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Dolphins injury situation for finale not great

Tight end Anthony Fasano said Thursday he expects to play Sunday when the Dolphins finish their 2011 season with a home game against the New York Jets. Fasano missed last week's game with a concussion but he has passed tests this week, has been cleared and is practicing.

The rest of the Dolphins injury news isn't so good.

RB Reggie Bush (knee), CB Jimmy Wilson (hamstring) and ILB Karlos Dansby (personal reasons) did not practice for the second consecutive day Thursday.

Bush's knee is serious enough that Miami signed Richard Medlin off its practice squad earlier this week. Rookie Daniel Thomas, who has been slowed by a knee injury the last couple of weeks, has practice full this week so his timing is good.

Dansby has not been with the team because he is dealing with a death in the family. There is no definite timetable for getting Dansby back at this point. 

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said the issue is not only getting Dansby back, but making sure Dansby's mind is right.

Backup Marvin Mitchell, who is the next linebcker up in the rotation, has been getting snaps in games, and has been working with the first team defense this week, is expected to see playing time regardless of whether Dansby is right or not.

RT Marc Colombo, who missed practice altogether on Wednesday with an ankle injury, returned on a limited basis Thursday. I expect he will play.

WRs Clyde Gates (groin) and Brandon Marshall (knee) were limited in their practice participation today.


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I guess they can't figure out the blue flashes.


I FVCKING missed the TD pass. How was that?

How did it look?

12 of 14 118. The two misses catchable.

5 rushes, 36 yards and a TD. Plus a nice block on the other TD.

A nice quarter of work.

..The 2 best thing RG III has done tonight were the 2 play-action passes from underneath center..That is the pressing question about these shotgun qb's..How will they fare under center , taking drops with their backs turned to the defense..I would like to see more of this tonight.


It was a nice pass the kid has touch to go with that big arm also the Wash. Q.B. Price looks good for an under classman

I agree, Price looks pretty good in his own right.

What's Up Darryl? Happy Holidays!

This is good so far.

I didn't want to see Griffin playing with a giant lead. The pressures on to answer in kind.

Decent game so far.

..Odin..What's goin on?? Happy Holidays to you too. Hope all is well in the U.P...

Oh my..Griffen fumbled..now he is destined for round 2...

Wash is definitely building some momentum.

PRICE looked like a Heisman on that one.

Griffin will have about 1:30. I like it.



Who is this Shirley?

What's that, three sacks and a strip.

Somebody better start blocking that guy.

I hope Baylor wasn't expecting Wash to lay down for them.

OMG! That fast.

SWEET! Now were going to see Griffin FOR REAL!

One thing to take into account is how rattled RG111 looks in the pocket for such a mobile Q.B. also I haven't been real impressed with the play calling either by Baylor I would have spread out the formation moving the Wash. LB's out in the formation giving Griffin lanes to run in trying to get him back in rhythm.


If your still there Happy Holidays as well.


Your right about that Shirley kid, guy looks like Clay 111 coming off that edge and yes we have all been waxing poetic on Griffin but Price whom I really hadn't seen much of has great pocket awareness and that run were he pumped faked the Baylor LB out of his cleats was a thing of beauty. I believe he's just a Soph. but not sure.


Like I said earlier also like the Wash. Tailback Polk who runs with authority and could be the type of short yardage back we need in the later rounds.

odin, Like I said earlier also like the Wash. Tailback Polk who runs with authority and could be the type of short yardage back we need in the later rounds.

Posted by: fin4life | December 29, 2011 at 10:52 PM

Trent Richardson anyone?

RG3 is a joke! Too short; no accuracy! Funny, most draft analyst had a 3rd round grade on him in mid October....now top 5 pick??? Total BS! A very pedestrian U Wash team is eating him up...wait until he gets to the NFL. Akili Smith anyone?

I thought Griffen showed a lot of maturity and patience taking what the D's been giving.

He hung in there and don't look now.

It's 49-53!

PS: Don't EVER type Akili Smith on this blog AGAIN-LOL :)


I disagree with your assessment because RG111 plays in the BIG 12 Conf. were he plays Vs. some solid D. competition against the likes of Okla. Texas, Okla.St, Mizzu and the always stingy Tex.AM Aggies and he IMO out played the highly touted L.Jones by a mile. The thing about this Alamo Bowl is that both teams are resurrecting the yesteryear WAC Conf. which Akili Smith played in and I for one wanted to see Griffin in this type of game. In all honesty if anything I only wish the Baylor running game weren't the real reason that Baylor got back in it, would have preferred if anything the game's weight completely on RG111's shoulders.

