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Dolphins injury situation for finale not great

Tight end Anthony Fasano said Thursday he expects to play Sunday when the Dolphins finish their 2011 season with a home game against the New York Jets. Fasano missed last week's game with a concussion but he has passed tests this week, has been cleared and is practicing.

The rest of the Dolphins injury news isn't so good.

RB Reggie Bush (knee), CB Jimmy Wilson (hamstring) and ILB Karlos Dansby (personal reasons) did not practice for the second consecutive day Thursday.

Bush's knee is serious enough that Miami signed Richard Medlin off its practice squad earlier this week. Rookie Daniel Thomas, who has been slowed by a knee injury the last couple of weeks, has practice full this week so his timing is good.

Dansby has not been with the team because he is dealing with a death in the family. There is no definite timetable for getting Dansby back at this point. 

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said the issue is not only getting Dansby back, but making sure Dansby's mind is right.

Backup Marvin Mitchell, who is the next linebcker up in the rotation, has been getting snaps in games, and has been working with the first team defense this week, is expected to see playing time regardless of whether Dansby is right or not.

RT Marc Colombo, who missed practice altogether on Wednesday with an ankle injury, returned on a limited basis Thursday. I expect he will play.

WRs Clyde Gates (groin) and Brandon Marshall (knee) were limited in their practice participation today.


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Professor Lou,

I like Blackmon a lot too but I really think we need to address the QB position before doing anything. Blackmon is probably a top 4 pick (I see him going to St Louis, Minni, Cleveland or maybe even Jacksonville). They are all teams that need help there. So you're probably talking about having to move up to 2 or 3 to get him. Not worth it in my opinion. Guys will disagree with me but I think a WR has one of the least impacts on whether a team wins or not. I know guys won't like that comment....but think about it. Detroit picked THREE first round WRs, top ten....how did that work out for them? Everybody lauds the Dez Bryant pick from last year but they haven't won any more games with him in the lineup. Kenny Britt? Hakeem Nicks? Braylon Edwards? Sidney Rice? Hell, Cruz is a better WR than Nick IMO and he was undrafted. Stevie Johnson is one of the best in the league and went undrafted. Wes Welker?....wasn't he like a 7th round pick? Marshall a 4th?

Not a fan of taking WRs top 5 picks. Edwards never helped Cleveland, Ginn was a bust at 9 and Fitzgerald (while I love him) has never REALLY made the Cards a contender. Love Blacmon but a luxury pick we can't aford IMO.

Think about it, lets say the Colts pick second, if the Rams don't want Luck, they are most likely to trade down to the #2 spot with the Colts, still get the guy they want and some extra picks. I don't see them trading further down from #2 and risking getting their prize OT or whoever they want. Luck is gone by the 2nd pick either way.

Craig, have to agree with you there. No point trading up for anything else other than a qb. If you really wanted to go receiver, Jeffry and Floyd are right there too.

I think if the colts trade up to get luck then most definitely manning is gone. Weakening the current team will force their hand. Another reason for hoping the rams end up with the top pick. It definitely opens up the qb market in a lot of different ways.

The reality is that in 2012 most likely it will be Moore or a FA QB starting. There very well may not be a QB available in round 1 that Ireland wants.


I think we're all getting caught up in the hype. We're not looking for a QB to come in next year and be our starter. Luck's the only guy who can do that. You said it yourself, we won't know what we have in a QB for three years. So what Irealdn and company need to do is look at guy like Jones (assuming he comes out) and figure out what he will look like down the road. It's what the Packers did with Rodgers. With this new CBA, where the top picks don't get paid what they did previously, the price to trade up to 2 or 3 is going to be VERY steep. You'd better make certain you get more than just 'excitement' from the guy. You'd better make certain you get a guy who can lead a team to wins in this league. The fans will DEMAND that.


Really good post at 11:36am. That's why there's a chance the Colts WON'T trade up to get Luck. Think about it (as you've said), how is Manning going to feel if you've just weakened the team to trade up, so that you can get his replacement. If they are keeping Manning, shouldn't the thinking be to STRENGTHEN the team to help Manning take a final run for the next 2-3 years. If we're offering the farm to get Luck from St Louis, aren't the Colts going to do the same to match? Doesn't really help Manning now, does it? Wayne's a FA, Clark isn't getting any younger, their OL is a mess and they have no real running game. Lots of holes to fill if the plan is to help Manning win.

Based on RG III's answer to the question on his decision to go pro after last night's game, "It will be very soon" I would have to conclude that his mind is made up and he will be going pro.
He has accomplished everything he can at Baylor and a national title is not something Baylor is capable of competing for next year so there is no reason for him to stay.

Another idea, like mentioned earlier by herald, is the potential in offering Jake long in the package, to trade up with the Rams if they do get the first pick... that would give them a Pro Bowl OT, and the chance with our pick to get another outstanding OT or OG, which there seems to be a good supply, just from stanford alone... I believe we can still find a quality LT to replace Long... Plus he's nowhere near as valuable as Say Luck would be in the Future... Heck i'd throw Marshall in there to if that would get a trade done....

