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Breaking down the coaching possibilities

Stephen Ross said the Dolphins are "open to everything" in their search for a new head coach.

"I'd like to find a young Don Shula if that's possible," he said.

Then during the next 14 minutes the Dolphins owner and general manager Jeff Ireland, who will help conduct the search, said they're looking for someone "with experience," someone who is a head coach but not necessarily someone who wants control or final say on personnel matters, and obviously someone who can work with Ireland.

Hmmm. That limits the field more than you might guess, assuming Ross and Ireland can be believed.

Anyway, let's look at some of the certain candidates, possible candidates, and some candidates that are already eliminated:

1. Bill Cowher: I dont see it. He's not going to coach the Miami Dolphins. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with a very plugged-in NFL man today and he tells me there is no way Cowher comes to the Dolphins. Not a fit. Cowher wants to walk into the perfect situation -- which the Dolphins definitely are not -- and he is willing to wait for that situation. Is he great motivator? No doubt. Keith Sims said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, today that Cowher was the coach of the AFC team one year he was in the Pro Bowl. Sims said Cowher gave a pregame speech that had the entire squad wanting to play hard. In the Pro Bowl! But he has been out of the game for several years now and one might question his desire to start from the ground up with a team that isn't playoff-ready. I would say this, his philosophy on defense matches the Dolphins 3-4 scheme. But he's a longshot, at best.

2. Jon Gruden: A big name. An offensive mind. He's won the Super Bowl so he knows how to do it. Having said that, he has a reputation of being hard to work with. He has reputation for never being satisfied. That's one reason he always had a dozen quarterbacks in camp but never a truly great one. He likes to think of himself as something of a mastermind. He does know how to push people's buttons and motivate. He might eventually want to get back in the game. But, again, it would have to be the perfect situation. The Dolphins don't seem to be a perfect situation, folks.

3. Brian Billick: I like this possibility. He is offensive minded. He can adjust -- as he did with the Ravens in that he allowed that amazing defense to dictate and dominate the personna of the team. He has a reputation for being able to work with QBs. He hasnt coached in four seasons, since 2007, and one has to wonder why? He's only 57 years old so it's not like he's too old for the game. I don't worry that he hasn't been hired since his last job, I wonder why he hasn't even been considered? Billick has three losing seasons while with the Baltimore Ravens. His last losing season was 2007 when the team went 5-11 and were beaten by the Dolphins for the only victory that team enjoyed all year. I remember that Billick played it safe and decided not to go for a potential game-winning TD on fourth-and-goal from the 1 yard line, opting instead to tie the game with a field goal. The Ravens lost the game in overtime. Not exactly Billick's finest hour.

4. Jeff Fisher: I know, I know, he had only six winning seasons in 17 years. He only had six losing seasons in 17 years as well. He is, what I would call, a solid, solid coach. He's not a genius, but he is very bright. He knows how to motivate. His defenses play with passion, although he like the 4-3 instead of the 3-4 so that might require the retooling of current personnel. He is a favorite of Jerry Jones, so that says something very good for him because Jones knows coaching talent. He has not won the Super Bowl but took his team there in 1999 and lost to the St. Louis Rams "greatest show on turf" team in what was one of the classic endings in the history of the game -- his team fell short of tying the game by one yard. The fact Fisher hasn't won a Super Bowl suggests he'll still be hungry. He didn't step away from the Titans of his own will. He was fired. So I assume he would want to be coaching if he could. Fisher is well-respected around the league. He'd bring instant credibility.

5. Les Miles: He is a Michigan man. Stephen Ross is a Michigan man. Miles is a candidate. He's 58 so he's no puppy, but he seems to be hitting his stride in recent years. He's taken Louisiana State to the top of the college football world and might be quite comfortable staying on that plateau. Or he might be convinced to try to climb higher. Miles has some, but not a lot of NFL experience. He coached under Chan Gailey in Dallas and then stayed on when Dave Campo took over in 2000. So he gets the pro aspects of the game. Miles is not a compulsive person. He is very well-balanced. He doesn't work 21 hours a day and sleep on the couch in his office the other three the week before a big game. He has a family and a family life. This can be both a good and bad thing for an NFL coach.

