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Breaking down the coaching possibilities

Stephen Ross said the Dolphins are "open to everything" in their search for a new head coach.

"I'd like to find a young Don Shula if that's possible," he said.

Then during the next 14 minutes the Dolphins owner and general manager Jeff Ireland, who will help conduct the search, said they're looking for someone "with experience," someone who is a head coach but not necessarily someone who wants control or final say on personnel matters, and obviously someone who can work with Ireland.

Hmmm. That limits the field more than you might guess, assuming Ross and Ireland can be believed.

Anyway, let's look at some of the certain candidates, possible candidates, and some candidates that are already eliminated:

1. Bill Cowher: I dont see it. He's not going to coach the Miami Dolphins. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with a very plugged-in NFL man today and he tells me there is no way Cowher comes to the Dolphins. Not a fit. Cowher wants to walk into the perfect situation -- which the Dolphins definitely are not -- and he is willing to wait for that situation. Is he great motivator? No doubt. Keith Sims said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, today that Cowher was the coach of the AFC team one year he was in the Pro Bowl. Sims said Cowher gave a pregame speech that had the entire squad wanting to play hard. In the Pro Bowl! But he has been out of the game for several years now and one might question his desire to start from the ground up with a team that isn't playoff-ready. I would say this, his philosophy on defense matches the Dolphins 3-4 scheme. But he's a longshot, at best.

2. Jon Gruden: A big name. An offensive mind. He's won the Super Bowl so he knows how to do it. Having said that, he has a reputation of being hard to work with. He has reputation for never being satisfied. That's one reason he always had a dozen quarterbacks in camp but never a truly great one. He likes to think of himself as something of a mastermind. He does know how to push people's buttons and motivate. He might eventually want to get back in the game. But, again, it would have to be the perfect situation. The Dolphins don't seem to be a perfect situation, folks.

3. Brian Billick: I like this possibility. He is offensive minded. He can adjust -- as he did with the Ravens in that he allowed that amazing defense to dictate and dominate the personna of the team. He has a reputation for being able to work with QBs. He hasnt coached in four seasons, since 2007, and one has to wonder why? He's only 57 years old so it's not like he's too old for the game. I don't worry that he hasn't been hired since his last job, I wonder why he hasn't even been considered? Billick has three losing seasons while with the Baltimore Ravens. His last losing season was 2007 when the team went 5-11 and were beaten by the Dolphins for the only victory that team enjoyed all year. I remember that Billick played it safe and decided not to go for a potential game-winning TD on fourth-and-goal from the 1 yard line, opting instead to tie the game with a field goal. The Ravens lost the game in overtime. Not exactly Billick's finest hour.

4. Jeff Fisher: I know, I know, he had only six winning seasons in 17 years. He only had six losing seasons in 17 years as well. He is, what I would call, a solid, solid coach. He's not a genius, but he is very bright. He knows how to motivate. His defenses play with passion, although he like the 4-3 instead of the 3-4 so that might require the retooling of current personnel. He is a favorite of Jerry Jones, so that says something very good for him because Jones knows coaching talent. He has not won the Super Bowl but took his team there in 1999 and lost to the St. Louis Rams "greatest show on turf" team in what was one of the classic endings in the history of the game -- his team fell short of tying the game by one yard. The fact Fisher hasn't won a Super Bowl suggests he'll still be hungry. He didn't step away from the Titans of his own will. He was fired. So I assume he would want to be coaching if he could. Fisher is well-respected around the league. He'd bring instant credibility.

5. Les Miles: He is a Michigan man. Stephen Ross is a Michigan man. Miles is a candidate. He's 58 so he's no puppy, but he seems to be hitting his stride in recent years. He's taken Louisiana State to the top of the college football world and might be quite comfortable staying on that plateau. Or he might be convinced to try to climb higher. Miles has some, but not a lot of NFL experience. He coached under Chan Gailey in Dallas and then stayed on when Dave Campo took over in 2000. So he gets the pro aspects of the game. Miles is not a compulsive person. He is very well-balanced. He doesn't work 21 hours a day and sleep on the couch in his office the other three the week before a big game. He has a family and a family life. This can be both a good and bad thing for an NFL coach.

