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Dolphins among healthiest -- kudos to Miami's training staff

If the Dolphins don't enjoy some success this week against Oakland, don't look at the injury report for the reason.

The Dolphins are enjoying a stretch of good health (that they are reporting) and, in fact, they can lay claim to being the NFL's second-healthiest as of Wednesday when preparation and practices for weekend games began for most clubs.

The Dolphins only have three players on their injury report -- Vernon Carey did not practice due to a ankle injury, while K Dan Carpenter (groin) and safety Yeremiah Bell (foot) were limited in practice. Carpenter and Bell are expected to play on Sunday against Oakland. Carey has said he'll be fine but his status remains uncertain.

The Raiders, by contrast, had 16 players listed on their injury list with nine of those missing practice altogether. And we're talking stars missing practice. Richard Seymour didn't practice due to a knee injury. Jacoby Ford continues to nurse a foot injury. Darren McFadden is similarly not working because of the same foot injury that has kept him out of the line up for weeks and will likely keep him out versus Miami.

So the Raiders are a traveling triage ward.

And the Dolphins are healthy.

But it's not just that the Dolphins are healthy compared to their next opponent. If you study the league's complete injury report, you'll see that only the Kansas City Chiefs have fewer players on their report or have fewer significant injuries than Miami.

The Chiefs had only two players -- OL Ryan Lilja (head) and LB Demorrio Williams (groin) -- miss some snaps in practice because they were limited. Everyone else was full go.

Granted, the Chiefs recently lost starting QB Matt Cassel and he's not on the report because he's done for the year. But the Dolphins similarly lost their starting QB this year.

So the Chiefs apparently are the healthiest NFL team at the moment. And the Dolphins are a fairly close second.

Well done training staff! Well done conditioning coaches!


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Who's on first?

That may be all fine and dandy but we're still 3-8 and we suck.

Don't forget how the team looked out of shape during the at least the Patriots game.
Don't forget how many hamstring issues had significant impact.

A team of healthy players underperforming; +1 for trainers I guess

Sorry Armando but you forgot Jamal Charles...

Healthy or not, they are going to lose against the Raaaaiders..

Mando writes we suck ppl complain. He writes something positive n ppl say we suck.

Make up ur minds ppl

given all the hammies early on, it seems like the conditioning staff also woke up too late along with the coaching staff and several key players.

Looking at u Burnett n Dansby aka best LB in the hizzouse

A .45 1911 auto still beats outs most handguns! Dolphins need to emulate the Colt .45!

... and Eric berry. Kc lost arguably their 3 best players. I don't think they think they've been healthy.

And thank goodness they picked up Kyle orton or they would definitely move ahead of us in draft order.

Armando,with respect to (earth to dolphins)that was a very good post so those RAHRAH jackasses that want you to post BS about how the team is so great and never talk bad (see:aldof hitler)I say stfu morons you are part of the problem,time to clean house.Ya I said it.Don't like it?FU

They'll still lose 24 to 16, Miami 1 TD And 3 Fist-pump FGs.

The word "Great" Has'n applied to the fins for at least 30 years, Maybe 40.

That was a healthy crap I had this morning.

From a positive veiwpoint, they have an old quarterback. Negative, he can throw the ball.

I like you more when you're ripping the Dolphins instead of prasing them. Eat nails for breakfast today. Then get angry. Then write a new post please. I'm eager to read it.

As if just having pure luck has nothing to do with it.

3-8 teams are healthier because they don't play as hard, they avoid contact.

What his fanbase claim we are great after beating the crippled Raiders. No Darren McFadden who would go wild against us.

I really can't believe you just called the Chiefs the healthiest team in the NFL! They've lost Matt Cassel, Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, and Tony Moeaki.

So, the team that has lost their starting QB, starting RB, starting S, and starting TE is somehow magically the NFL's healthiest team??? Cause that sounds to me like a team that could go winless and the fans would understand!

The report is only considering this weeks injury list and not players lost for the season so it doesn't mean much.

I am feeling a little slighted now. I've been informing you all of the outlook for months now and I've yet to receive a single acknowledgement.

It's ok. I will keep hammering away.


1- 3-8 RECORD


This might be the dumbest most insignificant article I have ever seen!!

Keep reaching Armando!!!

Of course they are healthy. They took the first 7 games off. Yeah they really looked to be in condition in the opener against NE on MNF when the entire secondary cramped up. Here is some footage of them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we9_CdNPuJg

If the Patsies loose Tomy Brady might as well call it the whole team is injured, same goes for Packers, Saints, Look at the colts.

Well, at least it was a positive article. I appreciate that, and its significant because we could win the rest of our games, if we continue to stay healthy.

I'm still leaning toward Landry Jones as our next first round pick. I also like the Wisconsin quarterback. Any thoughts?

This is another indictment of Sparano and Ireland. They can not blame the record on injuries. If you are totally healthy and are still bad that means that either the players that were picked are bad (Ireland's fault) or the players have talent and are not coached correctly (Sparano's fault) or both. Either way the house needs to be cleaned and those two need to go. I have been a season ticket holder for many many years and will not renew my tickets if either of these jokers is still in power in Davie.

