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Tony Sparano fired:The press conference

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland sat side-by-side at a desk in front of the Dolphins main meeting room moments ago and announced the firing of coach Tony Sparano and hiring of interim coach Todd Bowles.

Neither Sparano nor Bowles were at the press conference.

First things first, Ross confirmed my report from Sunday that Ireland will remain the general manager going forward. So secure is Ireland that Ross said the next coach must be able to work with Ireland and not have a conflict with Ireland.

Ross spent a lot of time praising Sparano, "who has really been a wonderful person and done a wonderful job with the Miami Dolphins," the owner said. Nonetheless, Ross cited "the best interest of the Miami Dolphins," as the reason for firing Sparano now.

Ross said there has been much "distraction and speculation" regarding whether Sparano would stay or go. "I think in the interest of the football team and the development of this team,' Ross said, "this is the time to make this change."

Ross said the final decision to fire Sparano now came this morning. He said Sparano "wasn't happy about" the decision to fire him now. Having said that, the Dolphins knew long ago that Sparano was likely out at the end of the season and Sunday's 26-10 loss to Philadelphia sealed the coach's fate.

Ross said the Dolphins record is "not indicative of what the team is capable of. The foundation is there to build a winning team."

Ross said Bowles will be interviewed for the head coaching job once his interim time is complete. Bowles, who is black, would help the Dolphins fulfill the NFL's Rooney Rule requirement for filling coaching vacancies.

"I'd like to find a young Don Shula if that's possible," Ross said.

Ross said he has not had conversations with Carl Peterson relative to his friend taking over the Dolphins as an executive vice president of football operations as ESPN report.

It was interesting to me that Ireland was so prominent in this presser. He has not spoken to the media this year -- a fact that has torqued me off quite a bit, as readers of this blog know.

Ireland will be part of the search for the head coach.

"Obviously, you're looking for experience and the best candidate out there," Ireland said. "I want someone who's been in the trenches before -- someone with some of the same qualities I saw in Tony -- a guy who is a tireless worker, a guy who understands both offense and defense."

Ireland had not until today taken responsibility publicly for the 4-9 team that Miami is today. Yes, Ross believes the team is more talented than the record. But, come on! They're 4-9!

"We all feel responsibility for what happened today, we all do," Ireland said. "This is a game of winning and when you don't win, you feel responsible for that. I have responsibility in it. Mr. Ross has responsibility in it. Our players have responsibilty. Ultimately, Tony had the ultimate responsibility."

Ireland said he's "not happy about being part of this decision that Mr. Ross and I made together." But added, he's looking to finding the next coach for the franchise.


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I see Ross interviewed frequently on CNBC, he is always comfortable. At the press conference he looked very awkward.

Ross knows he fired Sparano 11 months ago, just didn't get around to telling him until today.

Hi, every body.
What I do liked about ex-coach Sparano and will be nice to have again:
1.- Game preparation
2.- How dolphins go to the red zone
3.- How the dolphins raise from 1-15
4.- How the dolphins wins in road games
5.- The play selection in 1st and 2nd downs
6.- The center and the left side of the OL
7.- The wildcat in the 11-5 season

What I do NOT liked about ex-coach Sparano and I don't want to suffer again
1.- Adjustments during the game
2.- What dolphins do in the red zone
3.- Having 2 consecutives losing seasons after 11-5
4.- Dolphins losing on home games
5.- The play selection in 3th and 4th downs
6.- Too much experiments, lack of continuity of the OL
7.- Using the wildcat in wrong moments screwing the rhythm of the QB (I don't have it clear if is only on Tony or Dan Henning also)
8.- NEPOTISM (Colombo)
9.- Conservative play calling at home games: FG instead of TD

Any way, I do like to thank to coach Tony there are things I will be miss, others not so much.
And that the way that it is, if he can fix his faults, that will be good.


TODD HALEY!!!*lmao*

Again Jeff Ireland is a scumbag who needs to be fired. Thats SOB is such a rat. I hate RATS!