PRICE is something else. He was being hit, horse collared and driven out!

Can we draft that guy?


That true Fr. T.E. that Wash. has Seffarian Jenkins is a monster at 6'6" / 260 Pds. He runs real well for that size and is a phenom route runner with a knack for finding the holes in the seam. From what I see I believe barring that this kid will go Pro and be in the 2014 NFL draft which is when he would be eligible. The thing is you wonder if he keeps growing if in actuality were looking at a future LT like A.Costanzo from last years draft who grew into the position.


Price will probably jump on alot of radars after this showing in the spotlight with everbody watching for RG111 and him stealing alot of the show.

If either of these teams had a Defense?

Are you kidding me?

Defense and the big 12 (9?) is an oxymoron....Texas a&m defense....there defense cause Shem to lose his job. OSU and defense? Texas tech and defense? There is NO defense in the big 12 (10?). Baylor could not beat most SEC teams. His bloated stats are attributed to being in the big 12 (9?). Baylor played 2 teams of note this year and lost to both of them. A 5 win team at best in the sec....and the closest RG3 would get to the heisman would be to buy a bus ticket to Auburn to see the copy of Cams given to the school.

Is that the kind of stuff you wanted to see Fin4?

It was a little underthrown, but nice nonetheless!

Just rewound it. It wasn't really underthrown.

That was just plain nice!


I wonder if the 30 some odd yard TD scramble by Griffin in the 1st Qrt. were he took a shot in the shoulder hurt him more than advertised because he's underthrown a ton on the long ball.

I don't care what conference you're playing in. The big pass on the last drive was impressive.

This reminds me of the old Marino Kelly shoot outs. I don't care how you're getting it done. Fun to watch.


The SEC is a SEMI-PRO College Football Conf. after that though the BIG 12 plays some pretty good D. The Sooners are no slouches, Mack Brown always brings a D at Texas and the Aggies with all do respect with the occasional off year you get from every College program usually plays sound D. You have an opinion about it and I can respect that but disagree especially in any comparison between the game of RG111 compared to the game of a much slower Akili Smith who played in the WAC in an ERA were it was common practice every Sat. for games to end 66-59.

Gutsy call. Can't blame them though.

fin4life..Whats up!! Happy Holidays to you.

I wrote earlier today that no matter how Griffen played tonight either really well, average, or poor. There would be over-reaction by a lot of people. Everyone should take a step back..The scouts are going to look at so much more situational tape then just tonights game in his evaluation process. They will find things he does well, highlight those things, and find the things that they have questions about, and do the same.. If you think he has been average tonight. Wait until the combine. He is going to blow that up. His workouts will be insane as well..Nothing he did, or didn't do tonight will have an affect on his draft status(minus an injury)

Think about Cam Newton last year. If you only went by his performance in the National Championship game. It would have fell short of the expectations of a number 1 pick. You can't evaluate a player on one game. It isn't how the process works..Ask the Oakland Raiders.

That has to be over 500 yards of rushing by Baylor I had never personally seen anything like it.


Darryl, it kind of sucks from an evaluation point of view. But still, what can you say? 3 100 yard rushers.

I'm not going to hold ANY of this against Griffen. He showed some poise, maturity and patience.

I'm guessing he probably learned some valuable things from this one.

Go for the RECORD!


Griffen got a degree in Political Science?

OUTSTANDING! I would bet he considers the jets the enemy of state if drafted by Miami!


Whats up Pal, seems I never get a chance to catch up with you anymore, hope everything is good out in your neck of the woods and Sammys is packed for you during the Season. I agree 100% with what your saying and if anything i hope that there would be alot of knee jerk over reaction dropping Griffin in the draft (highly doubt it) I think his workouts given what I've heard and read might have some questioning who gows 1st in actuality. I just wish he'd have been forced to do it without the run game to better gauge him in that comeback mode and think any comparison with an old school WAC Conf. player is unfounded really given the basketball scores week in and out in that Conf.

Price got to showcase some skills tonight.

That guy is worth keeping an eye on.


..Odin. My point is that Griffen is going to have some imperfections. The scouts are going to find these looking through his full body of work. Same with the many things he does well. Some teams may not think that he fits their program after breaking down all of the tape. Most will see upside, and hope that any of the things he needs to improve upon will be a end product of coaching..

Again I said earlier that it was great to see him take snaps from under center. I'm sure that is a question that some teams will want to figure out. Other teams may try and fit their offense around his skills, and how they project him in their offense.One thing that seems to be happening is that Pro teams have come around to these college systems, and they use a lot of what these young guys do well to build their offenses around them. If a team is willing to do that, then I'm sure Griffen will be on their radar. If it is a team that wants to run a strict pro style system..That team may have more questions about a guy like Griffen.

