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Dolphins injury situation for finale not great

Tight end Anthony Fasano said Thursday he expects to play Sunday when the Dolphins finish their 2011 season with a home game against the New York Jets. Fasano missed last week's game with a concussion but he has passed tests this week, has been cleared and is practicing.

The rest of the Dolphins injury news isn't so good.

RB Reggie Bush (knee), CB Jimmy Wilson (hamstring) and ILB Karlos Dansby (personal reasons) did not practice for the second consecutive day Thursday.

Bush's knee is serious enough that Miami signed Richard Medlin off its practice squad earlier this week. Rookie Daniel Thomas, who has been slowed by a knee injury the last couple of weeks, has practice full this week so his timing is good.

Dansby has not been with the team because he is dealing with a death in the family. There is no definite timetable for getting Dansby back at this point. 

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said the issue is not only getting Dansby back, but making sure Dansby's mind is right.

Backup Marvin Mitchell, who is the next linebcker up in the rotation, has been getting snaps in games, and has been working with the first team defense this week, is expected to see playing time regardless of whether Dansby is right or not.

RT Marc Colombo, who missed practice altogether on Wednesday with an ankle injury, returned on a limited basis Thursday. I expect he will play.

WRs Clyde Gates (groin) and Brandon Marshall (knee) were limited in their practice participation today.


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How did Marc Columbia get injured if he never gets out of the three point stance? Must've been slipping out of the hot tub.

I understand hoping against hope and talking about a Ditka like Trade Up. I UNDERSTAND it. I don't agree and I don't think anything like that happens.
I mean, we are talking about the King of the Acorn Hunters in Jeff Ireland.
I don't even want to type these next few lines, but, what cha gonna do?
I would bet Money Ireland doesn't pull off any block buster trade ups. On the contrary, I see him trading down, picking up a 2nd and going tackle, linebacker and safety.
Call Me Crazy(I'll just blame it on the booze).
Happy New Year!!!!

..There aren't many teams that are fully healthy at this point in the season. This said. A victory over the jets this weekend would save some grace to this forgetable season. Especially if it knocks them out of the playoffs, and into orginizational anarchy.

Enough of these chuckleheads, and their loudmouh leader. Sending them packing would be oh so sweet.

jets are basically out even if they win. too many other teams have to lose.

Did everyone know Jeff Ireland's alma mater is Baylor? Suppose you did but I was not aware of that. Kind of interesting. We have all seen how he loves to grab guys from his old team, well he played for Baylor too.

DRAFT RG3 AND KELLEN MOORE QB qill be good for years to come

oh yes head coach hands down should be chris peterson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all he does is win

Chris your so late....

Odin, Shula sucked as a coach since the day he let Marino make his draft picks.
Posted by: Ron in Charlotte | December 29, 2011 at 04:29 PM

-Well, I'm not sure exactly how to address this.

Maybe you meant Shula sucked as a GM when he let Marino make his picks?

Either way, Marino and Shula were LIGHT FVCKING YEARS ahead of these freaking DoucheBags we've had since.

It was always fun and I was **ALWAYS** proud to be a Phin Fan!

We could be down by three scores midway third quarter and **KNOW** we were still in it with the "Shula/Marino Teams".

So yeah Ron, you have every right to say whatever you want, but I'd take Shula and Marino in their "Heyday" over **ANYTHING** we've had since!


Why did Dan Marino quit the personal director job he had with the Dolphins? That f in sell out

jets are basically out even if they win. too many other teams have to lose.
Posted by: mgg | December 29, 2011 at 04:39 PM

-This is true, but I have to agree with DD. Beating the jets and slamming the door shut on them would put some nice exclamation points on an otherwise forgetable season.

We all know how much I like exclamation points!


True you are Clue. And I'm not afraid to admit it.

This might really concern me if the Phins were actually playing for something. As far as I'm concerned, sit all of the starters and just get this game overwith so we can get to the offseason.

drama queen !!!

ah well

start devlin.

am i the only one that thinks luck winds up like a little league pitcher? i wouldn't pay up for him. he could be mediocre.

