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Dolphins lead Patriots 17-0 to start third quarter

FOXBORO, Mass. -- This is a butt-whipping in the making.

And the Dolphins are doing the whipping on the Patriots, 17-0.

Matt moore has thrown two TD passes. Tom Brady has spent much of the afternoon on the ground, avoiding an angry Miami rush, behind a leaky offensive line.

The Patriots are playing with two rookie tackles, and a backup left guard. Matt Light was inactive today and Logan Mankins is out with a knee injury.

Oh, and New England's 32nd ranked pass defense is playing like a 32nd ranked pass defense, complete with two pass interference penalties.

New England's best chance for a score in the first half came and went when Stephen Gostowski missed a 51-yard field goal just before halftime.

Go figure.

The live blog continues in the comments section.


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Soiled, wipe up and handle things until I get back.

Always the bridesmaid ...never the bride :(

Marriage is over rated…

Halftime stat of note: Matt Moore 10 of 19, 179 yards, 120.3 passer rating. Tom Brady 7 of 19, 87 yards, 51.9 passer rating.

Jet are loosing, the Island allow 99 yds from V. Cruz. by the way this guy name sound like a short stop from the Yankees

Thats what i'm talkin bout Mando!

See this ... Twitter: @JeffDarlington
According to @MattPomPom, the @NFLNetwork's manager of research, the Pats are 34-3 in December since 2003. All 3 losses are to the Dolphins.

Santa has come early...

I hope..

Bowles will be the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins. FACT. You idiots shouldn't just disregard the man because he's black.

Now just shut the hell up about big-name coaches who are just looking for a paycheck.

I swear, some of you guys make retards look brilliant in comparison.

Hopefully the Dolphins FO is smarter than most of the fans on here and still attempt to draft a franchise QB.
Matt Moore is fools gold, he will set this franchise back years if they buy into his performances against poor defences!!!

We win this game we are going to have to trade up for a QB...


GO MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!


Im with you on still drafting a 1st rd qb. Even trading up for RG3 if possible. A pair of aces are always better than a single ace.

Look for Tom Brady to come out blazeing in the second half....Having changed his Colongne to better fit his mood this second half metro sexual monster will be flinging pass's left and right all while sporting the lasted fashions from Spain.

Dont let this happen Todd Bowles


No way Miami hires a black HC. They past up Tomlin because they don't like ghetto boys in the lead role.

We've seen this before, Miami has to play four quarters


That's why Nolan cant let up the pressure. He must keep Brady in the defensive vice.

Mando, if this continues there's going to be strong fan sentiment to keep Bowles. I know you said it's a nice story but won't happen, but what happens if he goes elsewhere & is successful?

Turd, only way Bowles gets the job is if Fisher doesn't want it. If Fisher wants it, he gets it over Bowles.

This has got to be the best first half this team has put together the entire season. Now finish it!


Being black alone does not make one ghetto.

The test for Moor will be a desperate jets team if they lose today.
I believe It's true that he did not face top 15 defense, unless the Cowboys were.
Not seeing much of this game, is Bowles REALLY andy better at game/personnel management than was Tony?

Tony would go into the shell ahead...lets see what Bowles does.

Matt Moore has never beaten a team with a winning record in his career.
The Pats on the other hand can put up 30 points against anyone anytime.
Ever since we debuted the BACKDOOR wildcat against NE they have gone out of thier way to screw us.
In game 1 it was the no huddle.
NE is throwing this game.

Top flight CB would've has that!

Jay-Mo, the correct stat is the Pats are 35-3 in December since 2002 and the three losses were all to Miami.

IF NFL Net gave you previous stat, it was wrong.

Being black alone does not make one ghetto. Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 24, 2011 at 02:48 PM

Sure it does.

I believe 30pts is the magic number for victory today. Barring a complete meltdown I dont see Brady putting up 30pts in 1 half.

13pts this half can pretty much guarantee a victory. We need a td on the first 2nd half drive to drive one of the final nails in Brady's coffin.

Holding the Pats to a "fistpump" here would be huge!

Only ducks quack like ducks. Listen to him speak. Ross will go for a white boy guaranteed.

Even 27pts could get us out of Patsyland with a "W"!

Kevin Burnett has a shoulder injury. His return is questionable.


If not in Miami, Im sure Bowles gets a hc shot very soon somewhere in the nfl. This is his greatest audition right now!

Dumb comment of the day ... Miami needs TDs instead of FGs to seal this!

Bowles already has been passed over many times for HC jobs. No surprise. At least with Ross we won't get another whop linguini coach.

HUGE, holding Brady to 3pts here!

A td this first drive of this 2nd half would also be HUGE for Matt Moore validating himself at the qb position moving forward. It shows "killer instinct".

Miami MUST counter now. A 3 and out will be the start of the end, and more of the same old Fins.
Lets see how our staff can mobilize our guys.
Maybe roll out Moore away from pressure.
3 handoffs won't do it.

THAT would have done it...Clyde!..good blocking too.


uh oh

there is moore's customary fumble.

Remember Carolina Movie?....

LAST thing you wanted to happen.

Think Nolan's defense just gave the game plan on how to beat the Pats in the playoffs. Hernandez and Gronk have been a nonfactor so far.

Let the CRUMBLING BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pouncey's fault...was backing up while centering.


he does that almost every game and is absolutely kills momentum,

slip sliding away

You guys have no faith. Loser mentality. Glad you aren't coaching the team.

and the defense almost never rises to the occasion after a turnover.


The TE start to do his jobds

Minn. just lost both Peterson and Ponder. Wash has to win it...please!

At the first sign of adversity you wads turn into pessimistic ninnies.

TE's killing us as usual


Pouncey just lost this game.

Shows you what that kicker's tackle on Clyde meant


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