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A thank you and look at Robert Griffin III

[First a thank you: As the year draws to a close, I want to thank you for another wonderful and record-breaking 12 months on this blog. Simply, this is the most popular blog at the Miami Herald as well as the most popular sports blog. It's been that way for years. Although other blogs at the Herald try to talk Dolphins, this is your Dolphins destination blog. And this, the final week of the year, was typical of that. On Tuesday, for example, Dolphins In Depth garnered 50.45 percent of the page views of all the blogs at the Herald -- that includes sports and non-sports blogs. That was No. 1 overall and easily No. 1 in sports, as Eye on the U had 2.9 percent of the page views, Heat Check had 2.42 percent of the page views, On Frozen Pond had 2.03 percent of the page views and the Greg Cote blog was fourth in sports and ninth overall with 2 percent of the page views. Those results are typical. You guys don't take holidays off from this blog. You guys come here in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and even overnight. So thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your comments. I expect 2012 to be even better. -- Armando.]

Did you watch Robert Griffin III play last night?

Griffin, known to his fans at RG3, was merely good for Baylor but you have to understand that by good, I mean amazing by recent Dolphins quarterback standards. He completed 24 of 33 passes for 295 yards with 1 TD pass, 1 TD run and no interceptions.

He had highlight his moments, such as his 24-yard TD run, his block to spring a teammate on a 36-yard TD run, and a 48-yard pass that set up Baylor's go-ahead score that made it 60-56 against Washington in the Alamo Bowl.  Baylor eventually won, 67-56.

Pretty impressive.

Griffin showed incredible accuracy in completing 72 percent of his passes but you must also consider three of his incompletions were a result of drops. He showed great mobility, great speed and good vision downfield.

He wasn't perfect. He missed a wide-open receiver streaking down the sideline on a fourth-down throw that he mistakenly directed into double-coverage toward the middle of the field instead. He held the ball too long in the pocket once, leading to a sack. He also fumbled once when he was blindsided on a strip-sack.

But overall, Griffin III continued to solidify his status as the second-best quarterback prospect in the April NFL draft behind Andrew Luck. But that's only if he declares for the draft, as everyone, including scouts and NFL personnel people, expect him to do.

"We went out in style!" Griffin shouted to his teammates as he paraded the Alamo Bowl trophy around the field. Then Griffin jumped into the stands where his parents, sister and fiance were sitting to share a moment with them. His parents, by the way, are already studying their son's NFL draft prospects and talking to agents.

Griffin gave a small indication of when he might announce his decision to stay in school or go pro.

"I want Baylor nation to enjoy this," he said. "It's not about me. I've got about two weeks. I'll enjoy this the next day, and then the next day, and then I'll make [my decision]."

Griffin III is rated the No. 10 overall prospect by Mel Kiper. That's conservative.

I don't see him getting past Washington if he comes out and they are picking five, six, or seven. There are even whispers Cleveland is interested in Griffin III. Yesterday, Cleveland coach Pat Shurmur told the local media there he would definitely find a way to catch RG3's game on television and the Browns had scouts at the game.

"Tremendous talent," Shurmur said of RG3.

The Dolphins?

Yes, they were represented at the game as well.

So assuming RG3 comes out, will the Dolphins be in position to land the second-best QB prospect? It won't be easy. If the Dolphins beat the Jets this weekend, they'll be 6-10. That will be better than Minnesota, Cleveland, Jacksonville,  and possibly Washington.

There's no way RG3 will get past Washington. Jacksonville has a young QB in Blaine Gabbert, but there is no one that can predict with certainty the Jaguars would not take a potential franchise quarterback. Obviously Cleveland is interested.

I believe the team to worry about is Washington. If they Dolphins want RG3, they would have to trade up ahead of the Redskins. And the Redskins, knowing this, would probably also be trying to move up to make sure teams behind them don't move ahead.

The price for such a climb? It will be steep. If Luck goes to Indianapolis with the first pick, the St. Louis Rams will probably auction off the second pick for a bounty of draft picks. If multiple teams such as Miami and Washington are involved, we're talking multiple first-round picks to make a deal.