6. Chip Kelly: He is 48 and regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today. The Oregan Duck run an offensive play once every 13 seconds. Can you imagine what that would do to NFL defenses? They would go, pardon the pun, daffy. Oregon is on the NCAA's radar for possible violations relative to a recruiting company. It is not considered major stuff so it's doesn't necessarily mean Kelly would want to exit. But I'm putting it out there because one never knows what folks are thinking. The obvious drawback here is Kelly has never coached in the NFL in any capacity. It would be audacious to even interview him. I love audacious.

7: Rob Chudzinski: He's the offensive coordinator in Carolina. He's been an assistant at the University of Miami, and the offensive coordinator in Cleveland. He also spent time under Norv Turner in San Diego. He will be an NFL head coach some day. And with his fine work in bringing Cam Newton into the NFL game in a relatively short span of time, I would not be surprised if he gets interviews after this season. But are the Dolphins willing to turn over the keys of their franchise to a man with zero head coach experience? I think that's a long shot. Chud, 43, wouldn't be the sexiest hire and wouldn't sell tickets. But he would be interesting.

8. Rob Ryan: God, please, no! Like his brother Rex, the New York Jets coach, Rob is a defense-minded guy. Unlike his brother Rex, Rob's defenses don't inspire any confidence, or intimidation or enough wins. Yes, that was Ryan's defense collapsing in the final moments as Eli Manning rallied the Giants to victory last Sunday night. Ryan, in my estimation, talks a better game than he coaches. NFL people also say he's not as good as good a coach as his brother. Otherwise, he's wonderful.

9. Herman Edwards: The truth is that Ross's non-denial denial of the looming Carl Peterson hire matters in this search. Peterson is definitely helping Ross gather ideas, thoughts, and yes, candidates. Peterson once hired Edwards to coach in Kansas City. It failed. Edwards had previously washed out with the New York Jets. I like Herm. He's very charismatic. He motivates. But I've heard stories of how the New England Patriots coaches snickered at the thought of Edwards matching up with them twice a year back in the day. They apparently believed they had an advantage on Edwards and his staff. That's not the kind of reaction I want for the Dolphins before they play the Pats twice a year.

10. Eric Mangini: Strange bird. But Ross likes him. Birds of a feather? Mangini somehow endeared himself to Ross while he was the New York Jets coach. Ross sees him as something of a Belichick Jr. Ross likes the fact he gave the Patriots a run there for all of about one year. Problem is, Ross just fired a coach who gave the Patriots a run there for all of about one year. Mangini denied it, but I heard he's been speaking with Ross even while Sparano was coach, not undermining Sparano, but certainly adding his two cents. It reeks to me. Mangini is on ESPN currently and that shouldn't play any role in this search, but I fear it does. It gives him a bit of star power. He's seen, known. And Ross likes that. Never mind that he's been fired by the Jets and Browns, didn't have a winning record with either franchise, and his overall 33-47 record is worse than the record of the coach Ross just fired.

The The Wildcards: What if Tom Couglin or Andy Reid get fired? I don't see it, but what if? Both good choices ... Marty Schottenheimer is in play because of the Peterson factor. So is his son Brian, who is the offenisve coordinator with the Jets. But I don't see either because the elder Schotty is 68 years old and is yesterday's news and seems like a putting a band-aid on a deep gash. His son, Brian, will be a head coach someday, but the truth is he's not at the top of the coordinator ladder yet, so how can one ask him to climb the next rung to the head coach level? .... Norv Turner is a fine coordinator but the bloom is off on him as a head coach. He will likely go in San Diego and he isn't coming here. Jack Del Rio? Not interesting and not interested ... Todd Bowles will definitely be interviewed. He's the only candidate we know will get an interview with any certainty. I have no idea what the guy stands for or is about. I do know if he finishes 3-0, people will be clamoring for him to be hired permanently because he will have beaten Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan in back-to-back weeks.

