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Eagles getting healthy in time for Dolphins

CBS had an interesting graphic during Sunday's beating of the Raiders by the Dolphins. The graphic noted that Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford, Taiwan Jones and others not playing for Oakland due to injuries, 40 percent of the team's offense was missing from the game.

Yes, I know.

ry the Raiders a river. Not our problem.

But it does speak to the fact the dolphins were fortunate in not facing a stronger team. They enjoyed similar good fortune against Buffalo and arguably against a Kansas City team diminished by the loss of Jamal Charles and Eric Berry. Again, that's life.

This also is life: Good luck eventually ends and for the Dolphins that may happen this week as their next opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles, are apparently getting much healtheir. Reports out of Philadelphia today indicate Michael Vick, who has missed the last three games with broken ribs, practiced without incident and afterward said he'd be returning to the starting lineup Sunday against the Dolphins.

"I get better each and every day and (I am) still working hard and trying to get better, but I went out and had a great practice, and I feel good," Vick said, according to the News Journal of Delaware.

"Threw the ball around a little bit and just gained confidence in the areas where I'd felt hampered a little bit," Vick told the Philadelphia Daily News. "It feels like I haven't played in a month or so ... I'm happy that I completed practice, and I'm looking forward to a great week."

Similarly, receiver Jeremy Maclin, who sat out of Philadelphia's last game and has been nursing both a hamstring and shoulder injury, told reporters he expects to play against the Dolphins.

The Philadelphia defense also will get a boost versus Miami as cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha told reporters he passed his baseline testing for a concussion. Asomugha is nursing a knee injury, however.


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Punctuality is a virtue.

Yeah! - where would this blog be without you, you magnificent b@stard!

The Dolphins traditionally don't do well against the Eagles.
Miami does appear to be an early three point favorite.
I think this will be a good test to wee just how physical the Dolphins are as a football team.

Awww Right Miami!!

to see

ok som im late..lol

Well, if we win this game, what excuses is everyone here gonna find, as to why?

I don't think it would have mattered against the raiders. We would have beat them with the whole team. Actually I want vick to play. Hit vick a few times and he'll be knocked out again. The phins can win this game if they play like they did yesterday.

Here's hoping for bad team chemistry formulated by the one and only Deshaun 'the diva" Jackson.

Hey I reported this first in the last blog!



Youre reading far too much into who is and isnt injured for our opponents. Every single week of the season someone is or isnt injured for every team in the nfl.

Its called "The Breaks"! By your line of thinking one could also impose had one of the teams Green Bay has beaten. Could have possibly beaten Green Bay had they had thier full compliment of starters.

Injuries happen 17wks of the NFL year. Say, Aaron Rodgers is knocked out of the game 1st qtr in this years super bowl. Packers go on to lose.

Because Rodger's is knocked out of the SB game and loses, it doesnt make the winning the championship by the opposing team any less meaningful or important.

A win is a win is a win. Key injuries are the other team's problem. Every nfl team has been on both sides of that issue. It's just a mere case of "Sucks To Be Them"!

Is it just me or does anyone else think where going to wipe the floor with the Eagles. I think were the more physical team, and we'll smash them

Doesn't this bug anyone, this talk about saving jobs? Sparano and ireland need to go', have for a while, and we get a decent coach and a decent qb, this team could go places.

Will the Dolphins make it to the Palyoffs? No
Will they draft one of the top 2 or 3 QBs in the off-season? No Will they have a good enough record? No Will they have a bad ebnough record? No Will the Dolphions benefit in any way, shape or form as a result of their record one way or another? No

Forget about saving jobs. Sparano and Ireland sealed their fate with the 0 and 7 start.

Philly fans just like Pitts fans are a bunch of obnoxious scum, oh yeah throw the jet fans in there too. As much as this may hurt our draft position, I hope we beat the crap out of Philly. I can't help thinking from the heart on this one, but living here and listening to all the garbage that's spewed daily is too much.