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I read that Jeff Ireland attended the game, but maybe he was scouting the RG's, and RT's.

We need to have the #5 pick to have any chance at getting him.
If Washington is ahead of us...we lose!
Now way the team of Snyder/Shanahan let him slip away.

If we finish ahead of Washington, but behind Cleveland, then we have room to negotiate.

New Years wishes:
1. Rams get the #1 pick thereby opening up the Luck sweepstakes to Miami
2. Washington is one pick BEHIND Miami
3. Miami drafts either Luck or RG3
4. Miami hires either Fisher or Cowher
5. Miami keeps Jake Long

I went on greg goatees blog years ago and never went back. I guess I wasn't alone.


..I said what I had to about Griffen last night. No sense regurgitating the same stuff. IMO Griffen is the real deal.Nothing he did last night changed my mind about him. We would be stoked to get him..

I think the thing that needs to enter into this is what PRICE the team should be prepared to pay for RGIII. I think we'd have to get ahead of Cleveland to be sure we had any chance at him. So what's the price for that? A second? A first next year? More?

The team better be damn certain he's the guy to make a move like that. We're not talking about a trade up here in the second round for Thomas. This will be big time and IMO he's not a day one starter. He'd likely be like McNair, where he sits for a year and learns. So the question is, are you prepared to trade your firs this year and your first next year for this kid? I don't know. Right know, I would be focussing all efforts to get Luck if St. Louis has the pick and failing that, determining what a guy like Jones might look like three years down the road.


Your thanks should go to......


In that order......

They have to be personably responsible for 69.9% of the post....

Thanks guys....and Happy New Year.....

..LOL @ Kris.

That is funny stuff.. Happy New Year to you.


Glad you saw the same stuff as I did. This is probably the lowest we'll pick in the next 3 years so Im all on board the RG train. No chance of getting Barkley next year and Jones should stay in school. He's looked below average lately.


If St. Louis has the pick I think there's a chance, albeit a small one that we could Luck. I'm warming to the idea that our bargaining chip could be Jake Long. Yes, I know he's hurt but what about a package along the lines of Long, our first and Davis (or next year's first). Yes, it's a lot to give up but I think it's what we would need for a guy like Luck. Maybe we could get a guy like Jason Smith back to play RT. I would do something like this and the Rams, would get their LT (Saffold could play RT), a top ten pick to get a WR or RB and a good cover corner in Davis or our first round pick. Seems like win-win to me. We'd now have to find our LT.....
Posted by: Craig M | December 30, 2011 at 12:01 PM

If both QBs (luck, RGIII) are gone by 6-8th pick (wherever we pick) grab a stud WR, we've seen what AJ Green can do; certainly I want a QB and of course an OL (not in top 10 with everyone else we need) but if that's not the case grab me a stud skill position player that we'll love for years, not another Marcell Darius

If Miami can't find a way to trade up to pick a QB it is going to be either Jonathan Martin or Riley Reiff whichever is available.
So Miami would go into next year with hopefully finally solving the O-line. Sure a rookie will have some growing pains but Martin and Reiff are worthy top 10 picks and both are rated as such.
LT - Jake Long, All Pro stud get healthy!
LG - Richie Incognito, average as a whole but effective and nasty rin blocker
C - Mike Pouncey, solid rookie year. Looks to be a good to very good center for years to come
RG - Big question mark but with John Jerry playing again maybe in year 3 he finds his niche!
RT - Reiff or Martin


Under that scenario, would you take a QB, who and when?

Craig, in my opinion Luck is not worth Long, a 1st round, and Vontae Davis -- I'd trade Long and our 1st for their 1st plus some minor picks but nothin more, even Long and a 1st round is too much. Potential HOF left tackle and a pick only 6 slots below theirs for an unproven (though possibly franchise) quarterback? I wouldn't pull that trigger as GM

I know everyone is stuck on the RG III thing right now but it would be a good thing if Ireland took notice of the performance of Terrance Ganaway last night.
Miami only had two legit backs on the roster all year in DT and Bush and could use someone like Ganaway who is 5'11" and 240 lbs that can run downhill and put a pounding on linebackers and DB's.
He will be around in the 5th to 6th round and, unlike Miami's wasted late round picks of the past, Ganaway would be a legitimate threat at the running back position should Daniel Thomas suffer from any injuries again in 2012. Even if Thomas doesn't have any issues Ganaway could be used interchangably or in the same backfield as Thomas.
Ganaway reminds me of a Rashard Mendenhall type of back which would be a tremendous value if picked in the 5th rd.
1547 yds and 21 td's in 2011 for Ganaway. Yeah, some td's were short runs but, if you've seen him play you know his ability to take it to the house on the long run also.

