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Dolphins lead Bills 13-7 to start third quarter

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- The Dolphins have been in the red zone three times today and have failed to score a touchdown in any of those trips.

Brandon Marshall has dropped two potential TD passes to hurt Miami's chances of getting more points. Nonetheless, the Dolphins defense is playing well enough to make up for the issues.

The Bills have only 7 first downs and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has a 57.3 NFL passer rating so far.

So Miami leads 13-7 to start the third quarter. And the live blog continues in the comments section. See you there.


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Ugly INT but I'll take it!

Marshall is good when he wants to be, that's the problem. What happens when and if on a playoff run, you have to wonder which will show up, so inconsistent. Runs the whole gamut from terrible to terrific= a nightmare for the team

indy should get first win unless titans finally get smart and play locker and bench garbage hasselback

dusty, how did you like that throw by Matt Moore?? LOL!! Hell of a throw wasn't it?? How come you don't talk about that instead of your usual garbage? LOL!!

Where is the Daniel Thomas of October?


Fitzpatrick may be the worst QB in the league right now..


But at least he has that beard to protect him from a facial.

In my opinion one thing is clear. Moore>Henne

Have I made the point that Marc Colombo is not a good pass blocker lately?


Look at like this, it's not Marshall's fault Ireland doesnt like prosti.... mothers. If he did, Marshall wouldnt be here.

Mr. Ross, boy oh boy does Ireland know personnel!

whats Matt Moores QB rating as of now...anyone ?

God Colombo is such a stiff...


Daboll seriously?


KC 9


talk about what? a good throw by moore, yes it was. great nice throw from our backup qb. def not excited about that, we needed a loss today and blew it. now we play sd instead of kc, and cincy instead of cleveland next year. plus droip least 4 spots in draft. its unreal how some fans are so clueless

and Fitzpatrick needs to shave, he looks like an idiot

John Jerry doind a decent job at LT today, maybe he can play RT?

Indy...wow...pack may lose and indy might win....on the same day...who wouldve thunk it!!!

Mr. Salguero is of Cuban decent...I am German/Irish

SoiledBottom | December 18, 2011 at 02:58 PM

1,000 apologies to the blogs consciousness my Kraut/Mick friend.

dusty, you're clueless, not the fans...

Pick b V Davis!

He caught one!!!

Fitzpatrick is another Chad Henne...Except they gave him $$$$ and we didn't...LOL!!

Who said Indy cant win without Patten...

Colts - 17

Titans 6




Its relevant man.....

Davis is looking more and more like a definite #1 CB of the future for us

Who was it that was saying Vontae Davis isn't any good?

matt moore's qb rating: 121.382

Indy winning

Tommrow you will probably write a topic on it.....right?????

dusty thinks a rookie QB pick is all this team needs? every player needs to play hard and coached well. the biggest problem is Jeff the Drunk Ireland is garbage

Matt Moore rating right now is 121.4

This Buffalo team is truly awful, I didn't think they could be worse than they were 4 weeks ago but they're doing a good job of showing it now the Bills will be picking ahead of us and no matter what Gailey says I find it hard to believe they won't be taking a QB

D Thmas why!!!!!!!!!! Keep Reggie in

Good to see Jim Kelly on the sidelines. Brings back good memories of him and 13

damn our shot yardage game is terrible

This team is gonna win some more games this year guys ... we're gonna have to trade up to get a QB in the draft next year. oh well ... nice to see the effort and wins.

That is a fumble! He was stripped

Another great play by BM!!! What a complete joke!

Incognito being an idiot again...


Damn...Marshall out-muscled

That's happens when you can't rush for 1 yard...1 fu****n yard...

More's qb rating now:



Kris, please repeat what you're talking about. Your comment is off my screen now.

Ross is an ass clown.


This is Miami's last chance for a win this year....the other 2 teams having WINNING records......we don't do well against teams with Winning records.....plus something to play for.....

PATS....... HOMEFEILD......jets.....PLAYOFFS......

Mr. Salguero

"The most frustrating thing about Brandon Marshall is he can make the great catch, like that last TD, then drops another one or two.

Very frustrating."

What numbers should I play for this weeks Lotto

I love BM, he's the only player who realises how bad this team needs a franchise QB.

Wat to go brandon, instead of just going down with the first down, he decides to become a BEAST *lol* and fumbles it away!!!!


Do you know how many consecutive games the FINS D has had a PICK......

killer win kris, so pissed

Both ilb's got pushed 5yds past the los on that run play.

Again, after we turn the ball over, we can't stop anything...Really weird...

For the 1st time in 20 games the PACK trail in the 4th quarter.

KC -9

Pack 7

barkley would look damn good in a fins uni

Defense just made a great play against Marshall. Duhhh.... somtimes that happens dopey dolfans! LOL

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