Why did Dan Marino quit the personal director job he had with the Dolphins? That f in sell out
Posted by: Clue | December 29, 2011 at 04:56 PM

I wouldn't call him a sell out myself.

I suspect he didn't want to work with idiots and could see the writing on the wall.

I mean look who he was going to have to be working with?

I was hoping he could bring some Marino Magik to the office, but, ultimately, I can't blame him. Wayne, Wanny, Spielman?

Everytime I heard Ozzy scream "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train", I thought of this trifecta of dumbshyts.


I wouldn't mind seeing the Phins take Dwayne Allen (TE) in the 2nd or Coby Fleener (TE) in the 3rd. I think Fasano's number is up....either one of these guys would be an upgrade IMO.

I think Marino quite that personnel director job (did he even really quit or just turn it down? If he had the job, it for about 2 minutes) because he quickly realized he was going to have to work a gazzillion hours, have a lot of pressure and stress, and ultimately would be bagged on by ungrateful fans for making a flop decision here and there. (Look what the fans are doing to Elway in Denver...who would have thunk it?).

Why give up the easy life in broadcasting and the ability to spend a lot of time with the family? I think the only reason he even considered it was because Shula pushed him a little....other than that, he's never really shown any such interest in doing something like that.....Unlike Elway who actually owned an arena league team.

Henne always beat the Jets.
Moore makes twice as much money and so he needs to act like a man and beat the Jets also.

The first 6 picks will be used to fill out the depth chart so that we can be in compliance with NFL regs.
The first 6 picks will be used on RT, RG, NT, OLB, FS, QB.
All of them will be starters with the exception of the QB regardless of how good they are.
TE/RB/CB are all luxury picks because we have enough of those on the depth chart.

just lose this game and lets start the turn around starting monday

The only thing turning around Monday will be the fans.
The fans will turn around and bend over.
Happy New Year

I believe Fasano is a FA. I don't see that as being a luxury pick. Besides, many of those other positions can also be filled in FA. I don't see what the NFL regs have to do with it.

price we will draft a qb and start him. no way price this team is gonna turn it around with a new staff, new qb, and a cake schedule

I'm telling you...Kellen Moore. The kid is NFL ready. He's a winner. He has the footwork of Andrew Luck, the accuracy of Chad Pennington, and the football intelligence of Peyton Manning. Plus he's the winningest QB in NCAA history. Plus he knows a pro offensive system. If our moron GM and a clueless owner would get their heads out, they'd see it too.

NFL regs require us to have 53 men on roster. The positions I listed are all leaving in FA and they have to be replaced just to get us back to 53. The salary cap will keep us from filling all of those positions in FA.

I don't believe it matters who the QB is. What matters is time to throw. Perfect example was 1st half against NE. Brady had no time to throw and so he played like Matt Moore. Moore had time to throw and he played like Tom Brady.
We had columbus and Carey playing the right side this year and they are experienced. Imagine replacing Columbus and Carey with rookies and then putting a rookie at QB. That's the turn around I'm talking about: turn around and bend over, again.

start devlin.

DUSTY BOTTOM............... GOOD POST @ 5;26 PM

PRICEMASTER................... GOOD POST @ 5;28 PM

Sit everyone!! A loss coupled w Cleveland/ TB/ Wash wins means Fins drafting #5. A win this weekend means nothing other than losing draft positions. Drafting #5 vs #8-10 is huge.....easier to trade up for a Qb (probably will no happen) or draft BPA (best person available) such as Blackmon or Richardson who will probably be ther @5. A win and #10 pick makes this team weaker in the draft. Ross should let it be known to the coaching staff that all 'injured' players be benched 'for their health'. Think long term here. A win Sunday is meaningless... like putting a cherry on a steaming pile of crap.

Rob in OC....how are you old mate?...you and I wanted Brandon Graham or JPP a couple of years back....we got who??? MISI ???...and I am 100% with Kris that Mallet was the right pick last year...but we pick who???....Thomas.Gates..???.who may or may not be fine...but WILL NOT be a FRANCHISE QB...Mallet may be..he may be...

The point im making is that how can our front office claim to look for acorns when they are staring the acorns in the face...
The drafting again will fail this year because they wont make the HARD CALL...

