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Dolphins among healthiest -- kudos to Miami's training staff

If the Dolphins don't enjoy some success this week against Oakland, don't look at the injury report for the reason.

The Dolphins are enjoying a stretch of good health (that they are reporting) and, in fact, they can lay claim to being the NFL's second-healthiest as of Wednesday when preparation and practices for weekend games began for most clubs.

The Dolphins only have three players on their injury report -- Vernon Carey did not practice due to a ankle injury, while K Dan Carpenter (groin) and safety Yeremiah Bell (foot) were limited in practice. Carpenter and Bell are expected to play on Sunday against Oakland. Carey has said he'll be fine but his status remains uncertain.

The Raiders, by contrast, had 16 players listed on their injury list with nine of those missing practice altogether. And we're talking stars missing practice. Richard Seymour didn't practice due to a knee injury. Jacoby Ford continues to nurse a foot injury. Darren McFadden is similarly not working because of the same foot injury that has kept him out of the line up for weeks and will likely keep him out versus Miami.

So the Raiders are a traveling triage ward.

And the Dolphins are healthy.

But it's not just that the Dolphins are healthy compared to their next opponent. If you study the league's complete injury report, you'll see that only the Kansas City Chiefs have fewer players on their report or have fewer significant injuries than Miami.

The Chiefs had only two players -- OL Ryan Lilja (head) and LB Demorrio Williams (groin) -- miss some snaps in practice because they were limited. Everyone else was full go.

Granted, the Chiefs recently lost starting QB Matt Cassel and he's not on the report because he's done for the year. But the Dolphins similarly lost their starting QB this year.

So the Chiefs apparently are the healthiest NFL team at the moment. And the Dolphins are a fairly close second.

Well done training staff! Well done conditioning coaches!


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Sorry, I think I said the Giants are playing the Saints. They are actually playing the Packers. Can they pull the upset? Maybe. Check out their schedule the rest of the way though...it's not easy.

Anybody else think that Barkley has a chance to be drafted ahead of Luck? He's outplayed him the last 4-5 weeks. Starting to think that Barkley has the chance to be the better pro. If seen Barkley quite a bit in the last month and he looks to be every bit Luck's equal. Smart, decisive, avoids dumb plays and big losses. I think he has a chance to be a really good pro. Pretty good consolation prize.

Wow they are finally healthy look at all the hamstring issues early in the season for the lack of coming to camp in shape. Parcells said about Sparano it's all about wins and losses he failed to mention he picked most of the players Sparano is coaching maybe thats just a backhanded swipe at the coach he handpicked by saying he can't coach. Have another twinkie tuna.

Miami's remaining schedule:

Oakland @ home
Philadelphia @ home
Buffalo @ Buffalo
New England @ New England
New York @ home

If you had looked at this schedule earlier in the season you would have said they don't have a chance to win most, if not all, of those games. However, Philadelphia hasn't been playing all tha well, Buffalo has slipped and the Jets are playing some crappy football. So, it's possible they can pull off three wins if they play like they have been playing. Then, you have a banged up Oakland team it's possible they may eek out a win there. That could be 4 wins in the last 6 games. That would spell disaster. Finishing 7-9 could put them in the middle of the draft pack again and puts them in a position of having to try and trade up to get their quarterback.
Two problems. One they would have to give up too much. Two, they may not be able to do it.
I'm not saying this will happen but, if it does, it would not be a good thing.

This team is starting to play better just when it doesn't count the most.

correction - 4 wins in the last 5 games.

This is a bsck-handed compliment if I ever did see one. Or a way to balance out your previous frijoles-bowl-half-empty article on ex-cowboys. If the Dolphins win, I could see the next article being about how the Dolphins can't beat a healthy team instead of how they beat a first place team.

I don't want the name Mandich on Dan Dierdorf's mouth.

And to balance that out, the next article may be about what a great job the cheerleaders are doing. But that may be a stretch considering your sexual orientation.

forget the high pick qb anyway, we will pick no higher than 7th. too many teams had softer schedules. all top qb's will be gone by then. ireland won't sell the farm to trade up.

Craig, wasn't Marshall also detained for not paying cab fare? Mando didn't write about that either. And, not trying Walden at olb was an obvious error by this regime. He's already proven to be better than Misi and would not have cost a 2nd pick. So fair is fair. I could care less if a guy is arrested. Can he balk or not. Walden is a decent player, had him under our noses and couldn't sniff him still. Same with Sam shields. Had him here for nothing, he couldn't name the DB coach for Miami and he's gone. Sparano is a moron, Ireland is clueless, this regime has regressed every year. Drafts get worse, product in the field gets worse. How anyone can defend them is beyond me.

Craig, apparently luck has the biggest load on his shoulders of any college qb. His greatest gift is the general feel of the game. Apparently his level of maturity and leadership of the offense and the calls is more than that of most pro qbs. That came from his own coach so take it for what its worth. Sounds an awful lot like peyton though to be honest.