6. Chip Kelly: He is 48 and regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today. The Oregan Duck run an offensive play once every 13 seconds. Can you imagine what that would do to NFL defenses? They would go, pardon the pun, daffy. Oregon is on the NCAA's radar for possible violations relative to a recruiting company. It is not considered major stuff so it's doesn't necessarily mean Kelly would want to exit. But I'm putting it out there because one never knows what folks are thinking. The obvious drawback here is Kelly has never coached in the NFL in any capacity. It would be audacious to even interview him. I love audacious.

7: Rob Chudzinski: He's the offensive coordinator in Carolina. He's been an assistant at the University of Miami, and the offensive coordinator in Cleveland. He also spent time under Norv Turner in San Diego. He will be an NFL head coach some day. And with his fine work in bringing Cam Newton into the NFL game in a relatively short span of time, I would not be surprised if he gets interviews after this season. But are the Dolphins willing to turn over the keys of their franchise to a man with zero head coach experience? I think that's a long shot. Chud, 43, wouldn't be the sexiest hire and wouldn't sell tickets. But he would be interesting.

8. Rob Ryan: God, please, no! Like his brother Rex, the New York Jets coach, Rob is a defense-minded guy. Unlike his brother Rex, Rob's defenses don't inspire any confidence, or intimidation or enough wins. Yes, that was Ryan's defense collapsing in the final moments as Eli Manning rallied the Giants to victory last Sunday night. Ryan, in my estimation, talks a better game than he coaches. NFL people also say he's not as good as good a coach as his brother. Otherwise, he's wonderful.

9. Herman Edwards: The truth is that Ross's non-denial denial of the looming Carl Peterson hire matters in this search. Peterson is definitely helping Ross gather ideas, thoughts, and yes, candidates. Peterson once hired Edwards to coach in Kansas City. It failed. Edwards had previously washed out with the New York Jets. I like Herm. He's very charismatic. He motivates. But I've heard stories of how the New England Patriots coaches snickered at the thought of Edwards matching up with them twice a year back in the day. They apparently believed they had an advantage on Edwards and his staff. That's not the kind of reaction I want for the Dolphins before they play the Pats twice a year.

10. Eric Mangini: Strange bird. But Ross likes him. Birds of a feather? Mangini somehow endeared himself to Ross while he was the New York Jets coach. Ross sees him as something of a Belichick Jr. Ross likes the fact he gave the Patriots a run there for all of about one year. Problem is, Ross just fired a coach who gave the Patriots a run there for all of about one year. Mangini denied it, but I heard he's been speaking with Ross even while Sparano was coach, not undermining Sparano, but certainly adding his two cents. It reeks to me. Mangini is on ESPN currently and that shouldn't play any role in this search, but I fear it does. It gives him a bit of star power. He's seen, known. And Ross likes that. Never mind that he's been fired by the Jets and Browns, didn't have a winning record with either franchise, and his overall 33-47 record is worse than the record of the coach Ross just fired.

The The Wildcards: What if Tom Couglin or Andy Reid get fired? I don't see it, but what if? Both good choices ... Marty Schottenheimer is in play because of the Peterson factor. So is his son Brian, who is the offenisve coordinator with the Jets. But I don't see either because the elder Schotty is 68 years old and is yesterday's news and seems like a putting a band-aid on a deep gash. His son, Brian, will be a head coach someday, but the truth is he's not at the top of the coordinator ladder yet, so how can one ask him to climb the next rung to the head coach level? .... Norv Turner is a fine coordinator but the bloom is off on him as a head coach. He will likely go in San Diego and he isn't coming here. Jack Del Rio? Not interesting and not interested ... Todd Bowles will definitely be interviewed. He's the only candidate we know will get an interview with any certainty. I have no idea what the guy stands for or is about. I do know if he finishes 3-0, people will be clamoring for him to be hired permanently because he will have beaten Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan in back-to-back weeks.

I know I didn't mention the hot OC in Green Bay. I know I didn't mention Dom Capers. I know I didn't mention any really hot assistants. Look, I've been told this hire will be a man with a reputation, a man with experience and a man who people can get excited about. And so I'm going to believe that until I have reason not to.

[Radio announcement that the haters can't stand: I'll be discussing all of this, the apparent looming Peterson hire, and the latest gossip and insider information on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, this morning 6-10 a.m. You can WATCH the live stream broadcast of the show by clicking the link here. You can also participate as we take phone calls from anywhere in the United States, the greatest country in the history of Earth. The toll free number is 1-888-640-9385.]



