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A thank you and look at Robert Griffin III

[First a thank you: As the year draws to a close, I want to thank you for another wonderful and record-breaking 12 months on this blog. Simply, this is the most popular blog at the Miami Herald as well as the most popular sports blog. It's been that way for years. Although other blogs at the Herald try to talk Dolphins, this is your Dolphins destination blog. And this, the final week of the year, was typical of that. On Tuesday, for example, Dolphins In Depth garnered 50.45 percent of the page views of all the blogs at the Herald -- that includes sports and non-sports blogs. That was No. 1 overall and easily No. 1 in sports, as Eye on the U had 2.9 percent of the page views, Heat Check had 2.42 percent of the page views, On Frozen Pond had 2.03 percent of the page views and the Greg Cote blog was fourth in sports and ninth overall with 2 percent of the page views. Those results are typical. You guys don't take holidays off from this blog. You guys come here in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and even overnight. So thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your comments. I expect 2012 to be even better. -- Armando.]

Did you watch Robert Griffin III play last night?

Griffin, known to his fans at RG3, was merely good for Baylor but you have to understand that by good, I mean amazing by recent Dolphins quarterback standards. He completed 24 of 33 passes for 295 yards with 1 TD pass, 1 TD run and no interceptions.

He had highlight his moments, such as his 24-yard TD run, his block to spring a teammate on a 36-yard TD run, and a 48-yard pass that set up Baylor's go-ahead score that made it 60-56 against Washington in the Alamo Bowl.  Baylor eventually won, 67-56.

Pretty impressive.

Griffin showed incredible accuracy in completing 72 percent of his passes but you must also consider three of his incompletions were a result of drops. He showed great mobility, great speed and good vision downfield.

He wasn't perfect. He missed a wide-open receiver streaking down the sideline on a fourth-down throw that he mistakenly directed into double-coverage toward the middle of the field instead. He held the ball too long in the pocket once, leading to a sack. He also fumbled once when he was blindsided on a strip-sack.

But overall, Griffin III continued to solidify his status as the second-best quarterback prospect in the April NFL draft behind Andrew Luck. But that's only if he declares for the draft, as everyone, including scouts and NFL personnel people, expect him to do.

"We went out in style!" Griffin shouted to his teammates as he paraded the Alamo Bowl trophy around the field. Then Griffin jumped into the stands where his parents, sister and fiance were sitting to share a moment with them. His parents, by the way, are already studying their son's NFL draft prospects and talking to agents.

Griffin gave a small indication of when he might announce his decision to stay in school or go pro.

"I want Baylor nation to enjoy this," he said. "It's not about me. I've got about two weeks. I'll enjoy this the next day, and then the next day, and then I'll make [my decision]."

Griffin III is rated the No. 10 overall prospect by Mel Kiper. That's conservative.

I don't see him getting past Washington if he comes out and they are picking five, six, or seven. There are even whispers Cleveland is interested in Griffin III. Yesterday, Cleveland coach Pat Shurmur told the local media there he would definitely find a way to catch RG3's game on television and the Browns had scouts at the game.

"Tremendous talent," Shurmur said of RG3.

The Dolphins?

Yes, they were represented at the game as well.

So assuming RG3 comes out, will the Dolphins be in position to land the second-best QB prospect? It won't be easy. If the Dolphins beat the Jets this weekend, they'll be 6-10. That will be better than Minnesota, Cleveland, Jacksonville,  and possibly Washington.

There's no way RG3 will get past Washington. Jacksonville has a young QB in Blaine Gabbert, but there is no one that can predict with certainty the Jaguars would not take a potential franchise quarterback. Obviously Cleveland is interested.

I believe the team to worry about is Washington. If they Dolphins want RG3, they would have to trade up ahead of the Redskins. And the Redskins, knowing this, would probably also be trying to move up to make sure teams behind them don't move ahead.