The situation with Seattle will be the one to watch. Depending on where Seattle ends up they could try and trade up to get Barkley and take Miami out.
Looking at their remaining schedule there is 1 game they should win; St. Louis. The Philadelphia and Arizona games are toss ups and the Chicago and San Fran games should be losses.
This is the team they would lose Barkley to and there is nothing they could do about it.
So, then, it's on to Griffin and Jones and that all depends on where they pick.

DC, those other soft teams play each other quite a bit too. A 4good or 5 win season shouldn't hamper the position too much. Just stay ahead of Washington and Seattle for sure and don't let them outbid you for your guy. This draft should not be about quantity, just quality. If they only come out of it with one guy and it happens to be a franchise qb, it will be the greatest draft this team has had in 30 years.

Lou, they would also lose Barkley to Washington. Shanahan would live to get his hands on this guy.

LV= Miami by 3.


Waled is a bit player. He's nothing special. Let's not make him out to be a star. He played special teams mostly here. Goes to the Packers and contributes but they have less problems than this team. Agreed that perhaps he was misused here and could have saved us a second round pick on Misi, who I'm not sold on. However, you can't discount the arrest thing. It's part of the picture. Happens enough and the guy gets suspended. You don't want too many guys like that on the team.

My only point with the whole post was that if you're going to report it was a mistake to get rid of Walden when he's playing decent for GB, then you also need to follow it up and say maybe it wasn't such a great mistake after all. It's called telling the whole story, not picking your spots.

Professor Lou,

I'm not convinced that the Eagles will beat the Seahawks tonight. It looks to me like the Eagles are mailing it in and guess are coming up with all kind of mysterious injuries. It's why I think Reid will be done at the end of the year. Team is hugely underperforming and it looks like the team has quit on Reid. I think Loria will clean house but that's just my opinion. Seattle not a great team but still a somewhat difficult place to play, as the Ravens have already found out this year.

Mark in Toronto,

The Marshall cab fare incident was just a misunderstanding!

BM asked the cabbie to take him to his house in Southwest Ranches but the cabbie-who was new to the English language- took him to the Southwest airlines drop-off at MIA. After a discussion to clarify things, the cabbie took him to Ft. Lauderdale airport. Desperate, BM fled the cab and tried to get into another cab that would take him home.

Once police interviewed the original cabbie, and couldn't understand a word he was saying either- the matter was cleared up! BM paid for the trip to both airports and got home safely with a different cab.

Miami's remaining schedule:

Oakland @ home
Philadelphia @ home
Buffalo @ Buffalo
New England @ New England
New York @ home

If you had looked at this schedule earlier in the season you would have said they don't have a chance to win most, if not all, of those games. However, Philadelphia hasn't been playing all tha well, Buffalo has slipped and the Jets are playing some crappy football. So, it's possible they can pull off three wins if they play like they have been playing. Then, you have a banged up Oakland team it's possible they may eek out a win there. That could be 4 wins in the last 6 games. That would spell disaster. Finishing 7-9 could put them in the middle of the draft pack again and puts them in a position of having to try and trade up to get their quarterback.
Two problems. One they would have to give up too much. Two, they may not be able to do it.
I'm not saying this will happen but, if it does, it would not be a good thing.

Posted by: Professor Lou

Start watching Ryan Tannehill and Nick Foles. We are winning our way out of Luck, Barkley and RGIII. Mediocrity SUX!!!

Craig, never said he was a star, but he's a starter and contributor. More than our 2nd pick which was another valuable asset squandered by Ireland which is why I hate him so much. Sure he does a decent job in trades and finding undrafted free agents to contribute but those are not the guys that put you over the top either. Those are your 1st and 2nd picks. And sure he's found good players in the first found but pouncey and odrick have to be exceptional players to make thimose picks worth the price. Not sure that will happen. Long is a stud but he to was the wrong pick with Ryan on the board. I know he wasn't all to blame for this but the sins of the son look too much like the sins of the father if you know what I mean.

I will stand by him for the Vontae pick though. He still has the opportunity to be an awesome playmaker in the secondary and those are extremely important in this pass heavy NFL. The pass may have deemed the run unimportant with the way the game is played but turnover ratio is still the most important factor leading to wins in this league. You got to have guys on offense that can make plays and not turn it over and you have to have guys in defense that cause turnovers. He can be one of those guys.

Did you-all get a chance to see Brees on MNF put a clinic on qbing? Wouldn't it be great if We ever had just one chance to acquire a quaterback of Drew's prowess. We would NEVER let a single opportunity pass us by to get him.Wouldn't some of Us agree?

Craig, Seattle beating Philly would be a good result for Miami. Let those qb less teams keep winning.