Nix the Wisconsin quarterback, he is only 5'11".

This stat means absolutely nothing. Winning the rest of the games means absolutely nothing. The Chiefs and the Dolphins will do absolutely nothing in the post-season (they won't even be there). Both will be at the bottom of the league in terms of standings (the only stat that counts) at the end of the year, so, there's a whole lot of nothing in those numbers.

Now, if we were in the hunt for a Playoff position, THEN that stat would matter. If we had hopes in the post-season, THEN we'd be talking about something significant.

But, unfortunately, we're not. So you people keep reaching for meaningless straws, to make yourselves feel better. I'll keep demanding change to the team can actually GET BETTER!

So you people keep reaching for meaningless straws...

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 01, 2011 at 08:22 AM

you people?

and what are you?

and what is meaningful about your straws?


I am someone who understands that this Season is lost. Playoffs hopes are erased, so winning only provides moral victories and little else.

The "you people" I was referring to are those (see posts above) that still think winning means anything in the grand scheme of things this Season.

What's meaningful about my straw is it's realistic and not fantasy. I'm not a fan who cares if my team is 3-13 or 5-11 or 7-9. There's no difference between the 3 to me. I'm a fan who cares if my team does or does not make the Playoffs. Does or does not get to the SB. Does or does not win the SB. That's the goal of 32 teams every Season, to win a Championship.

For the 39th time in a row, we will not win a Championship. Therefore, the team did not meet it's own goal as well as those fans like me who want their team to do so.

So, I'm not so sure what you have a hard time understanding or are upset about with that statement. Maybe get your head out of your arse, stop looking in the mirror, and look AROUND you to see what professional football teams SHOULD be doing at this time of year (namely, gearing up for the Playoffs).

"Well done training staff! Well done conditioning coaches!"

Negativity turning to (clever) sarcasm?

I guess the point of this blog was to appease Craig?

That's it DC, hammer it down for those that don't understand. Victories now are more detrimental to the team in a lot of ways. No way momentum can carry over from now till next year. Only possible positive is for matt Moore to suddenly become a viable NFL qb, that's it. We know what the vets can do. We know our draft didn't really bring much tangible to the build on, April is so far away.

By the wag, I don't think Landry Jones will declare. His stock has taken a beating.

What happened at the beginning of the year then? Everyone seemed to be hurt

That's great news Armando...So now if we beat the Raiders we can use that as an excuse...They were pretty beat up...It's never the Dolphins doing something well...God forbid...It must be the other team...Either they suck or they have injuries...

Matt Barkley should be our man...I've been watching a few USC games now and man this guy has it...Even if they have to trade up to get him he should be the guy...And hopefully Matt Moore continues to improve...The more positives the better...

The Dolphins look to lose some ground this week because of the following matchups:

Jacksonville 3-8 vs San Diego 4-7
Eagles 4-7 vs Seattle 4-7
Carolina 3-8 vs Tampa Bay 4-7

These matchups, along with a Miami win, could spell disaster in draft position.

Then there are these matchups:
Cleveland 3-8 vs Baltimore 8-3
Kansas City 4-7 vs Chicago 7-4
Washington 4-7 vs New York 6-5
Arizona 4-7 vs Dallas 7-4

The situation could get a bit sticky after this week. It would just be the luck of this team to go 4-12 and still get the 15th pick in the draft.


please respond to the poster at 9:06. he doesn't seem to understand your comments.

This article reads so sarcastic, yesterday Craig and Armando got into it with Craig saying he's tired of reading negative stories on the team.

And what do you know, Aramando very next blog he writing about how we have vey little injuries. There you go Craig, your positive blog post for today.

Armando, I guess you do take in account what your bloggers think. Good Job!

Mark, all I ask those who feel this year can still be salvaged to do is show me the last time an AFC East team got into the Playoffs at 8-8 (since that's the best record this team can muster this year). Just go do the research and show me.

What I know is it's been OVER a decade (if my memory serves correct).

It's a pipe dream. Yet some don't want to accept their team sucks. Then, when we FINALLY get MATHEMATICALLY eliminated, they'll come back and bemoan the Season and talk about the changes and that Miami disappointed them.


mirror, what's wrong, you're afraid to call me out?? You need DC'S help? Gee, talk about being a pus** I'm one of those who still loves to win, I don't care who it's against and under what circumstances. I want as many positives as we can get going into the offseason. It doesn't matter where the Dolphins end up drafting, if they REALLY want a QB, like let's say Barkley, they'll trade up to get him. Teams do it every year. The Jets did it with Sanchez. I believe Jacksonville did it with Gabbert. I don't know who will be in charge but whoever it is, if that person really likes a QB, he'll get him, even if he has to trade up. I'm still hoping Sparano and Ireland will be gone. Having said that, despite the fact I can't stand them, I still want the Dolphins to win. Get it?