I know I didn't mention the hot OC in Green Bay. I know I didn't mention Dom Capers. I know I didn't mention any really hot assistants. Look, I've been told this hire will be a man with a reputation, a man with experience and a man who people can get excited about. And so I'm going to believe that until I have reason not to.

[Radio announcement that the haters can't stand: I'll be discussing all of this, the apparent looming Peterson hire, and the latest gossip and insider information on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, this morning 6-10 a.m. You can WATCH the live stream broadcast of the show by clicking the link here. You can also participate as we take phone calls from anywhere in the United States, the greatest country in the history of Earth. The toll free number is 1-888-640-9385.]



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Kiffin has an impressive football lineage, as well. He is definitely a 'football guy'.


Kiffin is a guy I would consider too. I just don't know if he's ready to leave USC after a very berief but successful stint their. My feeling is he's got his dream job right now. I didn't see enough of him in the NFL to get a proper read on how good a coach he is and it's hard to read the situation properly for a guy who is working for Al. In my mind, if he's interested, he's in the mix. Barkley and him would be an interesting combo. My only fear is that he might rsuh Barkley to start and I'm not convinced he's a day one starter.

yesterday, you're speedy DE in a 4-3, it's Wake! That's what I was saying...That's what he was doing up here in Canada with the BC Lions...He'd rack up 15+ sacks every year in the CFL...He's no stranger playing DE...Wake and Starks could be our DE's with Langford and McDaniel rotating...


I agree Miami could easily make the switch to a 4-3 and would need a piece or 2 but they need a piece or 2 for their 3-4 so what's the difference.

DE - Cam Wake (would be slightly undersized but many pass rush DE's around the league are)

DT - Soliai, Starks (played DT in Tennesee)
DT - Odrick, McDaniel(was a DT in Jax)

DE - Langford (not a true pass rusher but would serve for the time being), Misi undersized but on pass downs maybe. And look to find a young guy in draft which they need a passrusher opposite Wake anyway even if they stayed in 3-4.

OLB - Burnett is built and looks like a 4-3 weakside OLB not a 3-4 ILB.

MLB - Dansby can plays middle and has to for what he is getting paid because no 4-3 OLB is worth that much.

OLB - I don't see that strong side OLB on the roster but maybe Misi could get a crack at it and if not FA or draft.

SS - Bell

FS - ?

CB - Vontae if he grows up he is a good starter.

Sean Smith - doesn't fit current scheme because he is not a good press corner but a switch to a 4-3 might be a better fit for him to play off a little and use his ball skills which he has displayed at times (just not in actual regular season games). But should be upgraded and serve as nickel.

Kiffin would also wanna bring his father Monte, former Buc dc, with him. That means dumping Nolan and bringing the Tampa cover 2 defense to Miami.

Its a package deal. It really doesnt make good business sense. Because whenever one becomes unhappy, the other will be unhappy too.

I am really starting to get freaked out by the Rob Ryan thing.... this administration's obsession with all thing Cowboy combined with the undeniable media circus that would surround the Twice Annual Ryan Brothers Bowl spell TROUBLE.

Let's look at some of the head coaching prospects:

Bill Cowher -- never going to happen. Then again, he has been out of the NFL several years and is older and not hungry. Sure he would give you instant credibility, but do you really think he wants to put in the time and hours to turn this thing around? Or deal with Ross and Ireland? No way. Dolphins could have had Cowher a year ago had they fired Sparano and given him total control. Now Cowher can see what this organization is really like. No way he comes to Miami. Then again, I don't think he would be a good solution.