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YG, Ross has not football friends. He knows Carl Peterson and has formed a relationship with Ireland. This is why he kept Ireland he doesnt know any football people.

Mando, your theory overlooks Ross's desire for star power in the head coaching position. I don't think that Jeffey's position as GM is a secure as you do. Once Ross has been told enough times by the likes of Cowher (going to SD or Dallas) and Gruden (staying at ESPN) his tune is likely to change, and Jeff is likely to find himself in a diminshed role or on the street. I think that Carl Peterson is the bigger problem for hiring a coach.

My guess at the real leading candidates for the job are: The Mangenius, Joe Philbin (Packers OC), and Lane Kiffen. I suspect that Mangini has the inside track, but I'm hoping for Kiffin...

Yes, Lane Kiffin. He has NFL head coaching experience (Raiders). After the Raiders, working for Ross/Jeffey/Peterson would be a walk in the park. He has rehabilitated his image and the USC program during its probation. He knows Barkley as well as anyone, and he brings his dad along with him, Monty, a pretty darn good defensive coach. He's young, hard working, demanding, and he would represent a splash for Ross. I'm on the Kiffin band wagon. We'll see what happens...

Who is Gruden Chudzinski Billick? He sounds like some rich kid.

Hmm... Ross appeals to Cowher by still having the backstabbing gm that couldnt advise the route he was taking to replace his hc last season was totally wrong and akward.

Im sure Cowher's sitting desperately waiting to hear his phone ring from Miami after seeing that idiot owner and gm are still together in play. Wow, unbelieveble!

With the Season over, it's obvious that Long should be rested along with a few other valuable players for Miami and to let the rookies and reserves play. But Bowles has to do what they tell him to do and, of course, very strange things happen in Davie.

Yesterday, maybe, maybe not. I think (This is just my opinion) that Ross will try to sit down with either Cowher or whoever else he's got in mind and convince him that working with Ireland is the perfect fit. Don't read too much into the Ireland staying put thing...Changes happen pretty fast in sports...One day you're winning and you've got a job for years and the next day you suck and get fired...We'll see what happens...

I can see Steven Ross, Carl Peterson, Jeff Ireland and Bill Cowher sitting in a room and talking about the possibilities...Will it be enough for Cowher? I don't know. I hope so. I wouldn't bet on it. I can dream I guess. See you guys after lunch...


If Ross has only Petersen and Ireland as his football people. We have a very dark future here in Miami. I have zero optimism for our future as long as Ross is owner.

Even Detroit Lions owner, William Clay Ford has finally awakened. How long will Ross sleep?

Some of those choices are ridiculously bad. Think Green bay OC, get yourself a winner!!!

I can see Steven Ross, Carl Peterson, Jeff Ireland and Bill Cowher sitting in a room and talking about the possibilities...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | December 14, 2011 at 12:45 PM

So can I, then Ross cuts a major stinker and Cowher walks out!

Do you think Cowher finds the whole Mangini as consultant thing kind of strange? The there's the Peterson thing.
Those two situations would probably need to be put to rest before Cowher considers coaching this team. I don't think he would be happy with Mangini consulting with Ross while he was with the team and they would probably need to define a role for Peterson or he would need to keep his nose out of the team's business also.

William Clay Ford held onto Matt Millen far too long. Ross seems to be doing the same with Ireland.


I agree. I though Jimmy Johnson did a pretty good job but he was burned out and tried to make one last run at a Super Bowl but didn't have the want to stick around. As far as draft he missed but he also hit on Zach Thomas one of my all time favorites. He hit on Madison and Surtain, Daryl Gardener. All guys who played in the long term success of some pretty good defenses.

Regardless of who's put in place as the next HC....his success will be predicated on who's under center and whether or not the organization can hit on a franchise QB.

If they hit on a franchise QB....any number of coaches, big name or otherwise will look like geniuses. If they don't....any number of coaches, big name or otherwise will look like flops.

QB is the key that will unlock the door to long term success.

there's too many cooks in the kitchen!


Professor Lou,

Absolutely! As a hc, it seems it would be very awkwards knowing you have a "FORMER HC" always in your owners ear. It's probably a major reason why Sparano's out and Ireland's still in.

Only way Cowher takes the job is if Ross gives him some insane amount of money. Like 10-12+ million a year. Then Cowher would have to think about it...

Can't wait until Bill Cowher comes out and says 'I AM NOT INTERESTED' or we hire a coach, so that guys can shut the f*ck up about Bill Cowher. He's not coming....he's not interested......which part do people not understand?