The price for such a climb? It will be steep. If Luck goes to Indianapolis with the first pick, the St. Louis Rams will probably auction off the second pick for a bounty of draft picks. If multiple teams such as Miami and Washington are involved, we're talking multiple first-round picks to make a deal.


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and of course our new stud qb would go down in flames because we traded his stud lt away, as we watch him get creamed weakly till put on season ending ir

Floyd may have been doubled in the bowl game but I would be concerned with his offield issues with the DUI's more than anything; his most recent issue occuring in the spring of '11. Floyd is the #2 rated receiver currently projected just outsdie the top ten.

Ingram isn't really a one year wonder with 17.5 sacks the last two seasons and 24 career tfl's. Ingram has been projected to go anywhere between #12 and #15.

Perry is a player that has size and skills similar to those of DeMarcus Ware when Ware was coming out of Troy. Ware was considered a bit of a tweener at the time and has developed into one of the league's premier pass rushers. Odrick has been providing a signifcant push from his size because of his strength. Perry would benefit from Odrick's presence during passing downs. Perry is projected mid first round.

Wright runs a 4.42 forty and, like you said, compliments Marshall's size. Wright can play the slot with Hartline on the outside which would be a significant upgrade over Bess or he can used as the #2. Wright is also projected mid first round.

The top three guys on Miami's board seem pretty obvious. Beyond that, it is difficult to say who they would target in the first other than one of these guys.
If they decide to go pass rusher in the first the 2nd rd will probably be when the go o-line. WR talent drops off after Wright.
Personally, I feel the draft isn't going to go like most of the fans on this blog would like to see it go.


Moore is a marginal starter, period!

I agree with NY"G"

Luck is the only player worth the extra picks.

Make an offer they can't refuse.

new post up....moving over

i like matt moore. i think we can win it all with him at QB and a great draft. i'm not saying i wouldn't graft luck or RG3 but i just don't see it happening. people on here throw out these fantasy scenarios of this trade or that trade like all you have to do is say it at it will happen. it takes 2 to tango. i think luck will be a colt, RG3 will be a brown and peyton manning will be a jet. we will draft jonathan martin or riley reiff. we will go from an ok line to one of the best in football. long/jerry/pounncey/incogneto or carey/martin or reiff depending on who we draft. bush and thomas will both have 1000 yard season, moore will stay protected. we will draft the best TE in round 2 and a qb later.

jaison's synopsis is not far off. I'm colling with doing whatever it takes with the Rams to get Luck but not cool with trading up to get RGIII. The price is going to be too steep. The goal this year should be to get a first round QB. Landry Jones is a first round QB. He's not nearly as bad as some of you guys make out. He lost his top two receivers and his game fell apart. If we have to then draft the kid and let him develop behind Moore. Not sure what's wrong with that plan.

AndyNJ- after saturday he will be in the top ten as far as passer rating. over he last 8 games he's 5th in td's. 2nd in fewest picks, 6th in QB rating.

based on his stats over the last 8 games i know i'd take a QB next season that threw 28 TD's to 8 INT's.

IMHO, I think this off-season is going to be an interesting match between Ross and Snyder. Both desperately need a franchise QB and both are willing to pay big. But ultimately, I think Ross wants it more simply because he needs a star to sell seats and grow the fan base. Snyder doesn't have that problem.

Ireland would only draft a non QB as Plan C. Plan A-B being either Luck, RG3 or Manning. I'm absolutely certain Ross will tell Ireland to go after a QB first. The question is does Ross have enough confidence in RG3 (or Manning if available) to play a high stake poker and outbid Snyder?

I'd wait until after the senior bowl & combine to make a decision. There is always a qb who makes a good impression & his stock rises. Andy Dalton was last year's surprise.

Even if the Colts finish number 1 in the next draft any movement will be determined where Peyton Manning ends, no way it will be in Indianapolis.

Everyone should be cheering for Indy to win an Miami to put up a valiant fight against the jets.
Maybe a 21 point first half and a sad second loss to jets.
If we finish with the 6th pick that's trade bait to move up an if St Louis has the #1 we have a shoot at someone great!!!

