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Dolphins need a big comeback in 4th to erase 24-10 deficit

The Dolphins have stopped the bleeding. The Eagles didn't score in the third quarter after posting 24 points in the second.

I told you the Eagles are not a mentally disciplined team.  They can lose focus.

But the Dolphins still have a big job ahead of them if they plan to salvage this game. The made up three points in the third. But they need touchdowns!

Let's see if they get them. The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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Do we have a game?

Watching you ...YEAH!


Losman completes a pass. How long before somebody says he's the answer?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 11, 2011 at 03:38 PM


Dam Armando...you beat me to it....

Matt Moore is leaving the field.

Go for it Sparano!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 and 2....we run a 1 yard pattern.....never fails....

Losman is in? WOW this team has tramendess depth

The Dolphins fumble for a first down. Better to be lucky than good.

Unreal how we can't run for a fuc***n yard...

cant get a inch lol

what a depressing season

this is a bad 4-9 last place football team, its quite simple. 2012 is gonna be something big though, i can feel it. new gm, coach, qb, and one easy schedule

dusty, we still cant beat tom brady for the division and we cant get any wildcar

inches might as well be 10 yrds today....

Armando, what do you think of Brian Hartline's productivity today? Amazing isn't it? And some people want to trade Marshall...LOL!!

why cant we beat brady next year? hes 35 then. why cant we get a wc??

There goes any hope of winning...Why the hell don't you give the ball to Bush??? Sparano's decisions are clueless...

Fumble first down overturned. This is going to be next to impossible to come back unless Philly turns over the ball.

Really I leave to get back to studying and the team is this bad?

hope for winning......we are winning....


Is it April Yet!!!

brady threw a huge int to give wash ball back

oh well welcome back 2011 dolphins

It was a great break on the Ball for that INT (Brady).......amazing play by DB....

Bess is the definition of punt return futility.

dusty doesnt matter when was the last time we beat them with him. 2008? anyways whats funny is some of u wanted to keep sparano

2012 spiderman we will return to being a prud franchise. i told u after they were forced to keep sparano that this year would be a waste but least we would finally get rid of them all

Matt Moore (head) will not return.

After four years and a sub .500 record its time for a change.

Brady just fu***d my bets...I've got all the other games...IDIOT Brady!!

we still have the same players. we will not be relavent until 2013 if we have a rookie qb. were stuck in medocracy

Nate Garner...Awful...

top 10 pick for 4-12 is still very doable for this team this year ppl....keep your phinatic pride high....buffalo is our last major hurdle(Winning that is) to making this official.....

Nate Garner struggling today. Making Colombo look decent by comparison.

I think Mr Ross should secure his new HC before the holiday rush.

see what happens when u have no LT


Just goes back to when your qb and oline play is awful, you uusually lose! LOL

Armando ur crazy to think Columbo is playing decent today. The whole oline played like sh*t today

Armando, you know you're in trouble when your tackles are Nate Garner and Marc Colombo...

offensive line isnt important eh. We cant even convert inches let alone yards. 5 sacks for the philly defense and constant pressure in the backfield of miami. Jake Long cant be undervalued. We could have brady or brees back there and they would be on their a#@ all day. enough of the matt ryan/jake long debate

Dolphins fans starting to leave the building.

does moore have a concussion?

All those idiots who claimed injuries didn't effect teams we beat, how do you guys feel about that today.
On a side note Reggie has been awesome this season, hope he keeps that attitude next year when it will matter


Please don't blame the loss on NO LT.....

Last week when we beat the Raiders...who were missing 40% of there offensive production.....

Nobody wanted to talk about that...and the main words on here were....injuries are a part of the game....

Its sad seeing CP on TV, should be the QB of the fins, at least we were winning then. Although with this OL, to quote JT, his brain might be scrambled eggs.

Losman going to end up hurt with this oline. Then maybe we'll see if we have a franchise qb in brandon marshall

exactly, whole reason why we need a franchise qb. so make the right choice and draft the correct one. 2012 we will return strong. u will see how a real qb coach gm make a huge difference

Another loss one step closer to solidify our lower selection in next year draft and have a great QB pick. The future looks very bright. Mr. Sparano so long.

One thing we do know for sure, we need a qb.

Look like a definte playoff team when our qb's play good. Look like playgirls when they're not.

The oline has a lot to do with it today too!

armando all 46 of them left?

Dolphins fans starting to leave the building.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 11, 2011 at 03:59 PM

Theres dolphin fans there???....must be media in disguise running out to hold tonys electrifying press conference postgame babble!!!

Dolfan 29, with all due respect, that's bullsh**...How many winning seasons have we had with a great LT?? How many winning seasons have the Falcons had with a franchise QB?? Case closed. You can have a good LT without being Jake Long. Most LT's are much better than Nate Garner. He's not even a tackle to begin with. He's more of an interior lineman...So don't say that because of what you're seeing today...

First time I've ever heard of a penalty for elbow to the ribs. Pretty funny to me for some reason.

The depressing thing is Michael Vick is playing like crap -- completing only 50 percent of his passes with 1 TD and 1 INT -- and Philly is still killing the Dolphins.

And now Vick is under 50 percent passing.

texans 2nd and goal 8 secs left

What is to be gained Armando by keeping Sparano to the end of the season now, just curious wether you think the dolphins would be better off letting him FO now and getting a head start on a new HC candidates.

We need to score, now.

The Dolphins are killing the Dolphins...

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