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Dolphins beat Buffalo to escape AFC East cellar

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins are no longer the worst team in the AFC East. Well, they're tied with the Buffalo Bills, both with 5-9 records. But the Dolphins have swept the Bills so they are effectively ahead of the Bills.

Hey, you take every smidge of good news with the 2011 Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins beat the Bills 30-23 today.

This is good: Todd Bowles got his first career head coaching victory.

This is good: Reggie Bush rushed for 203 yards and became the third person in franchise history to gain over 200 yards rushing in a game for Miami. It marked only the fourth time it happened in team history. (Ricky Williams did it twice, Lamar Smith did it once.)

This is good, too: Matt Moore played well Sunday despite suffering a mild concussion last week. He only completed 50 percent of his passes but threw two TDs, without an interception.

This was bad: Brandon Marshall dropped two TD passes. That left Miami to settle for field goals and thus make a clearly easy victory into a nail-biter.

This was bad: Marc Colombo gave up a strip sack that resulted in a Matt Moore fumble.

This was good: The Green Bay Packers lost today. Yes, the Dolphins remain the only franchise with a team that finished the season undefeated.

This was bad: The Dolphins have to, at some point, man up on defense. The zone defense simply shows its wear after a while. Seems to me Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are better suited for man coverage.

And then this: The Dolphins did not allow the Bills to convert a third down play this season. Buffalo was 0-for-12 in Miami.they were 0-for-11 today. Wow!


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And in no way WILL todd bowles will become the next head coach in miami....that guy looks like a stone!!!

I'll take the stone over the Cheerleader any day.


No problem DA.. I do make them long at times. lol

Get real,

Thanks for the comment and I concur with you that most draft choices being a crap shoot.

This is why I have in part been asking Armando for the past 8 months including today to do an investigative topix on the Dolphin Scouts. Our drafting choices sucked more then ever and sucked for many years, even pre parcells time. Look at the Pat White and Ginn draft as examples.

My truck tire weighed more then Pat White and as far as Ted Ginn goes, I seen kids on my Pop Warner team that had more courage in taking hits then that guy ever did.

So exactly what did the Dolphin Scouts SEE- or MISS with those two alone. I mean, Ginn was scared to get hit and ran out of bounds. Didn't he DO the SAME in Collage?

With THIS GM and former HC Sparano, Tuna screwed us (the team).

I reported earlier in an other post about Jeff Ireland and his resume.

Ireland was hired by Peterson to be a Scout for KC. That lasted 2 seasons. Ireland landed at the Cowboys as a Scout which lasted until Parcells went to Miami of which Parcells wanted to show the NFL world how much he could and deserved the rebuilding CROWN.

Parcells FAILED as HIS Projects were to hire Ireland as the GM and Sparano as the HC. BOTH projects are failures. Sparano fired and Ireland the Scout is still, but not for long, the unqualified and most inexperienced GM ever.

So our record clearly shows what having a Scout as GM does and a Sparano in diapers did.

We need the right leadership, experience and a HC/GM to right this sunk ship.


There is a GOD......

and his name isn't JEBOW....

I'm so sick of people wishing the Dolphins lose games just to improve draft position. You are not true Dolphins fans and would do well to jump on the Pats bandwagon. To the fool who isn't happy with today's win over the Bills I say this: We swept a division rival. Sit down and STFU.

Pats and Jets next. If The Phins win, will any of you be complaining?


Sorry that is offensive to the Jewish people. TEBLOWS

Thats why NE is dangerous on offense, Their unpredictable on fourth down where when miami goes for it on fourth down they are VERY predictable...just sayin!!!

Pats looking to score again..

Below is the link for the Broncosw -pats game cast. If you can stand the engilsh acent dudes it works. lol


The Pats defense most of the time may suck, but, maybe unfortunately for the Broncs. So does Brady's ability to to put points on the scoreboard.

24-16 Pitter-Patters.

Brady made SURE he spiked that right in to the "O".....

perhaps sending a message to jebOw......


did anybody watching the broncs-pats game hear what simms said about teblow throwing balls in the dirt??*lmao*

Tebow throwing bad balls saves him from throwing pick sixes....wtf kind of anology is that???

ANother Fumble....

Pats will add 3.....

Wow, A WTF momment for denver!!!

Thats how you beat tebow and this team....get a sizable lead and hope to hell you dont play miami in the last two minutes of games....Just sayin!!!

yes i did hear Simms comment. idiot remark, Teabag is garbage

The main reason I think the draft is a crap shoot to me has nothing to do with scouting, scouts see these college players play just like we do but they are able to get closer to these players personally which I don't put much stock into because these kids are always going to put there best foot forward when these scouts visit them, but whether your a fan a scout or an owner you never ever know if a great college player will bring that greatness to the next level or if the money, fame and all that comes with it are more important to them than playing the game, scouts can't be held responsible for the unknown of what's really inside of a person wich you never know till they play on Sunday's that's why I root for wins and take the draft for what it is, luck of the draw

Will not be surprised if Elway trades up to get one of the good QB's in the Draft.

This is all BAD Mando - these wins are meaningless and only worsen our draft position. Anyone can win when the pressure is off. Most teams that start 0-7 or 0-6 or 0-8 go on a little win streak.
All these meaningless wins do is push us back further on the draft board. Who cares?! The Draft Gods!! That’s who!!
This team sucks at sucking. The Dolphins will never get to the top of the heap until they get a top 5 pick in a strong QB draft and make the right choice. This season was over after they lost to SD in week #3 - all I'm going to say is this...if the Dolphins had Andrew Luck coming in next year - they would be the favorite in the AFC East. Think about it. Its true.