Keep an eye on Casey Keenum!!

Realistically, rg3 is going to be a long term NFL project...hope Ireland understands this.

I saw the highlights. nothing impressed me that much. he looks undersized for he NFL like Pat White. I would do everything possible to get Luck and if not, then get Manning, assuming Luck goes to Indy.

As should be expected, the blog begins with a lengthy "pat myself on the back" from the most self-congratulatory writer imaginable. No one cares that your blog is popular. No one cares to read, over and over again, that you broke a story. The story is the story. You are not the the story. You'll hook us by having something interesting to say. We will not be hooked by your incessant grasping at celebrity.














I watched the game and was disappointed in his play.

He throws sort of shot-put, like Vince Young and he reminds me a of poor mans Michael Vick.

Yes, he had good numbers, but there was no defense to even challenge him. He was just playing catch with his receivers.

I thought the Washington quarterback was better and had a good pocket presence.

I prefer we get Green Bays backup quarterback Matt Flynn and invest in a dominate OLB in the draft.

I like the Arizona quarterback or the the Texas A&M quarterback if we draft one.

Here is my prediction for the Dolphins draft by round
#1 - Offensive Lineman
#3 - Defensive Lineman
#4 - Defensive Back
#5 - Running Back

RG3 is only 6'2" too small for the NFL. He will be another run for your life quarterback, who is outmatched in the NFL.

The Arizona quarterback or the Texas A&M quarterback are 6'4 and 6'5" and have strong arms. Both are more ready to play then RG.

I say Luck is out of the question, because he will require giving away the farm to get. What good is a quarterback if the rest of the team sucks. Ask Dan Marino about that, he never won a superbowl.

Matt Flynn may be our best option.

RG3? Are you serious? Are we willing to mortgate the farm on a QB that wasn't even the best QB in the F'n Alamo Bowl? This is not a prestigious Bowl game people. RG3 got outplayed last night by a complete no name QB and he will get outplayed every Sunday in the NFL. I respect him for an outstanding season but he's not the answer in the NFL.

Justin, i agree. NO WAY should Ireland mortgage picks and good players for unproven college QB's. Miami can win with Matt Moore. If the OL can improve, TE, 2nd WR, and Def secondary.

One other scenario though.. If Ireland can use Free Agency for the OL line and a quality 2nd reciever, then he can reach for the QB in the first round.

There is one other scenario. You might see Ireland sign Henne back to battle Matt Moore.

RG3=not the answer.
Kellen Moore=THE ANSWER.

The end.


As a PAC-12 guy (Ducks) I've seen Luck and frankly I'm not impressed with his arm strength. Seems most of his throws were to TE and I don't recall a lot of deep outs, etc. I actually wish Barkley would have come out as feel he was better then either Luck or RG3. Take Ducks TE this year as they are always good and he's no exception to that.

If the Rams end up with the 1st pick we would have the upper hand in a trade for Luck. We have what they covet: a legit LT. "Luck"ily for us this 2012 draft is very deep at OL. We could draft Adams from OSU or Osemele from Iowa St to address the LT position, they would be solid, not Jake Long solid but valuable if we can get our franchise QB. Rams being an NFC team would like to deal the pick to an AFC team, sorry Dan Snyder.

Meanwhile I can see Indy beating Jax this weekend, those players are gonna play their hearts out for Manning, they know if they pick Luck that team can be blown up easily, complete rebuilding territory, and the Rams no way they can beat SF.

This is the ideal scenario for us. I like RG3, even better than Luck, I think he is a better fit to our offense but the problem is that he will actually command a higher ransom than Luck under this scenario. Both Browns (with plethora of picks to offer) and Redskins (you know Snyder) will drive that price way too high for us.

RGIII will be better then Cam Newton. If Dolphins are going to make a splash, they going to have to figure out how to get him, Luck or Peyton. Barkley or Landry would be solid additions, will that satisfy the fans down here??

