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Tony Sparano fired:The press conference

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland sat side-by-side at a desk in front of the Dolphins main meeting room moments ago and announced the firing of coach Tony Sparano and hiring of interim coach Todd Bowles.

Neither Sparano nor Bowles were at the press conference.

First things first, Ross confirmed my report from Sunday that Ireland will remain the general manager going forward. So secure is Ireland that Ross said the next coach must be able to work with Ireland and not have a conflict with Ireland.

Ross spent a lot of time praising Sparano, "who has really been a wonderful person and done a wonderful job with the Miami Dolphins," the owner said. Nonetheless, Ross cited "the best interest of the Miami Dolphins," as the reason for firing Sparano now.

Ross said there has been much "distraction and speculation" regarding whether Sparano would stay or go. "I think in the interest of the football team and the development of this team,' Ross said, "this is the time to make this change."

Ross said the final decision to fire Sparano now came this morning. He said Sparano "wasn't happy about" the decision to fire him now. Having said that, the Dolphins knew long ago that Sparano was likely out at the end of the season and Sunday's 26-10 loss to Philadelphia sealed the coach's fate.

Ross said the Dolphins record is "not indicative of what the team is capable of. The foundation is there to build a winning team."

Ross said Bowles will be interviewed for the head coaching job once his interim time is complete. Bowles, who is black, would help the Dolphins fulfill the NFL's Rooney Rule requirement for filling coaching vacancies.

"I'd like to find a young Don Shula if that's possible," Ross said.

Ross said he has not had conversations with Carl Peterson relative to his friend taking over the Dolphins as an executive vice president of football operations as ESPN report.

It was interesting to me that Ireland was so prominent in this presser. He has not spoken to the media this year -- a fact that has torqued me off quite a bit, as readers of this blog know.

Ireland will be part of the search for the head coach.

"Obviously, you're looking for experience and the best candidate out there," Ireland said. "I want someone who's been in the trenches before -- someone with some of the same qualities I saw in Tony -- a guy who is a tireless worker, a guy who understands both offense and defense."

Ireland had not until today taken responsibility publicly for the 4-9 team that Miami is today. Yes, Ross believes the team is more talented than the record. But, come on! They're 4-9!

"We all feel responsibility for what happened today, we all do," Ireland said. "This is a game of winning and when you don't win, you feel responsible for that. I have responsibility in it. Mr. Ross has responsibility in it. Our players have responsibilty. Ultimately, Tony had the ultimate responsibility."

Ireland said he's "not happy about being part of this decision that Mr. Ross and I made together." But added, he's looking to finding the next coach for the franchise.


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Stephen Brown, believe it or not I'm also a North Miami High grad, fellow Pioneer!

I was happy about the JJ hiring too. Had no idea he would be back in the broadcast booth 3yrs later. Same with Parcells.

Thats what now scares me most about hiring anymore former both coaches to run anything in Miami. Fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me 3 times, has anyone come up with one for that one yet?

Go Carol City Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric Mangini??? Obviously the fact the Fins have avereged 42,00,000 fans lately hasn't dawned on you DB, you do remember JRS seats 82,500?? You think that's bad put a guy who couldn't get the Division rival Jets who Ryan takes to two AFC Champ games or Browns to .500 Football in place as HC and Season ticket sales will fall to record lows on par with the 66 expansion Season.

Guess now they can be called the Miami Gardens Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I meant 42,000 fans and with the exception of Sancheez, B.Scott and Leonhard that was the same Jets team Mangenious had which he couldn't win with and Ryan turns around and goes to two straight AFC Championships with.


That's why Im guessing after bringing Mangini in. These idiots paint themselves into a corner of having to trade for Peyton Manning.

IMO, these league wide well known buffoons wont be able to do anything better than bringing in Ross' "young Shula" Mangini.

Im preparing myself for a Mangini/ Manning offseason. Until they prove otherwise.


Brace yourself so youre not caught off guard!

Interesting some guy posted that he's been a fan since 1965, hmmmmm??? Well I guess if you were a fan when the expansion franchise was awarded to Robbie and Danny Thomas but we didn't even hold our 1st team practice till the summer of 66 at Boca Ciega High School.