Watch as reports of poor stance or pocket problems or some other issue surface about LUCK or RG3 or anyone else rated highly ( Cam Newton anyone)....BUT YOU HAVE TO PULL THE TRIGGER....you just have to because its the only way out...

If you dont make a BOLD AMITIOUS call you will never ever hit paydirt....NEVER

But if you make the call....then you have a chance....

These guys will turn to jelly and will trade down and obtain more average players and this time next year, we will still be saying why didnt we pull the trigger and trade up and take a shot at the title???

Even if the pick fails....its the CORRECT PICK to make....and you have to continue to make that same pick year in year out....that takes guts and the FO doesnt have it...

Head coach????......I like the way Jim Harbaugh coaches...Ross was onto something but just couldnt get it over the line but he was on the money....I trust ROSS...he puts money on the line...Marshall,Dansby,Bush etc...he is fine...PLUS he knows a good coach when he see one...Id be surprised if he goes for a re tread...look for another STAR up and comer like Harbaugh...

MOORE....good year NOT a franchise guy...good No2....wont win you a Superbowl against BREES,Roth,Rodgers or Brady.....simply wont...

So thats not the way out of the jungle...look for another way...

I don't think we need to be worried that we'll beat the Jets on Sunday.
I think Matt Moore needs to be worried that he's going to be hospitalized.

Has the FO been doing any interviews yet? At least interview the current staff (satisfy Rooney rule)......why fire Sparano before the season is over if you are going to wait until the end of the season. I thought he was fired early so that we could get the jump on hiring a new coach before other teams that would fire coaches at the end of the year could jump in for their services (NYG, Minn, StL, SD, etc.) . Do you know if any interview conducted by the Dolphins yet?

Price -

I just don't think that's how teams draft. They draft based on a combination of best player available and need.

No, they can't fill all of those voids with FAs, but they don't need to draft all of them either. I've never seen a team draft purely based on regs in RE to a 53 man roster. There are multiple ways to skin a cat.

price id rather have u then columbo, nobody can play any worse


Only one problem there.....the Browns won't win and neither will the Skins.

Also....if such a scenario were to occur....I would have to say no way to Richardson as a top 5 pick. Personally, I say no way as a top 10 or 15. RBs just don't have that kind of premium on them right now.

can't stand it. My alcohol intake and self medicating has already began to increse.
We have so much riding on two decisions. One Ross will make, the other Ireland. These two decisions will affect us one way or the other for the next 5 years!
I'm having another Bourban before I Hurl!
Posted by: odinseye | December 29, 2011 at 04:08 PM



In RE to the head coach search...I do believe they let Sporano go so that they could start talking to prospective coaches...gaugin interest, etc. I think Ross learned last year that it's a bad thing to do while you still have your HC employed. In that RE they have gotten a "jump" if you will. Bowles will satisfy the Rooney rule.

They would, however, be unwise to do anything drastic until seasons end...there will be a number of coaches fired this year once the season is over, so they'll need to take a look at those prospects as well.

What time is the game on?....im in australia dudes


BigAlfy -

I am confident that Ross will do what he can to get a QB....he want it bad. There is certainly a limit to how far he can go, but he want it. It may not work out, but I have no doubt he'll try to trade up for RGIII.

If that doesn't work out, it is quite possible that Lance Jones will be there when we pick; if so, I have no doubt that's who they'll take.

This would be my first time seen RG3 playing QB. What can I expect?


who da hell is lance jones trade up for luck

I'm having another Bourban before I Hurl!
Posted by: odinseye | December 29, 2011 at 04:08 PM
Posted by: Coalition to Ban Odin. | December 29, 2011 at 05:54 PM

SIGH? SIGH.....................? **SIGH**?

C'mon, these upcoming decisions haven't got you concerned? The games have pretty much been meaningless for awhile. Except for draft position, and we've won more than we've lost.

All I've been able to think about is whose next? Coach? QB? With our track record of the past decade, I'm freaking hyperventilating ALREADY!

I just want to be revelent sometime this century! I guess you're right:



You can expect a very good show. He'll be playing against some inferior talent, so it really won't be a complete synopsous of his talents....but a good show none the less.