The dolphins can trade Hartline, and a d-lineman, and next years 1st and 2nd picks. We need RG3 he will get us a SB I certain. Plus there ate some excellent linemen that will be available in free agency like from the bills and the ravens. We can fill all other needs In free agency but we gotta get luck or RG3 at all cost.

"RG3? Are you serious? Are we willing to mortgate the farm on a QB that wasn't even the best QB in the F'n Alamo Bowl? This is not a prestigious Bowl game people. RG3 got outplayed last night by a complete no name QB and he will get outplayed every Sunday in the NFL. I respect him for an outstanding season but he's not the answer in the NFL."

Check out his stats (or highlights) against Bowl Teams such as TCU, Kansas State, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Maybe it changes your mind?

Armando, happy new year to you and your family, not a day goes by without me checking your latest blogs. I am not sure what following the dolphins would be like without you. I know you take a lot of stick on here from folks but I guess they are either ignorant or just love you so much they feel they can pull your leg from time to time. We have all been patient and I feel 2012 will reward all the phins fans all over the world!!!

I would only give one 1st Rd pick for RG3, if at all. For Luck, I would give two.

6'2 is the same size as Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Aaron Rodgers. Also he has has awesome states all year against better defenses. Plus he was running cuz the pass blocking was terrible he had to run. You say don't mortgage picks, that's what they said about Cam Newton and look at what he's doing with less. If we got RG3 with what we have plus bring in some top free agents to fill other spots we are contenders again. You nay sayers who are so conservetive piss me off cuz if left up to we'd never make a forward progress.

Already have a nick name for RG Da Turd, lets call him " Tree Fiddy " ....LMFAO

With you if possible, not sure it is.
Fins have more to gain than lose, FA is loaded with talent and the fins have available cap space with a couple of moves.

We don't know yet where we are going to pick or who will pick ahead or behind us.

I'm telling you...Kellen Moore is the answer. RG3 is not NFL ready. He's had some amazing runs and some rainbow type throws to great open receivers. Wake up Ireland...it's time for Kellen Moore.

RG3 stats against TCU- 21of 27 for 359 yds 77.8 comp percent 5TD 0 int

Stats against Kansas st- 23 of 31 for 346 yds 74.2 comp percent 5Td 1int

Against Missouri- 27 of 41 for 406 65.9 comp% 3td 0int

Against Kansas- 22 of 29 for 312 75.9 comp% 3td 1int

Against Oklahoma- 21 of 34 for 479 61.8 comp% 4td 0int

So were is the issue nay sayers?

Kellen Moore ain't the guy either. All these other QB's people are talking about please stop. We want THE BEST and that's Luck and RG3 everyone else are non factors!

TrueRoe, the guy looks awesome.

The issue with,as a Miami Dolphins fans,RG3 is that he could just be a flash in the pan.A one year wonder.A la ware and smith,andre and akili.
And We're soo desperate for the next Dan Marino or a franchise qb that will overeach for a jason campbell or a tavaris jackson.That's fool's gold!
Let's let the skins or the browns roll dice on RG3.
We should put Our scouting efforts into buildind a solid foundation.Enough with the wallpapering and the patchwork.Let's construct a team!

Roe are you kidding me?? Have you seen the film on Kellen Moore? Aside from his physical attributes, Kellen Moore is the winningest QB in NCAA history. You people are drooling over a novelty QB who is great in a college system but is in all honesty a younger Vick. If history has taught us anything, it's this: Scrambling, run-first QB's don't win championships in the NFL. They cone in, make a big splash, do well for 2-3 years, them quickly mellow out. We need long term solutions. A total rebuilding of the football operations will only be successful with a quality QB who is an all around stud.

How old is this Rubio. 18? He's everywhere.

Hey oscar canosa, I hear rubio is looking for a president for his fan club.I got it on a good word that all you would have to do to qualify is by just randomly dropping his name,El Presidente!