JRS seats 73,000. Where did you get an extra 9500 seats?

The Dolphins first training camp was in St. Petersburg. They went to Boca later.

I'm here for all your history lessons!

Every draft year there's maybe 1-2 guys dolfans have heard of. Yeah, Ireland hits on 1-2 picks a year so what.

Even a broken clock's right twice a day.

Eric Mangini, he owns a pizza shop in Queens, NY, right?

82,000 includes all of the concessionaires and stadium workers.


I won't say never but I can't believe Ross thinks he can sell the fanbase on that and he's been dealing with serious back lash in terms of ticket sales. If he did that the Stadium will be a funeral parlor on Sunday's, I can't even imagine the shyt storm that would cause! I'm out the thought is to depressing! PUKING!!!!!


Sounds like he does. LOL

Mr. Yesturday Guam--Yes! Soon is the day come I am in America to talk of your day in the disco record band SEX PISTOLS before we enjoy much romance shower together!

I have receive e-mail of you and will take ride from airport to your home. Also have bring all sex toy you have ask and much lotions too.

It is with great heart I await this day of love!


Manning will pack the house. Even if they dont like trading for Manning the fans will be there until the 7th game of the season when Manning goes down for the year(reinjures neck).

Then we're back to the empty nest in Miami! LOL

Ireland has made plenty of solid personnel moves it is not his fault that Tony loses challenges, has bad clock management, plays for FG's, always is 2 steps behind the other coach, starts Colombo when VC Jerry and Garner are there, starts Jones when Culver and Clemons are there.

Bush, Burnett, Odrick, Clay, Pouncey over Ingram, Moore over getting Orton while giving up 40 mill and draft picks

Rice a roni @12:42

From wikipedia, looked it up just for you and your history lesson!

OriginsMiami joined the American Football League (AFL) when an expansion team franchise was awarded to lawyer Joseph Robbie and actor Danny Thomas in 1965 for $7.5 million, although Thomas would eventually sell his stake in the team to Robbie.[1] During the summer of 1966, the Dolphins' training camp was in St. Pete Beach with practices in August at Boca Ciega High School in Gulfport.[2]

Ireland took over a team with no talent and has a good roster now. We are a qb and rt away

Just In:

CSI Miami now investigating the alledged death of the Miami Dolphins franchise. Stay tuned for updates.

Rice o roni,

When Robbie built JRS capacity was 75,192 then Huzienga added 7,000 seats to 82,192 if you want to be exact in order to accomodate 46,700 Baseball fans making it the biggest Baseball park in MLB, not that he ever filled the stands.

Thank you for making my point.

Their FIRST camp was in St. Petersburg. If you know your Dolphins history (and I do) you would recall it was infamous for the horrible facilities, which included a 'practice field' consisting of crushed seashells and catered food that was usalyy horrible Chinese take-out variety that the players nearly revolted over.

The move to the facility at Boca was AFTER that debacle.

Again, thank you for confirming it.

Oh, and please tell me where JRS has 82,500 seats. I'm curious about that one.

Rice o roni,

When Robbie built JRS capacity was 75,192 then Huzienga added 7,000 seats to 82,192 if you want to be exact in order to accomodate 46,700 Baseball fans making it the biggest Baseball park in MLB, not that he ever filled the stands.

Posted by: fin4life | December 13, 2011 at 12:55 AM

That's not even remotely accurate. In fact, when the stadium was reconfigured for baseball (the permanent north side stands replaced with a retractable version) the seating was actually REDUCED by a small amount.

JRS was NEVER an 82,000 seat facility or even close to it. Never.

It's ok to be wrong and admit it. Sorry I happened to be here when you posted that erroneous info.

One recent move that Tony made was very dirty, self-centered and a straight up dick move, almost extortion-like and showed his true colors. Recently when the talk became heavier concerning his impending firing, he told the players that if he goes, many of them will be gone too. It got the attention of many of the players. Naturally they perked up out of fear and insecurity and there was a temporary improvement in play, mistaken by some media writers in SoFla and reported as a sign the players were standing up for and demonstrating support for their HC.