Headin' home to watch the game....go Baylor! RGIII to Miami.

See you all in the New Year! Happy New Year to all!

Dying Breed,

I actually liked the idea of Barkley just fine myself. I hear you on the phenom upside on RG111 but I really think that out of the USC Q.B. class of the last 15 years Barkley will be the best Pro of the group which by the way I know isn't setting the bar all that high considering their Pro grades. I happen to have watched enough of him and that team to know he plays with talented people around him but a still very green supporting cast in actuality.

I don't think he gets enough credit for the fact that there has been a significant drop off in the level of talent and that they are all either Fr. or red shirt Sophmores. You know like I do that the WR's must blow alot of routes which he has to adjust to when the protection breaks down and how many free blitzers do you think those vanilla RB's miss??

He plays with alot of poise which I look for when watching an up and coming prospect at the position and has played up to the challenges with some of his better performances in big games. Next Season for him should be even more telling without Kalil (Wasn't that Superman's given name on Krypton?) watching his backside and if he plays through like this year will probably be the 1st guy of the boards in the 2013 draft.

DB -

Landry "Lance" Jones. Just trying to keep it real. I'm sure Miami and others will make a trade offer for Luck, and I'm sure all will be refused. Indy will get the first pick and that will be that.

Luck isn't coming to Miami...I've moved on.

I understand hoping against hope and talking about a Ditka like Trade Up.

I UNDERSTAND it. I don't agree and I don't think anything like that happens. I mean, we are talking about the King of the Acorn Hunters in Jeff Ireland.

I don't even want to type these next few lines, but, what cha gonna do? I would bet Money Ireland doesn't pull off any block buster trade ups. On the contrary, I see him trading down, picking up a 2nd and going tackle, linebacker and safety.

Call Me Crazy(I'll just blame it on the booze). Happy New Year!!!!

odinseye | December 29, 2011 at 04:31 PM


I really feel this will probably finally be the year you won't need a bottle of something in the neighborhood of 60 proof with other very strong self help medications and bottle of PEPTO in hand to sit through a Dolphin draft. I get the feeling Ireland knowing full well the thin ice he's on will be going the distance on an attempt to move up on one of these Q.B. prospects with a Ross mandate in hand.

I just hope in his attempt he doesn't pull a D.Thomas trade up that hurts the Org. setting us back by a good 5 years in the process. My only miss givings regarding a move would be to see him mortgage a slew of picks for say a BIG ?? like a L.Jones for example.

Posted by: ALoco | December 29, 2011 at 06:03 PM

Coalition doesn't hate me. He's "El Presidente'" of my Fan Club.

He just worries sometimes about my Self Medicating regiment. He doesn't realize Viking Warriors can handle it.

I mean after all, he only has his own past experiences to draw upon.

((Buffett Of Addiction))

Things that have me concerned RE:Miami Dolphins
1)Why Is Jeff Ireland still Employed by the organization
2) Head Coach
3)QB Pick
4)Chances Ross sells the team?
5)O-Line, And why is Colombo still employed
6)How long will this "Rebuilding" Project last
7)What to eat for Dinner tonight.


I'm in the EST so it's a 9:00 PM Kick off for me.

Depending on where you're at in Australia, it would be 9:00am.

Odin,Beleie it or Not Iam a Bartender and Have Never drank a beer in my life(Bourbon on the other hand is a different story)I Hate drunks(No Offence) And the only addiction I have is Blonds,Brunetts and Redheads(In that order).

My only miss givings regarding a move would be to see him mortgage a slew of picks for say a BIG ?? like a L.Jones for example.
Posted by: fin4life | December 29, 2011 at 06:13 PM


I hope you're right about this being the year.

The reason I suspect Ireland ends up trading down is exactly the reason you state. Luck and RG are gone, so he avoids the REACH and trades down. He recoups a pick(s)and takes a QB later knowing he has Moore and even possibly Henne in a worst case scenario.


Ireland will be to busy hoping for "Acorns" Instead of trading up for Luck, He's to stupid to trade up.IMHO.

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