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Dolphins injury situation for finale not great

Tight end Anthony Fasano said Thursday he expects to play Sunday when the Dolphins finish their 2011 season with a home game against the New York Jets. Fasano missed last week's game with a concussion but he has passed tests this week, has been cleared and is practicing.

The rest of the Dolphins injury news isn't so good.

RB Reggie Bush (knee), CB Jimmy Wilson (hamstring) and ILB Karlos Dansby (personal reasons) did not practice for the second consecutive day Thursday.

Bush's knee is serious enough that Miami signed Richard Medlin off its practice squad earlier this week. Rookie Daniel Thomas, who has been slowed by a knee injury the last couple of weeks, has practice full this week so his timing is good.

Dansby has not been with the team because he is dealing with a death in the family. There is no definite timetable for getting Dansby back at this point. 

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said the issue is not only getting Dansby back, but making sure Dansby's mind is right.

Backup Marvin Mitchell, who is the next linebcker up in the rotation, has been getting snaps in games, and has been working with the first team defense this week, is expected to see playing time regardless of whether Dansby is right or not.

RT Marc Colombo, who missed practice altogether on Wednesday with an ankle injury, returned on a limited basis Thursday. I expect he will play.

WRs Clyde Gates (groin) and Brandon Marshall (knee) were limited in their practice participation today.


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Guys...watch the first half of the game last night and was impressed with RG3...but I've lost my man crush on him.

I saw a great athlete that can sense the pass rush and scramble like a rabbit to avoid trouble. But he has warts and did get sacked a few times.

His downfield throwing decisions were good and he made many out route throws with plenty of zip.

He reminds me of Vick and Young....scramble first, stay in the pocket second.

I don't feel comfortable with that type of QB as they get rattled quickly and always seem to toss out the playbook and play on instincts.

I am officially going on record and saying I prefer the skill set of Andrew Luck over those of RG3.

Let's hope the Colts win and Rams lose to set up a chance to land Luck in the draft.

OK, so here's an opinion that won';t be popular this morning: I'm not completely sold on RGIII.

I see the atheleticism.....NO question! I see the poise and the smarts and everything else. I'm just not certain that his style of QB will hold up in the NFL. He's just not that big and he's going to take a lot of hits. He's nowhere close to the size of Newton or Tebow, who can absorb the hits better. I think he's going to get KILLED in the NFL. I'll get KILLED for saying this but in some ways I see a lot of Pat White in his game. Is White REALLY that much smaller? So you'e going to tell me he's got much better arm strength than White but I didn't see it last night. That swing pass he liked to throw is a pick 6 in the NFL every time. He telegraphs it and NFL defences will jump on it. I have to say....I was DISAPPOINTED.

Now, I will say I was wrong about Newton and Tebow, both of whom I never thought would be good NFL QBs. SO maybe part of this is the fact I don't love this type of QB. So, I'm saying I love his athleticism but I also loved Vince Young's athleticism coming out too and that hasn't really panned out.

So I'm not real sold on the kid (I realize that won't be popular) and I'm certainly not sold on trading up for him. Just not convinced that this style of QB will win consistently in the NFL (and before you fry me for that one, can we wait to see more from Cam Newton. Carolina hasn't won ANYTHING yet. The goal is not to win 5 or 6 games, it's to win a Championship). Just my thoughts this morning...happy to take the criticism.

Craig...agree 100% ( see my post above yours)


Yeah just read your comments now. I think I always preferred Luck's skillset. I'd trade the farm for Luck but not RGIII.

I much prefer the more traditional QB style that you see from a guy like Landry Jones. That doesn't mean that Jones will be a better pro, it's just my preference. Guess maybe I'm a bit old school with it but I just think this kid is going to get killed in the NFL. He's very exciting to watch but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a guy that will lead this team to championships and I don't see that in this guy. Just MO.....don't expect it to be popular.

