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Dolphins need a big comeback in 4th to erase 24-10 deficit

The Dolphins have stopped the bleeding. The Eagles didn't score in the third quarter after posting 24 points in the second.

I told you the Eagles are not a mentally disciplined team.  They can lose focus.

But the Dolphins still have a big job ahead of them if they plan to salvage this game. The made up three points in the third. But they need touchdowns!

Let's see if they get them. The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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Yeah it's the height of stupidity to think that Ross would fire Sparano now...the season is done...you give Sparano the dignity of finishing out and look at end of season for a replacement... I wish Tony well, I think he is a good coach but he just isn't getting it done here (Thanks Jeff Ireland et al) Ireland has to go too...


Let me tell you something... I've been on the train wanting Sporano fired like virtually everyone else (and he probably will be); but I've never seen a coach face down a certain firing like he has; like him or not, he doesn't quit... he could very easily just decided to hell with it, but his players play their azzes off for him. So they lost today; they've been doing that a lot this year, but they haven't quit in my opinion.

So much for winning out.

This loss is on Tony Sparano and Daboll. Got outcoached by Reid and Luis Castillo.

Don't fall into the trap and think we have a playoff team guys... The stretch was good while it lasted and last weeks win knocked us back 3 spots up to the 9th pick from the 6th pick. And before you say it...I am not a bad fan, I'm just sick and tired of not having a franchise QB, way too many years since.. I want that QB in 2012


all im saying is that when jake long went out of this game that offensive line went to crap. 7 sacks by the philly defense. Just tired of everyone who said jake long was a bad pick and matt ryan would have been a better pick. if matt ryan's here he has gardner and columbo blocking?. if thats the case matty ice would be put on ice from all the hits. Ryan is a solid QB, but i dont think hes all world to say he was a clear cut pick over Long

I feel a comeback here. Watch.

i think long was a solid pick,. id rather have ryan but im not mad about it. and the eagles would of destroyed our line today with or without long. they are simply much better. we have long so draft our franchise qb now

In the red zone with 7 min remaining, they throw 4 straight passes into the end zone. Nothing quick and short, nothing in the flat to Reggie. Uff..

We need 2 more high picks on the offensive line next year. Not a qb. We need a pulling guard and a right tackle

C63? put...the...crack...pipe...down!...who here has even hinted that ANY part of this team is playoff caliber? the only thing this team and coach are doing is showing character and never say die down the stretch of a crappy season

Now in all seriousness there is a lot of work to do. By know we all know -finally- that Sparano will be gone, the questions lingers about Ireland, he's done some good but some bad also. I think the biggest mistake this team made was to go all in on Henne and waste precious time. We could have gone with an awful record earlier and draft a true franchise QB instead of sailing the waters of mediocrity for so long at 8-8, 7-9.

Anyway, drafting a QB is the foremost important decision the team has to address. From what I've seen only Luck and RG3 make the grade and to some extent Barkley, who I highly doubt will come out early. The Phins MUST do everything they can to land RG3, the only realistic option we have considering our record. If it means we need to trade up DO IT w/o hesitation. Please stop brining the Manning idea, he has only played in 3 offenses his entire life: HS, college and at Indy, he will not leave Indy that easily. We have procrastinated for almost two decades now that we need to draft high at QB.

Draft RG3, get Chudzinski and Shula and start to build a different attitude. Yesterday I thought we need to keep Daboll and Nolan but had my questions and though I still have questions about Nolan (Daboll just proved today why he had an offense worse than ours last year) I would welcome a complete start over at all coaching positions and get a fresh start.


i agree we need our franchise qb still, but i still feel long is a better player than ryan. we dont see it week in a week out because long plays a position that doesnt count stats like a qb. if you dont have franchise lineman then the qb doesnt matter. I would love to see where our record would be with matt ryan at qb

Griffin should be the Fins pick next year.

well guys thats 9 sacks today. man we have great tackles in gardner and columbo. we should trade jake long right now as really, who needs a franchise left tackle

Juan Castillo.

Welcome to the reality of a bad team, this may be news to some of you but the Dolphins are going to finish the year 5-11 can't wait for the off season

Sooo...what must the 'fins do to ensure that they actually get to PICK RG3? If they're not the top 2 or 3, they're going to have to trade, I would think.

also should be mentioned that juan castillo-an offensive coach before this year and blasted all year in philly and around the league, makes our offense look like chicken sh$%. If this doesnt get sparano fired nothing will. He must have the goods on Ross

tiger we cant draft him now, winning a few meaningless games has dropped us to far down in the draft

1st rgIII 2nd right tackle 3rd on down guards and tackles. Get d jax in free agency.

hood wake up we cant, remember those meaningless games u kept hoping we would win?? well they screwed us


I don't know if you know this, but the players and coaches sign a contract, and their job is to win. Were you not irate when they went 0-7? Of course; why? B/c it's their job to win.... so when they finally started doing what they're paid to do, you get mad. I'm glad you're not coaching this team.

I'd take Long over Ryan ANY day. RG3 will be better than Ryan. RG3 will also help cover some of our OL deficiencies. We are very LUCKY next year is very deep at OL. We need help at RT, RG and even back up at LT so Long is not overworked even while he was clearly not 100%, we need to get that guy healthy.

On 2nd rd pick Keleche Osemele from Iowa state (6'6", 347 lbs and a good lineman). If we need to trade up to get RG3, trade with Rams at 2, offer a WR (Hartline probably) and next years 1st (I know but we have no choice).

So what happened to all the resurging O-line talk. And Davis got killed all day. What a joke. What are next weeks Herald reports going to be on?
If this publication writes one more story that doesnt slam the Dolphins for being very very bad for a decade. Then I will not believe anything else I read from you guys.

I still feel we have a good nucleus of players, specially on Defense. We do need a Major League QB, many bodies in the OL, a HR threat at WR(if Gates isn't it; they haven't played him enough) and a very good FS.

Dolphins are not going to win another game. 4 and 12.

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