And what are the fins players? They beat women, even pregnant women. Scum by any definition.

Way to get back to your negative self.

I want Vick in anyways.

DRC is not playing...report that Mando.

From a preparation standpoint it doesn't affect us as all Coaches prepare as if the starter is playing. Now, the guy presents, if he plays, a major headache for us. He can run, throw, throw it on the run, a defense's nightmare.

Philadelphia has phenomenal skill players besides Vick and they can beat any Team, including the Green Bay Packers, on any given day.

Bob Griese went down 5th game of the season against the Chargers. Many may have felt the Dolphins season was over. Earl Morrall stepped up and the rest is still great nfl history.

When guys go down, guys have to step up. In this business no one feels sorry for the other when thier starters go down. a wins still a win.

As Al Davis appropriately put it, "Just Win Baby"!

But I have absolutely no fear of them. I am supremely confident that, the way we are playing, we are going to beat them.

Two things Mike Vick lack are, superior accuracy and ability to read disguised coverages. We might take advantage of those two flaws.

Good...Bring them on...People will have to find a different excuse now...Boo-hoo-hoo...

Michael Vick...Meet Mr.Cameron Wake...And you'll be injured again before you can blink...

Vick's first game back and he is going to want to prove he is back and still a stud.
...therefore he will try to squeeze balls into tight coverage...run when he should stay put and mis-read the coverage.

In other words, he will probably throw 2 INT's and get sacked 4 times.

Fins win 20-14

Just dont line Sean Smith across from DeSean Jackson. He's most likely seeking redemption from his Thursday night stinker and Sean Smith is his ticket.

IMO, absolutely no way Smith can stick Jackson and if Nolan makes that coverage mistake there will be hell to pay. Vontae would be the much better match-up against DeSean Jackson.

Please Mike Nolan, no Smith on Jackson!

Armando, You are getting to be ridiculous. Look under enough rocks and eventually you will find a dead lizard. This is the NFL. Did you mention that in the Dolphins loss to Dallas we played with a backup kicker who happened to miss a 48 yard FG. If Carpenter plays he makes that 48 yarder and we win by 2 points. Right? In any story you can twist things around to make a point. You are becoming a master at this.

Darren McFaden, Mr. MaGoo, it doesn't matter.

Vick, Maclin and Asomugha will return and get the snot slapped out of them.

Then it Will be because their "Rusty" or still have lingering effects from injury.

Sometimes you just can't win.......even when you.............WIN!

HEy man Im glad to have any "W" we can get. Go Phinsss

odin, Vick will be bak on the injury report after the Dolphins game.

How about you people lay off of sparano and Ireland at least till the end of the season.I think they should keep them.He might turn out to be a better coach than you give him credit for.How long did it take belichick to catch on as a coach.He had a loosing record for out of five years.


If me and my 100lb Pit Bull Mastiff get half a chance, he won't make the game!



(Debo has a lisp, hence the "Harf". But it's a MANLY Lisp!)

Is that old man who left his dentures in my car here? I don't mind giving geriatric old farts a ride to the drugstore so they can load up on their Depends but take your damn teeth with you!

Is that old man who left his dentures in my car here? I don't mind giving geriatric old farts a ride to the drugstore so they can load up on their Depends but take your damn teeth with you!

Posted by: The Brunette | December 05, 2011 at 04:14 PM

You weren't talking that smack when I left my wallet in your car-Be-ATCH!

Wallet?? The only other thing you left in the car was a coupon for half off on Metamucil and drool stains.

Y,all are just so smart and whitty, ya took the words right outa my mouf.

Actually, I still have all my teeth........except one in the back and the wisdom tooth next too it.

I "assaulted and battered" a Detroit Police officers Boot with my face.

Thank God the Judge reduced it too disorderly and frequenting. I was out just in time to get stitches.

****The Odinsiders Sports BLOGGER Critique****

Wallet?? The only other thing you left in the car was a coupon for half off on Metamucil and drool stains.

