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Brian Daboll willing to embrace the unorthodox

I am a fan of unorthodox football.

I loved the 46 defense when it first reared its angry head. I applauded the Wildcat package. I was applauding passing the ball 70 percent of the time when Bill Parcells was winning titles running 65 percent of the time. Oh yeah, I also love the shovel pass, the quarterback draw, the safety and corner blitz and God bless Dick LeBeau and his Fire Zone.

So have we established that I like the unusual approach?

That is one reason I like Brian Daboll. The man isn't afraid to try different stuff.

This year, you've seen the Dolphins line up their entire offensive line on the right side of the center and try to out-flank the defense with a run to the strong side. You've seen Flea-flicker Wildcat plays on the first series of the game.

On Sunday you saw left tackle Jake Long split out wide as an eligible receiver who was really one very, very big blocking flanker for a receiver screen. No, the play didn't work because the timing was terrible. But when the Dolphins lined up, I just about fell off my chair with glee.

It was different. What can I say?

That willingness to embrace something different isn't the only reason I like Daboll. Let's face it, he was ripped for how terrible the Browns were scoring points last year. Dolphins fans were screaming at Tony Sparano for trying to improve his offense by hiring the guy who ran one of only two offenses in the NFL that scored fewer points than Miami last year.

Yes, Cleveland was 31st in the NFL in scoring. The Dolphins were 30th. But despite that seemingly fair point, Daboll has injected some life into the Miami offense this year.

With Daboll guiding him, Matt Moore has shown steady improvement. And the Miami offense that was 30th in scoring (just ahead of Cleveland) is tied for 22nd this year while the Browns are 28th.

Back in Cleveland, meanwhile, quarterback Colt McCoy has seemingly regressed this year after playing surprisingly well under Daboll last year.

So props to Daboll for everything but this: As he explains in the video below, he ran the tackle eligible screen last year also. Except it apparently worked there. (Turn up the volume, the sound is admittedly poor.)


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Though RGIII is a pass first, run second qb. I believe every time he does have to scramble out of the pocket and no recievers are open. He'll be a threat to pick up 20yds a scramble if not more. He has legit world class speed.

Griffin alone can add an extra 30yds per game to a team's rushing average. While also adding at least another 50yds per game to a team's passing yardage average.

Colts might take RG3, or any other club with less wins! Just saying, stop dreaming 'til we get to the draft....

RG3 is the topdog, he would look perfect in Miami gear...


Colts drafting only Luck. The Darft day wedding date has been set and Bill Polian's best man!

I don't know why Howard would want to leave Orl...he's got the town by the shrivelly sack... Plus they are adding some big names this year, I got the inside scoop from my buddy within the organization...he'd be foolish to run to the lakers or some other has been team

Not sold on Daboll yet Mando, sorry!

I dont blame Howard for wanting out of Orlando. All they ever did was surround him with wannabe's and washed up has been talent.

No other superstar calibre talent wants to join in Mickey Mouse land. There were rumors last season he was trying talk Chris Paul into joining him in Goofy Paradise. The botched LA trade tells what Chris paul thought of that.

Howard spoke to the Magic today and told them his preferred destinations are:

LA- Obvious
Mavs- Defending champs
Nets- Well, it's still NYC

YG, I think the Colts will see through the Heisman and draft Luck as well, but it'd be nice if he would drop down to us. Anyway, there's several notable QBs out there, a notable QB class!


I wasn't surprised by Griffin winning the Heisman in all honesty for a couple of specific reasons. The USC/Stanford game while won by Stanford was a game that saw Luck throw a pick 6 late that if not for a Personal Foul on 4th down by a USC DB the Trojans win. That game was more of a Natl. coming out party for Barkley who matched Luck pass for pass with what amounts to a Fr. supporting cast.

