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Dolphins down and seemingly out after loss to Eagles

This was bad.

The score, a 26-10 whipping, was bad. The performance of the offensive line, giving up nine sacks, was bad. The fact Miami starting quarterback Matt Moore left the game with concussion-like symptoms is bad.

The fact Tony Sparano is unable to win out is bad for him if you recognize that I wrote in Sunday's Herald that the coach had to win out to have any chance at saving his job.

That will not happen. The Dolphins will have their third consecutive losing season under the Parcells-Ireland-Sparano administration. They have also been eliminated from playoff contention.

Sparano's days are practically over. GM Jeff Ireland's job is similarly on the line.


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Oh well. Might take the week off now.

Good. Time to make a lot of changes

Look at the bright side, we did out score them 3 to 2 in the second half.

Now in all seriousness there is a lot of work to do. By know we all know -finally- that Sparano will be gone, the questions lingers about Ireland, he's done some good but some bad also. I think the biggest mistake this team made was to go all in on Henne and waste precious time. We could have gone with an awful record earlier and draft a true franchise QB instead of sailing the waters of mediocrity for so long at 8-8, 7-9.

Anyway, drafting a QB is the foremost important decision the team has to address. From what I've seen only Luck and RG3 make the grade and to some extent Barkley, who I highly doubt will come out early. The Phins MUST do everything they can to land RG3, the only realistic option we have considering our record. If it means we need to trade up DO IT w/o hesitation. Please stop brining the Manning idea, he has only played in 3 offenses his entire life: HS, college and at Indy, he will not leave Indy that easily. We have procrastinated for almost two decades now that we need to draft high at QB.

Draft RG3, get Chudzinski and Shula and start to build a different attitude. Yesterday I thought we need to keep Daboll and Nolan but had my questions and though I still have questions about Nolan (Daboll just proved today why he had an offense worse than ours last year) I would welcome a complete start over at all coaching positions and get a fresh start.

I have been a lifelong Dolfan, but heading into today, I was truly worried. I was scared to death they would find a way to win out, and Ross change his mind and Keep Sparano and Ireland another year! All I can say after today is THANK GOD THANK GOD THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Bye bye Sparano! Hello RG3!

I'd take Long over Ryan ANY day. RG3 will be better than Ryan. RG3 will also help cover some of our OL deficiencies. We are very LUCKY next year is very deep at OL. We need help at RT, RG and even back up at LT so Long is not overworked even while he was clearly not 100%, we need to get that guy healthy.

On 2nd rd pick Keleche Osemele from Iowa state (6'6", 347 lbs and a good lineman). If we need to trade up to get RG3, trade with Rams at 2, offer a WR (Hartline probably) and next years 1st (I know but we have no choice)and even that may not be enough, throw a 4th maybe. We will make DeSean Jackson our first from next year if we sign him.

Time to Clean OUT The House....

Thank god for the loss.....now real changes can begin

R.I.P. Sparano & Ireland. The change has to be made now!

Yes, yes, I believe now that Ross and Ireland are going to fire Sparano, dusty.

Does Dallas have anyone on the waiver wire?

I agree a 1st class QB is necessary however so is a competent coaching staff. It would also be nice to have real football people at the ownership helm...

Does Dallas have anyone on the waiver wire?

Posted by: Jeff Ireland | December 11, 2011 at 04:55 PM


LOL....these never get old.....

Maybe Ross hires Garrett LOL

And Ross and Ireland, as they tried to do last year, are going to hire the next HC.

As predicted, the save Sparano chant would vanish after the next loss.

This game is in some ways like the season.

It started awful with the Dolphins "losing" 24-7, but then the Dolphins turned it around in the second half, "winning" 3-2.

The Dolphins are not an 0-7 teams and they are not an 4-2 team. They are a 4-9 team. They have not played a game that really mattered in the post season in a very long time.

They have drafted and over-invested in linemen and not enough in skill players. Yes, linemen are very important, but other teams find them with reasonable draft investments and free agent pick ups -- not at the expense of top QB prospects, especially not when the team has had no QB talent since the late 1990's.

The Dolphins have become not only a bad team; they have become boring. Their fans deserve better. BUt it will not not only determination and skill to change the Dolphins; it will take right kind of luck too.

