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Dolphins lead Bills 20-7 to start fourth quarter

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- We've seen good Brandon Marshall -- as in when he caught a 65-yard TD pass from Matt Moore.

And we've seen bad Brandon Marsall as in when he dropped two TDs and fumbled away another catch.

The Dolphins nonetheless continue to lead this game because Ryan Fitzpatrick has been horrible -- inaccurate, throwing into double coverage, running into sacks. The fact Reggie Bush is over the 100-yard mark for the sixth time this season also has been huge.

So the Dolphins lead 20-7. Can thy hold it? Join me in the comments section and let's see.


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against the Buffalo Def, everyone can run

I bet no one didnt notice we had all of our TO going into half. And this is our first one we used in the 4th. Better than Sparano.


Is this game over yet???!!!

The 72 Dolphins never looked to go undefeated. It was SB win or bust. They just happened to win every game along the way.

That's why the Pats couldnt duplicate it. Thier goal was to be undefeated and they loss focus of winning the SB.

10:02 in the 4th.

KC 12

PAck 7

Indy 20
titan 6

At least this game will help the Dolphins climb out of the AFC East cellar.

We're not the worst!

Dang it

Kris's post in the 3rd quater blog tripped me up

your day is comeing YEAH!

Wu hoooo

we suck less


I just got off the phone with Don Shula. He says none of your comments about the 72 fins are remotely based on reality, but he welcomes you as a fan.

yup armando it screws our schedule next year also

happy moment for ex coach Sparano-Field Goal!!!!!

Matt moore's qb rating now:


What do you guys think the Rams want for their second or third overall pick?


This game is the "out-awfuling" bowl. Winner gets last place in afc cellar. Dolphins happen to be losing by winning.

look at this another redzone FG for this sorry offense......Next week, NE wont settle for FGS, No balls= No effort!!!

uh, I think Plaxico Burris and David Tyree had something to do with the Patriot's loss in the SB.


alot nyfin they want that lt

Need to get some TDs in the red zone.



I think Rams may want the USC LT Kalil to badly. Kalil has moved up to second on the leShay draftbord after declaring for the draft.

They make take Jake Long in exchange. LOL

Kudo to Reggie Bush for SIX gmes going over 100 yards this year. That's SIX more games than Williand AND Brown combined for last year. There's not a fan on here who would have marked Bush down for that many 100 yard games this year. Nice pickup by Ireland.

ok so now we know, we finish 5-11. lets hope that keeps us in the top 8

Dolphins have a great talent base for next year, trade whatever picks they need for Luck or Barkley get the RT in fa but don't rule out John Jerry, he's played well today, Bush is back to his USC form and great to watch.
They also need a TE and a Deshaun Jackson if Philly are stupid enough to let him go

Posted by: Husketeer | December 18, 2011 at 03:39 PM

Add Tom Coughlin's name to the list of coaches on the hotseat. Your team can't go into a 'must-win' game against a division rival at home and lay an egg like they have today. Coughlin's been there a while and I think if the Giants miss the playoffs he will be gone.

Husketeer, couldn't agree more with your 3:42PM post...


losing before the playoffs only give the Pack a greater chance of winning the SB. The Pats proved how great the pressure to go undefeated is.

Like I posted earlier, its an entirely different beast, the 72 Fins motivation and either the Pack or Pats. Thats even if the Pack went undefeated in the regular season, the playoffs are a booby-trap waiting to happen.

Ask Tom Brady.

OMG ... KC inside the 5 yard line !!!!!

YG why keep quoting Moores QB rating, he has had good ratings against bad teams, when he does it against good teams it will mean something until then he's a good backup , nothing more!!

KC down to the Pack 4 yd line ready to score!!!!!!

KC getting ready to score!

yeah coughlin will have to win div. packers will finish 13-3 now. they wont play anyone last 2 games

Odrick needs sack dance lessons so bad...I had to look away

And thats a KC TD!!!

TD KC!!! Sweet


KC 19



How the heck did K City beat the Packers. The Packers mailed it in

Armando, why Paul Solia is not playing more often, after all the money he is receiving?


Sorry dude if it bothers you. However, Henne had bad ratings against bad teams and good teams. LOL

History will be made...Ofers NO MORE!!!

Maybe Donald Driver is way more important to GB than I thought....

Did Nolan fall asleep up in the booth? Lettin em back in the game....again Why blow all your hard work earlier in the game?



KC 19


How the heck did K City beat the Packers. The Packers mailed it in

Posted by: Spiderman | December 18, 2011 at 03:47 PM

Mailed it in at 13-0...damn I wish that wasnt funny!!!*lmao*

driver? u mean jennings

I wont celebrate until the last tick and KC up.

I'd like to see Bowles show some fire


KC 19 greenbay 7 5minutes left pop the champagne Larry Zonk and the boys from 72!!!

Mike Nolan Conjuring up the spirits of Tom Olivadotti

they finally put in locker and they score right away. man jake locker is gonna be a good one

The Bills were 0-for-12 in third down conversions the first game. They are 0-for-10 today.

A Pack loss today only assures they will be 2011-12 SB champs. The "PRESSURE" would then be off!

I dont see another team having an undefeated untied championship season happening anytime soon anyway. The pressure's just far to great.

The 72 Dolphins motivation was only removing a bad tase from thier mouth. That's what I believe another team's equal motivation would have to be to have an equal championship season.

Nothing more, nothing less!

Another meaningless TD...Why do they play that prevent crappy defense all the time when they lead??? Fuc I hate it...

why dont we keep blitzing.

@ SoiledBottom... LOL gawd what a nightmare name...Olivadotti

was that like 30 seconds fitzy had back there....

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