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Eagles pounding Dolphins 24-7 going to third quarter

The second quarter was a nightmare.

Jake Long went out of the game with a back injury. Tony Sparano tried a 55-yard field goal that Dan Carpenter could not connect on. The Eagles used the field position to their benefit and scored their first TD of the game.

And then the flood gates opened.

Matt Moore threw an interception and the Eagles turned that into a 1-yard TD run by LeSean McCoy, his second of the game. Then Davone Bess fumbled and that led to a field goal. Then Moore fumbled and that eventually got turned into a TD as well.

so do the Dolphins have a comeback in them? We'll find out in the live blog. Meet me in the comments section.


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Back now.

Better be looking over your shoulder YEAH !

were just a bad nfl team. but in january we will start the turn around. new coaching staff, new gm, draft a qb

Every loss on out helps our position in the draft......*lmao*

Every loss on out helps our position in the draft......*lmao*

Thats what I said when we were 0-1

Not happy they didn't run the ball up the middle. It would slow down their pass rush. Neverthelees, Philly was excellently prepared for our Offence.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 11, 2011 at 02:53 PM

Miami was also excellently prepared to give away turnovers as well....just sayin!!!

Losing eventually makes you a winner in this league.

Yessssss!!!! This is what we needed. I hate losing but this winning streak we had going on was built on the backs of lousy competition, just as the plain vanilla teams we faced on that 11-5 season.

Look Tony seems to be a very decent human being and all that but he is just not an NFL head coach. This game is a microcosm of it. Funny how when Long was out or half injured this team started 0-7, then it rebounded and now look at this team. I said ALL ALONG the number#1 priority was to get Long healthy, 100% healthy. Now we must not play him at all until next year. This shows why is so imperative we draft RG3. He can buy his line some time, just like Cam Newton does for this AWFUL line at Carolina, and another reason we need ROB CHUDZINSKI and possibly Mike Shula here. Long was making this pop warner offense look better than what they are.

Moore is a serviceable backup QB, just like Henne was a backup, nothing more, although Moore IS better than Henne. Please Mr. Ross make 150% sure we draft Robert Griffin and add DeSean Jackson to this roster, add depth at the OL (next draft is the deepest in that position in years) and secondary and you will finally have a decent product out there.

Darryl Dunphy is an idiot

Darryl Dunphy is an idiot

Armando, beside the diva coaches, who in your opinion should be named the next Miami H.C?

Darryl Dunphy is an idiot


any chance we trade 2 #1s and GM Ireland/and or Coach Sparano to colts for LUCK???!!!

Mando right on the decision by Tony to go for a 55 yd FG. I think he misunderstood the fans wanting to go for it on key situations, that was not one of them, that was just bad, bad judgment and yet one more reason he must go.

Moore is a very capable backup QB but not elite and not capable to bring his team back when trailing like this and against better competition.

RG3 MUST be our foremost priority, get Rob Chudzinski and Mike Shula from Carolina (and bring Greg Olsen back to Miami) and sign FA to be DeSean Jackson.

The lose out the rest of the season supporters might just get thier wish yet. 4-12, get RG3!

rg3 is gone, meaningless wins screwed us. u know the ones most in here were acting like was some great thing

OH LORD.....

They are using the "keep Sporano" talk to kill dead time......

I just saw Brian Hartline on the Dolphins'sideline...Is he playing or is he hurt???

That color man is the best and most impartial I have seen on TV this year.

dusty, where were you when we were up 7-0? LOL!!

Darryl Dunphy is an communist pig

Moore hasn't convinced me yet

Why all the Darryl Dunphy hate ?

Even at 4-12 we still may need to trade up to get RG3! LOL

ROB CHUDZINSKI for HC!!!!! Start signing that petition yesterday! Former Canes TE coach (Winslow II, Shockey, Franks) made Gates in SD a star, run the #1 offense there, OC at Carolina, along with QB coach Mike SHULA has made Cam Newton a star. His TE background is perfect to counteract Belicheat.

Get Chud and draft RG3. Oh he can bring Greg Olsen with him at TE too. Get this guy asap.

hey theres fin fan from montreal,lol be glad we are losing, come over to the good side now and realize our future is what matters

Keep sparano chants*WTF*......you have to really listen to the end of it...keep sparano.......IN DALLAS!!!

remember there were people in here acting like matt moore was good,hilarious

Darryl Dunphy smells like a beer fart

I smell like beer fart...so what

Is it April Yet???


The 2012 Draft


No one here claimed Moore was good. We just said he was playing good. Big difference. We all still advocated drafting a qb #1!

january superfin thats when the fun will start

Yes!!!! Were losing

Darryl Dunphy is a clueless imbecile and a dingleberry eater

For the love of God, look at Cam Newton in Carolina. They guy is a beast, he has one of the worse, if not the worst, defenses in all football (you think our secondary is bad?) and a HORRIBLE O-line and overrated running game and he is still tearing it up.

We MUST draft RG3, now or never Mr. Ross, if we do not we will lose the biggest opportunity we will have to draft a true franchise QB. YOUR MOVE!!!!

Only a total idiot would have advocated not drafting a qb #1 based on what we were seeing from Matt Moore!

ronnie brown,loooool

Matt Moore is good Dusty.......

Against the faiders,Billy goats, Dead skins...and the chefs.....If we played them the rest of the year...WE would be 8-8 easy....just sayin!!!....

Ive' been lovin' RG3 since Sept. What's the chance of the Colts getting RG3 now? I don't know much about salary caps, but can the Colts afford to keep both Manning and Luck or RG3?

What I care for most is that we are ahead of Washington and Seattle in the draft.

where ronnie brown?

well yesterday u were acting excited when they won a few meaningless games and ripped me for saying it was pointless to win

tony, the only coaching candidates I know of are Billick, Cowher, Fisher, and Gruden.

I'm sure someone will get fired that might be attractive: like perhaps Coughlin.

but I think ownership wants a star coach -- a diva as you put it.

Sean Smith lives?

Tiger Sam,

Matt Ryan hasnt shown he can beat top 5 qb's since he entered into the league. Now he showing he cant even beat Cam Newton, a future top 5 qb in the making.

Ryan's showing he'll never be a top 3 qb!

visions of sugerplums are now dancing in my head

Sparano Better burn down his house for sale at this point....

Sean Smith! or Serena

armando how bout andy reid

Yes Sean smith!!!!!!

Soiled Bottom is an elementary school dropout delinquent failure

cant beat newton? already beat them easily once this year and now about to take lead today

Do we have any receivers who can be a deep threat.

Like any QB would be good with this pathetic O Line. Palease......


I still hate seeing the team lose no matter what. Even if it seems to be for thier own good!

Your too kind

no to andy ried.....yes to cowher, fisher and Billick.....Gruden, im on the ladder on that move...

Matt Ryan is a bust.

jack locker looking good, trying to take lead over saints. hes so much better than garbage hasselback

Gosh damn moore looks ao uncomfortable

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