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Dolphins and Bills tied 7-7 in the second quarter

ORCHARD PARK NY -- The Miami defense is having a hard time tackling. Really hard.

And that's one reason C.J. Spiller went 24 yards for the only touchdown so far today.

The Dolphins haven't been able to do much damage on the ground, something they expected to do. But they did get big 30-yard pass play from Matt Moore to Charles Clay as the first quarter ended.

They're in field goal range. Let's see how that goes.

The live blog rolls in the comments section. Meet me there.

[Update: Matt Moore completed a 22-yard TD to a wide open Anthony Fasano on the first play of the second quarter. Tied game.


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Where's Soiled? Always late that fellow...


Fasano and Clay will be great with RGIII or Barkley throwing to them next year.

Not a bad throw Matty!

How we gonna get either QB without a trade up ... We'll prob finish with the 6th pick in round one. Not good enough to get those guys.

Great throw actually, nice high arc lob to TE, good job.

.....Just sad!!! Great for fasano, but Hell anybody here with the exception of mando could catch that ball being that wide open.....*lol*

Followed up by a FUBAR special teams play

good pressure from D line

Ryan Fitzpatrick has erratic accuracy. One does not give a QB with erratic accuracy a big contract.

Fasano as the 2nd T.E. works in 08 with David Martin as the 1st option Fasano played well blocking and releasing as a secdondary option in the pass game. If we finally get an upper tier pass catching T.E. we could have a solid 2 T.E. formation which GREATLY helps the run and pass game.

Well, the bills are doing enough to help us with all these penalties. Now we need to see a drive to take the lead.

Sounds like were due for another turnover....maybe???


Great catch....

love hartline, doesn't get enough respect.

Dolphins wasted a down to take the possibility of replay out of the last bomb completion.

Matt Moore...I'm a fan...

Armando, that's an improvement over Sparano right there.


Love the way Reggie runs...

Add 15 to that....

Reggie Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This guy is a stud!!!

Darren who? I'm talking about Reggie Bush!!!

Can we put all the "play hard for Sporano" crap to bed.....

that was great.

Great run by Reggie!

NICE throwaway by Moore. He's learning, finally!

Players PLAY for themselves.....

This isn't the Knute Rockne era......

Guys, despite the loss last week (One bad quarter cost us the game), I'm a fan of Matt Moore, Reggie Bush, Charles Clay, Brandon Marshall...We're a few o-linemen and wr's away from being a pretty good offense. I'm also a Brian Daboll fan...

Forget the punter- Reggie Bush is our MVP for this year!!!

If your lucky...you get players that PLAY for there teammates....

ADBOLL this is your show...

Another dropped TD for Brandon Marshall.

Marshall is a puss

Another dropped TD by Marshall. pfff

6 tries from the 1 WTF!!

That should of been a TD...Great throw by Moore again guys...Got to give him credit...


SAy what you will of Moore but the ball handling on the hand off to Bess was a thing of beauty! Marshall should have caught the 3rd down pass.

Brandon :(

KC is driving down at the Pack 3


KC 6
Pack 0


That was a great play by Byrd...

Wish we could keep Daboll and Nolan and drop GM.

Did Byrd get his hands on the ball or did Marshall drop it?

I would trust hartline in the endzone more than i trust marshall......apparently daboll needs to learn that as well.....

and another 6pt drop by Marshall. Hartline is the best wr on team. Should be more invoved.

Spiderman, Byrd knocked it out of Marshall's hands...

somehwere, Tony Sparano fist pumped the FG.

Defender streaking across from beyond the end zone knocks ball out of Marshall's grasp. Thats exactly what happened.

Its popular in Miami to accuse Marshall of dropping td's. Thats not what happened in this case. Sometimes our eyes tells us exactly WHAT OUR BRAINS WANT TO HEAR.

I need to see a replay...

So what is everyone bitching about..

NY G......

Im shocked but you called it....KC beating pack...that would be an upset of the year!!!

lol @ Armando....

Brandon Marshall needs to go. So msny dropped passes. No excuse for the end zone drop!

Armando, lay off the Sparano jokes, he's gone. Very tasteless from you or anyone else here.

KC does NOT beat GB.....not....just a slow start.....


Would take Marshall over you anyday! LOL

LOL @ the TATSE Police.....

Very Communist of you.....

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