John Gruden --- They couldn't wait to run this guy out of Tampa. Sexy pick, but is he really a good coach? Actually a terrible evaluator of talent (forget the TV stuff). Had 100 QBs on his roster and couldn't develop anyone. I could see Miami offering him the job based on the need for a sexy young name. Would he take it? Maybe. But John Gruden is more talk then substance. I don't want him.

Brian Billick --- Too old, too old-school and too burned out. Just don't see it happening.

Jeff Fisher --- Wow so the guy has been a head coach a while. Terrible record. Do you think this guy will really do better in Miami? PASS.

Les Miles --- no way he leaves LSU for a Miami job which is not as glamorous and more work.

Chip Kelly - no NFL experience = no go. Too unconventional.

Rob Chudzinski - a definite possibility. Young and probably willing to accept Ireland as his GM. Would love to get an opportunity to be a head coach in the NFL and would take the gig. Has Miami connections. Is he any good? Who knows. But Miami doesn't have many good options...

Rob Ryan - the Dallas D sucks. More talk then substance. At least his brother produces. I could see Ross going this way as he wants a name. No thank you!

Herman Edwards -- not going to happen. Not going back into coaching.

Eric Mangini -- Definite possibility due to ties with Ross. Mediocre prospect at best, but Miami has limited options.

Sorry guys, doesn't look good. Looks even worse with Ireland staying...

BTW, with USC still ineligible for a bowl this year (sanctions), their season has already ended.

Stop da bs.. we are a qb. away and some peices.. no body will come in here owner and gm.we have.. hell we were in every game this year well most games..... qb. bottom line....and get rid of some..... bm.af.bhl... just sayin droped passes killed us.matt moore very good back up but we have to have a arron rodgers type. then we in their like swimwear out........

Does switching to a 4-3 not also fit what Jeff Fisher likes to do. Most of those good Titans teams were 4-3 if I remember correctly. To be honest, I think Fisher looks at this team and gts more excited than the prospect of going to St. Louis, KC, Jacksonville or TB. Dallas is the only one that worries me. Jones is a big fan of Fisher and I think if the Cowboys miss the playoffs, he won't hesitate to make the move. Philly is another consideration.

Les Miles is the dark horse...Especially with the success Harbaugh is having...Ross might be tempted...I wouldn't be surprised...And Ross knows Miles wouldn't care working with Ireland...I would much prefer Miles over Mangini...God I hope we don't end up with Mangini...


How do you figure Jeff Fisher has a 'terrible record'? 146-120 and a Superbowl appearance. All that despite a owner who liked to meddle and didn't participate in FA. Seems like a lot better than anything we've had around here in a while.


yesterday, you're speedy DE in a 4-3, it's Wake! ...Wake and Starks could be our DE's with Langford and McDaniel rotating...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | December 14, 2011 at 11:44 AM

Yes, this could work, but what about the #1 pick spent for Odrick? McDaniel and langfork are not pass rushing forces.

Dansby probably becomes mlb, while Burnett moves outside. Who even know if Burnett plays olb at a high level. We know Misi doesnt play it at a high level now. Do we keep Misi or bring in another guy?

You see how complicated this can get? You can do this and that, it all looks great on paper but you dont really know what you have until the heat of battle. It opens up a whole new can of worms.

Too funny!! The guys that are SO down about this team. Yeah I forgot....things are a LOT better in Jacksonville, Minnesota and St Louis. Tied to a QB, they don't know whether he's the answer or not (the Rams are HAVILY invested in Bradford) and rolling over just about every week. Yep....not like we're not a more attractive option.

6 winning seasons in 17 years doesn't cut it.

I think Shula had 2 losing seasons in like 30 years! (Or something like that).

Yesterday, Odrick was a DT in college...Not a DE...

Craig M,

Yeah he did say USC was his dream situation and he pretty much flopped miserably in the NFL so not sure he fits the Ireland criteria of being in the trenches anyway. I just threw it out there because I want a QB as we all do and would we be ok with that hire if it meant he could convince management to give up more then it has to just to get Barkley.

