it's not the right situation. Teams that make the playoffs or finish with 10 + wins don't usually fire their coach. Is the situation that much better for Cowher in Jacksonville? Or St-Louis? Kansas City? Miami has as much talent as any of those teams, so what is the right situation? Cowher is smart, he knows if he comes back in the NFL it will be with a team that underachieved. When you don't, your coach stays put. That's the way I see it...

Would any amount of winning cure the revulsion I feel for these Terminal As-holes? I don't know. We'll see.

Also, Ross may be a billionaire and super successful businessman, but he knows nothing about football and obviously has no idea how to handle himself. He has made mistake after mistake. Sure, it is silly for us to call him a moron, but don't for a second think the other owners aren't laughing at him!

Blog Fodder,

That would be interesting. Kiffin and Barkley? I would take Kiffin just for the sake of us getting Barkley lol.

I think Miami is going to have to say F it and give up a 2nd rounder in 2012 and a 4th in 2013 to be able to sway a trade to get Barkley because Washington doesn't look to be winning another game and I would have to assume a pro style Qb like Barkley would be tailor made for Shannahan's version of the West Coast.


What do you think of Gruden's comment Monday that the Rams need to draft a QB? Bit of the wall, no? the kid doesn't have much to work with. I'd be sacred he'd be trying to do stuff like that in Miami too. To me, he's too much of a wild card. I like him as an X's and O's coach and as a motivator but he scares the Hell out of me as a talent evaluator and he could set this franchise back years, as he did with Tampa.

oscar canosa said:

"Ireland will come up with a Coach that is not on anybody's list."

I can't believe Armando didn't mention Jason Garrett. Jones is not all happy with him right now. If the Cowboys don't take the division, he might get axed. His #1 quality to Ireland would be...... you guessed it, he was with the Dallas Cowboys, always the 1st stop for Ireland when he needs a position filled.


Going to a 4-3, we have to drop Wake to olb, Dansby or Burnett to olb while the other plays the middle. The biggest problem would be getting at least one speed rush DE.

In the 3-4, the primary speed rusher is supposed to come from the olb's. In the 4-3, your DE's.

In the 4-3, you definitely have to change your player concept regarding the DE position. that's what Armando means.

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