Sorry Dude, the ONLY way this is a dik move is if you're a Va gina! Seriously, I don't mean to be a smart a ss, BUT, that just the truth.

SpOrano was the leader of this TEAM!

SpOrano and this TEAM had their backs against the wall.

It was SpOrano and the TEAM, that could have salvaged the season and his job.

If things are going bad, you got your backs against the wall and you bail on your LEADER?

The by definition, you are a VA GINA!!!!


PS: The dik suk that monitors this blog is a va gina as well.

Actually, he's a dik suk that dreams his a ss is a vag.

Have fun Mario!!!!

rice a roni,

My point is you say the 1st training camp which usually means the ENTIRE camp before the start of the season. I can read just fine and know they were at St. Pete as well but you seemed dismissive about Boca Ciega like they were always at St. Pete and if you check you'll see that under Huzienga capacity reached 82,000 for the 1st time at a Bills Monday night game early 90's.

JRS was NEVER an 82,000 seat facility or even close to it. Never.

It's ok to be wrong and admit it. Sorry I happened to be here when you posted that erroneous info.

Publicado por: rice a roni | December 13, 2011 at 01:01 AM

I'm going to look it up God knows if wrong and have been plenty I would admit it.

The way things seem to be working now, as with Tebow, it would be to our advantage to have a very religious Coach, either Urban Meyer(a strong Catholic) or Les Miles(a strong Christian).

rice a roni,

I stand corrected although your number was off as well but closer than mine, don't know were I got the number maybe confusing myself with the OB when they would put in the extra seats.

Seating Capacity

Full-Time Use For Baseball:
Seating Capacity

On-Site (140 acres)
23,857 cars, 108 buses, 90 RVs, 225 limousines, 250 disabled spaces

Locker Rooms

(60 lockers in each) 4

Playing Field : Surface

Prescription Athletic Turf (Natural Grass)

Playing Field : Drainage

Firm Playing Surface Within 30 Minutes of a 3" Per Hour Rain


Daktronics ProStar® Hi-Definition Display Board (East End Zone) 50 feet

Those two college Coaches I mentioned above are phenomenal in their abilities, specially Urban Meyer in his ability to Teach.


Were you reading the posts by smoking the tebow pipe??????

Later guys to many Beers tonight!

You might have been thinking back to when the Orange Bowl had the temporary bleachers in the East endzone...making the capacity there (officially) 80,010. I well remember that number being announced over and over that ratty old loudspeaker back in the glory days.

UNOFICIALLY, God only knows how many got packed into that joint some days. You can look at old game highlights and see people standing everywhere (including the uppermost reaches) and I know plenty---including both my dad and myself on occassion-- who used to just bribe the gate attendants to get in. Those days are gone, alas.

By the way, no hard feelings. I have a feeling you and I would EASILY finish one and two in any Dolphins trivia quiz!


I know you admit when your wrong.

Which ain't very often. You know your football Guy and your Memory? Get out of here ;)

If you boys have the lubricants, Madame Carla has the goods!

I am a sexy senior (82 years young) ready to service you.

Ireland is a scrotum who blamed everything on TS, he needs to be fired as well!!!

Posted by: wolfman1313 | December 12, 2011 at 06:03 PM

As regards your post, I might remind you lots of great QB's besides Brady were taken later, such as Aaron Rogers, Andy Dalton, Johnny Unitas, etc.
Peterson won due to a GREAT home field advantage, excellent defense, and terrific HC.

However, I do believe much of the animus towards Peterson is due to his closeness to Ross, which automatically makes him a problem.


Hitler knows Sporano sucked. Italian sub tony should have played madden to learn game and time mgmt. I imagine the COwboys will rehire him soon as an asst coach. I have no malice towards Meatball Tony, he was just in over his head in the river from day one. Good luck to him, he had to go but the job should have been done 6 months ago.


This video is a trip, kind of funny. Some video called xtra normal. He mentions fist pumping by TS. I have to say my lasting memory of T Sporano will be .... The fist pumping of field goals. TS never saw a field goal he did not love lol...