Ireland = Rat

Ross is an idiot. If he was going to fire Sparano, he should have done it at 0-6 or 0-7. The 4 wins are just going to hurt the Dolphins in the draft. He should have fired him earlier or not at all.

*sigh* back to square one. Best of luck to Sparano wherever he lands. He's a much better coach than he gets credit for.

Team and Ross is a joke clean house

Bowels: Hey steven, can I be there for the press conference since im the new INTERIM head coach?

Ross: Dont push your luck with me todd, we already have you taking over as our first ever minority coach for the miami dolphins.

Bowels: Come on ross, I really want to have a shot at coaching this team next year.

Ross: You'll have your thirty second interview after the season, alright??

Ireland: Hey stevy, press is here, lets make this as bittersweet as possible, eh? (SMILES)
Hey Todd, um....shouldn't you be anywhere but here right now?

Bowels: Yea, I guess I dont have much of a choice, do I??

Ireland and Ross: Nope!!( Hold Hands and leave)

Hire Brian Grease, the all time top rated QB for QBs with over 500 passes.

mango can you put the vid up on youtube?

This is ridiculous. Glad sparano is gone, absolutely nothing is good about him as a coach. But why keep Ireland????? He can't draft at all, he never has been able to. It's so upsetting that only part of the problem has been fixed. I bet what happened was that Ireland told Ross what he wanted to hear better than anyone else. Body of work should speak for itself in negative ways too. Ugh.

Well, I will not be watching another game the remainder of the season. Haven't missed a game is years but it is what it is.

I am officially declaring myself eligible for the 2012 draft. I'll let you all in on how my interview with Ireland goes. My momma aint no HO!!!!

Of Carl Peterson is brought in, keep this in mind. In all his years running KC, he never once drafted a QB in the first round. It was all veterans and re-treads. Just food for thought

the owner is liar...the gm is a liar...now we are going to get a liar coach...how many steps back can one team make....

For those wishing for Ireland to go...forget about it!

Why: Peterson gave Ireland his first job as a rookie scout @ KC.

The plan is coming together nicely:

Get rid of The Tuna = check
Get rid of Henne = check
Fire Sparano = check
Hire new VP of football = check
Hire new HC = pending
Draft franchise QB = pending

Folks, we are 2/3 of the way back on the road to the Superbowl!

Have faith my friends!

first question asked for all hc interviews...is your mother a prostitute?

Such a joke

They let the man start the season, they should have let him finish. We teach kids to finish what they start but then again all the things we preach to children we never actually do ourselves, as adults. Shame on Ross and Ireland for this move. Let the man finish the last 3 games then do what you feel is necessary afterwards. This is weak, very very weak and reaks of cowardice. Shame on you mr ross and mr ireland. Shame.

Is Dan Marino available for the head coach position???....just askin!!!

Marino would slap the taste out of Ireland's mouth with QB pick ups like Henne, Pat White, and Moore

You said Ireland was prominent, did he take questions? Maybe its just me but it sounds ballsy for him to talk about what 'he wants' in a coach... probably since I don't consider him a real GM. LOL at the plan is coming together nicely post.

All I can say is good luck. He should have left last year before the season started. Now everyone will question his ability.

I guess Stephen Ross is going to have to learn the hard way that "star power" is not what puts people in seats - WINNING puts people in seats.

Meanwhile, us fans will have to suffer the consequences of yet more shoddy decision making by those in charge of this once great franchise.

Henne & White were all Parcels...Ireland had zero input on those picks.

I mean really, Dolphin fans are just about as pathetic as they come. They have a complete inability to support the team regardless of what the organization does.

Posted by: wolfman1313 | December 12, 2011 at 05:20 PM


No, we are just tired of getting screwed over by this organization year after year after year making dumb move after dumb move.


The real pathetic fans are the ones who support their team no matter what they do. The truth is this team has long used up any good will from the days of the perfect team, Killer Bs, and Danny Boy. Those days are LONG GONE! This team continuously makes mistake after mistake and can get away with it because stupid gullible fans believe "this time will be different!" So go ahead and keep supporting these guys. Their track record shows they are pathetic. I will be the first one to jump up and down if they get it right. BUT THEY WON'T. A leopard doesn't change it's spots. RICK SPIELMAN sucked when he was here. He still sucks. Ruined the Vikings now too. Jeff Ireland sucks. When they finally discover this in 2-3 years, it will be the same old crap again.