I still believe we have a good nucleus of Players, specially on the Defence. We need, a Major League QB, many bodies for the OL, a HR threat at WR(Gates?) and an outstanding FS.

Ireland is gone too. Hello carl peterson and bill cowher.

Are we mathematically eliminated from the Play-offs? If we are, you bloggers here can have your way with the Team.

Goodbye to Sparano and Ireland, but unfortunely Hello to more than likely another 2-3 yrs of losing records while we rebuild again...

Does Dallas have anyone on the waiver wire?

Posted by: Jeff Ireland | December 11, 2011 at 04:55 PM

Funny! Probably true.

What makes you People think that Ross will part with Ireland?

Looks like a 5-11 finish because it seems Buffalo have exchanged the season for a fishing trip too.

5-11 should get us no worse than 7th overall pick, hopefully higher. At least it'll be easier to trade up for RG3 if need be.

Last decade of Don Shula and Tom Olivadotti(sp?)
Jimmy Johnson (Post DAllas!)
Dave Pornstashe
Satan Saban
Cam Cameran
Parcells and crew


A Bills loss could put us at 5th overall(4-12).

Depending on who's on top of us and Barkley declares, we may not even have to trade up for RG3!

Our Defence was great today, allowing only one TD and that on a blown coverage.

Why is Tony Sparano still coaching this team and why is Marc Columbo our starting right tackle? Boggles the mind.


I have a feeling Ross is going both a*ss and balls in on trying to sign Bill Cowher. That automatically eliminates Ireland returning.

Thing scarying most right now is the likelihood of a booth announcer hc returning to the booth in 3yrs. See JJ!

The Dolphins needs:

Head Coach plus staff

One great draft and free agent class would help a lot. Otherwise, a two or three year job to rebuild (again), in which case more needs would have to be addressed due to age, injury, and free agency.

The win streak may have really hurt the Dolphins in the long run. It's possible all of the top three QB's are gone in the first three picks.

Good to see the real Dudphins show up today. Was there any doubt? There isn't a single person associated with this franchise -- from the fraudulent owner to the fraudulent G.M. to the fraudulent corching staph, er, staff to the fraudulent players to the fraudulent cheerleaders to the fraudulent waterboys -- who belong anywhere in the National Football League. Or the Arena League for that matter. And, holy God, I'm sick of hearing what a nice man Tony Sparano is. He's a scumbag. He killed this franchise, along with his buttbuddy Bill Parcells, and has ruined not just Sundays, but an entire four-month block, not just gamedays, for me and other long-suffering Dolfans. I wish this mouthbreathing coward nothing but the worst. Firing is too good for him.

Today the Eagles din NOT look like a 4-8 team

On the bright side I thought Losman did an incredible impression of Chad Henne.

Fumbled snap on the QB sneak.
Turnover on downs

Sacked for -7 yards
Screen pass for -9 yards
Another screen pass for +9 yards
Punt (Drive total -7 yards)

Sacked for a safety
Punt again

A run for +8
A sack for -5
Another run for -2
Scramble for a yard (careful with your non-throwing shoulder!!)
Two completions (false hope, just like old times!)
Four straight incompletions (penalty so they had to replay 2nd down anyway)
Sacked for -10 yards
Turnover on downs (Drive total 61 yards, no points)

Sacked for -8 yards
Run out the clock with Bush

If he could have thrown in a pick six I'd be looking for a full on investigation!

Fed Up is pissed....

We need to be picking ahead of Washington to get a shot at RG3.

"Henne-Ball" summary for the 4th quarter:
Sacked four times
Seven plays for negative yardage
Six for positive yardage
One fumble, recovered for no gain
One safety

But I,m afraid, YG. What if we don't win with Cowher either?

Stick a fork in 'em, they're done.

To my network: Thank you for not showing this crap of a game in the Panhandle you allow me to spend some time with my wife

0 - the number of people left in the Keep Sparano fan club.

I don't know, the way I see it, we didn't win with Shula and JJ here, who are we going to bring that guarantees winning as Ross wants.

Who'd have imagined the highlight of the Sparano era would have come with a 3-7 record.