It's pretty simple in my opinion.

Ireland and SpOrano were disciples(victims)of a dated old dinosaur. A Fvcking washed up has been by the name of Parcells. If not, please explain how or why he dug up the corpse of Dan Henning and expected him to help save a floundering franchise(actually, Parcells knew he was a fraud/pretender. His main motivation was most likely to rob an inexperienced Ross from the begining and walk away with a nice retirement fund. But that's another story the main stream media(specifically ESPN)are choosing to completely ignore-AT THE MOMENT).

Anyways, Ireland and SpOrano didn't have a chance from the begining. Considering the mentor, Fatcells was so washed up and out of touch with todays pass happy NFL. More precisely, all three were in over their heads from the begining. Recall Henning being totally lost without a clue as to how to run a spread/attacking offense. Also remember how many times SpOrano sat on the ball trailing behind with 2:00 till halftime.

The main point is, Ireland don't stand a chance and we'll all pay the price. The only thing Ireland knows is Parcells archaic prototypical type football players. The ones that excell at ball control offense, limiting mistakes and playing strong D. Field position and field goals are their mantra.

Ireland has no clue how to build a passing/attacking team. He simply doesn't have it in him.

If you noticed, this team improved when Parcells and Irelands choice of Defensive Coordinators was fired. They improved again when Parcells speacial teams coach was fired. They improved yet again, when Parcells and Irelands choice of Offensive coordinators was fired. Oh yeah, almost forgot, they improved when Parcells strong armed robbed Ross and FINALLY/THANKFULLY left Miami.

Can you see the pattern here? Parcells(and Ireland by Proxy)were still trying to win one for the gipper, when the guys like Manning, Brees and Rodgers were winning Super Bowls.

Ross, being totally inexperienced as an NFL: owner, had no idea that Parcells, Ireland and Hennings were simply robbing him from the get go. They knew they were outclassed, outsmarted, outdated and in over their heads. It's sad, but they knew their days were numbered and all they did was milk it for all they could get.

The best thing Ross can do at this point is FINISH the purge. Cut out the last of this Parcellian Loser Cancer named Ireland and start ANEW!

Fist pumps right up Parcells and Ireland's Keisters BABY!!!!

"What good coach wants to come here if he can't hire his own GM? They are going to find a puppet just like Sparano was. This move makes no sense to fire Sparano now people on the outside see how he was treated and won't come here just can't see Cowher or Fisher coming here as long as Ireland is still here.Who is going to trust Ireland he is dirty?

Posted by: robert in az | December 12, 2011 at 07:38 PM
It doesn't work that way...normally, the GM comes first, THEN the HC.
Jeff Fisher did not get along with Floyd Reese, and Reese was basically let go.
Ireland will NOT be the guy making the decision, you KNOW it will be Ross, with help from his cronies.

FWIW, I think we need a smart GM/player evaluator(s) as much as anything.
However, as long as Ross owns the team, I'm not convinced he'll ever relinquish authority as he did for Tuna. Thus, flunkies like Ireland.

this is who ross wants to hire


Becuase of Ireland still being here as GM next year, this is who we probably will hire

Rob Ryan(UGH)
......or some other coaching puppeteer!!

*lol* things are looking up for the FISH!!!

I think I vote for Rob Ryan. I play madden so I want a coach that plays it too. My perfect Dolphins coach would be a weed smoker w a great denfensive coord who keep the defensive line controlled with a .45 colt pistol. That how the 1973 cowboys did it lol.

I'd rather have Ross throwing darts at a dart board. I wouldn't even trust Ireland to pick up the beer and Hookers.

Ross throwing darts can't be as bad as a fundamentally and philosophically outdated Ireland.

Ireland had his fun in the sun. He grew up witnessing what kind of players it took to win Super Bowls........back in 1985!

He honed his skills under a sociopathic retard whose late 80's success launched some severly misguided narcacism in Bill "The Dirty Bandit" Parcells.