If that makes me a pathetic Dolphin fan, then SO BE IT.

Deep Thoughts

Question#1: How did Ross become a billionaire when he is clearly one of the most stupid owners in the entire NFL?

Question#2: How does Ireland keep his job when the Dolphins are clearly devoid of any studs on the team except Jake Long (and no studs at skilled positions?)

Question#3: Why would you commit to Jeff Ireland next year without even knowing who you want to coach the team? Maybe the coach wants to bring-in their own GM?


Epic fail. I feel this season was another complete waste. I can see having the same conversation 3 years from now.


I think I speak for most fans when I say this is the way it is. All we can do now is hope for the best. I would have like to have seen Ireland go too. Just hopehey choose an offensive minded coach. Chudinski would be sweet. Hope springs eternal. Go Fins!

Ireland was a much larger problem then Sparano. Sure Sparano needed to go, but the fact Ireland is staying makes it much worse.

So long suckers!

If Ireland really "sucks" then Ross would cut him loose as he has no ties with him.

Ireland was Parcels "gopher" for two years and never made one decision on his own.

Last year's draft was actually pretty good for us and am willing to give him 2-3 years to prove himself outside of Parcels iron grip.

Tee, you hit the nail on the head. They go 0-7, when his coaching is ABYSMAL and they keep him. 4-2 over the last six with a game we should of won at Dallas, and a loss to the Eagles because we basically gave them 17 points (Not his fault, in a way, losing to O-linemen). It is no class to fire a coach with 3 games left when his team is still playing with heart, for the coach. I am no Sparano fan. Ross going for Harbaugh during the off-season? I had no issue. Look at the 49ers now. Sparano is a horrible game manager, and he has no "go for the throat" fire in him. However, fire him at 0-7. or let him finish then make that decision. As Tee said, "This is weak, very very weak and reaks of cowardice. Shame on you mr ross and mr ireland. Shame." Let's get prepared to get some retread coach now.

MARC COLUMBO --- Ireland Bust.
DANIEL THOMAS --- Will be an Ireland Bust.
Not drafting a QB --- Ireland Bust.
Letting Henne remain starter --- Ireland Bust.

What HAS Ireland done right? Ireland is a joke. He will never be a winner. He has a loser philosophy and mentality which doesn't work in the NFL today. He sucks.

I mean really, Dolphin fans are just about as pathetic as they come. They have a complete inability to support the team regardless of what the organization does.

Posted by: wolfman1313 | December 12, 2011 at 05:20 PM

Thats almost like the blind person leading the blind people across moving traffic....CMON MAN!!!

Sparano will reappear on another team and do fine there. He's a cool guy, and as fiery and into it as any coach, but the chemistry wasn't right. I hate to give Ireland the benefit of the doubt (like Herman Cain, Perry, or Bachman) but he's all we got, so keep your fingers crossed. RG3!

IrelandSucks why do you go puke your guts out somewhere and come back never. It's old listening to your whining crap.



IrelandSucks why do you go puke your guts out somewhere and come back never. It's old listening to your whining crapola.

For me a wining or tie season was the key to decide to fire Sparano or not. And in the moment the condition is filled, the Ross fires Sparano, to resolve the doubt about how the team looks like without Sparano, witch others holes needs to be filled without Sparano. Or may be not may be Sparono was a huge part of the problem.

I honestly don't have time to list all of Ireland's failures, but, he's as big a problem as Tony, if not more...One thing can be sure. Regardless of what this team does, it will be the wrong decision.

ireland and ross need to go with sparano!


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone

LOL - can I quote you on that?

Look at who Ross's main advisors have been. Parcells, Peterson, Mangini. Two old timers and one mid timer. Like them or not that is lots of experience there. They are obviously telling him to stick with Ireland. They must see something in his work worth keeping, otherwise they'd have advised him to dump him too.