Problem is Craig, that guy doesn't seem to be available. I see no realistic way we get Luck. I see RG3 as the highest risk/reward potential and we don't even know if that is a possibility. None of the rest really grab my attention.

This FO backed us into an ugly corner. I'm concerned they will take another 2nd round mediocre QB.


If St. Louis has the pick I think there's a chance, albeit a small one that we could Luck. I'm warming to the idea that our bargaining chip could be Jake Long. Yes, I know he's hurt but what about a package along the lines of Long, our first and Davis (or next year's first). Yes, it's a lot to give up but I think it's what we would need for a guy like Luck. Maybe we could get a guy like Jason Smith back to play RT. I would do something like this and the Rams, would get their LT (Saffold could play RT), a top ten pick to get a WR or RB and a good cover corner in Davis or our first round pick. Seems like win-win to me. We'd now have to find our LT.....

The reality is that in 2012 most likely it will be Moore or a FA QB starting. There very well may not be a QB available in round 1 that Ireland wants.
Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | December 30, 2011 at 11:37 AM

I would agree with your opinion on Moore being the starter, not because I don't think Miami will try to move up and get a quarterback in the draft but, because I don't think the teams in the top five positions will be willing to trade down and miss out on their pick.
After Luck and RGIII the talent level falls off drastically at the quarterback position. Tannehill doesn't belong in the same conversation and should probably drop behind Weeden. Jones has been told by numerous scouts that he needs to go back to school for one more year to get better at the position. So, I would be surprised to see him declare.
If Miami doesn't get a shot at their quarterback prospect I don't see them standing pat in the #8 position. I also think it would be wise for them to try and get something for Bess.
Trading down and picking up someone like RG III's teammate, Kendall Wright, wouldn't be a bad way to go. Wright had 108 receptions for 1663 yds and 14 td's. I understand what you are saying about taking a wide receiver in the first round but Wright has 4.4 speed and, unlike Gates, he knows how to use it.
I know Dolphin fans are tired of Ireland trading down but it doesn't make sense to stay in the top ten when there is nobody there who can help your team where you need it. You would probably have your choice of Still or DeCastro and Miami doesn't need a DT nor do they need to pick another OL that high.

If Miami can't find a way to trade up to pick a QB it is going to be either Jonathan Martin or Riley Reiff whichever is available.

So Miami would go into next year with hopefully finally solving the O-line. Sure a rookie will have some growing pains but Martin and Reiff are worthy top 10 picks and both are rated as such.

LT - Jake Long, All Pro stud get healthy!

LG - Richie Incognito, average as a whole but effective and nasty rin blocker

C - Mike Pouncey, solid rookie year. Looks to be a good to very good center for years to come

RG - Big question mark but with John Jerry playing again maybe in year 3 he finds his niche!

RT - Reiff or Martin

Kellen Moore does NOT have an NFL arm. He can not throw the ball on a line into tight coverage. He will at best be a backup QB in the NFL and may not even have the arm strength to be that. So everyone stop pushing the Kellen Moore to Miami talk.

Craig, I considered that. But...they could trade with the Colts for the #2 and pick Matt Kalil and get an extra pick. Getting Luck is far closer to impossible than possible so I don't waste time thinking about it.


So you don't think two 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd would be enough to get Luck?

IMO, Thats more than what the other teams would offer.


None of us can really have any idea what any team will offer. Lots of teams ahead of us need a QB and they have a higher draft slot to offer.

Red, you credit the herald for coming up with the long trade but fact of the matter is Armando borrowed that idea from the blog like he did with many others. Personally I'm going to toot my own horn on this one since Armando didn't have the professional courtesy to do it. We've been giving mando many ideas over the last few years.

Remember a team picking at #2 or #3 doesn't have to offer as much as a team picking at #8.

fin4life, no it was never in the WAC, and always been in PAC 8 then Pac 10. And the difference is the quality of competition, what conference do you think Luck plays in.......Pac 12. The quality of competition is and has been very good in that conference, and at the time of Akili Smith played in the conference it was better. Do you remember USC winning a national championship, and playing for several more.

Oh and by the way the Big 12 plays little D also, take a look at the QB's with enormous passing yardage there. You really don'y know much football history is you say the teams in the PAC 12 don't play defense, remember Arizona's desert swarm defense, USC defenses in the 80's and 90's, Washington defenses of the 90's when it shared a national championship with the University of Miami. Please read a little FB history before you post.

fin4life, it was Ware before Klingler...look it up.

a concussion but he has passed tests this week, has been cleared and is practicing.

same pick year in year out....that takes guts and the FO doesnt have it...

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/12/dolphins-injury-situation-for-finale-not-great.html#storylink=cpy

a concussion but he has passed tests this week, has been cleared and is practicing.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/12/dolphins-injury-situation-for-finale-not-great/comments/page/4/#storylink=cpy

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