When the new guy comes in and it doesn't work out are we STILL going to have to listen to 'Why didn't Ross push harder for Cowher'? The guys got the best gig in the world, it won't affect his health, he doesn't have to work 100 hours a week or be away from his family. Bill Cowher has NOTHING to prove to anyone and all the money that one person could want. Why the Hell would he have any interest in subjecting him to the life of an NFL coach? Smith in Atlanta was dangerously close to have a heart attack on Sunday and he's not the first. Bill Cowher doesn't want any part of that life.

When he says on Sunday 'I'm not interested', will guys still go on about him? READ MY LIPS...

Can we actually talk about SERIOUS candidates for a change?

OK, I'm out guys....

Let me know if Bill Cowher shows up....maybe he'll have a Santa suit on.

I just hope today's Herald article puts to rest any lingering doubt (among some fans) about how this process works.

The bottom line? Miami CANNOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES hire a new coach until AFTER the season concludes.

Period. End of story.

I know most of you totally get that but a few seemed woefully confused and seemed to think firing Sparano now meant the Dolphins could go right ahead and hire someone early.


My big concern is Ross says Ireland is in charge of the coach search. You really think he would recommend anyone who didn't want him around? Ireland should be the LAST person doing the coach search.

Ireland has no people skills and has already thrown Sparano under the bus multiple times to save his own ass. He has permanent knee pads sewn into his pants. I would be very concerned with Ireland involved in anything, let alone the search for a new coach!

Good news for me. League said a HC can't be hired until the Season ends. So all the teams that fired HC's and made a minority their interim HC (thinking if they found their guy they can interview the interim HC to fulfill the Rooney Rule) won't be able to do that now.

It's good news because if we hired someone before the Season ended, and then Andy Reid or Tom Coughlin became available, I'd be OFF MY ROCKER!

Now that can't happen.


I totally disagree Cowher doesnt want to return to the life and rigors of nfl coaching. After the botched TS replacement last season and embarrassing keeping Ireland episode now.

Bill Cowher wouldnt touch Ross and the Miami job with a 10 foot pole. I still believe he's interested in the "RIGHT" situation.

It just doesnt exist here as long as Ross is owner in Miami.

Johnson did very well constructing a defense. He did a pitiful job on offense.

I think that's a fair assessment.

He also saddled us with Wannstedt as one of his 'conditions' for returning that final season, and I put the blame for that 62-7 playoff debacle SQUARELY on him and his roller-coaster emotions that the team reflected in its play.

I wouldn't grade JJ any higher than a C-minus for his overall tenure with Miami. Forcing the deal with Wannstedt (which Huizenga never should ghave agreed to) did a lot of long-term damage.

Ross stuck his foot in his mouth by describing the type of coach he wants to hire..it will not sit well with the fans if we do not agree on the "level" that our new coach turns out according to Ross's high horse



No new permanent hc in his right takes over a team the last 3-4 games of a season. Hell you run the risk of getting fired before the new season begins too! LOL...

yg @ 12:58, that's EXACTLY the deal. Cowher might (would) come back for the right situation. Miami is NOT that situation.

Miami is a pretty crappy situation actually. Bad recent history, team is very mediocre, no organization to the franchise. They have an Owner that would spend money for the right reasons, and an ok market, that's pretty much all they have going for them.

Upgrading from Sparano might be harder than I initially thought.

right mind

I think Cowher would consider the job if Ross paid him an obscene amount of money. Of course he would piss off all of the other owners. While wealthy, Cowher was always pissed off the the Rooneys never paid him like other top coaches in the NFL were paid. Cowher's initial thinking was he would take a couple years off and then get a huge payday from someone else. I'm sure Cowher enjoys the TV gig and not having the stresses of coaching. I am not even sure he would be a good coach for the Dolphins at this point except giving them immediate credibility. But throw enough money his way and I am sure he would at least listen.

I know I was one who siad I didn't want some greenhorn HC cutting his teeth on our Fins, but... I'm kind of intrigued by the Les Miles thought. I'm an SEC homer, and I've watched Miles year in/out, game in/out out coach everybody. LSU has great talent, btu so does everyone else in the SEC. He finds news ways to win games that seem lost. The Mad Hatter - crazy genius. Not sure it's a bad idea.
I still like a proven leader like Cowher/Fisher etc., but Miles.... hmmmmmmm.