How tall is LeBron? He looks taller than 6'8".

The Heat are a fun Team to watch. And they win.

Lebron James' height is equal to his quitness.I see you awestruck oscar.Did you know that canoso in espanol is gray-haired.

Lebron reminds me of Magic Johnson, with a dimmer Bulb.

And a heart pumps s h i t water!

And a heart that pumps s h i t water!Ask C-Town.

RG3 is a passing QB that runs if needed

RG3 is a running qb with enough intellegence to know that he should throw first.Inevitably,he'll resort to just running for useless yards and passing occasionally on insignificant downs.Let's not mortgage Our future.

Finally, some rational thought for a change. Other than the usual overreacting knuckleheads, there are two great football minds in this bunch. First, you are not trading Jake Long or Vontae Davis. Really, both are playing at levels above the average at their positions. We DO NOT protect the passer or rush the passer well and you want to trade the only two pieces that buck that trend. Second, trade down, pick up an A offensive lineman, an A tight end and an A- pass rusher in the first two rounds. Draft the kid from Wisconsin in the 3rd round and call it a day. We lost 5 games we were leading late because we couldn't protect or rush the passer, that's 10 - 5 staring at a playoff run. With Moore, funny ain't it. Wish I was making the call, not a time to listen to the so-called fan base, or least most of them.

PhinFan4life Say's.....

.......You people are drooling over a novelty QB...in all honesty a younger Vick. If history has taught us anything, it's this: Scrambling, run-first QB's don't win championships.... they make a big splash, do well for 2-3 years, then quickly mellow out.......

And in all honesty, is 100% correct. Going back to guy's like Randall Cunningham and Kordell "Slash" Stewart... those players were a blast to watch play. They were exciting, innovative and gave defenses headaches.... for awhile at least. Until good D-Co's solved them. Then the inevitable happens, just like it has with Mike Vick... these guys try once too many times to make a big play with their legs instead of with their arm and end up on the IR for the remainder of the season.
I will give RG3 the benefit, he is extremely accurate and a very smart guy. But it always boils down to that competitive nature and the feeling of invincibility that leads these guys to take off and run into the 6'4" OLB or SS who has been waiting all day to decapitate them.
I would LOVE to get RG3 in a Miami uniform... but at what cost...?
I see 3 QB's who are going to go in the 1st without a doubt, Luck, Jones and RG3. Jones is a guy who can be developed, RG3 is a guy who must play from day one...
I think I would keep Matty Moore on the 1st string, develop Lance and work FA. When Barkley pulled out... it sunk what was certain to be a great QB year.... Lets just hope all the draftniks are wrong and one of these guys falls into our lap.... I hate New York's Jests with a passion... but should Washington win and we lose it would sure look good in April. Too bad JT is retiring... you gotta win that game for JT.

JT already gave his all for Our franchise.His well thought of in Florida and most of the U S.We must lose.Actually We should have been losing all a long.Some players just don't get it.It is called a sabotage for a reason.We want what is best for Our franchise.Players come and go!

WTF MOORE A DINK AND DUNK QB?? THE GUY IS 2 IN THE NFL BEHIND ROGERS IN THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PLAYS!!!! HAAA, whoever said this is smoking, and NO, we need Long, we need a GOOD OL, or any QB wont have a chance, we need a TE, forwhatever QB 2 good TEs are a safety blanket, look at PANTHERS. We need to keep Solai too.

Whoa bla,step away from the ripple and unlocked your caps key.We're Miami Dolphins fans.
Your right! Our team has many needs.

All is not lost if we do not get Luck. Yes Kellen Moore, or Ryan Tannehill,Case Keenum, and Nick Foles. Do not trade up, we need the picks, hell, trade down and pick up one of these quarterbacks, while upgrading the right side of the line. Oh by the way, you coaches did not take my advice and have Clyde Gates mirror Wes Welker, he tore us up again. Who was the big dummy to trade him to the Patsys anyway.

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