Why wouldnt ireland be gone? Ross needs to get rid of anyone associated with fat boy tuna!


Tony is the hottest coaching prospect.....if we fire him we will regret it.....it will be like Wes Welker to the Pats all over again....

Or at least thats what YG/DB posted for hours on end last week.....

Not this week tho....hmmmm

First things first.

It's a waste of time to continue posting "Fire Sparano." Obviously, it's going to happen and there's only three games left in the season.

The only worthwhile conversation is WHO his replacement will be.

If you want a "name" coach I think your options are going to be severely limited. With both Cowher and Gruden having VERY lucrative (and cushy) TV contracts, it's pretty stupid to think either one is just sitting by the phone desperately hoping to get a call from Miami. They aren't. Plus, even if either one DOES want to return there are other jobs out there that are going to be at least (or more) atttractive.

Inheriting Philip Rivers or Matt Moore. Need I say more?

Plus, if you think Gruden is coming back I'd advise you to read the recent profile of him in the New Yorker. Does NOT sound like he misses Sundays at all. And if you don't know what I'm talking about then look it up.

The "name" guy to go after is Jeff Fisher. Extremely sharp and disciplined coach who has never been a network glamour boy and is still hungry for that first title.

To me, he is ABSOLUTELY the top-shelf choice for the Dolphins.

After that? I don't know (and neither do you). Somewhere out there there's a 30-year-old assistant who will someday have a bust in Canton but the key is finding that guy.

Green Bay proving why we looked so good against the Raiders. They're up 31-0 and still 1st half! LOL

By the way, anyone ever doubting Jake Long's value need only review a tape of today's game.

Look at the four teams the Fins have beaten - Chiefs, Redskins, Bills, and Raiders - all bottom dwellers. This team is exactly as Reggie said - They Suck!

Sissy Krissy,

Only the brain dead cant see inconsistency at the qb position has been Sparano's most chief undoings in Miami. I stated if he winds up in Indy he inherits Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

With that, there's a great chance Sparano could have a sb win his future. Boy are you dense Sissy Krissy. even the brain dead can see that! LOL

Not surprised by the loss today and I won't be surprised by the firing.

Happy the team put an effort in this year, unlike thouse frauds in Indianapolis. The rest of the reason will be tough. I expect we're looking at a top 5 pick, which will be fine with me. I still want Barkley in a tradeup but I won't be disappointed in RGIII.

Peter King really went all in for the Dolphins and Sparano as a result of the three game win streak. What low standards everyone has of the Dolphins anymore.

I blame Parcells for most of this; he jumped ship after he realized that the Dolphins were going to stink. Wayne should have NEVER given him that contract.

All I want is win, dr. roberts. But, frankly, the atmosphere in Miami, is not and hasn't been for many years, conducive for a winning Football Team.

kris, Yeah, definitely felt he was getting carried away there. Maybe his head was lubricated with the juice at the time.

dr. roberts,

Exactly my thoughts. I'll hope and pray for Fisher and after that I'll have to think long and hard.

Well, Miami was still in it until they lost today. Shows how sucky the AFC east is, a bunch of sorry teams.

New England which is the best team in the division struggles alot this year, I look for a quick exit for them.

Pitsburg is still the best team in the AFC Conference. Any better?

Bush was a stud running the ball for an average of 7 yards a pop today. They need to feed him more. Thomas can't run the ball. Miami needs another big back to compliment Bush. Thomas is not the answer. He's lost.

Columbo should be looking for a job as we speak.


I'm not gonna argue with you.....it would make more sense for me to pound my head against a wall...

Just understand this..THANKS to ARCHIVING.....when you FLIP-FLOP....and you will FLIP-FLOP.....

I will be here to post ALL your DOUBLE TALK.....you make it so easy.......

That is all....

Lets take Barkley and trade him for Mark Sanchez. I have a pretty good feeling it turns out to be a fairly even swap.

At leasr Sanchez already has 3 seasons of NFL experience under his belt. NFL history suggest USC qb's dont win NFL championships and dont become top 5 NFL qb's. Although they do get drafted that highly.

Im listening to history on this one.


You did clearly state Sparano would be the hottest coaching prospect. Do you still feel that way?

IMHO he never gets another shot at HC.

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