Craig M,

Morning Bro and Happy Holidays, I saw what you refer to on your post as well but have seen other games Griffen has played were the arm showed through alot more. I wonder if on the TD scramble were he got blasted if he maybe didn't tweak something because he was taking alot off the Ball last night and yes that swing pass to Wright is an NFL pick six, furthermore Price stole alot of the thunder last night as well.

That said VY was a headcase coming out and everybody new it, if there is something about Griffen that I like is the maturity and smarts that show through on interviews, the kid is sharp! He has the talent but will need to learn to take better care of himself or will end up on IR alot at the next level. The one thing that worried me last night was that it was the 1st time I saw him under some heavy pressure mid 2nd Qrt and didn't like the way they seemed to rattle his cage for such a mobile Q.B.

Ireland goes to games all the time that have potentially high draft pics/grades but never drafts these guys.

My guess is it's some kinda (all in his mind) trickery on his part. He thinks he's smarter than everyone else (acorns) and that's NEVER going to change.

Our only hope is for a HC who will not want to work with Ireland. OR Ross to personally direct Ireland....I have my doubts about that one.

Again, we're drinking the same kool-aid today!
How many playoff wins do Young & Vick have?

That style of QB play may win you a game here and there, but it's not built for a deep run into the playoffs.

Time to get a little work done, check back in a bit.


Happy Holidays to you too.

I want to like the kid....I really do. But I'm trying to be objective about what I saw. I've seen him play before, but it just stuck out more last night.

I want the guy that is going to lead this team and want the next great talent that is out there. Maybe I need to look at him more and be more objective....I'm just mentioning what I saw.

Interesting point you make on that run. I thought that too. It certainly was a VERY impressive run!!

OK, so here's an opinion that won';t be popular this morning: I'm not completely sold on RGIII.

So I'm not real sold on the kid (I realize that won't be popular) and I'm certainly not sold on trading up for him.

Posted by: Craig M | December 30, 2011 at 09:34 AM

Craig M,

YEEEEAH! Way to get the blog going with me at least lol. I enjoy someone going against the grain.

On RG3, he is a terrific athlete for the position and you are right he definitely is far from comfortable staying in the pocket. His style may cause him to take one too many hits ala Mike Vick. I also saw that one swing pass and the first thing I thought was if a corner in the NFL is playing press that's going the other way for 6.

With all that being said I still want the kid on Miami if they can't and 99 percent won't find a way to get Andrew Luck. It's been obvious all along that Luck is the far better prospect.

Luck can make all the throws and the all come off natural. He can make the short to mid range touch pass and when his slow white WRs actually do make it down field he hits them in stride. He also is big enough to absorb the NFL hits and a very good athlete even if he is not RG3 athletic.

RG3 on the other hand seems to put zip on every single throw. There is no change in speed on his ball. This makes for very uncatchable balls at times as well as the zip has a low trajectory and in the NFL those get batted dow, defensed or int. However he is only playing the offense that has been given to him. He is allowed to make some careless throws because the defenses in college stink for the most part. He takes what is given to him and that's why he has put up remarkable numbers all year long with a great TD to Int ration as well as 70 percent plus completion percentage.

I think he is on the smaller side but he also has so many skills that do translate to the NFL as far as being a QB. He is smart, mature and is a good kid by all accounts. He also has superior athleticism for the position. He has plenty arm stength and his accuracy is actually better on the run because his timing is better because he can see where he is throwing. Short QBs need passing lanes they can't always get it done sitting in a pocket. Drew Brees, Steve Young, Mike Vick all made many throws rolling out, scrambling and off play action roll outs. He still is plenty capable in my opinion of making throws from the pocket it's just not where he is at his best.

If I am Miami and I have a way to land RG3 I do it! Love you post by the way. I like to see other knowledgable opionions even if the end result is us agreeing to disagree.

Craig M.....