Posted by: The Brunette | December 05, 2011 at 04:21 PM

Not EVEN a star.

Pfsssspt........C'mon MAN!

WHAAAAAAAN, WHaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......

odin is that the truth?

Lets not talk bout Sparano returning.this is the same guy when we were 0-7 and the last 2 yrs at 7-9.The wins are like putting chocolate sauce and springles over garbadge once you get past the toppings its still garbadge and that is what ross has to remember.Sparano and Ireland botj have to go.

Wow, what a perfect storm the 2011 offseason turned out to be.

Beginning with the lockout, then a new oc and system, integrating 6 new pieces into it(Pouncey, Gates, Clay, Thomas, Moore, and Columbo), not to mention transitioning Carey fron RT to RG. Tall order for an established oc with an established system, let alone a new oc(Daboll/system).

Then on defense: Bringing in and integrating Burnett, Dansby coming in way overweight, Clemmons lingering hammy issues and not winning the job outright when healthy enough. Reshad Jones on the job training and youngster mistakes, not being able to get Vonte and Smith on the field at the same time, also discovering Smith's more of a tackle after the catch cb more than anything else.

Then when Smith wasnt on the field, discovering Nolan Carroll's not ready to assume a startership role. On top of all of that drawing and established and explosive Brady led offense 1st game of the season.

Now throw in, although Henne did show improvement, it wasnt in 3rd down conversion rates nor red zone efficiency. Yes, the 1st half of our season could be chalked up more to the "perfect storm".

Raiders not having thier full contingent of starters? Well, we faced far more adversity the 1st half of the 2011 season. You'll find no compassion here.

odin is that the truth?

Posted by: Spiderman | December 05, 2011 at 04:31 PM

Yeah, it was quite a long time ago.

I didn't get stitches though(somehow)it was only a small puncture wound on my jaw. I got a nice scar though.

He broke my rib too, uh, I mean, I "Assault and Battered" his boots with my ribs too.

They originally charged me with Assaulting a Police Officer. I Plea Bargained it down to Fleeing/Eluding and Disorderly Conduct.

Yeah, the early 90's weren't as good for me as the 70's and 80's.

Is good to read that other people in this blog also have dogs (Odin) I have an Alaska Malamute and he is in the middle between bark and hauling, he goes "Woolworf" and is very big also.

Is not football related, excuses, but I like dogs and people who also like the animals.

so armando, our defense which you spoke of last week has been lucky. Must hurt talking out of both sides of your mouth. Truth eventually comes out.


With consistency at qb, Sparano led us to a 11-5 record and afc east title(Pennington). Still, that was a flawed team as we would find out in Rd 1 of the playoffs against the Ravens.

Name one HC in the league who could win consistenly with the inconsistency Henne produced at the qb position.

Now we're having consistency at the qb position(Moore) and suddenly Sparano has the team winning again. Remember, Moore didnt began taking 1st team offensive snaps until Henne went down. Thus you would expect it would take 3-4 good games to get him up and rolling.

Moore has been pleasantly p[leasing in the last 5 games(4-1) and only a replacement kicker(Graham) missed fg away from being 5-0. Consistency at qb is a must for any hc. If he has that and still loses, then Houston we have a problem.

odin, so I guess you love that Ice Cube song back in day when he was with NWA. "F the Police"?


I hear you, I love Dogs! I've never had a Malamute, but I think they're beautiful. The few that I've been around seemed to have great dispositions as well.

I was a little "Iffy" at first, about my Pit Bull/Mastiff Mix. But I get to spend a lot of time with him and he turned out GREAT!

adrian salorza,

Im sure Vick and his pals like dogs too. But, unfortunately they like raising capital even more. So they combine the two and it results in a fight.

Though I dont condone dog fighting, when the dogs are injured what are they supposed to do take them to the hopital vet? Doing this on regular basis arises suspision and suspision leads to law being involved.

