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Dolphins lead Pats 3-0 to start second quarter

FOXBORO, Mass. -- One quarterback completed a 30-plus yard pass down the sideline. The other QB has started the game 2-fo-9. One quarterback has moved his team. The other QB seems frustrated and troubled by the opposing pressure.

Yes, Tom Brady is struggling and Matt Moore is doing quite well.

Just like everyone expected, right?

Well, obviously not. The Miami defense has blitzed on numerous occasions and gotten good pressure on Brady. That's why New England hasn't moved the ball.

Miami leads 3-0 on a 47-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter.

Will it last?

The live blog continues in the comments section so the answer awaits.


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Soiled, wipe up and handle things until I get back.


Catches the tough ones and drops the easy ones

YEAH!.....Never stop looking over you r shoulder


Like I said, Marshall's in "maybe mode" today!

The TD pass Moore to Marhsall is the good news. The bad news is Jake Long is out of the game.

John Jerry is in at left tackle.

10 -0. Woo hoo!

Cam The Scam, Lootin Newton

NICE throw and catch!

Go Dolphins!!!!!


Brandon Marshall = Ted Ginn??? Are you guys stoned???

About time we start taking advantage of the 32nd ranked nfl defense. YESSSSSS!

Jake Long has an arm injury. His return is questionable.

Armando any rumors about Daboll -keeping him or kicking him ?

You gotta tackle these guys by the Man Purse or they just slip away

Pats look like they were going to mail this one in. Mando disagrees, but I say Bowles should keep job with 3 wins.

Let Jerry play the rest of the season. See what he's got. Let Long rest.


As long as its only nfl defenses that Newton is lootin. He will recieved nfl amnesty!

jerry looks good at LT. How about putting him at RT when Jake gets healthy.

Would like to see Woodhead spit splinters after the Fins shove his wooden dick down his throat.

Logan Mankins is out of the game for the Pats.

Every time someone touches Welker he comes up looking for a stupid penalty.

Agree with Turd...

Dolphin D showing the perfect blueprint how you beat a prolific offense that doesnt have an awesome wr.

The only way they beat you deep on your blitzes is a short reception and missed tackle. Not have a legit wr is killing the Pats right now!

Matt Moore is looking better and better to me as a starter every week. That throw to Marshall for the touchdown was impressive. Maybe they should think about surrounding him with some talent on offense next year.

This D is starting to remind me a lot of the 49ers D.. Built similarly

YG DB Tell us about Barkley again.

Lets cut his ass

Who is this guy Mastroud?

Po, what's happning? Good Christmas?

48YDS, Bush halfway to 100yds already!

got a break there. That ball was clearly uncatchable

what a break for the Dolphins on this call

Dolphins need to knock the wind out of the Pats sails on this drive if they can.

Im starting to love bush.. He's legit if he can stay healthy..


patriots pass defense makes Miami pass defense seem like the Steel curtain pass defense by comparison.

The craisy is loose

Underthrew it

Pats ask LB Jerod Mayo to cover Brandon Marshall down the seam.That is a GREAT matchup for Miami.

Ill take marshall one on one in the endzone against mccourty all day. Just needed a better throw

Steeling a page out of the Wisconsins badgers playbook! I love it. Monte Ball is definately a better thrower and Rob Wilson is a much better WR


Loving the play calling by Dabol today and Moore hanging in there until the last second to complete the pass to Bush for the first was an excellent play on his part.

Moore missed a Wide open TE again

Hey Armando, Kardashian is doing a good job on Reggie Bush eh

Matt Moore - Brandon Marshall - Reggie Bush

The core of our offense next year?

If Marshall cuts in front instead of behind McCourty its a td catch. Marshall cut behind McCourty giving him a play on the ball.

So I went to sleep at 10:30 this morning and just woke up... Am I still wasted or are we winning 17-0 and dominating? Weird...


How Bout Them Phins!!!

Yeah Boys!!!!

Too much eggnog

I'm officially on the Matt Moore and Reggie Bush fan wagon gents. These guys are plying like allstars.

Excellent play by Moore on that touchdown. Also should some excellent ball handling skills on the first and goal play.

As I said earlier, to beat the Pats you have to excute in all phases!

IS this where we get lulled into a false sense of security with the lead and momentum only to have it change in the second half

holy C#%p!!!


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