Granted....RG3 didn't look spectacular last night.....but no QB ever does.....be honest with yourself.....aside from having the perfect game ( throwing for 1,000 yards....zero picks....and returning a punt for a TD).....what could RG3 really have done to live up to all the hype.....probably nothing right?

This is the point in the off-season were we as fans down grade everybody because they don't reach our unrealistic expectations of perfection......

The kid led a comeback when it counted... Scored when they needed it most.....and completed down field passes on the decisive drive....

Let's not to high or low on these guys just yet....


I'm going to keep an open mind on the kid. I've only seen play a couple of times now and as I said, I was wrong on Newton and Tebow. No question in my mind that Luck is the better prospect but as you said, it's going to be awfully tought to get him.

I'm still going to hang onto the idea of Landry Jones. Not convinced he'll be a better pro than RGIII, but we also won't have to trade up to get him.

It's just an opinion right now....it could change when I study him a little bit more.


I'm not getting too high or too low on the kid. I'm not basing it on what he did or didn't do last night. I'm just looking at him and trying to figure out how his game will translate to the next level. It's VERY important that the team get this right and if they are going to trade up for him it's even more important. Whether he threw for 400 yards or 100 yards, it wasn't what I was interested in. It was only one game but I didn't see the arm strength everyone talks about and I worry about him long term.

It's too east to get caught up in the hype for these guys. We need to cut through that and figure out if the kid can actually get it done. Right now I'd say....MAYBE.

Craig, pat white was a lot smaller. Five ten buck eighty five was pat white. Robert is six two two twenty. The difference between griffin and white is the size difference between griffen and newton. Griffin is not the perfect qb but there's a whole lot of talent. What impresses me most is the smarts. He's Stafford type smart and this can't be underestimated. This will make griffin better than vick easily. This will help him avoid the monstrous unnecessary hits.


Thanks for the clarification on the size. I thought he looked small for the College game and I was trying to picture him in the pros. If you tell me he's 6-2 220 I believe you, but boy he sure doesn't look it.

I'm just going through my initial feelings about the kid. It may change when I see him more.

I was more impressed with RG3's post game interview..... Immediately giving up the love for OL......as much as many in blame our QB woes on the OL......we should love that statement.....

I guess the real question is this:

If we cannot draft Luck, do we move UP to get RG3?

Do we give up current and future draft pick to jump ahead of Cleveland, Washington and all the other teams that are looking to grab him as well?

I don't know all the ramifications of those decisions, but IMO, RG3 is not worth the draft picks.

If he is on the board when we pick, then YES draft him, but don't move up to get him and mortgage the future...he's no Cam Newton!


That's how I feel about things too. Again, I like the kid athletic ability and I believe what people say about his character etc....

If we're going to be trading up for this kid we'd better be damn certain he's the guy to lead us. Personally, I'd rather give up a king's ransom to go and get Andrew Luck. I and others could be wrong on him but I'd be a lot more comfortable with him as our QB. Probably partly my biases, as to what I like in a QB.


It's not a matter of only considering how good he is now, or what flaws he has now, the question is how good can he be with pro style training and coaching. How good will he be in year 3 as a pro?

I think Cam Newton is ushering the new style of QB of the future. Maybe Newton and Vick have not won anything, but one thing we see across the board in all sports, athletes keep getting better and better.

A true dual threat QB is far more of a headache for a DC than an ace WR or RB. A true dual threat QB add's far more excitement to the game than your tradition pocket passer. Imagine if Marino, Manning, Brees, Brady could run like Vick, Newton, or RG3? Now THAT would be scary. And that is coming.

It's always a gamble. If I'm rolling the dice, I'd go with the guy that will bring the most excitement to the team, I'd take the chance on RG3.

Ireland was front and center at the BAYLOR game last night.....


Nice to finally be able to disagree with you on something again......it was getting boring having to agree on things all the time...LOL.

I actually couldn't care less about excitement etc...I know that's what Ross wants to fill his stadium and to get the fans back. The fans will be back if the team can consistently put a winning product on the field.