The Rooney Rule pisses me off! I had this argument before on here. Isn't it a bigger slap in the face to interview minority candidates just for the sake of doing it knowing you have no intention of not hiring anyone not named Gruden, Cowher or Fisher if it were up to Miami's choosing and not the coaches.

I mean I think it's ridiculous anyway that you have to interview a minority candidate because if the owner is a racist or just doesn't want a black coach for whatever reason he has to pretend to interview one which is a slap in the face to the candidate.

Tomlin was supposedly hired because of the Rooney rule but that's BS. He was a good hire and was a possible candidate all along. The Rooney's fabricated this story so it they can continue as ambassador's to the rule named after them. Raheem Morris is the lowest paid HC in the league for the penny pinching Glazers.

hey guys and gals,I'm a native miamian living in the Atlanta area....lived in miami from 1951 to 1972...I live breath eat laugh cry
over the dolphins every year since 1966 when i saw joe auer take the opening kickoff of our franchise to the house....after our first 4 seasons with 15 wins out of 56 games we made the best move ever when we stole don shula from the colts....ross tried the same thing with harbaugh but he lost out to the 49ers...there were only 26,000 fans to see the first game in sep 1966 and i'm proud to have been one of them....I support EVERY player and coach that puts on the Fins colors each and every year...I've been reading the dolphin blogs for years but rarely comment...trying to replace shula was a difficult job....classiest and best coach in NFL history without a doubt...maybe his son mike could motivate this team...or chudzinski from the U (which I've supported since the 50's)....whomever ross picks I'll support 100%...I played def end at north miami high until my left ankle got trashed and then i stuck to the bowling team...lol
we won the county bowling championship each year from 67-69...I'm on disability and have a wonderful Georgian wife and a 17 yr old son who we homeschool...Just wanted to say hello to all my fellow Fin fans....have a Merry Christmas

Cowher...."perfect situation" = somewhere like NY Giants, Philly, SD.....i.e. somewhere that is, at least perceived as a step away.

NEWS FLASH....Miami does NOT = "perfect situation" regardless of the Ross/Ireland conversation. So get over it already.

Miles isn't leaving LSU.

YG, that's not what we're saying. They wouldn't hire a guy for THIS Season. They'd hire him once the Season is done.

The point of it is all these teams (Jax, Chiefs, Miami) installed minority interim HC's. Why do you think they did that? Because they wanted a chance to grab their "star" HC before anyone else had the chance. Only way to do that (if the candidate said yes) would be to first satisfy the Rooney rule. And you can't talk to Coaches from other teams until end of Season. But you CAN talk to a Coach on your team. So these teams had the idea to interview their interim Coach to satisfy the Rooney Rule, then go sign their "star" HC to take over when the Season ends.

That's why that news is important.

Upgrading from Sparano might be harder than I initially thought.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 14, 2011 at 01:02 PM


I wasnt overly enthusiastic about Sparano's firing because I feared he would somehow again botch things. Then lo and behold, he keeps Ireland!

Some here just cant see the paints peeling off the walls in Miami.

I don't think the Ireland situation is a concrete and unyielding as a lot of you fellas do.

First, everyone is making the assumption that every coaching candidate shares exactly YOUR opinion on Ireland and everything else Dolphin-related. It's not likely that is the case. They may in fact have a different viewpoint (and likely already know him given what a small "club" the NFL really is) and believe they can work together.

Second, if it was a deal-breaker with a guy like, say, Fisher then I think Ross is likely to either dismiss or reduce Ireland's role to one of subservience.

Do I know this for sure? Of course not. But neither do you have absolute answers here even if you THINK you do.

Wait and see how this plays out. We may be in for some surprises.

And, by the way, Armando is holding such blatant, personal grudges here lately that I'm beginning to question his objectivity (aside from LEGITIMATE criticism).

Miami wouldn't announce a new head coach until after the season even if they were able to come to an agreement with someone. And no new coach would take over mid-season (unless on an interim basis). It is a mute point.

I'm sure Cowher enjoys the TV gig and not having the stresses of coaching. I am not even sure he would be a good coach for the Dolphins at this point except giving them immediate credibility. But throw enough money his way and I am sure he would at least listen.

Posted by: IrelandSucks | December 14, 2011 at 01:03 PM

Problem is, all the money has to be guaranteed.


It's a very common mistake but it's "moot" point.