Together, these two are the biggest private joke among NFL shakers. Ireland never had it and never will. Parcells hasn't been relevent, nor coherent for the past two decades. Pretty much laughing stocks. Make no mistakes though and be under no illusions. Parcells taught Ireland everything he wished he knew about todays game. They're like the Brett Farves of GM/Coaches.

I have to ask for real...

Who should we hire as the next HC? Its scary Ireland is gona be the one that picks but Ireland paid $750 million for the franchise. I guess he gets to pick...

Ireland bought the team? GREAT! Uggggggggggggggggggggggggh!

I guess he figures it's the only way he can keep his job.

I still can't believe that the guy in charge of our personel decisions couldn't even figure out how to interview a 21 year old Man/Child Prospect.

I swear to GOD ALMIGHTY, just give me a chance. I'll GLADLY earn the assault and battery charges.

I'll give you 2 to 1 the Judge dismisses it as justifiable!

Last comment meant to get a reaction from Ross. Like any South Florida team, if u win u will be supported. If u sell all ur stars in a fire sale after winning it all u are the marlins..

Kool Hand Tony:

Anybody here? Hey, Irish Man. You home tonight? Can You spare a minute. It's about time we had a little talk. I know I'm a pretty evil fellow... lost some games and got drunk... and chewed up team property and the like. I know I got no call to ask for much... but even so, You've got to admit You ain't dealt me no cards in a long time. It's beginning to look like You got things fixed so I can't never win out. Inside, outside, all of them... rules and regulations and bosses. You made me like I am. Now just where am I supposed to fit in? Irish Man, I gotta tell You. I started out pretty strong and fast. But it's beginning to get to me. When does it end? What do You got in mind for me? What do I do now?

[Gets on knees, closes eyes and begins to pray]

well the seesaw ride is over. Now I know longer have to, at one minute wish for Sparanos head, and the next think, well maybe he is the one. oddly, i cant say Im happy that its over either. the whole thing is just wierd. Mando so cleverly wrote that Sparano is fired for not taking mediocre players that were given to him, and being able to make a mediocre team. hmmm, was that not what you said a few weeks ago, that all we had was a mediocre team? If so, then didnt Sparano succeed? The whole Ireland thing is a little confusing too. If Ireland did select all the mediocre talent as some have said, should'nt he be fired. Or is it true that Ireland only had control of 1 draft, 1 season of FA and trades? If thats the case, I can see why Ireland is still here. That does not make me like him, I think he is a rat bas turd, but thats just my opinion. What I do hate about all of this, is that more than likely Nolan and Daboll will also leave, I think they were both doing a good job with what they had. So what coaches are available and who will Ross choose? Its all speculation, but i doubt anyone here will be happy no matter who it is. Personally I count out Gruden, Cowher, Fischer, and Mangini. I can't stand anyone in the Ryan family. STAR coaches are usually allready enjoying STAR jobs somewhere else. So I suppose I will have to sit back and wait until Mando with his infamous wisdom gives us the inside scoop as to whom the new owner has contacted. This is the part I hate the most..

Ireland MUST go!

If your not a true Dolphin fan then go support someone else and stop all the crying you babies!!!
Stop moaning and whinging!!!!

This team will rise, mark my word!!!!

Go Phins, New super QB, new Super coach and a few key players through the draft and free agency will get this team back on track.

There is a new coach in Miami and he is already making the decisions. Ireland is and will be a puppet for a while, until the new coach emerges.

Ross is a businessman and he learned from his mistakes last year. His pockets are hurt. Sparano's firing is just the tip of the iceberg and Ireland's face in the Press conference confirmed his fate.

I say interview Rob Ryan, d-coordinator of Dallas.

Ireland took a Center with the 15th pk of the latest draft, instead of a franchise QB. And Ross believes Ireland can find a young Don Shula? Wouldnt be surprised if h re-hires Sparano.

Ireland should be fired too.

i bet Armando Salguero is happy this morning, i have been following this blog for years and this team and can barely say i have read a good column from him about anything with the dolphins, he always first to bring critics and last with good news

if you hate them so stop writing about them or put urself in the coaching hat

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