Are you ACTUALLY telling me that Brees, Brady and Manning in their prime weren't exciting? Yeah must have been real dull for their fans having to put up with 12 and 13 win season and long playoff runs. I pity them...

At the end of the day, winning is the only thing. If that's RGIII, great. If that's someone else, great. I do agree with you that the important thing is what will this guy look like 3 years down the road. I worry about RGIII's durability long term but if he's the guy they chose, I'll be behind the pick and cheering him on.

Craig. M.....

When all we see are the stats...the highlights...and some ESPN analyst gushing all over some pro prospect....we all get visions something magical.....almost heavenly.....

Then we see them play and see sack....or incomplete passes or....heaven forbid...the feared INT.....

All I'm saying is that all of those things are part of the game.....and should be expected.....and taken in to context....

Seems like your on the right path tho.....

Adding to my last post, the Miami Dolphans have had the most boring offense since Marino left over a decade ago. You want to fill up the stands? You want to get the prime time night games? You want the team talked about for more than 10 seconds on the Sunday NFL shows?

Let's add some excitement. Nobody will give us that more than RG3.

Craig, pat white was a lot smaller. Five ten buck eighty five was pat white. Robert is six two two twenty. The difference between griffin and white is the size difference between griffen and newton. Griffin is not the perfect qb but there's a whole lot of talent. What impresses me most is the smarts. He's Stafford type smart and this can't be underestimated. This will make griffin better than vick easily. This will help him avoid the monstrous unnecessary hits.

Mark in Toronto | December 30, 2011 at 10:19 AM


Very well said of everything being posted your assessment IMHO is the one I tend to agree with. Alot of the banter this morning has merit but at the end of the day like you I feel this kids smarts can't be underestimated and will help translate into the player Vick could have been for Atl. and is trying to be for Philly.


All of them were exciting to watch. My comment was how exciting would they have been had they been able to run like these others?

The day is coming, and coming soon, where we see a true pro bowl RB and pro bowl QB packaged together in the same player. Cam may be it, and RG3 too, they sure look like it already.

Amazing to think we could go from "Robo-Henne to RG3 in a year!

We gave Henne three years to prove himself and for arguments sake, he failed.

This franchise is drooling for the next Marino and while I agree with DA that the emerging style of QB is the hybrid run-pass-run QB, I too question RG3's durability as he appears "thin" to me.

Personally, I'd rather give up a king's ransom to go and get Andrew Luck. I and others could be wrong on him but I'd be a lot more comfortable with him as our QB. Probably partly my biases, as to what I like in a QB.

Craig M | December 30, 2011 at 10:26 AM

Not biases just the facts Craig, if I had the option RG111 wouldn't even crack a 10 minute argument for me but were discussing our options outside of Luck at the end of the day, no??

In account of the very talented and complex Defences nowadays, the tendency in the League is to have very athletic, very accurate QB's. Does RGIII qualifies as such? Absolutely no doubt in my mind.


I want to like the kid. I really do. I don't want my biases for the position to affect my judgement for the position. I will say I only saw about three quarters of the game.

I think at the end of the day, Ireland and Ross will look long and hard at RGIII. Ross wants excitement to bring the fans out, he can make no bigger splash than add the Heisman trophy winner and Ireland will love the fact that the kid went to his alm mater. Is he the perfect fit and will all coaching candidates buy into it?.....time will tell.

Welker is not a big guy, Bess is not a big guy. They both bulked up, trained hard, and have been reasonably durable. I think RG3 will bulk up some too, I'm really not any more concerned with his durability than any one else.

Henne was fairly tough and still got knocked out two seasons in a row because he couldn't elude the rush. So, just bigger size doesn't always mean you are more durable.


I'm with you I'm willing to roll the dice on RG3 as well. RG3 could very well be the next Andre Ware or Pat White but he also may turn into the next Steve Young or Fran Tarkenton where he has the ability to run but also can make throws.