Time for the Fish to grow some (foot)balls and trade up for RG3 or Luck. There will be a deal to be done for one or both and you know Dan Schneider will be in boots and all.


I'm a huge Long fan (favourite player) but I would probably do that in a heartbeat. Just MO....it'll be interesting to see what happens if St. Louis gets the number one pick. Understand if that happens there will be competition for the pick. It'll take something like that to get it done. Ross wants excitement and someone the team can build around?....that's Andrew Luck.


I'm glad you saw the humor in that...let's see if our friends do.....

Happy New Year to you as well.....

Craig M,

Under that scenario staying put and taking an O-linemen I guess in round 2 you see if a guy you like is there. Tannehill comes to mind but I personally don't like him. He is your athlete playing QB type and isn't a prolific enough athlete at that. I am all for reaching in round 1 for a QB with first round talent but not a fringe guy like Tannehill, Foles or Cousins you have to evaluate and go Best Player Available in round 2.

Miami has made so many bad selections in the middle rounds and its why this team lacks depth and overall talent. Miami has to go BPA in round 2. They don't have the luxury of reaching for a QB there.

In the end if Miami doesn't get a QB in round 1 I see guys like Russell Wilson, Cousins or Weeden in round 3 as developmental guys. Of the 3 I would go Cousins. I feel Russell Wilson is a Troy Smith clone and Weeden is already 29 and has reached his ceiling.


I've seen Weeden go as high as the first in some mocks. If he's still there in the third and we haven't been able to draft a QB in the first I'd jump all over him in the third. If it only means 4-5 years of play, then so be it. What would we get from a RB or CB in the third? About the same if you ask me. If age is the knock on him, then so be it.

Craig M.....

Didn't this FO sell us on excitement....QB competition....and competitive football.....

Just saying......

I hope they don't blow smoke this time....

If St. Louis ends up with #1 there will so much competition that this blog will be on fire with silly trade scenarios and even reasonable ones but AT LEAST we will have a chance. I'd rather have a chance to be in the fight then never be in the fight at all with Indy picking. Plus it gives Miami multiple trade opportunities because they would have the chance for Luck and if that doesn't happen they have a chance to trade up for RG3.

Again if Miami lands neither as boring as it sounds a blue chip linemen to fix our next biggest need makes sense and Matt Moore will be the starter for 2012.

Craig M,

I think if Weeden ends up being at least a good NFL starter and sticks he can play for 8-10 years. Many QBS have played to close to 40 (Warren Moon, Testaverde, Favre, Garcia and the list goes on).

But I have never seen him as a first round guy in any mock or so called experts opinion. He is at best a late 2nd. I say he is a 3rd round guy. Like I said his age and ceiling are a factor as well as the system he comes out of. More teams are implementing college type formations but there is always going to be a spread system stigma. If Weeden was there in round 3 and so was Cousins I would go Cousins.

Happy New Year's everyone!

There is NO guarantee that Long will even resign with us when his contract is up next year or what kind of money he will want. Love the guy but you've got to give up something to get something. You've got to be prepared to roll the dice when the chance to get a talent like Jake Long is there. If St Louis is interested then get it done.

The PHINS need to do what ever it takes to get one of the top two QB If that means trade multiple picks so be it!!!

Craig M,

I love Long too but good riddance if it swapping first rounders with St. Louis (#1 pick), our 2nd and 4th and next years 1st and 3rd.

So they basically get 2 first round picks because Long was a 1st rounder and he is already arguably the best in the game at his position. They get the 2nd and 4th, hypothetically and then another 1st next year and a 3rd.

That seems like a lot, right? I think that probably won't be enough as crazy as it sounds.