Saying that I personally would be willing to give up any player on Miami's current roster or draft picks to be able to securely draft Luck, Barkley or RG3.

Now obviously for Luck it would be insane something like Jake Long, this years 2 and next years 1 and 4.

Barkley meaning moving up from around 6 or 7 to 2nd or 3rd would be less expensive because the player isn't Luck and would be something like a 2 and 4 this year and a 2 and 5 next year for swapping picks. I would do it!

RG3 if drafting at out current position of 7 could mean staying put. But I wouldn't chance it leap frogging possibly Cleveland if we draft later I'd give up a 2nd next year and say a 5th to move up a slot or 2.

I don't have a draft trade value chart just saying I would give up anything within reason and a little beyond to get a QB

As a matter of fact, it ended with Jaworski rolling his eyes. He thought he was nuts for suggesting it because Jaworski pointed out how Spagnuolo failed to use Steven Jackson in the game and how the offensive line failed to make the blocks when they needed them just outside the endzone. He also pointed out the lack of the big play wide receiver on the team. Bradford took a couple bad hits during the game. The offensive line of the Rams is worse than the Dolphins when it comes to getting their quarterback killed.
But, Gruden insisted the Rams should do everything they can to get Luck.


I also doubt Gruden leaves that cushy TV gig for another HC position. I was just making a comment about what he'd said on MNF.

I am hoping Jeff Fisher as the next HC for Miami. His record isn't great (142 - 120) but he's all football and a good motivator. His teams have always been pretty feisty and that's something we've lacked for a long time.




I would be shocked if Les Miles left LSU for the Dolphins job or any of these other jobs...

What I want is never really considered by ownership so am just going to ignore this coach search and just wait for the news.. and then hope for the best.

However, I really have trouble with the idea of keeping Ireland and getting a coach that fits Ross' requirements. But am not going to knit pick... am just going to read and watch and see how things play out..

I hope that one day we are considered one of the better organizations again. Never mind winning Superbowl - I'd be happy with not being an embarrassment.

Les Miles is about as likely to show up at our Davie facility next season as Bill Cowher.

Read My Lips:

Saban came from LSU, Miles replaced him


Couple more things about Fisher:

He won a ring a s player on the '85 Bears team despite being on IR. During that time he became a defenisve assistant for Buddy Ryan.

When Ryan left Chicago to become their Head Coach, he took Fisher as his defesive backs coach. Three years later he was Ryan's defensive co-ordinator at the age of 30. That team led the league in interceptions and sacks. He also has a year under John Robinson as DC and two years in SF under George Seifert, as DC.

Pretty well-rounded resume....

Miles is NOT my #1 choice obviously, I'm just saying Ross might be tempted...And what does Saban have to do with this? Saban is one person, Miles is the other. It doesn't mean Saban failed that Miles will fail...Ross could be tempted because not only is Miles coaching the best college team in football but he also noticed what Harbaugh did in college and how much success he's having in the NFL right now...So I'm just sayin' he's the dark horse. You never know. Whoever Ross takes he'll throw lots of $$$ at him. If Saban left LSU because of $$$, so can Miles. Don't forget that...

Coaching Prospects (Continued)

Brian Schottenheimer -- Prospects excellent. No one has brought him up, but I think he is an excellent candidate. He has the pedigree, NFL experience and he is young. Sure the Jets offense isn't great, but he has gotten Sanchez to play well even though he sucks (and is probably worse then Henne!) I think there is a good chance of him coming to Miami.

Jason Garrett - If Jason is fired at the end of the season, I could see him definitely being Ireland's #1 guy. I personally think Dallas has imploded in multiple games. For those of you who get upset with the current Dolphins coaching, do you really think Garrett is any better? I haven't seen any team give away games like this team. A definite possibility if he is fired, but I hope not!

Some of you are bantying hc names around like you still think this is the storied franchise it used to be. Please wake the fvck up.

We are now waiting for the last ugly girl just before the bar closes. A once beautiful franchise has become severely disfigured. Reality is a b!tch!