..Fin4life..Thanks for the shout.I hope all is well for you.

Another thing too. I'm not a football genius by any means. I don't get to break down film. Nor would I probably know what I was looking for should I get a chance. But how could you really evaluate a quarterback with the defense that was played tonight? Seriously. I'm sure the tape will show that the defense was lined up wrong most of the night. It is like a test where you throw away the high score and the low score and find the truth in the middle. I would be really interested to be able to talk to someone who could break down film as to the defensive errors in this game..


Good observations in my opinion. Well said.

The old hard liners(most owners)that want to stick with the prototypical pocket passer won't have as much interest in Griffen. At least they shouldn't.

If you draft a Griffen, you better be ready to build your offense around his skills.

The highest level I've coached at was High School. But I guarantee you I could take Griffen, Bess, Marshall and Bush and give some DC's freaking nightmares!

Tonights game hasn't turned me off on Griffen at all. To throw in a little perspective, who else out there looks any better?

such a fun really a awesome post

..Well time to thump on the thunderstick for awhile. I got a new amp for X-Mas. Time to wake up the animals outside..See you fine folks later..Goodnight.


I think the old school of thought regarding these spread formation running Q.B.'s goes out the window with the play of not just Cam but what the Broncos have done with Tebow in throwing there play book out the window to fit what he is.

Everybody wants to put O on the field these days and adding excitement to the game to fill there respective palaces on Sunday afternoon and from what I've seen from Griffin he seems tailor made and in the right spot at the right time.

I also took his comments after the game as a pretty done deal regarding going Pro, when asked about next Season said he didn't know. If your Baylor it isn't what you wanted to hear after one of the biggest games in team history and one for the ages really if you like O.

Jeff Ireland will not be making the call on the draft...Ross wants QB...and he will get one.

Ireland and Ross were at the game last night watching RG. Later they were caught in the locker room sniffing RG's jock-strap. As they were being excorted from the building Ireland was overheard saying " well Mr. Ross, thats the closest we will get to that jock again".

I watched rg3 last night and was not impressed. The Washington quarterback was better.

Fin fans, do any of you actually have any smidgen of confidence in Ireland?? I do not.
There's nothing that this guy has done that has endeared him to me as a fan. He's not the right guy for THIS job on THIS team! I believe having him on the payroll is not cleaning house as should be done. As a fan for over 40 years thru thick and thin, I can imagine why he is still employed if this team is looking to improve. He should have been out before Sparano and Sparano should have been allowed to finish the season. This is where Ross is a moron owner and sorry we are stuck with this idiot!

Oops, meant "I can't imagine why he's still employed"...so worked up when I type about that dope Ireland! Why are we stuck with this idiot!
Why couldn't this team have an owner that the fans are happy and proud of.

sorry, but miami is going to get crushed. bottom line!


ireland was at the game scouting rg3, let's hope he gets this one right!

PhinFan4life, Moore is 6'/5'11" with a weak arm. At most he's a 5 or 6 rounder. I hope you're right and this administration is too dumb to pick him.


If Ireland was at the game scouting he probably called Ross and said, "Boss not sold 100% on this RG111 kid but if we wait maybe we have a shot at a real ACORN in this Q.B. Price from Washington in the 2014 draft, we just need to stay the course on our 10 year plan plus their R.B. Polk looked great,REAL ACORN, lots of ACORNS Boss" or something to that effect.

Akili Smith played at Oregon, not in the WAC fin4life.

You might be thinking of Andre Ware who won the Heisman while playing at Houston when Houston was in the old SW Conference.


Wasn't Oregon part of the old WAC Conf. before it realigned an merged into the PAC-12 Conf.?? In any event you get what I meant because regardless for some reason they didn't know the meaning of Defense in those West Coast schools, especially in the 80's through the 90's when it was an absolute joke the way they competed on D out there and still to this day are more track meet than Football. The comparison that was made last night between Akili Smith and Griffen was I thought unfounded. You can't really compare Big-12 Ball to what those PAC-8 OR 12 WAC Conf. teams play.

40YEARfinfan = Hennes daddy.


No remember Ware and next in line David Klingler out in Houston well in the old run-n-shoot (Grand Daddy of the spread if you will) I was at a game in the 90 Season at the OB were Klingler brought a Pre-Season #1 ranked Houston team to play the Canes and were run out of the stadium with our MLB J.Armstead covering and blanketing their slot WR downfield, it was down right comical!

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