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Dolphins lead Eagles 7-0 to start second quarter

The Dolphins were the better team in the first quarter.

The defense dominated -- as Jason Taylor collected two sacks. The special teams blocked a punt to set up a TD. And Matt Moore threw a perfect pass to Brandon Marshall for a score and a 7-0 lead.

The Eagles, meanwhile, looked disinterested until late in the quarter.

Let's see what happens as the game and the live blog continue. See you in the comments section.


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Stepped out...

So. New Game.

I agree TS does make some bad BAD football decisions. I still cant believe that he didn't go for the two point conversion against dallas.. Which ultimately lost us that came

Gotta find a way to hit those speedsters at the line.

Can we stop playing so conservative. AND DAMN Jake Long is out!!

This offensive drive will sway me as to whether Matt Moore can solidify his future as our starting qb. He must answer here, mo has swung towards the eagles, so Matt Mo' needs to take it back!

Great time for a Gates td return!

I dont think we've played that conservative this game spiderman. We've taken quite a few shots downfield. Theres just noone getting open

hey was that channing crowder on the exercise bike

So, some of you all were saying keep Sparano? Not so sure of yourselves now are you?

Wahoo eagles score, long out, let's see what Moore is made of now

Skins take a 17-14 lead over Pats!

Looks like the Eagles have arrived to the game. they look interested now.

Armando, its called MO'. LOL


Anyone understand why call that TO right there?

Matt MO' needs to respond to regain the MO'!

Armando, BAD DECISION to try a 55 yard FG...That's where I think Sparano doesn't have it...Key decisions...His defense came out chasing Vick all over the place...Why give them hope??

Austin Powers and Matt Moore missing there MO-JO

who da heck was he throwin it to? damm

Ouch.. Thats the second time hes made a bad bad decision on a long down. Reminded me of that terrible 3rd and 18 int earlier in the year

Thats it these guys suck fire everyone

Jake Long out is already a factor...Garner is NOT a LT...

What's with RZC love for Indy?


Moore showing his true colours now

Thats the play they come up with after a T.O.....

Fu** you Vick...You're overrated...Little girl...



Awesome, the mirage is finally clearing up

This game is a referendum on what is more important:



Discipline and desire.

The Eagles are more talented. The Dolphins have more desire and discipline. But if the Eagles show up to play, it is just a tough matchup for the Dolphins because they are less talented.

I'm actually really intrigued and interested by this situation. The dolphins usually implode at this point. I looking forward to seeing how they are going to respond. Can this new and improved dolphins team take a punch??

Bye Tony.



So, we are behind and it's an excellent opportunity to find out what stuff is this Team made of, specially Matt Moore.

Fire Sparano promote the Quality control kid

A. S. I would say that are O line D line and LBs are much more talented then the eagles... Or can only Qbs Rbs and Wrs be talented???

Another serious personnel issue: In four years since drafting Jake Long, the Dolphins have never bothered to get a backup LT in the later rounds that stuck with the team.

they drafted the kid from Ga. Tech a few years ago -- gardener -- but he failed.

And now Long is hurt and the entire OL falls apart.

Fins fan base sucks. All you can hear on TV is lets go eagles...

Moore looks off target so far. The Eagles have a bad run defense, the only problem is they give up most of their yardage inside and we don't have a back for that.

Vernon Carey is now also out of the game.

That's a shame about Vernon for we have the stuff to ram it up these People's middle.

Jake Long's crutches are now playing LT!

Go go John Jerry

Wow that was very very stupid....

these are the dolphins i recognize.

That little white is next in line on the OL rotation

Carey hasnt had an injury free season in at least 3yrs. Biggest problem with that is he isnt that great when he is healthy!

Where are those wind bags now that say LT is not important?

Miami implosion well underway this is what happens against a good team

Its looking like this game will be the final nail in Sparano's coffin!

TE's love playing the FINS......it's their best chance to make the Pro Bowl...

Any Reid showing every kind of screen we can't cover.

Good stop D!

Offense keeps giving the D terrible field position!

Remember all the go times we had....in the first quarter

4 sacks for Miami....thats good...

Why you People come to conclusions so early? There's still more than half the Game to go.

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