***** FLIP FLOP ALERT *****

To man everyone already agrees Sparano should have been fired and know exactly why.We've all been watching the past 4yrs.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 13, 2011 at 10:38 PM




Saban failed cause he gave uo a 2nd round pick and went for Culpepper instead of giving up nothing and signing Brees.


If Brees is here, the Dolphins are winning and we aren't having this conversation!

Why no news about Jake Long being put on IR for the remainder of the season. If I was appointed interim head coach that would be the first move I would make. Yeah, it would be nice to shine over the remaining three games and pull off wins against three AFC East opponents but you need to use your head when it comes to the health of the players.
Then, you also need to be realistic as to your chances of beating those teams. The defense has stepped it up but the offense just doesn't have the firepower to make things happen. Thomas was being stopped before he even had a chance to hit the hole and the wide receivers aren't capable of getting open. Add the turnovers by Moore and Bess and the offense imploded.
There's no way, in one week of preparation, Bowles can correct enough of what's wrong with this team to win 3 in a row.


All those trades sound good on paper but with Ireland always playing it safe I doubt Miami moves up in the draft. If he's running the draft and we're picking in the 7 to 10 range we may not get any of the top 3 QBs. Plus I am wondering if Barkley will even declare. Seems to me him and Kalil are leaning at staying in college.

By reading various other media outlets, besides the Herald. Its been noted on almost all of them the following.
1) Cowher is not coaching
2) Fischer (presumed) will not work for Ireland
3) Gruden is staying in Television. not a good choice as coach anyway.
4) Mangini his name other than here at the Herald is not even mentioned..hmm that says something.
Noted on ESPN and FOX, that finding a Coach to fit Miami's FO will be a difficult task..
and to Dusty, until you figure out who the DC and the OC are, and what there job discriptions are, you should wait to critcise someones opinion.

I can see Jeff Fisher ending up in SD...Norv is a dead duck...Fisher is from Southern California...It's always nice to go back home...


Its not a question if Miles would fail. He and saban are very good friends. If he got a Dolphin offer, who do you think would be the first person he calls? NICK SABAN.

SABAN absolutely hated the Miami PRESS. You really think Saban will have anything positive to say to MILES about Miami?

Les Miles coming to Miami keep stroking yourselves. That's about the only Les Miles coming to Miami you'll ever see. LOL

Professor Lou,

It's that kind of stuff that scares me about Chucky. He's very bright but highly unpredictable. I think he's his own worst enemy. I think he would end up doing something stupid in Miami. I'd be fine with him, as long as he didn't have personnel control. I don't think he'd be the answer because he's end up blowing up at Ireland one day and just quit. I truly believe he's NUTS!

Renvez stole my thunder about Jerry Jones. Armando you just proved to me that you have no clue what you are talking about outside of Miami. Now I have to question what you know in Miami!!! Your comment about Jerry Jones reminds me of the Bizaro world. Whats up is down, whats right is left. You think Jerry Jones knows football coaches when he doesnt. Based on what I seeing, the next head coach is not even on your list!!!!

What I want is never really considered by ownership so am just going to ignore this coach search and just wait for the news.. and then hope for the best.

Posted by: LipsinToronto


This sums up frustration of being a Dolphin fan!!

Watching the draft praying Miami takes Drew Brees -- nope!

Chance for Drew Brees in free agency --- nope!

Want Dez Bryant --- nope!

Hoping Miami drafted a QB last year --- nope!

Hoping for someone to compete with Chad Henne --- nope!

Hoping Ireland is FIRED --- nope!

Hoping Miami drafts a tight end --- nope!

I can't remember last time Miami did ANYTHING I wanted them to do as a fan. Of course we are the idiots and Miami knows what they are doing! But if Miami did 25% of what I (and most other fans) wanted, we would be MUCH better now. Why is it we seem to know more then the GM? Going against what the public wants has done NOTHING.