The following week Luck gets roughed up by a very weak Oregon Duck's D while the week after that RG111 (sorry the nickname seems to be a keeper)in his Natl. coming out party put on a clinic Vs. Okla. while simultaneously M.Barkley took apart the same Oregon D which gave Luck fits. In my view the Heisman got decided then and there.

What really mystifies me is the ranking of L.Jones ahead of both RG111 and M.Barkley. If there is anything to Kiper's rankings which usually aren't that off in Rd.1 then both Barkley and Griffin will be available between 7-15 in the draft and for my money I'd take either over Jones. I would really like to know why the high grade on Jones in all honesty because to me it's a head scratcher.

No superstar wants to play in Orlando unless thier washed up and looking for one last big pay day. Howard was never going to win a NBA championship in the house that Mickey built.

Good Luck Dwight, though you will be missed. Youre making the right career decision.


Colts drafting only Luck. The Darft day wedding date has been set and Bill Polian's best man!

Yesterday's Gone | December 10, 2011 at 11:42 PM

Agreed!!! but I got a question for you DB, once RG111 gets acclimated to the Pro game do you think Luck will be that superior in terms of Pro careers???


How's it going!! Always good catching up.


We know the Colts are taking Luck. So 1st choice RGIII, 2nd choice Barkley. I dont think Barkley will be NFL great, but, I do believe he's a solid 10yr starter.

For some reason I want no part of Landry. If we dont get RGIII or Barkley, we should probably take the 26yr old OK St qb. We still gotta go qb 1st rd. Havent seen nearly enough of Matt Moore to fore go that.


I gotta tell you to me the hype machine around L.Jones is the most perplexing since the Harrington hyper bowl set Det. back a decade. If you saw him play everything just about is thrown underneath with an imposing OL that he could eat a pizza behind and when they get in the redzone going to Fr. Q.B. "The Belldozer" hurts his stock because after living through Henne as a Miami fan I want to see all those redzone passes thrown in a game to gauge his ability to make them.

Hey Fin4! YG, Jones, Landry, Barkley, will be in the mix. But the one least talked about is Kellen Moore! This guy is another Doug Flutie or better! He is smart, accurate and has an arm! We shouldn't overlook OR underestimate him!Colts might take RG3, or any other club with less wins! Just saying, stop dreaming 'til we get to the draft....what happened to Luck, no good now? Maybe we will get Luck, Jones, Moore, Barkley......


Only thing I can be sure about Luck right now is that he can run helluva ball control offense.

He had 2 shoot out games where he had to keep pumping the ball in the air. USC and Oregon. Both have very good but not prolific pass defenses. Still Luck was 1 and 1 when he had to throw the ball. Oregon even spotted him a big lead and Luck lost.

Luck has pretty much played in a ball control pro style offense. Not the all out ariel attack. He has the tools, but expecting him to succeed right away flinging the ball all over the field in the nfl, may be a bit of a reach. He wasnt even asked to do that on a consistent basis in college.

That's why I feel RGIII's game of flinging it all over the field, including deep, on a consistent basis may translate a lot better. Or at least a lot sooner. I feel its a reach to expect Luck to do something on the pro level that he wasnt he asked to do on a consistent basis in college.

But I do believe Luck could be a keep the chains moving qb right away. It's just on the nfl level that style of play doesnt leave very much margin for error by offenses.

Sorry guys, the last post mixed up 2 messages and I'm not drunk! Dang, I'd better start drinking!


Teams not only scared to death about Kellen Moore's height(5'11), it's his weight too(187lbs). Despite his great body 0of collegiate works, teams are so scared, Ive seen him 3rd rd in some mocks.

At only 187lbs, I guess they feel he's one "average" nfl hit from going on IR. LOL


I love Kellen Moore too, but at 187lbs, he'll need to put on 13 lbs(200lbs) of muscle to feel good about putting him on the nfl playing field. Remember what happened to Pat White(the hit)? LOL

Redsky, I stopped reading your post when you wrote Kellen Moore.