Reality check! 1st) The NFL is littered with QB's who looked amazing in college only to be horrible in the pro's. 2nd) RG3 was not exactly throwing against a staunch defense! Funny watching every time someone looks good in a college game everyone on here annoints them the savior. Cam was supposed to be a bust right! So all the know it all pundits really don't know it all do they?

smart plan for 2012
Hire Chris Peterson from Boise as HC
Keep Dabol and Nolan intact
New ST coach
Draft RG3 and Kellen Moore
With Moore/ K Moore and RG3
QB is set for years to come

Who is on the Dolphin's first round board?
The obvious, of course, are the following:

1. Luck
3. Blackmon

Would they take a shot at someone like Kalil or Reiff if they were around when it was there turn to pick? Personally, I don't think they would. I think Ireland wants to shore up the o-line but I also think he understands the need for the wr, te and olb positions to be filled as a priority.
How about:

4. Melvin Ingram-projected as a 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB. Plug him into Misi's spot and he is a definite upgrade at the position. Ingram is not only a run stuffer but someone who could provide pressure on the quarterback from the right side. He would benefit from the presence of Odrick and Starks on passing downs and could be a huge addition to the defense.

5. Michael Floyd - one of the top rated wr's in the draft projected to go in the mid first rd. Floyd didn't show up in the loss to Florida State in yesterday's bowl game and had offield issues with DUI's. Do they want another Brandon Marshall?

6. Kendall Wright- over 1600 yds receiving and 14 td's for Baylor in 2011. Gives Miami a true threat at the #2 wr or could be used to replace Bess in the slot.

7. Dwayne Allen - the #1 rated te prospect in the draft give Miami a true receiving te who should supplant Fasano from the starting position. If Miami is to compete with teams like New England they need to fight fire with fire.

8. Nick Perry - another 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB who was a pass rushing specialist with the Trojans in his senior year. Perry had 9.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 12 tfl's in 2011. Would start immediately in place of Misi.

Kendall Wright gives Miami the ability to put Bess on the trading block. Ingram or Perry gives them the ability to put Misi on the trading block. Just a thought.

I`d trade up for RG3 for sure. He`s worth this years first, second, next years first and Brian Hartline. If thats not enough so be it. Get Matt Flynn as a free agent.Trade down in the first if we can`t trade up. None of the O-Tackles need be taken @8 where we`re most likely picking.Please don`t forget Lyndon Murtha`s returning next year. If I`m not mistaken he`d been our starting Right Tackle this year, not the sieve Columbo!!
With a trade down to #20 we`d pick up an extra second and third round pick. Take whoever is left between Upshaw and Mercilus at that spot. Then with 2 second and third round picks I`m sure we`d find O-Line depth. There`s tons of third round tackle depth.
My point is that outside of a huge price paid were not getting our QB of the future. Ireland needs to mine the draft for talent. It just doesn`t have to be first round talent on the offensive line all the time.

Professor Lou,

Kalil is as good as gone if he officially declares no later then #3 St. Louis and Minny both need major help on the o-line. Blackmon gone too no way he makes it past Jax, Washington and Cleveland all WR starved teams. None of them other guys are the best at their position or blue chip type of prospects in this draft outside of of Martin or Reiff. Miami can't afford to pick for need if that picking for need isn't a QB.

Now in a trade back scenario I like some of those prospects.

Melvin Ingram - is a 1 year wonder at South Carolina and is a bit undersized for that "prototype" Irleand had welded into his brain from Parcells. He is something like 6'2 270. He is a bit of a tweener, not really a 3-4 OLB or a 4-3 DE.

Michael Floyd - he was invisible last night but to no fault of his own he was doubled all night long and their Qb stinks. He is a player but is similar to Marshall's build and abilities. I never like having the same type of players. I like guys that compliment each other. A burner type across from Marshall is what Miami needs or Blackmon who can do it all but again don't see him making it that far.

Kendall Wright - He isn't a true burner but he is a sort of a compliment type to Marshall. He is a fringe first rounder but more likely round 2.

Dwayne Allen - I have seen him mocked to Miami a few times in round 2. I would love to addition.