Get real,

I respect that.

Do you all recall Cecil Collins, the rookie running back who was arrested on burglary charges ... He broke into his EX girlfriends apt to get HIS VHS player. lol

I tell you.. SOME of these kids are giving BIG $$ and they have no clue what to do with it.

Parcells is fat

yeah yeah yeah yeah we all heard that rant enough. say something else or stand aside.




I like when the Dolphins win just as much as the next guy - in fact it is sweet when they sweep the Bills. But this upcoming draft may be the biggest in franchise history. They are either going to hire the right coach, make the right pick and start coming or they are going to pick 12th and take a D-lineman who will have 3 sacks in three years and they will continue to look up at the jets and pats for the next 7 years. I know its been said before - because its true. Teams that go 8-8 stay 8-8 forever. we need a game changer - a super star. Not some stiff D-lineman with the 15th pick.

The Dolphins haven't had a good draft since that fat fraud Jimma Johnson was picking the players. That was a long time ago. In fact - JT is the only player still playing that fat Jimma picked...and he is barely playing.

If the Dolphins get a good QB in the draft - they will dominate the AFC East for the next 10-12 years. Write it down.

I'm glad TT Boy is getting his a** kicked - tired of hearing about him.

yeah ok i will write it down. stop talking to yourself now. you are boring.

NY "G"

Parcells is fat and Ross is stupid,

YOU are right on...This Draft may be one of the most important in franchise history.

The Dolphins ONLY drafted two QB's in the first round and BOTH are in the Hall of fame.

I HOPE that we get LUCKey.

Problem still exists ( and the problem is Ireland) that Jeff the Scout with title GM believes in drafting VALUE and looking for ACORNS.

The fins under Ireland's control will NOT draft a QB in the 1st round... hence is just one reason why Ireland is scheduled to be whacked by Peterson.

qqq - you love it. Keep reading - maybe you'll learn something. NY "G" gets it.

Bah humbug Armanndo !

NY "G" I agree - if Fat Tuna Helper doesn't take a QB in the first round this year - I believe he will be run out of town on a rail. I'm serious I mean unless they keep winnning... because if they do - there may not be any QBs left by the time they pick in the 1st round.

I don't have the standings in front of me but right now I think the Colts, the Rams, the Vikings, the Tampa Bay Suckingqueers and the Jags all pick before us, right? Can someone confirm?

NYG how are you built?

PHI 35 WETS 13



NE ABOUT to put Tebows away!!!

..Enjoyable afternoon of footabll. I watched the game with one of my best friends. He happens to be from Buffalo. It is ironic how fans of bad teams all say the same thing. In fact if He would have inserted Miami into his complaints about his Bills team...It would echo almost exactly what many here see as the failures of the franchise.. I told my buddy..You need to read this blog..The Miami fans are saying everything you are saying about your team..From Coaching prospects..The inpetitude of the GM..Wasted draft picks..Poor QB play(Buffalo really suffered today)..The list goes on..I have a feeling fans of poor teams could be plugged right into one another, and you would never know what team they were talking about, as the frustrations seem to be shared.

if only we could play buffalo every week---16-0----would be so doable...just sayin

It's been a great Sunday with you all..

The 72 team celebration is underway. With that, I'm off to celebrate with my local fin fans.

You all have a great night of football.

NY "G"

Fin fans can pop open the champaine. Bah humbug

would LOVE to see Belicheat put up 50 on Jebow......I hope he goes for it.....

And we accomplished nothing but slipping another draft slot. Go Fins!

...Hard Day's Night.. I'm an Astroglide man myself.. Paul Mitchell Awapapui Shampoo is very nice.

we will beat the pats and jets...go 7-9-again...get a good backup rookie QB but Matt Moore
deserves to be our QB next year....and Bowles will be our next head coach...karnak has spoken




I like crisco myself, cheap and durable.

Haters by by bb. and brady azzzzzz spanked beleive it. fish 4 EVER.WE WILL BE BACK SOON QB QB QB QB AND PEICES....... FLA GATOR GOIN DOWN TONITE.... BB. BRADY F IN OVER IT........


..I wonder what kind of lube Philly is using today against the jets???

I like Coach Bowles. I like Andrew Luck even more. Stop winning these damn games...

Love that sack on Jebow......

who the Pats have turned back into Tebow.....

Congrats to the the Pats....

AFC EAST CHAMPS....again......

kris............. armando the soup winning writer talking about the cellar WHILE THE BOSTON DOWN DOWN GOING NUTS FOR THE PATS ...........



the cellar has no wingows ////////////////

Kris..I think Tebow actually played pretty good today..Turnovers killed them..And Brady. But if Tebow is going to get all the credit when they win..It is only right that he gets the blame when they lose. I'm sure ESPN is going to lay the loss on the defense..The same defense that has been saving Tebows hide during their run..

the cellar HAS NO WINDOWS ........


2 CELLAR TEAMS ;;;;;;;;;;

AND THE DOLPHINS ....BOTH ARE ARE CELLAR MATARIAL ..................................................................................


D.THOMAS ,MY FOOT ///////////////

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