I love Kellen Moore too, but at 187lbs, he'll need to put on 13 lbs(200lbs) of muscle to feel good about putting him on the nfl playing field. Remember what happened to Pat White(the hit)? LOL

Yesterday's Gone | December 11, 2011 at 12:21 AM

I was going to post the very same thing about Moore. There are many more P.White's than Doug Flutie's, as a matter of fact Flutie was 1 in a Million had it been a movie you'd have walked out of the theater saying pure Hollywood fiction!

YG, I completely understand your concerns about Moore's size. That's why I mentioned Flutie. I'm worried about his size as well

Also, when Harbaugh took his ball control offense to San Fransico, all of a sudden Alex Smith hasnt looked to terrible at qb either.

A well designed and executed "ball control" offense can mask some of a qb's "flaws". We wont know until he reaches the NFL if Harbaugh's ball control offense "masked some of Andrew Luck's flaws". Im not all balls in with Andrew Luck just yet.

Indy winning 1st overall pick may have done us a favor. But we'll all just have to wait and see wont we!

Fin4, you said Flutie was one in a million, so was Griese! There are more....

Im a lot more worried about Kellen Moore's size(187 lbs) than his height(5'11-6ft). Though the height is a little concerning too.

At least drew Brees is 200lbs or better(2009 lbs).

TigerSam, I dismissed him immediately! But I read up on him and watched film....he is underrated!

Griese was maybe a biscuit shy of 200lbs. Kellen Moore has the talent to play in the NFL, but at 187 lbs, NFL stands for "Not For Long". LOL

YG, good point, we ignored Brees too, Farve wasn't much bigger!

Kellen Moore needs to spend the entire offseason at the "All U Can Eat" buffet tables! LOL

DB (I know it's YG now but like Sun Life will always be JRS, so shall you always be DB)

In defense of Luck what I really like is the ability to audible and change plays at the line, very Manning like. It hasn't escaped me either that he tends to call alot of his plays which is impressive and he has the size and ability to move and break out of tackles If Rapelisberger has shown how effective that can be in today's game with smaller DB's coming on the blitz leaving the back end exposed.


In today's NFL, your qb needs to be at least 200 lbs, just to feel good about he wont injure himself getting on and off the weigh-in scales!

Fin4, you said Flutie was one in a million, so was Griese! There are more....

redsky | December 11, 2011 at 12:34 AM


When Griese played the average DE weighed in around 250-260, LB's were in the 205 range. The game was slower and your talking about a Q.B. who ran a ball control O that was predicated on the 3 headed monster they had at RB. I don't have to remind you of the injury history Griese had either, 17-0 saw 11 wins with him nursing a busted leg after a sack.

YG, send him on a good 10-14 day cruise and that will take care of it! Alaska and Hawaii are the best!

Jack Lambert arguably the best MLB of his day played at 212 pds. look it up. In today's game he'd be lucky to crack your PS at LB. I'm not taking away from one of the greatest of all time just reminding you that very few in that era could actually play their given positions in today's game. Mean Joe Green was a 265 Pd. DT!!

Indy didnt have much of a run game when Peyton was healthy. So thier not going to magically have one with Luck there.

Like I said, I like the tools Luck has, its just that he hasnt been asked to air it out on a consistent basis in college. The Colts dont have a run game. Having the tools to do something is one thing. But being able to "CONSISTENTLY" do it at a high level is another.

They'll be rushing 3 and dropping 8 back in coverage against Luck in the NFL. Because they wont respect the phony playaction fakes of a fake running game.

Drew Brees is listed at 209 lbs. Today's NFL qb's need to at least be 200lbs on the button. If not, your qb may not make it out of pre game warmups! LOL

Fin4, you are partially correct, Griese got hurt, but the game was rougher then, and Earl Morral, the "old man" carried us to a perfect season. Morrall wasn't big either. You don't have to be big to win

Just have Abigail heart!