Yesterday, again, you're putting words in my mouth. I didn't say he's coming to Miami. I said he's the dark horse. And isn't it every coach's dream to one day coach an NFL team? You're telling me Miles would turn it down because of Saban's opinion of the Miami press?? LOL!! Yeah, right. You think the press is bad in Miami, you should check out the NY press or the Philly press...If Saban would coach the Jets, the Eagles, or the Cowboys, trust me, he'd have nothing but great things to say about the Miami press...

Plus, if Les Miles comes here and we're 7-9 in two years, the Miami press and fans will be running him out of town.

Sissy Krissy and dustybottoms would be leading the charge! LOL

Why is Brian Schottenheimer being brought up? They don't even like him in NYJ as their OC. He's conservative because he doesn't trust Sanchez. Same stuff we saw last year from Henning and Henne. Fans in NYJ would love it if we took Schott off their hands.....no thanks. Only reason his name is being brought up is because of his last name.

Reason Dallas is blowing up is not because of their coach but because of Romo. He's Mr Bonehead.....time after time.


I gotta disagree man. I don't think Schottenheimer is a good fit. He has a solid background but the Jets offense is as puzzling as ours is at times. Earlier this year Rex Ryan made statements about he wanted to go back to ground and pound, he was making it known to Schottenheimer through the media to stop getting cute with a pass happy offense. It was all over the newspapers in NJ here that was Ryan's full intentions making those statements. Again, I just am not a fan.

Jason Garrett - has cost his team 2 gamees this year already the Detroit game when he continued to call pass plays when they were up 24 or 27 points and the AZ game. Who ices their own kicker? That is right up there with Marty Morningwheg deferring the ball in OT when he won the toss. With that said Garret will be Jones guy for at least another year. Jones came out and said he wants Garrett to learn from his mistakes and be there for the rewards when he does.

Make Bill Cowher the highest paid coach in NFL history and bring him down to Miami...He doesn't want to work with Ireland? Bye bye Jeff...Too bad...

Irelandsucks @12:14 Absolutely!

And guys here are throwing around names like thier actually going to get what they actually want. They still havent learned the fans in Miami never get what they want.

It's exactly why we're at the Sparano firing and Ireland not firing, right now. These guys are so fvcking delusional!

In present day Miami, it's usually what we dont want, that we're most likely to get. Guys here are trying to make sense of things that havent made sense the past 4yrs. Fvcking hillarious! LOL

Listening to Armando being interviewed on PFT live right now. What an idiot. Talks slow, poor grammar, sounds like a kid, nothing interesting to say.

Miami's decline began with the firing of Don Shula, and the franchise has been cursed ever since. There is only one way to end the curse, hire a Shula, in this case Mike.

How about Jimbo Fisher?


You are right about Ireland. Miami is more likely to trade back then to trade up but I can always hope lol.

As far as Barkley declaring. Its only a guess but the fact he is consulting with a NFL draft advisory committee about his status says he is at least interested in where he might go and all indications are he is the 2nd QB taken in this draft which guarantees him top 5 status. Now USC is loaded and he might want to stay to right the ship for a National Championship but USC's pass D was something like 90th in the nation and thats with one of the top safety TJ McDonald so going back to a sitution where he has to be lights out every game may only hurt his stock.

IMO his stock is as high as it will ever be as is RG3. I say they both declare. Even Landry Jones who had a horrible finish and his stock plumetted will probably declare because if he goes back without Broyles and has another average year he will drop out of round 1 entirely.