Haha, ozkar that's funny because we let him get away twice!!!

Professor Lou,

I feel your pain and concern lol.

Seattle is a team that desperately needs a QB and I'm sure Carroll would do anything within reason and maybe beyond that to get a guy he has known since he was a 7th grader in Matt Barkley. Washington is another team to worry about because Miami unfortunately beat them and owns a tie breaker if they finish with same records but again even if Miami did finish worse Washington seems never to care about idiotic trades to get what they want and could leap frog Miami to get Barkley or RG3 as well.

I think in the long run Miami will draft a QB in round 1 but may have to anti up and trade up a spot or 2 themselves to fend off the competition.

With so many bad teams with 1st round QBs in the fold already we will get a QB I hope it's just not the last of the bunch which seems like picking a QB just to pick one. I hope they at least have an option of one guy or another.

Mark in Toronto,

I agree with you on Davis. Guys are ripping on Ireland for not talking Clay Matthews but he was no slam dunk coming into the NFL and we had GLARING needs in our secondary. I like the Davis pick. He's a baller, as you've mentioned.

He's playing better of late but what do you think it's going to take for him to get to that next level? It took hi brother a couple of years to get his head straight tand elevate his game. We can only hope it's the same with his brother.

We let an MVP Super Bowl winner get away from Us TWICE! Who were those Hall of Famers We pass him for? Who advocated such picks?

Do We remember when that bum named culpepper brought the Raid-uhs to Our stadium and mocked Us after he scored a td by pointing at his knee? You remember!

Guys, I'm all in with trading up and getting Barkley as well, if he is the QB that ends up being available. The Rams might end up being that team. I honestly can't see those guys winning another game this year. They are hopeless! So, as others have said, I think we need to do whatever is necessary to not be outbid by any other teams. I'm sold on Barkley now after being on the Landry Jones bandwagon for so long. Mark, can't believe I'm saying this, but if that ultimately means coming away with nothing else from the draft, then so be it. Never thought I'd see the day I felt that way....

Lou, they would also lose Barkley to Washington. Shanahan would live to get his hands on this guy.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 01, 2011 at 10:35 AM

You may be right. With remaining games against the Jets, New England, Giants, Philadelphia and Minnesota they may end up 1-4 in their last five. So, at 5-11 they could have the inside track at Barkley.

Craig, as you mentioned, just like his brother, it appears it will just take some time for Vontae to mature. The organization will have to be patient with him because the talent and physical superiority is obvious. Looks like a mental issue with him which is a lot easier to overcome than physical limitations.

At the draft, I was glad they didn't pick Matthews because he did nothing up until his senior year. Still not convinced there aren't some drug issues there with Matthews -peeformance wise. Vontae was the a safer pick and the positions they both play are just as valuable as the other in my opinion.

I was also OK with picking Vontae over nicks. It was a good pick. I will never rip Ireland for that one or Sean smith. Still think there is a lot there to be harnessed between the two.

Texas Dol_fan

I'll pass on both of hem guys but just like I said to Professor Lou Miami should finish with a shot at one of the QBs. Now the biggest wrench thrown in there could be if these guys decide not to declare.

RG3 - Has another year of eligibility but his stock is as high as it will ever be. And Baylor isn't winning a National Championship anytime with that defense. Plus he was knocked out of his last game with a concussion and had a knee injury 2 seasons ago as well so although I don't think he is an injury risk he knows more than anyone injuries do happen and would only hurt his stock.

Barkley - He is 50-50 to me. He has a wealth of talent at USC and they will be bowl eligible next season but his stock has never been as high and not sure if he should chance injury or a year of scrutiny in finding what he doesn't do well to hurt his almost certain top 10 status.

Landry Jones - I say he is the most likely candidate to go back to school. His stock has been taking a hit on a weekly basis but he is still considered by most to be top 10 overall prospect so if his stock is slipping now I don't know if he should go back considering he is still considered a top 10 talent.

Oh, yeah, we sure looked "healthy" when against NE our players looked virtually out of breath, sweating profusely, exhausted facial expressions and NE looking like they just ran a sprint! I hope we never see that kind of conditioning again with this team. Tear down that stupid bubble practice tent!! This is Miami, not Minnesota! So they sweat and practice in the rain, that's what type of weather we have there. Healthy now because we haven't played football until the last few games... but they did collect their paychecks right? Just making sure they got paid for "poor performance"...I can't get away with that and neither can most of us here. This is really a dumb article Armando, you can do better than this.

Mark in Toronto,

We'll diagree on Smith. Too inconsistent. Don't get what the deal was with all those cramping issues earlier in the season and the effort just didn't appear to be there. Looked like he wasn't ready to play when the bell went off. I like that he's around the ball but he needs to make more game changing plays. You'll tell me he's still young and I'll agree but I'm only prepared to give him a little bit more time under a guy like Fisher before we decide to move on and find his replacement. I'll give him one more season under someone who will hold him more accoutable.