Even if he doesn't come close to HOF's like Young or Tarkenton I think with his intangibles like his intelligence, maturity and athleticism he will succeed to at the least a winning QB who in time will be a top 10 NFL QB.

I don't see him being a Marino, Brady, Rodgers light it up QB every week and throw all around but I see a guy capable of being sort of what the new Mike Vick has become. Except there is huge differene for one RG3 is much smarter then Vick and won't be a selfish me first person. You can see in his Heisman speach he was all about his teamates. RG3 isn't Vick athletically but is much further along coming out of college then Vick was his whole time in Atlanta. RG3 could be the type of guy that sets the bar in a different way as a QB who happens to be an athlete as opposed to an athlete playing QB.

Will the new HC have any say over who the next QB is?

Think about it....Ross wants to draft QB, Ireland is following Ross's demands.

...If Ireland wants to mortgage the future for RG3 and our new HC prefers a Landry Jones type pocket passer and feels he can build an offense around it...who wins?

I'm sure this line of questioning will take place during the interview process...


Again, we'll agree to disagree. The NFL to ME, is the most exciting professional sports league out there. I don't need an RGIII to make me tune in every week. I've got it man...I've got the fever....and nothing else is even a close second.

Haven't said all that, it would much prefer that my team won more often. I'm tired of being in the bottom half of the league. I want our team to be up there with the best teams in the league, making the playoffs every year. If that's RGIII great....if that's someone else, that's fine too. Just WIN baby!....

like i said before, even if the dolphins can get Luck or RGIII, "whick i like both for different reasons", did Like Barkley, but he might end up playing himself with his return... I think the dolphins need to pick atleast 2, maybe even 3 QB's.... this year we need to make sure we get our QB, i dont see us being this bad again next year, with moore as QB... we really shouldnt have been this bad this year...


Good coaches should be able to coach any 1st round talent QB. But I do see your point. That is why if Miami were to find a way to ever get RG3 then a coach like Fisher would be ideal to me. He has worked with McNair and Young who again were athletes playing QB. RG3 could be the best of 3 because he is much further along as a passer then either of those guys were coming out of college. And is probably further along then VY still is.

Good point though!


It's not inconceivable that RG3 could grow into an elite passer. Add more bulk, more training, coaching, experience...who is to say a great athlete like him couldn't? Will he? That is what nobody can say right now, but I would be too quick to right him off and just assume he doesn't have a lot more upside.


You just made my point for me. If Jeff Fisher is the top candidate to come here, does he buy in to this premise of having RGIII lead this team for the next however many years and does he agree that the team should sacrifice picks to get him. I think it's a fair question. He didn't want Young and while I'm not saying RGIII is Young, I think it's fair point of discussion. The decision is being made for Fisher in both cases. So you say, 'fine, if Fisher doesn't like it then move on to someone else', but who is that someone else and what if Fisher's our best option.

I think there's two parts to this conversation....do we like RGIII enough to pick him and do we like him enought to trade up? Better be certain....


Your point on Fisher is well made. But it assumes that he is sold on RGIII. What if he's not? He wasn't old on Vince Young and had him thrust on him. If he doesn't feel strongly on RGIII, it could be a deal breaker.


I have just gotten so bored with this team, so tired of waiting, that at this point I need at least some excitement just to hold my interest. I want to win first, but if this team gets any more disappointing I am going to end up take up knitting on Sundays.

I read this morning that Jeff Ireland was at the game. Good to hear.

With as much love as I have for griffin. If they decide ti stand pat and select Landry Jones, I will get excited about that too. That is if he gets by Washington and Cleveland. I don't think jax would abandon gabbert for Jones. Just a feeling anyway.


So just so I'm clear, you have no fears that RGIII's style of QB will impact his ability to stay healthy and productive in the NFL? I'd like to know what makes you think that when we see what's happpened to Vick and Young in their careers. Thanks.