Nick Perry - another fringe first round guy. Don't know much about him though


I'm glad you're not running the show. A 1-15 season wuld be a blessing. Not sure how you know for sure that RGIII is worth what you're proposing. To ne that's a preposterous haul for a guy we don't know what he'll do in the pros. You're welcome to your opinion, I'm just expresing mine.

Stop talking about trading Long. No one will want him.
The guy has been hurt all the time (knee, back, biceps), has had an average year (his Pro Bowl selection is a joke). He seems diminished after only 4 years of service.
I would say let him play out his contract, franchise the next year, and we'll see in 2014 if he's worth a new fat contract.

If Miami has no way of moving up to get their man they may look to trade out of the #8 position. An obvious trade partner would be Seattle, who looks to be somewhere in the mid first round.
Seattle is desperate for a defensive end in their 4-3 scheme and could be looking at either Coples or Ingram as a possibility and may want to get ahead of Buffalo. The Bills also need a DE so Seattle may get a bit worried that their guy isn't going to be around when it's their turn to pick.
Or, Miami may wish to take Ingram themselves. When you look at the remainder of the first round there is really no other players that could help Miami other than Ingram, Perry or Wright.
Dwayne Allen is the top rated tight end in the draft but he didn't exactly light it up with his receiving numbers at Clemson.

Do whatever it take to get that premium talent at the most premium position. If it means depleting ourselves to the point where we are expansion team again, then so be it. We need to build it instead of this continuing patchwork job.

Baylor's centre is from my home province. And he can shotgun snap. Just saying!!


If Ross wants exciting offensive football, then he might want to explore hiring Chip Kelly as coach to run that up-tempo offense and just maybe RG3 will be the perfect fit for that system...

You`re right I`m glad I`m not making these decisions. But remember Craig to get to #2 it`s going to cost a fortune in compensation. Washington and perhaps Cleveland are going to be bidding to move up there as well.
You`ve got to admit RG3 has talent.
I do respect your opinions and your comments as with all the main bloggers here.

you guys do understand there is a very good chance we don't get either of the top 2 qb's.

say the rams do get the first pick. you don't think indy, washington, and any other team won't also try to trade up? indy at #2 may try to secure #1. the skins always seem willing to sell out to get what they want. if we don't find a trade partner then what? reach for the third best? i think that would be dumb. maybe try to trade down and pick up a couple extra picks? and get the 3rd best QB? also has RG3 even declared yet? or luck? both have a year left i think. what a downer that would be if both also decided to stay in school!!

Brandrop Marshall,

Yeah you're right 'no one will want Long'. He's a 'diminished return after 4 years'. The guy just made the Pro Bowl in case you weren't paying attention. He's regarded as probably the best LT in the game. For a team like St. Louis who can't keep their starting QB healthy, they would absolutely be interested in Long. Get your facts straight...


Yes, I admit that RGIII does have talent...no question. Is he a top 5-10 ten QB. that can lead this team to the playoffs? I don't know yet. Possibly. That's why I was suprised you were prepared to pay such a high price for him. I'm undecided on him at this point. I would probably take him if he was there for us at 8 but I would never pay the kind of price you are suggesting to move up to get him.

Didn't mean to be respectful...

first off, Luck & RG3 have finished their academic studies and are eligible to graduate.
...but they are both eligible for football only next year.
So riddle me this...why in the hell would a man play college ball, when you are guaranteed a top 5 pick in the NFL?

Luck & RG3 both enter the draft....GUARANTEED!

I don't like the cost of moving up. I like this team the way it is, with moore. Maybe upgrade in FA.

I would support pulling a "Dikta" for Luck but not for RG3.

Problem is...if the Rams hold the #1 pick, I can see the duo of Snyder/Shanahan in Washington willing to go "all in" to grab Luck.

It is imperative we get in front of the Skins to increase our leverage in any trade up scenarios.


Are you a jet fan? You like this team the way it is? Are you serious? Miami stinks! Matt Moore is a dink and dunk QB that has completed less then 60 percent of his passes this year. 4 wins have come against teams under .500 (KC, Buffalo twice, Washington) and the other Oakland could finish at .500 with a loss to the Chargers.