Now, think about this:

If everything were to go wrong this week you could end up with the following:

Miami 4-8
Jacksonville 4-8
San Diego 4-8
Carolina 4-8
Tampa Bay 4-8
Kansas City 4-8
Washington 4-8
Arizona 4-8
and either
Eagles 4-8 or
Seattle 4-8

Wouldn't that just suck!

mr montreal

first i'll give you a pass because i assume you are canadian.

next, let me explain how trading up works. you need a willing partner to trade with. its complicated. think of it this way. if you ask a girl to slowdance and she says no, you are without a partner and can't slowdance. no matter how much you want to dance with that girl, that doesn't mean you can. maybe she won't dance, or maybe she will dance with someone else.

i hope that clears things up for you.

One of the problems with Seattle finishing ahead of Miami in the draft is you know Pete Carroll is going to take Barkley. That means Miami will need to have a shot at Griffin. But, if they are too low in the first, they may not have that shot. So, you then have Jones and Tannehill and Tannehill shouldn't even be in the same conversation.

Gee, thanks for explaining how trading up works...I had no idea...And I'm really thankful you're giving me a pass...It means a lot to me...When you can get a pass from someone on a blog, man, you feel instant relief...

aRMANDO................ STILL WRITING ACORN ARTICLES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


mirror/Montreal, I'm really fine with fans wanting to win for the sake of winning. I get that. I don't think it's helpful long-term, but I get it.

I just don't want them saying we'll go to the Playoffs when they know it's a pipe dream. That's what irks me. Montreal has his position, I respect that. I haven't heard him mention us going to the Playoffs, so I think he's probably smart enough to understand that's not happening.

Does anyone know if ALoco on crack? Seriously

Prof. Lou @ 9:25, dude, don't scare me like that!!!


DC, I never said anything about playoffs. Of course we won't be in the playoffs. I just want the team to

a) Keep improving.

b) Build on as many positives as we can.

I want to see Vontae Davis become a real shutdown corner. I want Cameron Wake to become a top 3 OLB. I want Kevin Burnett to getting better. I want Karlos Dansby to become the leader of that defense. I want Jared Odrick to continue getting sacks. I want Matt Moore to keep on making plays. Reggie Bush. Brandon Marshall. Anthony Fasano. Mike Pouncey. The list goes on and on. That's what I want.

Any fool knows we won't be in the playoffs...

LOL @ Aloco.

Now, think about this:

If everything were to go wrong this week you could end up with the following:

Miami 4-8
Jacksonville 4-8
San Diego 4-8
Carolina 4-8
Tampa Bay 4-8
Kansas City 4-8
Washington 4-8
Arizona 4-8
and either
Eagles 4-8 or
Seattle 4-8

Wouldn't that just suck!

Posted by: Professor Lou | December 01, 2011 at 09:25 AM

Cleveland could end up 4-8 also. Add another to the mix.

Dolphins right now are in a good draft position. Washington's win last week really helped. Right now they are drafting 6th but are only the 2ndteam likely to take a qb. Someone can trade up and pip them to one of the qbs but in my opinion they can't fall below the third team likely to draft a qb. That would be disastrous. That means they have to stay ahead of Washington, Seattle, and possibly kc and Cleveland.

Barkley does seem to have that 2nd qb draft position solidified.

what makes anybody so sure any of those qbs will be any good? stick with moore and sign henne as a back up. don't waste the high pick on a glamour boy qb.

Montreal, and that's why I have zero problem with your position. You have a sensible position for a fan. You want your team to win. That's totally understandable.

The other sensible position for a fan is to want to improve your chances of getting the 1st-round pick your GM wants by improving your place in the Draft (meaning winning less this Season). Now, that's not a totally bulletproof position because there's no science to the Draft and no telling WHICH player will be better than any other. But it makes sense that your chances are probably better if you have an earlier pick.

So either is sensible and therefore acceptable to me. You think one way, I think another. We don't have to think alike yet can still both have the best interest of our team in our minds.

mirror, are you kidding me? Stick with Moore and sign Henne as a backup. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again. NO THANKS.

Here's a story you WON'T read on here.....

Eric Walden who just happens to play for that Packers team Armando likes to talk about was arrested. We've read on here before that this regime made a mistake in letting this guy go. What you won't read is the part where this guy isn't all that and got himself arrested. That's whats called BALANCED writing....

Btw, Peter King said this week on Armando that he thinks BOTH Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin will be back next year. A loss by the Eagles tonight drops them to 4-8 and a loss by the Giants this week to the Saints drops them to 6-6. Doesn't look like both teams are going anywhere. Both coaches have been around a long time. Changes are coming...

DC, agreed 100%...Besides, we've always discussed football here on this blog without any problems...I want the Dolphins to beat the f*****g Raiders this weekend... And I think they will...

Mark, looking at Prof. Lou's posts, it's starting to get jumbled at the bottom of the NFL. I'm starting to believe (because I really see us winning 2 of our final 5 games, so ending 5-11) that we should seriously be considering trading up.

However, that ALL depends on who the GM (whomever that will be) believes is his guy, and which other teams might be in front of us trying to get the choice. I'm just saying trading up shouldn't be eliminated as an option.

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