I'm with you no argument here! Griffin has great intangibles. He is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the me first athletes out there. I thought his Heisman speach was one of the best I could remember. It didn't see phony or rehearsed. He thanked Baylor and Baylor nation more then he ever had some self loathing story like many Heisman guys and of course the HOF speeches that are a disgrace (Shannon Sharpe and Michael Irvin comes to mind). I know that has nothing to do with being a great football player but his humble nature makes him very coachable and it could be sky's the limit with him.

He has many tools to work with but I don't think the best way to use him is the GB or Patriot way is what I was getting at. Let him win games with his arm but also let him feed off play action and play under a balanced attack where he can pick up first downs with his legs when he has to. I am with you though he fill the stadium with excitement and his team would feed off that if he is the real deal and a franchise QB.

I believe once the season is over and the draft order is set...this will help Ross decide which HC to grab.

If we finish at say pick #9, then moving up to grab RG3 will cost the team much more in the way of future draft picks.

If we finish with #5 and ahead of Washington, then we are in a much better position to grab RG3, either outright, or with a minor trade with Cleveland.

If we are #9, then we are probably going to draft a second tier QB who will need time to develop behind Moore, and this will drastically alter who Ross picks as HC.


I don't know how old you are but I don't get the feeling that you're a kid. My instincts tell me you're an NFL fan and perhaps a big one at that. I'm wondering if what you're feeling isn't frustration raher than boredom? Just a thought....maybe I'm wrong.

To me, excitement is the team's defence playing hard and knocking Sanchez on his a**. I get just as much pleasure watching the defence play well as 70 yard passes or 40 yard runs. That's maybe just me...


I have no fears, mainly because its not my body. But seriously, how many QB's get hurt on fluke plays (Romo helmet to the hand) and hard hits? It's a miracle that all of them don't go down more. So if we graph out the injuries QB's are susceptible to, factor in size versus mobility and evasiveness, then in the end I don't think the difference is enough to make me pass on RG3 if he is available.

Plus as I've said, most players bulk up further after college and I expect him to as well. It's a fair concern, but considering it on a case by case basis, I'm all in with RG3.

Andy, I'm with you there. Rg3 is not vick, he's a whole different beast and will be a different qb. Vick could never read a defense until he got to Philly. Rg3 runs in college because he can, he will even be a different qb in the pros than he was in college. He will evolve and it will be beautiful for whoever gets him.

That's my feeling anyway. This guy will change the metrics in how a qb is evaluated.

Anyone who watched Brees on Monday Night saw an exciting QB who's style is more traditional, than then new hybrid run-pass-run style of Vick, Young & RG3.

I honestly dont think moore will be on the team next year, i think he's going to want more then we are willing to pay him... So, the QB will be filled by 1 to 2 rookies and Delvin, or maybe a back up free agent from another team, so it is important that they draft nad get it right, THIS TIME, at the QB position...

Guys I love the conviction you have for RGIII. I don't have it right now but maybe it will come.

DA, I wasn't talking about buling up as much as his STYLE of play. I think it's pretty clear that QBs that move around as much as RGIII does are more likely to get hit. Think about it...it's pretty basic really. Yes, perhaps a guy like Tebow and Newton can take it more but to me the closest comparisons to him are Vick and Young.

I think there's more that goes into this than just 'are you sold on RGIII?'. We also have to figure out what it's going to cost to move up for him and how coaching candidates feel about him. I know I'm in the minority here but right now Landry Jones at 8 doesn't seem like such a bad option for us.

RG3 last night and overall confirmed what I thought but I wanted to give him another look.

NO WAY am I going to want this kid here in Miami. Another Vick kid that we would be watching him scramble all over. Not what i am looking for.

Hence, is why I have been saying LUCK all the way. Luck is totally different and inn all reality, if I seen Luck in any NFL uniform out of collage, I would think he has played for years in the NFL. Great pocket kid vs panic RG3.

