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Dolphins and Bills tied 7-7 in the second quarter

ORCHARD PARK NY -- The Miami defense is having a hard time tackling. Really hard.

And that's one reason C.J. Spiller went 24 yards for the only touchdown so far today.

The Dolphins haven't been able to do much damage on the ground, something they expected to do. But they did get big 30-yard pass play from Matt Moore to Charles Clay as the first quarter ended.

They're in field goal range. Let's see how that goes.

The live blog rolls in the comments section. Meet me there.

[Update: Matt Moore completed a 22-yard TD to a wide open Anthony Fasano on the first play of the second quarter. Tied game.


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Hartline Bess cant get open. Marshall cant hold on to the ball! Great receivers core.

Isit me ar has special teams turned around since Pruitt started playing?

this kid Wilson is an aset for the Doplhins


NFL Net. reporting the Packers will hire T.Sparano as the team's head janitor and assistant cheerleaders coach. It seems the fist pump will be vogue around the league.

The point is, it is a free country people. And there's nothing worse than people who claim to know what is inbounds commentary and what is out of bounds.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 18, 2011 at 02:18 PM



Why did Steven Ross cross the road?

...To screw up his next important decision.

I would call a TO if Buf is stopped on 2nd down.

Armando, freedom of speech? Have you really read some of your past blogs?

Should have had the freedom of speech brainwave operating then. It comes down to what players you do or dont like, when it comes down to you renigging on thiers. LOL

Wilson good addition... I still think he's a safety. But whatever ...


Mando on a roll today!! Keep it coming!

Armando tell us what is inbound, C'mon men....

Round of Applauds baby make dat ass clap!


KC 6

That is were we part ways Armando.....

I think Ross is on the right track......time will tell.....

Explain exactly how I infringed on some player's freedom of speech, Yesterday... this should be interesting.

I'll take reggie wayne in free agency over keeping marshall as our #1 reciever........How bout those apples!!!!

Armando, you gave Joey Porter freedom of speech hell for wearing battle fatigues in the locker room. LOL

Defense has sacked up since first drive.

maybe they should give Gates a look at PR.

Dolphins have had a pick in quite a few STRAIGHT games.....

Armando...do you have the stat.....

What about donations for the airplane in the Jets Game, to said bye, bye Ireland


Now that your reading posts can you please consider a topic on the Dolphin Scouts? They suck and nobody wants to lay a hand on these.

What is their record and i believe that These scouts are also to be held responsible.

BTW, Jeff Ireland was a Scout for KC and the Cowboys.

Scouts Armando, please place that on your ""to do" list.


NY "G"


Another great catch by the best wr on the team B hartline.


Armando, boy did you trample all over Ricky Williams freedom of speech during his Dolphins career. The list goes on and on.

Armando, none of us are perfect, so sometimesw we have to be so careful when calling the kettle black. We all have idiot moments, even you. LOL

Hartline, friggin soldier. love em.

Feedback on the first half freshly pressed at www.miamisportsminute.wordpress.com - South Florida's hottest new sports blog.

man the bills are awful. this game kills us, loses our last place schedule and moves us down in draft. killer damnit!

Isn't that an incomplete pass to Bush????

nice effort, reggie.

Tuck Rule!!!

As of lately, whenever he handles to get open, Hartline is making really good catches. Problem lies on "whenever he handles to get open"

Colombo you SOB

This play is being reviewed. If it stands as ruled onthe field, the fumble was caused by Chris Kelsay. Blocking Chris kelsay?

Marc Colombo. He strikes again.

niceeeeee keep bills in game

Why is MARC COLUMBO STILL STARTING! Is he the best we have?

dusty, do you copy/paste your exact same posts week in and week out??? It would save you some time...LOL!!


No really just go and don't ever come back.

I have never seen a more PATHETIC display of offense in the redzone then I have with this team......PUKING!!!

Marc Colombo is AWFUL...

So "deputy dog" Ross says Ireland's only a couple players away in the personnel dept. Lest see.........................hmmm?...

If Matt Moore's name would be Tom Brady, the call would of been reversed...

thats a damn fumble whats the commentator talking about?

need a fg here

EMPTY HAND???? wtf!!!!

#1 I'm thinking the same thing.

Ask Armando Salguero


If Ricky Williams said the sky was blue. You would find a way to have issue with it. LOL

yesssssssssssssss come on bills get in endzone. winner of this game kills their future compared to the loser

Is it too early to fire Todd Bowles!! Call a timeout when you are on the 10 yard line with 40 seconds left so you don't turn the ball over. And don't go for a field goal on the road from the 2 yard line. Go for it! And don't run up the gut with Bush on 3rd and 2 !! Same stupid coaching calls! Same stupid results!!


Scary game, Bills seem to be finding ways to out-awful the Dolpyhins!

Man I am going to have to look that one up given the rules are constantly changing but I thought an under handed pass tossed foward was a foward pass even behind the line of scrimmage, seen Favre do it alot in his career??

Drug test the officals

That's the FIRST time in history that an empty hand has resulted in a perfect spiral! What a bad call. Yeah, his arm was hit but he held onto it long enough to throw the pass, ergo, the spiral.

kick fg

A T.O. when the clock says 0:00, WOW!!


Uh.............. interim hc's dont get fired with only 2 games to go no matter what happens! LOL

whew, at least we didn't settle for a FG..... giving it to the jills is a step up

jills win..... BLOWFISH SUCK!!!!!!
jills win..... BLOWFISH SUCK!!!!!!
jills win..... BLOWFISH SUCK!!!!!!
jills win..... BLOWFISH SUCK!!!!!!
jills win..... BLOWFISH SUCK!!!!!!
jills win..... BLOWFISH SUCK!!!!!!

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