Make Bill Cowher the highest paid coach in NFL history and bring him down to Miami...He doesn't want to work with Ireland? Bye bye Jeff...Too bad...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | December 14, 2011 at 12:17 PM

I'd err on the side of caution when it comes to paying anyone a huge sum of money to coach this team. If it doesn't pan out you're left holding the bag because there's definitely going to be some guarantees with the money.
Secondly, if you're going to pay someone like Cowher that kind of money he needs to produce. Just because he is the "big name" coach you're hoping can come in and turn things around you still need to put things in perspective. Even as successfull as Cowher was in his career there's no way anyone should be given the keys to the franchise without them knowing the expectations. Considering what this franchise would be facing if, after another 3 or 4 years of mediocrity, there's no way you could let the coach dictate things unless he's held accountable for producing.
That was the problem with the whole Parcells regime. Fat Tuna was given full control and had no accountability. If I were Ross I wouldn't make the same mistake Huizenga made.

Miami's decline began with the firing of Don Shula, and the franchise has been cursed ever since. There is only one way to end the curse, hire a Shula, in this case Mike.

Posted by: Bob Greasy


I think Jimmy Johnson did an okay job. He at least had good strategy with the drafts even if he missed on a few picks. He tried. Biggest problem Jimmy had was he wanted Danny Boy gone and it lead to him getting burned out. If Jimmy would have utilized Danny's talents instead of trying to replace him, maybe things would have been different. Biggest mistake Jimmy made was leaving Wannestadt behind to run the team. Wannestadt was completely incompetent. Sure Miami had some good years with him, but if they had a good coach they would have had a legitimate shot to go to a Super Bowl.


Giving Cowher the biggest hc contract in history would also involve guaranteeing the total amount of the money whether he completes those years or not. It's thew only way he'll come.

Then you got an even greater problem. He can walk away anytime he likes with the at least $50 million 5yrs it would take to sign him to that type contract.

See: Cowher back to the broadcast booth in 2-3yrs because of irreconciallable difference between he, Ireland, or Ross. Whether he stays or not he walks away with a sh!thouse mint.

Ross would be a bigger fool than Huizenga to sign Cowher to that kind of money and keeping Ireland. Its a disaster waiting to happen. Worse than the Huizenga/Parcells deal!

Cowher is not the answer. And it isn't happening anyway. Sorry guys!

Posted by: Bob Greasy | December 14, 2011 at 12:22 PM


The Dolphins went on life support when Joe Robby died. They died when his sibblings sold the team to Huizenga.

The funeral was when Shula was forced out. The burial was when Huizenga sold the team to Ross. RIP once proud and storied franchise!

Lou, Cowher is one guy, Parcells is the other. Don't compare them. I never wanted Parcells here. I always said he's overrated. Look at his track record. And as far as the $$ to Cowher is concerned, that's Ross's money Lou, not yours. When you buy an NFL team, you're going to spend $$ and Ross fully understands that. Hiring Cowher would give the Dolphins instant credibility and would show their fans they're serious about winning. I'll bet you anything ticket sales would go up the roof if Cowher's hired. That's what Ross wants, he wants Sunlife Stadium full every game. Cowher's reputation would fill up the stadium. Ross knows this. Not sure if he can convince him though...That's the challenge he faces...But man that would be awesome.

When was the last time the Miami Dolphins did something you wanted them to do? Whether a draft choice or free agent signing??

The honestly can't remember the last time...

Yesterday, I never said anything about Ireland...I even said if Cowher wants Ireland out, he's out. I don't care about Ireland. If Ross passes on Cowher just because he wants to keep Ireland, well, what can I say? Snow flakes in July will happen before we win another Super Bowl...I believe our owner is smarter than that...I hope anyway...

Myself, I dont think Cowher having football czar control is a dealbreaker. I believe he would possibly settle for handpicking hois own gm. Absolutely no way Cowher comes to work under Ireland. This lifetime nor any other!

Ireland, Getting Nick Sban, and JJ as coaches. Everyone loved though signings

I like gruden chudzinski billick and al golden no sure what order though golden could be a golden opportunity

Golden hasnt proved anything. 6 and 6 in college no thanks


IMO, if Ross wanted to appeal to Cowher, we would reading Ireland's fired too. Dont think for a minute Cowher himself isnt watching these developments.

If Ross were serious about trying to attract Cowher, Ireland would already be gone. Please think about that.

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