So the only other resolve for the injured and suffering animal was to be quickly put to death. Its very difficult to have your cake and eat it too, when operating outside the legal limits of the law.

Still like I said, I dont condone it, but, I understand.

odin, so I guess you love that Ice Cube song back in day when he was with NWA. "F the Police"?

Posted by: Spiderman | December 05, 2011 at 04:47 PM


That's a "SLIGHT" understatement, but YEAH!

Vick rusty and not good to begin with. Fins will crush Eagles.

The Eagles are a train wreck who seem to have packed it in and quit on they're coach. Miami however, is the polar opposite. Should still be a winnable game for the Dolphins. Also, the last time Malcom and Vick were playing together healthy? At home, versus the Cardinals, playoffs on the line, and they scored 13 points and lost. Just sayin'

Pets, I can live with or without, pretty much. What I dont get is most pet owners are more affectionate about thier pets than they'll almost ever be for a fellow human being.

It usually takes something on a cataclysmic scale to happen for us to feel the same way about eachother.

The Vick debacle was far more an issue with pet or dog owners than those who are indifferent to them. I dont think anyone that's ever a child mauled by a pit bull had any sympathy for thier plight in the Vick issues either.

Other than a couple of 3rd down sacks in the red zone, I'm REALLY starting to like Matt Moore.....ALOT. There's not much to complain about up to this point.

Undrafted Free Agent.

Took his lumps under fire.

Hung in there as a back up.

Every Dog has his day.

I don't know if I said this already, but I like Dogs!

Jon@ 4:58 PM,

Can you believe in plight of your post there are those here that want to dump Sparano for Reid if available? Hil-fuvking-allarious!


I just read the Opinion article by Edward Pope and just like all of us, he is allowed to his opinion just as we all are.

He (Pope) is saying bring back Sparano, and general manager Jeff Ireland.

Now WE all don't have the media coverage as he does in the Harold as we only can vent and voice our own rants in this blog which has limited viewership except for all of us.

I feel that his calling to bring these two characters does US fans no justice. WE the Fans have endured over the years and years and years the suffering of losing. Sparano and Ireland accomplishments are losing all home games and 3 out of 4 losing seasons.

Yeah right Ed, sure, bring em back and reward them and we ALL can site here this time next season and the next and next posting how much WE SUCK.

It doesn't take a professional sports critic to critique the Dolphins. The record speaks for it self.

How many HOME games have Sparano and company Won???? Come ON Man!

If people are going to "settle" on the sudden wins then we are exactly what we are and we SUCK.

So next season and the next with Tony and Ireland at the Helm I hope everyone recalls how they want to give Tony and company another chance. I'm SURE you will forget that you wanted them back if they win and I'm SURE you will be saying that YOU never wanted that loser back when they lose.

The Dolphins have been searching for a winning Coach since Shula and a franchise QB since Marino and NOW we have an opportunity to purge the franchise of all the crap and bring in some new red meat and QB.

Cowher can accomplish the job and he WILL draft a franchise QB whoever that may be or i should say who is left after Luck.

I hope the Eagles are healthy so our sports writers won't have an excuse to downplay another win.

How about that running game and timely passing game? And, the defense is looking rather good as well.

I like this team!

PS. I'm not happy we let Oakland get two touchdowns. lol

NY "G".....

the only thing I can add to that is....(head bowed)...AMEN.......

Pit Bulls were breed into being "Nanny Dogs". They got this name because of how well and protective of children they "NATURALLY" are.

The problem comes in with the Owners, the people that fight them and the general mistreatment of the animal.

It's my firm belief that Humans do more damage to Pit Bulls, than Pit Bulls do to Humans. You have to remember to, that about 90% of the Pitbulls that harm humans are the ones that are/were mistreated and abused BY Humans.

That's all of that from me. I'm not going to argue with anyone and I'm not discussing Vick's mental problems.


NY "G".....

the only thing I can add to that is....(head bowed)...AMEN.......

Posted by: kris | December 05, 2011 at 05:11 PM


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