A "mute" point would be one that went unspoken!

Ireland sucks,
You may be right. However...
Saban wasn't leaving LSU, Spurrier wasn't leaving Florida, Meyer was retiring for his health, and Kiffin found his dream job in Tennessee, and Saban definitely wasn't going to coach Alabama, and Weiss was staying at Florida as long as they'd have him.
Situations and minds change occasionally.
So I would put a bet on it either way.

..would NOT put a bet...
I meant to say.


Guys like Cowher have had an eye on the Miami situation for a few years now.

Have you seen who Cowher sits next to in the broadcast booth?(Dan Marino) You gotta believe he knows absolutely everything!

Truly smart hc's know exactly what thier getting into long before they get into and have a concrete plans. Those who dont:


Sparano was a mediocre head coach, but at least the players played hard for him. Sparano was never going to be a winner with the level of talent on this team. Ross guessed wrong. Talent at this point is a bigger issue then coaching. I don't mind if they replace Sparano with the right guy, but it Ireland is still picking the talent, it is not going to get much better.

Saban and Spurrier always wanted to coach in the NFL. I'm not so sure Les Miles wants to. Maybe he does. You are right, I don't know. But unless he wants the challenge of coaching in the NFL, there is no reason to leave LSU. Saban found that out the hard way, as did Spurrier too.

Same talent on the Broncos, one player change, went from 1-4, to 8-5.
Same talent on the 49ers went from crap to division leader with the change of one coach.
Don't write off the effect of one guy to the Dolphins. Not a prediction, but a genuine possibility.

Also Meyer's dream job was never at Florida. It always was at Ohio State or Notre Dame.

Talent is ALWAYS a bigger issue than coaching.

If it wasn't, Barry Switzer would have never been holding the Vince Lombardi trophy and George Seifert wouldn't have been goin 1-15 in Carolina just a few years after compiling one of the best winning percentages in league history with the Niners.

Yeah, it matters who the coach is. But not NEARLY as much as how much talent you have on the field.

Perfect Cowher Situation:

Fire Ireland, Make Dan Marino GM

Cowher would eat this up in a minute. But we all know Ross isnt that smart!



Marino was offred tha position years ago under Huizenga and (wisely) said no.

There's no indication whatsoever he would excel at it. Being a great player really has no relationship to that (or coaching) at all, and NFL history is littered with former stars on the field who couldn't cut it in other roles.

Besides, why on Earth would Marino give up his very cushy life for that pressure cooker?

No chance.

College Candidates - As far as the college ranks go would the hire of say Chris Peterson from Boise State who is always mentioned for other college jobs excite anyone?

If that were the case and this is all hypothetical but Miami could take Best Player Available where ever they draft and say for instance they end up at 9 or 10 that might be Reiley Reiff or even someone like Alshon Jeffrey and in round 2 take Kellen Moore?

Does that make anyone see a glimmer of hope or just false hope?

Just a question.

And don't think it would ever happen because the "trenches" comment has me believing it's a retread NFL coach.

Marino has no interest in being GM and whose to say he would even do a good job?


If the reason they fired TS now is to only satisfy the Rooney rule that means they have their man already. Cowher, Fisher and Gruden are not Coaching and I'm sure Ireland has already had conversations for quite sometime with all 3(and maybe a deal with 1 of them).

Fire Ireland today. That makes the coaching search so much more simple. Who wants to come to Miami and have Ireland calling all the personnel shots. If Ross keeps him, I think Ross should go. As an owner he stinks. He is clueless. Keep Ireland and that proves it.

Marino was offred tha position years ago under Huizenga and (wisely) said no.

Besides, why on Earth would Marino give up his very cushy life for that pressure cooker?

No chance.

Posted by: tj | December 14, 2011 at 01:20 PM





Technically Marino DID take a front office job for less than a week. Then bailed.
I agree, he doesn't want the pressure. His family probably takes most of his free time, and that was more important then, and probably still is now.

Ireland--People want to believe he could transfer his magic as a player to the front office but the reality is there's no relationship at all. These days, a GM needs to be as much a capologist and math whiz as a personnell guy. Entirely different world from playing.

Actually, some great GM's like George Young never played a down of football in their lives.

And as much as I hate to say this because I REVERE the guy, nobody has ever called Marino a "braniac."

Personally, I think he'd be lousy at it and it would be a dumb move for him personally, anyway.

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