The FINS are 3-8 even if they win the rest of their games (highly unlikely - more like one game) they are still out of the play offs. Why so many people continue to give them crap about how much they suck is silly IMO - it's a foregone conclusion the FINS will have a high draft pick - this year is a wash people, get over it! As we have been doing for the past decade - FIN FANS will just have to settle down and look to next year. I have a theory - NE, GB and some of the other teams who started this year looking so polished were working out as if there were no lock out (against the rules) and the FINS along with other teams followed the rules - I believe they are only recently getting into football shape and working out the kinks they should have worked out during what should have been training camp. Is anyone going to disagree that Belecheat would not for a moment believe the rules do not pertain to him??? The FINS looked like the keystone cops the first 7 games and I believe that's why. Oh and the guy above who said "injuries aside the FINS will still lose to Oakland - how the F do you know?" Bottom line get over it this year is lost!

Our players may not be the best, or even much better than lousy, but BOY ARE THEY HEALTHY!!!!


EXACTLY! lol. A healthy team but also was losing early season games because of being a poorly conditioned team. I know injuries happen but after watching the way guys looked like a bunch of fat kids trying to run a marathon vs New England it's no coincidene to me that hamstring injures to Daniel Thomas and Vontae and even Marshall I think have affected this team.

Dave Puloka -strength and conditioning coach. Maybe it should be Joe Palooka. This guy should have been canned after the first few games of the season. That part of the player prep falls squarely on this guys shoulders. Another failure of the current regime.

I hope Miami's next coach is hard nosed SOB who has some old school principles. I know in today's NFL with the CBA making players candyasses its hard to have as physical a training camp but a guy like Jeff Fisher comes to mind. I was all on the Gruden train earlier but the more I think about it of the coaching list of stars in Cowher, Gruden and Fisher, I want Fisher.

Fisher is a firm believer in getting pressure with front 4 which is what I want. I hate the 3-4. There just aren't enough quality 3-4 pass rushers let alone most of them guys are a liability in coverage as well. Fisher also has had success working with young QBs. He sat McNair a few years and that worked out pretty well and he played V. Young right away so he has success with both approaches. He is a defensive minded guy yet he always had a very good offensive line and defense. Where as Sparano well it's not even worth repeating but I will - Offensive line coach by trade yet 4 years in and it's a complete mess and that is with one of the best if not thee best LT in Jake Long.

Let's go Fisher and RG3 for 2012!

The Dolphins are a good team right now, despite the silly "you are what your record says you are"; that's only true for playoff or draft positions. The absolute minimum of wins they get this year is 6. I can see 8-8, but think it will probably be 7-9.

Changing gears for a second here, what do guys figure the Eagles have to finish for Andy Reid to lose his job? They are 4-7 right now. If they win out they finish 9-7 and probably still miss out on the playoffs. After all the moves they made, and 12 years there, does the team have to make the playoffs for him to keep his job? There's signs of internal turmoil on the team from guys like Desean Jackson. I like Reid, but is anyone else scared that the same could happen here in Miami if he was the Head Coach. Smart guy, good coach but is he too nice a guy? I don't know the answer to that. I'm just asking the question out loud.

3 of Philadelphia's next 5 are on the road, including one in Dallas. The Eagles have one of the best offenses in the league but that was with Vick at quarterback. Now, with Young, all of there remaining games are a toss up.
To answer your question; it could be just not making the playoffs would be enough to do it. Fans and owners don't want to here that he is the winningest coach in the league since "whatever" and yadda, yadda, yadda. That's how Shula was forced into retirement.
Anyway, as I stated before, I would much rather see Reid as the new GM than the head coach. He's very good at picking the personnel but I believe he may have lost his "edge" when it comes to coaching.

They should be healthy. They only play at half speed during games.

Personally, I think Moore is "good" enough. This team might be "good" enough.

Let me explain...

San Fran is kicking butt based on one SIMPLE change. The head coach. Tony is just not LEADERSHIP material. He is FOLLOWER material.

Change Tony and the ship will right itself.

Tony is like an anchor that is stuck in the water. We need to cut him loose. Tony can't get this done. Problem is, I just don't know who is out there worth hiring.

I'm a little skeptical about coaches (that haven't coached in years) coming into Miami.

The only one I would consider is Jeff Fischer. He ain't been out that long plus he can win games. Dude knows football.



CELLAR .............

So San Diego should be happy. They have no injuries. Not sure how the injury report for the Dolphins should make us happy about this team.


They need to be patient with Vontae? He wasn't patient when he was holding out after 1 season.




Is Thomas's hammie really 100% finallY?

You missed the boat with this one Mando. The Chiefs were hit hard. Maybe the hardest!

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