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Dolphins need a big comeback in 4th to erase 24-10 deficit

The Dolphins have stopped the bleeding. The Eagles didn't score in the third quarter after posting 24 points in the second.

I told you the Eagles are not a mentally disciplined team.  They can lose focus.

But the Dolphins still have a big job ahead of them if they plan to salvage this game. The made up three points in the third. But they need touchdowns!

Let's see if they get them. The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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I say layaturdforrobertgriffinthethird!

The Dolphins trailing by 2 TD's...One was because of Sparano's dumb decision to try and get a 55 yard FG...The other one was when Bess fumbled...That's the difference in the game...The Eagles have done nothing offensively except for quarter#2...

Why does Bess keeep fair catching the ball inside the 10?


Its the 3 1st half turnovers. Eagles have score zero 2nd half points. Unfortunately we've only scored 3.

wow yates just threw a td, texans win

Vick is not playing like crap, Mr., WE are making him look that way.

Husketee, very easy Early contract termination, the buy out is bigger early than late

One loss closer to a franchise QB. The mick and WOP show comes to an end. Bill Fartsmells era thankfully ends. Ross leaves town ans sells the team. An early thanks to Santa.

why are the eagles not killing the clock in this game.....Vick is getting murdered being up 14 pts...

over/under losman throws a pick or get's hurt?

Whiffen for griffin

Join the herd we want the third

They haven't had a need to push the envelope and due anything offensively......


We are really only 2 or 3 players away from being serious contenders.

oscar vick always looks like crap. hes been horrible this year

Pats beat Skins 34-27....

Vick is overrated...He won't last long, EVEN IF they do make the playoffs...He's just a little girl...Tough guy with animals...Little girlie with real men...

Worst Stat Of The Day:

After 4:00pm and there's still over 8 minutes left in this game!

Guys, I do not see the Dolphins firing Sparano now. The guys they will chase will be available Jan. 2.

Anyway, enough of this...Later guys...

is garner really our second string LT? Now you guys see why LT is so important huh kris?

omg....never mind, miamis offense will gladly help them out there....

what a win by houston. vikes coming back also

hey montreal fin fan

if we had matt ryan he would be on crutches right now or at the local hospital. games are won and lost in the trenches and miami's offensive trench has many leaks. 6 sacks now my friend. Im not saying we dont need a franchise QB, but if we cant keep him upright its not going to matter who we have in there. All this talk of Matt Ryan is this franchise QB. What has he won in Atlanta. No Super bowl. Euff said

make the playoffs??? the eagles are horrible and 5-8, no chance

That D has beaten the sh-t out of our offence.

Is it just me or is this game dragging on

seriously, let PHILY run out the clock already.....

Anyways, I'm out guys. Armando please please do me a favor. Ask Tony Sparano at the press conference. WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH? Thanks!

Wow Merling has played hard today

No Spiderman...not at all.....

All i hear are EXCUSES.....and those are lie @ssholes to me....

Now do some idiots want to keep sparano around? A so called offensive line coach who cannot put a line together. Pathetic!

No adjustments, no quick passes, no runs, anywhere, nothing?

Dont care when Sparano goes, just so he goes.

nobody should say they want sparano now, if they do then they are clueless. this is a bad nfl team

All this talk of Matt Ryan is this franchise QB. What has he won in Atlanta. No Super bowl. Euff said

Posted by: Dolfan 29 | December 11, 2011 at 04:10 PM

When is the last time the Dolphins WENT to the SB.....nuff said...

When is the last time the Dolphins won a PLAYOFF GAME.....nuff said.....

I will always remember Tony Sarano for when he told the refs....your gonna get me fired...I luv that line

Eagles will NOT MAKE the playoffs.....Even philly fans know that!!!! this assures them nothing but a higher draft pick!!!

Sporano is the "hottest coaching prospect".....LOL

ball on 2 yard line 9 secs left. vikes could win

Philly's a better team, straight up. Dolphins played their keesters off the last 5 weeks, but they just had a bad game today.


when was the last time you made love to a man. oh right last night. euff said. lololololololololol

so true kris, course we would want matty ice. 4 tds 0 ints again today


when was the last time you made love to a man. oh right last night. euff said. lololololololololol

Posted by: Dolfan 29 | December 11, 2011 at 04:16 PM

Yeah....real mature.....way to stay on topic.....

Looked like a better crowd than what I've seen recently

yes navy, thousand of vick and eagle fans

Hartline sighting

Sparano fate - sealed!

for the last 7-8 games Pouncey has been snapping the ball way high and the O.L. coach looks that for him is okay -What about pracice, eh?-

Probably our quarterback could do better with NO offensive line than this patchwork quilt we got going

Marshall = useless

FG time!

When Matty ice wins a super bowl then talk some smack. Winning against the carolina panthers hardly qualifies to make a guy a franchise qb

Fasano-- good, not great.

This defeat was a huge victory for this team going forward. It makes the owners mind up for sure about firing Sparano , means this team cant even reach .500, we'll see if this team quits now. Draft position is all important now.

Stupid penalties have killed this team this year.

dolfan u cant be that clueless

I wonder how matty ice would do with Mark "turnstile" Columbo and Nate "i should be bagging groceries" Gardner. Somehow i dont think he would have 4 td's today. 7 sacks kris.


he is just a Troll....not worth...not worth the time....

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