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Dolphins down and seemingly out after loss to Eagles

This was bad.

The score, a 26-10 whipping, was bad. The performance of the offensive line, giving up nine sacks, was bad. The fact Miami starting quarterback Matt Moore left the game with concussion-like symptoms is bad.

The fact Tony Sparano is unable to win out is bad for him if you recognize that I wrote in Sunday's Herald that the coach had to win out to have any chance at saving his job.

That will not happen. The Dolphins will have their third consecutive losing season under the Parcells-Ireland-Sparano administration. They have also been eliminated from playoff contention.

Sparano's days are practically over. GM Jeff Ireland's job is similarly on the line.


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Is there a young, brilliant minded Offensive Coordinator out there ala Sean Payton?

Tell me a defense that is playing as well as the Dolphins - I we lose Sparano - we also lose Nolan - Turnovers killed us today but that happens to all teams - we held the Iggles to under 2 yards a carry - I think we need to give Dabol one more year and losing Sparano will guarantee he's gone too - I we start off 3-1 next year the true fans will be back - If everyone things Sparano cant coach - Lets get Manning and Sparano can be like Dungy and Caldwill and let Manning qb and coach us to a 12-4 record LOL

Go T-bow!


See ya there.

In this moment and unless Ross changes his mind, to me TS gone is a foregone conclusion.

Sparano just blew his chance at keeping his job.
I've heard rumors that Peyton Manning might come to the Dolphins next year!

No decent player or coach would come to Miami to work for "Tony the Pizza Man".

Matt Moore, Matt Moore, Matt Moore, Matt Moore, Matt Moore, Matt Moore, Matt Moore, Matt Moore, threw for 95 yards. Aaron Rodgers does that on his first throw. Matt Moore is not the answer at QB. Sparano is a bad Head Coach. This team is still very sick.

Please stop all the talk about Matt Moore being the answer at QB, and Tony keeping his job! Please.

Please get our next coach off the Green Bay staff, please !!!

Brady took is @ss chewing like a man.....No excises to the press......

"when you make bad plays....you're supposed to get yelled at"
-Tom Brady

Spoken like a true professional....The best QB in the NFL...taking his lumps....and being accountable.....

All we will hear from Sporano is :how hard there trying...and how much FUN he is having.....and watch as he claps for another FG.....

Just pluck a coach from the PATS staff....and let's get this ship rolling.....

I don't care if its the its Quality Control coach....

We need a HC from a staff that understands HOW TO WIN....

who has done that better than the Pats in the last decade....probably NOBODY.....

The Pats know how to practice....

Know how to be ready when the season STARTS...

Know how to put teams away....

Know how to win in DEC....

Know how to win when the games MEAN something....

Know how to coach in January.....and NOV.....

We need a proven winner...who will bring a winning attitude.....

Brady could have come out to his presser and spun it any which way.....but he didn't....

I respect that.....and I respect the coach who had the balls to go off on him in public.......and he wasn't even Belicheat....

Remember all the crying on this blog when Sporano got in Henne's @ss for throwing a pick.....ITS FOOTBALL GENTLEMEN.....NOT TIDDLY WINKS.....

In the of Tom Brady......
"when you make bad plays....you're supposed to get yelled at"

T Spo, thanks for all the memories and don't let the door hit you in the a*s. When this season is over, Dolphins fans will be needing treatment for a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...hell we've been needing it for years.

Time to clean house. Fire Ireland, Fire Sprano, and anyone else with connections to Parcells. hire a superior talent evaluator as GM and a good HC. Purge the roster. Time to start making better talent evaluation decisions in drafts and trades. Finally, and most obviously STOP THE INSANITY of using QB's who can manage games (try not to lose games) and find one or two that can win games. Time to clean house and reboot this franchise.

Sparano looks like a desperate coach today, gambling on 3rd and 4th down... So much for an OL guru when your assistants can not even prepared your back ups to at least play average, I'm sure the Eagles knew that after the big lead that they can get after the QB and that's what happened. Bye Bye Sparano

"RG3" is another running scrambling QB that will never get anyone anywhere, none of them ever have or will. It will be another wasted 4 years before anyone sees it. He'll throw for a lot of yards and Miami will never get deep into the playoffs with that kind of QB.

Number of Super Bowls Won By Running Scrambling Idiot QBS: 0
Number of Super Bowls Won By Drop Back QBS....... All of Them

Roger Staubach was a scrambling QB who won 2 SBs
Steve Young was a scrambling QB who won a SB
Ben Roethlisberger is a mobile QB who won 2 SB
Aaron Rogers is a scrambling QB who won a SB
John Elway was a mobile QB who won 2 SBs
RGIII is a pocket passer with the ability to scramble if need be.
Moral of this post, know what you're talking about before speaking...

That was maybe the worst performance by an offensive line that I've ever seen in the NFL. Today's loss was completely on them - how do you run an offense when the defense is in your backfield on every play? And someone please explain how Benny Sapp got cut after one bad game, but that idiot Marc Columbo grades out horribly every single week yet keeps starting and playing the entire game? Is his backup somehow worse? Is there no one who could be signed, even off another team's practice squad?

Yes Eschenpod: ROB CHUDZINSKI in Carolina. OC of Cam Newton (Mike SHULA is his QBs coach, I mean talk about the irony and fate). Former TEs coach at the U, and oh he's an alum!!!

Coached Winslow II, Franks, Shockey, made them stars. Also made Antonio Gates (a basketball player) the best TE in football. His expertise will help scheme against TE-happy New England.

But above all is his experience in developing Cam Newton into a star what has me sold. If we draft RG3 Chud is the ideal match. We must trade up to ensure RG3. To offset the deal we need to ink FA to be DeSean Jackson who will be effectively the equivalent of our 2013 1st pick we will likely have to give the Rams in compensation. Start the campain: CHUDZINSKI!!!!!!!

If Ross doesn't eliminate Ireland, he is clueless. If he doesn't do whatever it takes to make sure we either get Luck or RG111, he should sell the team to a serious football owner.

Well, Sparano still believe the guys deserve a couple of days off? You play like you practice even at the pro level. Pro level, dont make me laugh. Did ever one get a look at Tom Brady yelling his head off like the king of New England. Brady loves to see his picture in the paper, I think theres a name for that?

MERRY CHRISTMAS TUNA AND THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT JOB YOU DID WITH OUR TEAM. OUTSTANDING - YOU HAD TO LOOK NO FURTHER THAN A FEW FEET FOR A GREAT HEAD COACH AND A SLEW OF GREAT PLAYERS. HOPE YOU ENJOY ALL THAT MONEY YOU RIPPED OFF FROM THE DOLPHIN ORGANIZATION. I can't help but put the blame for four crappy seasons on Bill Parcells and his great football mind. IMO the DOLPHIN organization should sue him for the salary he did not earn! Hired to turn the organization around into a winning team - instead he actually made the team worse LOL. GO FINS - LOOKING FORWARD AS USUAL TO NEXT YEAR

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