Think about it.

Another sharp move!!!! The minute I saw the new owner of the Dolphins on TV , I knew this franchise is doomed. Another change, another bone head move. We will never be the elite franchise we once were. There is no more loyalty. Look at the successful franchises out there. The Rooney family, The Kraft Family just to name few. Mr. Ross needs to go back into selling real estate. He is in it for the money and not the love of the sport. Mark my words. We will hire some unknown and un proven coach, we will all get excited for a season, we will have some key injuries, we will get another loser quarterback, we will not wait to develop this quarterback. Then we will fire the new coach and get rid of the new quarterback, and the merry go round will start again. Way to go Mr. Ross.

Rhe Miami Dolphins died when Joe Robbie died. We were basically at the end of the Shula era when his kids sold the team.

Don Shula's firing was just the burial. All we keep doing now is bringing flowers to the grave. Miami professional football is dead!

Im just happy I was a fan long enough to see a "REAL" professional football team in Miami. Those days have long since past.

Trying to revive it now seems like stringing up bright lights around a long condemned building. Its makes only for seeing the entire structure has failed.

RIP Dolphins As We Once Knew You!

Jon @ 5:26 -

Peterson probably never drafted a QB in the first round with KC because he averaged 80% wins in his 20 years....hard to draft QB in the first when you're constantly drafting at the back end of the draft....and winning.

Just something to think about.

Ireland needs to go too....Carl Peterson what did he ever win????????????
Here we go again......

If Peterson becomes VP FB ops do you think Brian Schottenheimer will be the next HC?






Here's an interesting fact. Ireland use to work for Peterson a long long time ago.

I want to wish Sparano the best and hope that someday breaks his addition to Field Goals

Boy are we happy now!

Yeeeeeeaaaah !!!


The only way a Sales Guy gives the ALLUSION of progress !!

Jeff Ireland=Stephen Ross's do boy. He obviously has worked his knees to the bone trying to save his job. The problem is, once a real coach comes here, like a Gruden, Cower, Fisher, Bellick etc, they will look at Ireland's body of work, laugh at him, and ask him who the hell are you to tell me who to pick or sign? I doubt Ireland will make it long term once the interview process begins for a new coach.

Can we fire Stephan Ross and hire Dan Rooney?

Ireland is an IDIOT. He no clue what he is doing as a GM.

WHat is his experience? Head of player personel in Dallas????

Ireland has huge blunders, not bringing in someone to compete with Henne, no WR or TE last year, not starting Moore sooner, picking up Dallas players ad nasum, not talking to the media this WHOLE year to explain his screw ups....

This ex season ticket holder will not buy ANY dolphin merchandise until Ireland is gone.

Ireland should be fired too. He has equal or greater culpability as Sparano. Who did Ireland bring in to improve the qb situation? What great personnel decisions did Ireland make? None. Personally, I think Ireland is the bigger problem. Ross, clean house. Bring your buddy Peterson in who knows football to hire a quality GM & coach. Parcell's was an excellent coach but a terrible GM or director of football operations.

For some, it comes the "fear of the unknown", "we wnat changes but not so fast", once Shula retires, the dolphins goes from bad to worse, up to a 1-15 season. Sparano was not too bad but for sure there will be better HC some were, I have my favorites the OC of green bay, for instance. Sparano was not a HC but a HC assistance.

******BREAKING NEWS******

As part of the firing of Sparano, Ross in lue of the $ for the remaining contract year has offered Tony Sparano a leased spot in Sun Life so Tony can open a Pizza shop.

Also, It is reported that Jeff Ireland will be offered the same contract settlement offering him a leased spot at Sun Life for a Southern style Corned Beef and cabbage stand and during the off season Dez Bryant will be named the manager.

Now who's the ho now Jeff.

wow. i just watched the clumsy press conference announcing the firing of sparano. ross and jeff are 2 idiots who cant even talk coherently. why would they let tony do a press conf at 11:30 when they had already decided this morning to fire him???? our dolphins are on life support.



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