Trade the entire house to get Luck. I would give up the entire draft this year like Ditka did for Williams, throw in some players and give picks next year and the next for Luck.

He IS that worth it and THAT good and will be that good and even better as he molds into the NFL for the next 108 years.



Not sure what you're talking about. Matt Moore is under contract for one more year. He's proven he can start in this league. H's the starter next year unless the team adds Manning in FA or trades up for Luck.....count on it!

NY "G",

I agree. Only problem becomes if the Colts end up with the number one pick. I'm just not sure they won't keep Luck, regardless of the trade offer. Think about it....they feel the same way about him that you do.

With all due respect, it's kind of like the Cowher and Dungy hires you want to see happen.....none of it is very likely.

Craig M,

Agreed! I remember he wasn't with the VY pick that was Bud Adams guy because they had a Houston connection or whatever Bud Adams saw. But he did work with Young and had him out there making plays. Like I said Young was to a lesser extent then McNair. My point more is he does know how to use athletic QBs very effectively. I even prefer his style of offense for running QBs. He likes a physical running game where the QB can do a lot of roll outs and play action and still make big plays off of that. That is offense I prefer. I grew up on a Marino pass first offense and as much as he is my favorite athlete of All Time I wish he was under a much more balanced attack. I think he would of made if further into his career (health wise) and playoffs. But we will never no.

McNair was very tough to defend because he could throw the ball and wouldn't fear to take off for a first. He played on some pretty good teams and was one of the main reasons them teams had success. I feel a Fisher and R3 combo is a great fit and would completely turn around Miami football.


Just for perspective, I'm not claiming RG3 WILL be a long term top 5 QB in the NFL. I'm sold on him as the best option were are possibly going to have, and that he indeed MAY have the potential to be a top 5 QB.

If we are going to take a chance on someone, I'm all for taking a chance on him. I see no reason to pick another 2nd round QB.

Red...I too disagree with your assessment on Moore.
Whoever we get as a HC & draft as our future QB will need some intel on how the offensive until clicks.
Moore will be invaluable in detailing each units strengths & weaknesses because we can all agree that the entire offensive coaching staff will be kicked to the curb by the new HC.

Keep Moore, make him your starter to keep offensive cohesiveness and have him teach the new QB.

If you get to draft day and you're faced with the prospect of getting RG III or Justin Blackmon, which one do you take?
RG III gives you the franchise quarterback your team desperately needs to lead them every week and will make Brandon Marshall a better receiver. He's more accurate with ball placement than Moore and places the ball where it needs to be on screens so Bush would not need to adjust to the pass before running.
The question is: does he make Bess or Hartline better receivers? Do they become better because of his accuracy? I don't know, especially where Bess is concerned.
Then, you have Justin Blackmon. Just like RG III he automatically makes the Dolphins a better team. Does he make Moore a better quarterback? With Blackmon in the lineup you can't double Marshall anymore. It also frees up the slot receiver. When throwing to Blakmon you can put the ball up and let him go and get it. If you've seen the ESPN SportScience piece on him he has the range of a two car garage.
That's an awesome weapon to have available to your quarterback.
So, if you were the GM of this team, which player would you pick?

Craig M,

I agree, hopefully we can do all we can to get Luck.

BTW, I was blasted yesterday for even suggesting a Dungy - Manning reunion in Miami.

Got to go, thanks and catch you later.

I've given up fantasizing about Luck many games ago. I don't see it happening so I am not even discussing it. We don't even know if we will be able to get RG3 or if he will enter the draft.

Outside those two, I can't say I'm high on any of the rest and don't think any of them would beat out Moore.


I am saying RG3 because it is more likely we have a shot to trade up and get him. Luck is gone if the Colts pick #1 and if they don't they will be right in line with everyone else to trade up.

If I had a choice no doubt Luck by far. But RG3 is a nice consolation prize for a QB starved franchise!

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