Just have a big heart! Sorry!

YG, you're right! Brees is listed at 209lbs, we know ALL sports exaggerate size and weight!

Just have a big heart! Sorry!

redsky | December 11, 2011 at 12:55 AM


I'll never argue that point old friend, I'm simply saying the size of today's players make for more violent collisions and injuries. Look at the size of some of today's Q.B.'s could you imagine, Rapelisberger or some of today's kids under Center back then?? They would have been bigger than there OL!

Look guys, I'm just saying we shouldn't overlook this guy, he's not #1 on my list, but if he's the only one left, let's take him, nothing to lose!


I dont think you quite understand what fin4 is saying. Even though considered a big fullback(237 lbs) Larry little couldnt plow his way through d-linemen in this era(300lb avg) the way he plowed his way through d-linemen in his ers(250 lb avg.).

Today's lb's are yesterdays DT's, only much faster. These guys are much bigger, faster, and stronger than yeaterday's player. That by the laws of physics alone means a much greater collision at the point of impact.

Im sorry but I totally disagree with your analogy the game was much "ROUGHER" back then. You gotta be bigger and stronger for the body to better absorb the much more hellacious impacts.

YG, Fin4: respect and appreciate your comments.


I like Kellen Moore, but because of his size not height, I would be afraid for him every time he takes a hit.

There's still plenty of time before the draft. If Kellen Moore can weigh in at 200lbs at the combine. Im sure he may change a lot of teams opinion on moving him up thier draft boards.

Look, no one doubts Moore's abilities, may even be willing to overlook his height, but nobody is willing to overlook both his height and his weight(187 lbs.)

Hope he finds the buffet tables before the combine.

I'm not THAT old! But the game, by the rules allowed harder hits than they do know!


Can you imagine Bob Lilly being able to run like a lb? That's exactly what many of today's lb's are. Bob Lilly with speed! LOL

YG, Fin4, do you remember when Csonka left the Dolphins and came back?



Its just that dont allow certain thing that were allowed in the past. HEAD HUNTING for one!

If it were allowed now, we would have 4-5 Darryl Stingley incidents each game. The NFL would run out of players! LOL

YG, Fin4, great discussion guys!

I'm not THAT old! But the game, by the rules allowed harder hits than they do know!

redsky | December 11, 2011 at 01:09 AM


Your talking hits like the ones J.Tatum, George Atkins, Mel Blount, Donnie Shell or the Hammer use to get away with??? If that stuff were legal today we might have actually seen somebody die on the field, nothing to do with being old partner, I just feel DB gets it and your not analyzing the term LAW OF PHYSICS.

Yeah but when Czonka came back, Morris was gone and Warfield was still gone. Plus he still just a shell of the former Czonka.

But he would show a flash of the old czonk every now and then. His return was more nostalgic than anything else.

More than anything else, Czonka's returned reminded me how pissed I was at Joe Robbie for leting Czonka, Warfield, KiicK leave!

YG, Fin4, do you remember when Csonka left the Dolphins and came back?

redsky | December 11, 2011 at 01:11 AM

I believe it was 78 after breif stints in the defunct World League and with the NY Giants, remember Pasarjik was trying to hand off to Csonka in the MIRACLE OF THE MEADOWLANDS play were he fumbles it with 0:04 seconds to go and Herm Edwards picks it up and scores for Philly in Vermiel's 1st season with the Eagles which I believe was either 76 or 77

YG, Fin4, you guys are great!

See! I'm making you think and research!

YG,Fin4: Csonka had a turf toe! Which now takes one of your big tough guys out for a while!

Well, Csonka took a drill, went through his Big toe nail and didn't miss a game! Reliieved the pressure!


Ronnie Lott cut off a piece of his finger which he broke at the Half of a game to finish, no doubt another generation of players which loved the game on another level. How about Jack Youngblood on a broken leg in the NFC Champ. game 1979 Vs. Dallas.

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