You must like mediocrity or my favorite term for Miami which is NFL purgatory!

teams already ahead of us who want a QB. indy, cleveland and washington for sure. that only leaves the rams and vikings at 2 and 3 as trade partners. clevland has a higher 1st to trade, a higher 2nd to trade and most likely, based on past performance a higher 2013 #1 to trade to the rams or vikings while still allowing them to get the player they want.

@ NHFINSFAN-wow, jokes escapes you!! unless they wanna go for phd's i think we all know they are going into the draft. it would just be funny since barkley a top five guy had a year left and didn't go for the draft.

@ NHFINSFAN-i guess jokes escape you? barkley was a top 5 guy and stayed in school. so i think it would be hilarious if the other top five guys stayed in school too. especially after all he suck for luck crap. by the way, luck would have been 1st overall last year too. maybe they want master degrees.

indy will lose sunday, bye bye luck. rams want the top tackle in the draft. only one team can trade up while still allowing the rams to take kalil. thats the browns who would take RG3 and dump the crappy colt mccoy. bye-bye both QB's. the skins take jones, bye bye 3rd QB. we draft jonathan martin, yet a 3rd 1st round OL. that gives us studs at both tackles and center. we run all over teams and keep moore clean next season. draft a top TE and a QB in a later round.

Barkley likes getting laid by young college girls and being big man on campus so he is an exception.
Plus the fact he knew Luck & RG3 were going ahead of him and did not want to pull a "Brady Quinn" and sit in the green room for the whole first round and be embarrassed on national TV.

@AndyNJ. how is moore a dink and dunk? we have more plays over 20 yards in the last 8 games than the last 3 seasons!! over the last 8 games moore is top 5 in almost every category!!! 8.7 yads per attempt!!! 14 td's to 4 nit's.


miami's D is very good, trading Long would make the OL a disaster. Miami has played competitively against everybody, pats, cowboys, giants, etc. Its a good team, don't dismantle it by trading away key pieces for some unproven college player.

Watch the Rose Bowl. You will see that Wisconsin's Russell Wilson is a far superior talent to RG3.

not sure whats with all the talk of teams drafting another franchise qb the year after already doing it. Is it common? Why do reporters seem to think 3 or 4 teams will do it this year when it almost never happens at all?

Man....the Phins need to lose this weekend. I'm suddenly becoming a big fan of the Skins winning this weekend.

jaison....I apologize, you have some skills!

I actually think your draft scenario is pretty accurate!

But what if the Colts take Luck, Rams take Kaili and the Browns are open to a trade?

Maybe the Browns have a QB targeted in FA and would love the extra draft picks?

Again, its the greedy Daniel Snyder from the Skins that worries me the most...between him and Shanahan we are SOL if they are ahead of us on draft day.

Moore is not dink and dunk. Not saying he the answer, but he's made very good down field throws.

All I am going to say is this.

RG3 needs to remain in and I don't foresee him coming out as he's not matured yet. I seen a great kid who can throw but i also watched a kid run for his life like Vick does.

You cant change that. Vick is not a pocket passer and RG3 is being allowed by his HC and trainers to be nothing but a scrambler.

I see many, many years of behavior training for him to be NFL ready. I'm not going to waste the next few years on that to develop.

History repeats itself and if we don't start getting our plan together to throw the farm this year and next and the next for Andrew Luck, we will all be here watching history repeat itself.

Andrew Luck will have Superbowl rings on all his fingers while the Dolphins are still sucking looking for the next best thing. We have been looking for Greasi replacement which was Marino. We have been looking for Marinos replacement and if we don't get Luck, that spot will always remain vacant.

We been looking for Don Shula's replacement and if we don't get Cowher it will remain vacant.

Until we get both a franchise QB and a winning HC/GM, we will be part of history and suck for the next 20 years +/-.

I base all the above on the teams history and my personal view of the team and Luck.

We are sunk and not resurfacing.

sorry for the kinda double post. posted and didn't see it when i refreshed. was pissed so tried to retype what i wrote. wish this blog had live updating!!!!

"Long, our first and Davis"

One way to break 2 things with one stone

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