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Dolphins lead Bills 13-7 to start third quarter

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- The Dolphins have been in the red zone three times today and have failed to score a touchdown in any of those trips.

Brandon Marshall has dropped two potential TD passes to hurt Miami's chances of getting more points. Nonetheless, the Dolphins defense is playing well enough to make up for the issues.

The Bills have only 7 first downs and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has a 57.3 NFL passer rating so far.

So Miami leads 13-7 to start the third quarter. And the live blog continues in the comments section. See you there.


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Where's Soiled? Always late that fellow...

bowles looks like an unemotional stone on the sidelines....is he even coaching this team....

The demise of this team is deep rooted.

For starters, Jeff Ireland's resume is as follows.

He was a Scout for KC for 2 years.

He left KC and was a scout for the Cowboys.

The Tuna promoted Jeff to GM from Scout as a PROJECT and also brought in the Project Sparano.

Hence, we had and STILL have a Scout who is GM and a fired project.

Ireland needs to go as he has NO GM experience which is exactly why I have been reporting that Paterson will be the hired Gun to whack Ireland.

Enough said.

6-0...packers shut out...WTF ny *G*

expect columbo to get a contact extension like tony did for next year....*lol*


Hey, you never know.

The game cast is below and much more exciting then what we seen all year with these fins.


We dont have a hc issue in Miami its a "PERDSONNEL ISSUE".

With the current personnel we're the slimmest of borderline wildcard playoffs team at our very best!

Hear that Ross? Fire Ireland now!

The Fins are trying to give away the game but the Bills won't take it..

Dam You Yeah!

You knocked out my internet connection

Is there not anything you will do to post first.

Cant keep a good poster down

Soiled :)

i agree ireland is awful, can his ass

We're only 2-3 players away and our best game ever, to being a wildcard playoff team.


Bowles is a DEAD MAN walking, he knows the job wasn't given to either Nolan or Daboll because they may fit in the next regime while he is expendable. If anything it helps Bowles get his name out there, remember Interim H.C.'s either get the job or walk so they went with him keeping the staff in place hoping the incoming H.C. can work with them, it's why they will go with a no name, no HC worth his salt will accept the staff or F.O. in place without making some changes IMO.

The 72's are icing down their champagne.

This current team has to play way over thier heads just to become a 8-8 team.

Mr. Ross, stop drinking the Jimmy Jones koolaide!

I hear ya Fin4Life,

Its just depressing to watch him with no emotion on the sidelines watching this team perform on offense!!!

Need Brandon to start catching the ball.

The FIRE IRELAND banner for the Jets game is genious!!

Armando, what is the latest on Peterson

green bay wins by least 15 points

ONE thing for sure..

As much as i want the pack to lose I would not bet on it.

Even if they win today which may not happen, they will lose.

We're at least 3 players away on offense and 3 players away on defense. That's 6 players away from being a legit playoff and championship team.

Hear that Mr. Ross?

green bay wont lose till super bowl vs pitt

Take the champagne off of ice. GB just scored. Its all tied up! LOL

GB just scored.

Pack 7
KC 6

Extra point good, 7-6 GB over KC!


That should be ENOUGH.....

Game OVER.....


That's what we've been waiting for from BM!


I wouldn't Ice that champagne unless they are losing and KC has the ball at the pack 1 with 2 seconds left in the game. lol

Rodgers IS that good.


STFU! I mean that in a nice way. Go Marshall! LOL

Awesome...beautiful throw, great catch TD Marshall!

He caught one!

I ment YG

Bingo, Marshall cacth a pass, today will be named ;

International Day of the Crazy

I hear ya Fin4Life,

Its just depressing to watch him with no emotion on the sidelines watching this team perform on offense!!!

superPHIN | December 18, 2011 at 02:48 PM

I HEAR you as well, I believe though it's called going through the motions!

The good of Brandon....outweighs the bad......

unreal, game over miami takes away more of their future

WOW!! Nice grab by Marshall!


Marshall? Chirp....chirps? LOL

Man Moore has a nice touch. Mashall still the best WR we have even with the drops people.

But the players only play hard for Tony.........

now he decides to catch the football...of course they werent in the redzone!!!*lmao*

Great throw by moore!!!

Without Coach Sparano are chances of losing this game are alot slimmer

thanks again Mr. Ross

No franchise QB again


Are you Soiled Bottom??????

Armando isnt a dolphin fans. He seems to only be a fan of certain Dolphin players.

Marshall td grab brings ZERO response from him. Armando has always been like this towards certain Dolphin players!

Total complete opposites... Bowles vs Sparano

Bowles, stoic, quiet, seemingly emotionless on sideline

Certain Dolphins players if Armando doesnt have anything bad to say, he says nopthing at all! LOL

Mr. Salguero is of Cuban decent...I am German/Irish

think armando already knows marshall is a damn good wr. probaly pissed off like most of the lifetime fin fans on how this game will really screw them looking forward

50 Million DOllars.....

Pick by Reshad Jones

He caught one!!

A Playmaking FS? Jones has gotten better since that infamous Pats game

Armando.....how about the INT stat I asked for earlier.....

How many straight games with at least one pick......

It's Official. Bills are int the 2012 qb draft hunt!

Fitzpatrick may be the worst QB in the league right now

The most frustrating thing about Brandon Marshall is he can make the great catch, like that last TD, then drops another one or two.

Very frustrating.

Don't expect him to be perfect, but should be better than one out of three.

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